[AUG 14 @ NOON CEN] CHOSEN - ChaRP Series: Discovery

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    Game Masters: [DIANA]Diana[/DIANA] & Ocha
    Characters: BIOS ARE REQUIRED
    Genre: Space Saga SciFi
    Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic Space Adventure with lots of Action!
    When: Thursday August 14th @ 12PM NOON Central Time
    Where: Roleplay City Chat

    There is a very rare breed of ship, a living ship. A fantastic creature that has such great potential... but, to use this ship you must be "chosen". Chosen by the ship itself or many of the ship's designs might be impossible to control. You could fly it, live in it, travel... but you could never control it. Every ship is different and who they desire as a pilot could be as opposite as night and day. A particularly bossy ship may even want to choose it's crew. After all, if it doesn't want you on board, it won't let you stay.

    Nicknamed Titan Ships, these wonderful creatures are a great commodity to have despite the difficulties in finding a pilot. Yet, the Terradyne Federation has now outlawed the use of these ships. The choice of pilots and the actions of these ships could not be government controlled. When found, they are confiscated and put away in military stations to await being destroyed.

    Originally a great organization put together by the Dynithian Race to enforce peace across the Galaxy. For a few hundred years, this system has worked well. Up until recently. There have been some changes of power. In the past 40 years, the Terradyne have slowly turned from peacekeepers to bullies. They have kept their facade, only to do a lot of under-the-table deals and treaties. It's rumored that the Terradyne are now making people "disappear" if they don't uphold the Agenda.

    Where the Terradyne might call them terrorists or pirates, the Genesis Coalition boasts that it is an organization against the military state the Terradyne has started to force on the Galaxy. Questing for the truth and freedom for the constellations, they intend to take down the Terradyne by any means necessary. If not by legal means, by brute force. Their tactics have been everything from peaceful demonstrations, to full out attacks on Terradyne owned properties.

    Saniya Karamchand was just a civilian concerned about her mission friends. When she started making inquiries and searching for them, she found a Titan ship - Thea - who then chose her as Navigator. Continuing her search on board Thea, Saniya was stopped by a Terradyne vessel commanded by Jasper Kelran. Once Thea was boarded and Saniya apprehended, Jasper was ordered to out-right kill the woman. He refused. A very bitter coworker accused him of being a traitor to the Terradyne. This might have been cleared up, if Thea hadn't decided right then that this man was her new Pilot. Thea evicted the Terradyne officers on board, kidnapped Commander Kelran and escaped.

    Now a fugitive along with Saniya, Jasper was determined to return to the Federation, explain what happened and take his life back. He hired a small crew and contacted an old friend to help him. Unfortunately his friend betrayed him. A group of hired thugs ambushed Jasper when he met his contact. Saniya and the crew of Thea tried to intercede - but failed. Jasper was captured and is currently en route to a Terradyne hold.

    Recently, Saniya found a way to contact the Genesis Coalition was aided by one of it's members, Lenora Star and her crew, to help rescue Jasper Kelran. The rescue was a success, but in the process Lenora was betrayed by a crew member. She, Guy and were captured. Jasper is back in command of Thea and has landed on a obscure trade planet to regroup and plan his next move.

    With this episode we are now finding out what happened with Lenora, Guy, and the man that betrayed them.

    This Charp is recurring chat roleplay series. We'll be playing it in stand alone episodes that all intertwine to form the story. If you can't make this one, there will be another, and another, and another. New characters will ALWAYS be welcome, and absent characters will be given explanations on why they're not there. You do NOT need to read the entire roleplay logs to know what's going on and to join in, but if you want to here are the logs! Every new episode, we will be posting up a new Charp event thread and attending players can re-post or link to their bios.

    Because this roleplay has a lot of plot and character development expected from players, it may not be great for straight up charp newbies, HOWEVER we're happy to answer any questions and help people play and get involved in the Chosen series! <3

    For this roleplay, we require bios! We want to make sure the characters fit the roleplay. Our requirements aren't strict at all and most bios will be fine, so we'll just be telling you if there is a a big problem! Use the BASIC BIO TEMPLATE. You may play a human or any made up alien race. If you were a part of any Chosen episode, you can bring your character back in! And if you can't attend THIS scheduled charp, you can tell us why your character is absent for this mission, and we will hopefully see you in the next one. <3

    In THIS episode:
    - You can be a NEW character that Lenora and Guy run in to during this episode and get caught in their escapade.
    - You can be a member Genesis, someone that is associated with Lenora Star or you can even by a spy.
    - You can be a Terradyne officer. (But be prepared to be violenced at!)
    - You can NOT own or be a pilot of a Titan Ship. (This is very plot important.)

