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  1. Can't seem to find time for those Chat Roleplays? You know, the ones that last for a good portion of the day?

    Or can you only stay for a couple of hours and leave in the middle of the roleplay?

    Fret no more, for the solution comes in...

    Bar Night.


    It works like this:
    You, the roleplayer, show up in the Bar RP room during the posted Shop Hours. Unlike the Chat Rp events, Bar Nights only last for a few hours. I will be acting as the Bartender, with several other people I've assigned playing 'the Staff' i.e. the Janitor or the Bouncer.

    You are welcome to use your Username as your Character


    You may choose to make up your own.

    The beauty of Bar Night is you can come as any genre specific character and perhaps expand on this character as more and more Bar Nights take place. However I ask that you bring characters suitable to the night's theme. If it's a night devoted to humor, I encourage characters who are kooky and silly. If it's serious, please be willing to work with whatever plot I have on hand. These themes will be announced when I've posted the shop hours on this thread.

    You can play a God/Goddess/Demi-God character but because you are in the Bartender's realm, your powers will not work. This is to prevent power play and keep everyone on a somewhat level playing field.

    The Genre is a Unified Genre, meaning you can come in as a Modern, SciFi, or Fantasy character. Your character arrives by finding a door in their world/plane of existence and once they step inside they find themselves in the bar. An odd concept, but this allows everyone to play whatever character they wish.

    I ask that you follow these rules:

    - You may not impersonate another member as it is against Site Policy. Doing so will result in you being kicked out of Bar Night and you will also be sent an Official Warning by the Staff.

    - Share the spotlight. Don't clog the Rpbox with a ton of posts. Be patient, and wait for your partners to post.

    - If there is a plot happening, work with it! Remember, this has to be enjoyable for everyone.

    - Please don't use Chat speak. This is still a roleplay after all, so use your best grammar and punctuation.

    - This is PG-13. If you want it steamy, go to the Steambox.

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  2. The first Bar Night was a success! For your viewing pleasure, here are the logs.

    Annette Freeman - Played by angl
    Sean Norton - Jovian
    Benny Duminville - Cerulean
    Falia Light - Yume/Eve
    Lucky Bennett - Diana
    Cedric James - Duke Ferret
    The Bartender/Dragon - Zen

