[Aug 20, 2013] Random Space Pirates Adventure #09237954 (Roleplay Cove)

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  1. You are invited to RANDOM SPACE PIRATES ADVENTURE #09237954 on this Tuesday the 20th from 5pm to 10pm.

    Kaedie is a young rich heiress of 18 years. She's never traveled without the watchful gaze of her overprotective parents and their big giant space yacht. BUT NO MORE! Kaedie wants an excited life filled with adventure and discovery. New experiences! Shady characters!

    She's decided to run away from the family and become a pirate! Kaedie got the idea from her latest favorite book The Adventures of Seastar Sally and the Vagabonds. With minimal research in to treasure maps, spaceship owning, and management techniques, Kaedie set out to purchase her own pirate cruiser and plots to find new worlds and lots of booty.

    Her parents refused to lose a second child to a life of debauchery. Thus they did the only logical thing.

    They called in the black-sheep brother to send her home.

    Things didn't.... quite go as planned.

    Captain Dai, Space Pirate, Black Sheep, and Big Brother to Kaedie has allowed the girl to stay on his ship and believe she is the Co-Captain. Why? The details are sketchy.

    But it may very well be the biggest mistake in the galaxy!

    YOU are a member of this Space Pirate crew! You might be part of the original crew that has been with Captain Dai quite awhile. Or maybe you are a new hire, recklessly chosen by the silly girl. Either way, you are in for one hell of a weird ride.

    Bios are not required but you're welcome to post up concepts or pictures in this thread! Anyone who wants to play is invited! :D Remember this is a SPACE SAGA SETTING WITH SPACE PIRATES. Show up in the main Cbox a few minutes before play-time to let us know you're around and we'll jump on in!
  2. First Mate to the co-captains snagged!
  3. I'm your grumpy Captain Dai Cromwell, big brother to Kaedie Cromwell...

    Captain! (open)


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  4. ... yse

    Ahhhhmigaw, stuck between these two goddamn pictures:


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