    Lenora and Guy are on a backwater colony moon, having just narrowly escaped Terradyne Mercenary custody. They will be looking for a way to get off undetected and send word to Thea.

    Any other questions, just ask!
  2. SIDE BAR: Ocha and I would like to know what days and times are best for the players who are a part of the JASPER/SANIYA plot so we can schedule their next episode around player availability. :D
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  3. *Flails* I would really love to join this but skeletons are not my strong suit and they feel so awkward filling out ;~; Not to mention my internet situation is so iffy.
  4. So... I would like to hear more about the technology in the RP... You know, what is the main power source, which means of FTL is used, which weapons are used as sidearms and on ships. You know, the general stuff.
  5. It's bullshit science level! O__O I am not good with science. It took me an hour to realize FTL meant faster than light travel.

    Because this universe has multiple alien races with space travel, I am going to assume that there is probably more than one method, with some working better than others. That gives us a fun variety of different kind of ships and techs.

    Weapons will prolly be the same way. It'll come down to who you are, where you came from, and what you can afford. >>
  6. I see... I guess that makes sense enough. I'll try to make up a CS by tomorrow then.
    (Mostly because I'll be wasting hours of time on designing a ship in SketchUp)


    Name: Alwin 'Gallows' Blomkamp
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, Augmented
    Age: 36
    Birthplace: Rhoaelis, Colony World
    Occupation: Mercenary

    General Appearance: Tattooed, cybernetically-augmented scary man.
    Strengths: Though they came great physical (and probably no small amount of mental) cost, the extremely invasive cybernetic enhancements that riddle Gallows' body allow him to move and react faster, hit harder, shoot more accurately, and generally fight better than the average guy. Extremely well-versed in all manner of small arms weaponry, and for close-combat a pair of wrist-mounted blades have been embedded into his augmentations (though getting into stabbing range isn't quite his style).
    Weaknesses: The augmentations come at a price; Gallows has to consume a significant amount of food and energy each day, or else his body will begin to shut down.

    Current Goal/Purpose: “Holla holla, make dolla',” is likely the response you'll get if you asked Gallows directly (complete with a manic grin). What he won't tell you (likely because he probably doesn't even know himself) is that he's something of a lost soul in search of a cause to fight for. Should he ever find one he feels is worthy, he'll be willing to throw his heart and soul into it.
    Talents: A veteran of campaigns across the known galaxy, Gallows has substantial combat experience and with it a wealth of tactical expertise. When it comes down to it, he knows how to combine his imposing physical presence and manic disposition to be an extremely scary fellow when he needs to be. His work as a mercenary has given him a substantial base of contacts and people to get in touch with across the galaxy (though not all of them are always pleased to see him).
    Inabilities: When it comes to living things and the hurting of them, Gallows is your man. He's not, however, what you would call an overly intelligent man. When it comes to complex matters outside the realm of extreme violence, he's not really in his element.
    Fears: Hospitals and operating theatres absolutely terrify Gallows still.
    General Personality: Wild-eyed, leering, gallows humour-dropping maniac. The sort of guy you're glad is aimed at the other guys, rather than at you.
    Inner Personality: PTSD-ridden, depressed veteran, who's also carrying along a healthy dose of survivor's guilt for good measure. Gallows is a man who lost faith in the cause he fought so hard for a long time ago, and has been coasting since.

    General History: WiP
    Present Life: WiP
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  8. I'd love to join :) may I??
  9. Submit a bio!
  10. OOOOOOOOOH I would love to participate! Unfortunately, classes start next monday, and I have a class at noon. >.>
  11. This roleplay is TOMORROW! So lets see some bios from new players! :D

    If you notice this LATE we can make some no-bio exceptions, but you'll need to show up in the GENERAL CHAT before playtime to tell us about your character concept!
  12. OI! I looked at the date wrong! But Alas, I have plans for tomorrow. >.> *Wails about not having enough time* Maybe next time though!
  13. ((This is my first recycled character ever! I only had to change a few things but if something needs to be changed just let me know. I may not be able to play all of tomorrow but mid as well get the character out there. :)))

    Name: Fye
    Age: 17
    Race: Humanoid/Alien
    Position: Mech pilot
    Personality: Robotic-like Observance, never speaks, Exaggerated facial expressions.