    [The Bartender appears.] -11:47 Aug 05
    Upon walking into the dimly lit bar, one would notice how eerily vacant the place looks. While the decor is tastefully furnished - with an oak bar and cushy red bar stools and chairs - the atmosphere is almost nonexistent. The lone bartender, a human female by the looks of it, is lazily wiping away at a glass. Every now and then she looks up at the only entrance to her bar. Stock piled behind her is a massive shelf of alcoholic drinks and on one of the tables is a large cardboard box, the lid firmly resting on top. -The Bartender
    Elsewhere unbeknownst to the bartender, random doors appear out of nowhere in different worlds. An office, a magical forest, a spaceship - to name a few places - simultaneously have a door suddenly appear... And it is unlocked for any unsuspecting bystander. These doors all lead to The Bar. -The Bartender
    [Annette Freeman enters through a jagged doorway. She wears a simple white gown with her long darkbrown hair falling into her face and her amber eyes peering around wondering where she was.] -11:56 Aug 05
    The Bartender: The woman stops polishing the glass and looks up, startled. Slowly she puts the glass down. "A... A customer?" -11:57 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: She looks around a moment trying to take in the scene about her. This was not the place she'd been at before. No, had she finally been given a brief reprieve or her imprisonment? Her eyes heard a voice speak as she looked up toward the bar and saw the form for a female cleaning a glass. A glass, that meant a drink! Her pale lips curled into a faint grin as she made her way toward the bar, almost as if floating on air. "Can I have...." she said scanning the selections quickly, "a rum and coke?" her fingers danced a moment tapping on the edge of the counter in eager anticipation. -11:59 Aug 05
    [Sean Norton stumbles in through the door that represented the entrance to the establishment.] -12:02 Aug 05
    The Bartender: She blinks, confusion written all over her face. Then a smile pulls at her lips. Finally a customer at long last! "Oh yes, um, ah one moment." Frantically she pulls bottles down from the shelves. In a matter of seconds, the counter space is filled with different size bottles. "Rum - Hah here it is! Now uh... Coke you said? Right Coke." Puzzled she grabs a nearby nozzle and sprays it into a glass. "And rum..." Mumbling, she pours the rum and sets it for the woman. -12:03 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Another customer! The Bartender flashes a smile to Sean Norton, excitement written all over her face. "A-Are you another customer?" -12:05 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: She watches the bartender work with curious eyes before the drinks is placed before her. Already condensation is forming on the outer glass as she reaches a hand cautiously forward toward the drink as if the glass might shatter if she reached too quickly. Bringing the drink to her lips she takes a sip and closes her eyes to relish the sweet taste as the alcohol slips down her throat. Heaven. Pure and simple, heaven. -12:06 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Sean looks around the bar, his almost golden hazel eyes squinted a little to take in everything. His left hand rested on the pistol hanging from his left hip, and he ran his hand through his disheveled black hair. At the sound of another voice, he startled and seemed to finally become aware of others in the bar. "Ah, I suppose I am, ma'am," he said with a little caution. -12:06 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Beaming towards the man, The Bartender wipes her hands on a white cloth. She seems to be oblivious to the mess she made on the counter. "What will you have sir?" So eager she was to give everyone their drink, so desperately eager. -12:08 Aug 05
    The card board box, resting not too far away from the bar rattles for a second, then falls silent... -The Bartender
    Annette Freeman: Hearing the rustling her eyes opened as she peered toward the box curiously. Did she just hear a rattle? -12:11 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Clearing his throat, Sean ambled up to the bar and glanced over the bottles. "I don't suppose you'd have any whiskey?" he asked dubiously. He wasn't sure he'd ever seen such disarray on a bar. But then, he wasn't much welcome in many back home. His eyes scanned the area again, not really taking in much since he didn't recognize the place. At least that meant no one knew him here. -12:12 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Nodding, she ducks underneath the bar, the sound of glass clanking filling the air. "Oh I wouldn't worry about that rattling sound miss. The box has been making that noise for god knows how long." Triumphantly she set the bottle of whiskey down for the man. For a second she smiles at the two of them. "Now, what is your form of payment?" -12:16 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Sipping at her drink she glances at the bartender with a curious tilt of her head, "Payment?" her voice spoke curiously. She had no money on her, all she had were the clothes on her back. -12:16 Aug 05
    Another rustling sound, then crackling and cooing noises come from the box. It moves a little bit too. -The Bartender
    [Benny Duminvile enters, tired from working the previous night away. Crime never really rests. The officers shakes off a bit of cool air and sits at the bar. "Excuse me, barkeep. Could I please have something strong and sweet?"] -12:23 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Frowning, The Bartender doesn't say anything, merely regards the woman with the white dress with a curious look. She comes around the bar, towards her, and fingers the dress. "Hm, well I suppose... It is of decent quality and it's not like I don't have one like it. But then -" The Bartender peers up at the woman. "Well if you ain't got money on you I suppose I'll take your dress. I got something else for you to change into if you'd like." -12:25 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Sean reached into his pocket and pulled out a few coins. He stared at them a moment, trying to figure out what he had. He didn't have much. It was hard being an outlaw in Texas. He frowned at the minimal amount of coins he actually had and wondered if he had a few bank notes. "How much I owe you, barmaid?" he asked, looking up at her. He ignores most of his surroundings, not wanting to draw attention to himself more than necessary. -12:27 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Her eyes peer at the bartender as she fingers the dress upon her body. Pay with her dress? Well it would be nice to get out of the white garment given to her by them. Her eyes shifted nervously around as others came, "my dress..." she contemplated again, but finally nodded. She didn't seem to register the second part of the woman's response as Annette simply began to take off the dress right there. -12:27 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Her face lights up as the man pulls out a few coins. "Oh that will do sir, that will do mighty fine." To the woman who was undressing The Bartender merely gestured towards a back door, not at all disturbed of a customer disrobing. "The Lost and Found is through that way miss, if you wish to wear something else... And as for you." She flashes another smile at Benny. "Would you like to try today's special drink? Free of charge." -12:31 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Glad to have some whiskey, he lifts it to his lips and gulps it down before setting the glass down. In his peripheral, he's surprised to realize there's another woman in the bar. And not only that, she's darn near naked! He flushes and quickly turns away, not wanting to dishonor the woman's modesty. Though, he can't imagine what modesty she may have if she's undressing in a bar. -12:34 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile looks over at the odd sight. It was a second before he turned slightly to the bartender. His eyes were still glued to the undressing woman. "Special Drink? What is in it?"] -12:35 Aug 05
    [Falia Light opened the door from the magical forest and shut it behind her hurridly, her breath coming in gasps, her green hair looked like leafy vines as it spilled across the floor her ears pointed sharply. She looked around and looked thuroughly confused] -12:38 Aug 05
    The Bartender: The woman moves back over to her bar, putting away bottles. A smile is still plastered on her face. "Well I suppose it's what people would call a Bloody Mary, 'cept it's mixed with Dragon's Blood. Strong, and sweet, the only side effect is uh... You'll start breathing out smoke for a while." She gave Benny a grimace of a smile. -12:38 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Slipping out of the dress, she folded it carefully and placed it on the bar. It almost seemed to shimmer. Sitting there in only her undergarments her eyes followed where the woman said a lost and found was. Upon her body were many markings as if self inflicted wounds. A runic looking tattoo weaved down her back as well. She cast a glance at the two men before standing and heading to the lost and found to hunt out new clothing. -12:39 Aug 05
    [Lucky Bennett already looks a little drunk when she stumbles in to the bar, covered in about two layers of mud, wet and currently fussing with a cell phone.] -12:40 Aug 05
    Oh the Lost and Found, the black Hole of the bar, where everything that has been left by previous customers resides here. Annette would find various things in here, not just clothing. But of the clothing she would find odd things, like a space suit, leather armor, a viking hat, and FM boots. -The Bartender
    Lucky Bennett: The first thing Lucky did was slide in to a seat at the bar. Shaking the phone in her hands and growling at it. "Little punk. One puddle and now you're all fizzlie? Aw man... where did all your bars go!" She wasn't yet signaling the bartender, she was wrapped up in fighting with the little device. -12:41 Aug 05
    [Falia Light was not liking what she was seeing.. humans.. many of them. she stood where she was silently.. hoping not to be noticed.] -12:43 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile really wants to arrest to Annette. It was against the law to be out in just her unmentionables. However, it isn't often that this happens. "Aw fuck it, I am off duty." He declared turning away. "Sure, give me some of that mystery bloody mary. I could use a span of time where I can pretend I smoke."] -12:43 Aug 05
    The Bartender: She waves at Falia, bowing elegantly. "Oh miss, do have a seat, you look like you could need it." The Bartender gestured to an open bar stool. "Take a breather and have a drink." -12:43 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Like a maniac, The Bartender starts to mix Benny's drink, throwing in ingredients and liquids. The final thing she added, the Dragon's Blood, came out of a square plastic bag, of which she squirted into his glass. "Here you go sir!" She said, brandishing it to him. -12:45 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile tips his hat and downs the drink. Following a loud cough, the aftertaste of dragon give him a little kick. "Woo! That kicked my so hard my wife could have felt it. She is has been dead for five years!" Shakes his head, trying to the get the taste out.] -12:48 Aug 05
    [Falia Light let her dark brown eyes fall upon the bartender and slowly she made her way over to a stool away from the others... her long dress seemed to be part of her, the way it clung to her, though it was also seemlessly flowy. she sat down and looked on edge. she was not used to this in the least.] -12:48 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Sean was distracted from keeping distracted away from the naked woman by another woman coming in with some strange contraption. He watched her curiously as she did all sorts of things on it. He didn't know how it worked, and it was a little fascinating to look at. His focus was set solely on the device, not even really noticing the woman holding it. -12:50 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Her eyes scan the confines of the lost and found, amazed at what it holds. She has no interest in finding normal or possibly suiting clothing. Instead her eyes feast upon a costume left behind. Slipping into the bunny outfit, she found a full length mirror and glanced at herself. Placing the ears on top and fixing the choker bowtie around her neck she nodded slightly and walked from the back. Going to the bartender she bowed slightly, "May I work to pay off my tab?" she asked her amber eyes glinting. -12:50 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: Looking completely heartbroken, she fussed with her phone until she pulled the battery out of the back. Water came pouring out of the thing. Lucky groaned! That wasn't good. She shook the phone again see if that would help dry it out... but then it went slipping out of her hands, flying across the room and landed in a parts-scattering mess somewhere in a corner. Lucky frowned. There went another phone. -12:52 Aug 05
    [Falia Light (sorry stupid comp not working right lol)] -12:52 Aug 05
    The Bartender: She was in the middle of polishing a glass, looking very pleased with the many customers at her bar. At least, until she saw the woman with the Bunny Suit. The glass slipped from her hands, and shattered onto the ground. "Pfff...Um, heh...Heheh, Oh my god! I can't believe you found that thing! Oh my goodness, s-sure you can w-work for me, Hahahaha!" -12:56 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile was confused as hell, and the crowd wasn't helping. Bunnies, mud, and dragons, oh my. This was not the place to settle down. Though, he must say that the suit was rather inviting looking. Perhaps an improvised arrest and search was in order. "Why do you have that, barkeep? Something I should know about?"] -12:56 Aug 05
    Rustle rustle, goes the cardboard box. Rustle rustle rustle... -The Bartender
    Annette Freeman: Annette gave a polite nod of her head. Her expression never seemed to change as she glanced toward Benny a moment, but then diverted back to the box. "What is in there..." she mused as she leaned over to open the box and peer inside... -12:59 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: He was able fight off a startled cry when the strange contraption flew away from the woman, but he couldn't stop the whimper when he realized that it probably wasn't supposed to break into so many pieces. Hearing the whimper pass his lips, he straightened with a blush and looked away. Darn it, he was a grown man! -12:59 Aug 05