    History: Fye's tongue was cut from her mouth as a child for witnessing a Big secret and she is now hunted to bury that secret once and for all. She is a kind and gentle girl, but in the binds can not be distracted, Often going into a machine like daze, completely focused on the tasks at hand. At the age of 9 Fye comes into contact with an ancient piece of technology, A living mech. The mech talks to her and when she strapped herself in, it began to talk to her and as she thought, she heard a self projected vocaloid of her own thoughts. The ancient technology allowed her to speak again and has become her dearest companion and protector. She is rarely seen outside of Hunnin for fear of her hunters finding her. She keeps the dagger that was used to cut out her tongue in her boot.

    Odin: Odin is a living Ancient "Alien"(to the planet of Ufera) Technology. When the Pilot of this Mech dies the Mech mourns and purges its memory, to wait for its next commander. Once the next Humanoid sits within the cockpit blood samples are taken and DNA is extrapolated to fuse the technology with the Pilot, bonding them until the death of the pilot. This Mech takes on the genes from the blood and become what the Pilot lacks and requires. If he receives fatal wounds the bond is carried into death and both the Mech and Pilot perish.
  14. RAWR!! I shall join as well! *needs to sate his sci fi needs*
    Character Name: Arlo Maupin
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Birthplace/World: Sturn Space Station
    Occupation/School/Grade: Smuggler/mechanic
    Born on a space station, Arlo has been surrounded by machinery since he was born. He loves to figure out what makes things tick and how they perform under pressure. He was bullied and abused growing up, both by his single mother and those around him. This led to him stowing away on a smuggler's ship and never looking back, he soon fell in love with the adrenalin rush of flying and driving at deadly fast speeds. Whether it be behind the wheel of a ramshackle race car or in the cockpit of a star fighter. He also developed an addiction to stims, causing him to become erratic when not hopped up on chemicals. He is clumsy with his own body but when Arlo is driving he can make any machine go past its limits and make it excel.


    General Appearance: Messy, twitchy, and slightly clumsy
    Strengths: Piloting, when Arlo is piloting anything he goes from a clumsy mechanic to a skillful master pilot
    Weaknesses: Fighting and being careful when not behind the wheel
    More: Arlo holds grudges against those who have wronged him, causing him to be very passive aggressive.


    Current Goal/Purpose: TO find the ultimate thrill ride
    Talents: Piloting/driving and repairing vehicles
    being stuck in one place for the rest of his life and facing the fact that he has a drug problem.
    General Personality: quirky, easily distracted, but generally upbeat
    Inner Personality: angry at those who wronged him in the past, often has homicidal/suicidal thoughts that he expresses through his thrill seeking.

    Arlo has been a smuggler and freelance mechanic/fighter pilot for most of his life, drifting from one thrill ride to the next. He has often worked for the Genesis Coalition, both as a fighter pilot and a smuggler of items banned by the Terradyne Federation.

    General History:
    Born on a space station, Arlo has been surrounded by machinery since he was born. He loves to figure out what makes things tick and how they perform under pressure. He was bullied and abused growing up, both by his single mother and those around him. This led to him stowing away on a smuggler's ship and never looking back, he soon fell in love with the adrenalin rush of flying and driving at deadly fast speeds. Whether it be behind the wheel of a ramshackle race car or in the cockpit of a star fighter. He also developed an addiction to stims, causing him to become erratic when not hopped up on chemicals. He is clumsy with his own body but when Arlo is driving he can make any machine go past its limits and make it excel.
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  16. CET is -5 I might have time once I get from work to finish my CS
  17. This charp is TODAY at Noon Central just as a reminder! :D

    Unfortunately I won't be able to join for this one because I'll be on a plane. On the very very VERY unlikely chance that I'll be awake on the plane at the right time (I've been up since 3am and got very little sleep), I might just fork over the airplane wifi and see if I can hop in. Otherwise I'll have to sit this one out.

    That said, previously approved characters are still playable I'm assuming, right?

    I don't even remember which plot Tess was involved in anymore. O__O
  19. They are still playable, but keep in mind which GROUP those characters appeared with! O__O I believe Tess is with Jasper and Saniya, and that cast won't be appearing with today's charp!
  20. Works for me! That means I get to sleep on the plane, yaaaaay.

    Also Diana the thread you linked with the logs doesn't contain the logs from the second Chosen roleplay, just the first. Do we have the logs saved somewhere of the second time when we were docked on that planet?