    [Falia Light looked at the mess that was going on and then heard the rustling in the box and she was sure she knew what it was. she was about to ask when she heard a human ask instead. She waited for an answer expectantly.] -01:00 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Waving her hand dismissively towards Benny, The Bartender stated, "Oh it was in the Lost and Found. I think the guy's story - the guy who came in here wearing it - was at an Easter party for some kids. Left it after he became mad drunk. Absolutely hilarious." -01:00 Aug 05
    Inside the card board was a broken white and teal egg. In the mass of egg shells was a serpertine head, little beady eyes peering up at the human. It hiccuped, a ball of smoke erupting out of its nostrils. It looked at Annette, blinked, then chirped. "... Mama?" -The Bartender
    Lucky Bennett: "Don't worry, I got it!" Lucky wasn't really talking to anyone in particular as she slipped out of her seat to cross the room. Dropping to her knees in the corner, she picked up the broken pieces of her phone. More grumbling to herself. It was to be expected, this was a typical day for Lucky. -01:04 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile had no words for the creature. His blues eyes could not have been wider. Finally, the smoke started to creep out of his mouth. Smelling some of it, he squeezed and the smokey, cancerous cloud start to head towards Lucky.] -01:05 Aug 05
    [Falia Light quickly she swooped over to the baby dragon and pet its head and whisper in her language that she was it's mother. She cooed at it lovingly] -01:05 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Annette blinked a moment as seh looked down at the serpentine creature that speculated her as its mother. Reaching forward she scooped up the critter and held it up in her hands turning toward the crowd as if she were raffikki presenting simba to the pride. "What are you I wonder..." she said with a curious tilt of her head. Before she knew it someone was fluttering over and petting the little creature and chatting to it. -01:06 Aug 05
    [Falia Light she knew this breed very well and if you didn't handle it with care things could go wrong.. very wrong. She continued to pet it ignoring the human though she was right there. "May i hold it?" she asked politely.] -01:07 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: He didn't want to be curious. He really didn't. But for some reason Sean looked over at the woman in the bunny suit, fighting a blush until he realized there was some sort of lizard in her hands. "What in the Sam Hill..." That weren't a lizard he was familiar with, and he'd seen a nice variety. -01:09 Aug 05
    The little dragon, turned towards Falia, then back to Annette. Its small little head tilted slightly towards Sean, then it watched the cloud of smoke travel over to Lucky... To Falia, the baby dragon chirped. "Dada?" -The Bartender
    [Benny Duminvile glances to Sean, wondering who in the blue hell Sam Hill was. This was getting a little weird. There was a dragon, right in front of him. Not knowing what else to do, he gets out a pair of handcuffs.] -01:11 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: Lucky pocketed the remnants of her phone and finally got back up to her feet. She dusted off her pants. ...which really wasn't making much of a difference with her covered in so much mud. Then all of a sudden she was coughing! Coughing and waving her hands trying to dispell smoke! With her eyes squeezed shut and her coughing, Lucky wasn't watching where she was going. She took a nose dive with a loud yelp right over a chair. -01:13 Aug 05
    Falia Light: "no young one" her voice seemed to echo though it was quiet "your father is not here, i'm your mother, you must be content with that. And putt those things away sir." she said not even looking back at Benny to indicate she was talking to him. She didn't even flinch at the loud yelp that came from lucky. -01:13 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Hearing an abrupt crash, Sean's attention was pulled from the lizard to Lucky. Not sure what else to do, he walked over to her and knelt down. "Are you all right, ma'am?" -01:14 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Annette glanced at the small thing in her hands and drew it close a moment, "You are...warm..." she said softly before her attention was drawn to the sight of someone falling over a chair. She gently set the lizard creature down on the counter and patted its head, "be good" she simply said and hopped around the counter to see if the person was okay. -01:15 Aug 05
    Benny Duminvile: "Ok. THAT IS IT! Everyone calm down!" He starts by cuffing Lucky and Sean together. He then turns his attention to the dragon. Wandering over, he looked like a tugboat with the smoke coming out. -01:17 Aug 05
    The dragon, seeing its 'mother' wandering away started chirping helplessly. It didn't want its mother running away, not after just meeting her. "Mama... Mama! Mama!" The dragon's eyes turned towards Falia, downcast. "Mama..." -The Bartender
    Lucky Bennett: Before she could even answer she was suddenly handcuffed to somebody. Lucky was more than a little alarmed, and now scrambling awkwardly to her feet. "Whoa, mister! I swear I tried to move my car! Don't you usually give tickets for bad parking!?" There was the smoke again, and she couldn't explain further without coughing. -01:19 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Throwing her hands up into the air, The Bartender could only smile hesitantly. "Oh officer, you are an officer right, yes, just relax. It's okay, this is normal." -01:19 Aug 05
    [Falia Light placed herself in front of Benny, her brown eyes flashed her voice echoing loudly. "leave him alone!"] -01:20 Aug 05
    [(Timeout) Falia Light was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -01:21 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Annette turned around to see a man with steam coming from his lips. Going behind the counter she looked at all the nozzles and took hold of a small hose that lead to a barrel of some beer. Aiming it at Benny she hit the nozzle as the golden liquid spewed forth soaking anything and anyone in its path. -01:21 Aug 05
    [Falia Light covered the baby dragon with her body protectively letting herself get soaked. She was not going to let it's fire die as such a young age. "it's okay. Mama's here."] -01:23 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Sean looked at the cuffs and groaned. Darn it, why must he always end up in situations where he gets himself locked up somehow? He looked at the woman, who was yelling about something he'd never heard of. He thought about trying to calm her down since they were attached now, and because he didn't want to get into more trouble with the man he now knew was the Sheriff or deputy of this town. "Ma'am, I don't think we're in much of a position for talking back to the law. Why don't we just sit tight and hope he comes to his sense soon, eh?" -01:24 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: "I -really- don't want to end up in jail. They do all sorts of creepy things in there." Lucky looked like she was about two steps away from having a freak out. She focused that energy on tugging and pulling at the handcuffs. With no worry or care about how much she was jostling Sean around. -01:27 Aug 05

    The poor little dragon wiggled underneath his 'Daddy' who claimed she was the Mama. Confused little tyke... In the confusion and the upset he hiccuped, and another ball of flame appear. Alcohol and an open flame, a bad combination, no? -The Bartender
    The Bartender: "Hey, what a minute - that stuff is combustile!" She reached for the nozzle that Annette grabbed, but it was too late. The liquid went everywhere... -01:29 Aug 05
    Benny Duminvile: "Cease! You are resisting ar--" Is pelted by alcohol. It got all over him. This was unacceptable. He was an officer of the law. "Listen here, lady!" Fights through the tasty booze and pulls Annette over the bar. After putting handcuffer her to a stool. Turning to Lucky his eyes lit up. "Stop resisting!" Runs over to spray mace but had it backward and get it in his own eyes. "EYEYE!" -01:30 Aug 05
    Another hiccup and then.... WHOOOOOOSH! A flaming Falia! -The Bartender
    Annette Freeman: She watched in amazement as the little dragon's breath caught the liquid on fire, a roar of flame spewing forth with such intensity it was dazzling. Her eyes widened a moment before she was pulled over the counter and promptly handcuffed to a seat. She sat there and stared. The fire...oh the sweet memories it brought along. Yes...the burning blaze was one of her many passions. The other....the kill. Her eyes swirled and seemed to change, a reddish tint mixing with her amber color. Her lips curled into a grin as she began to pull at the handcuffs, "Let. Me. Go" her voice said in a menacing tone. -01:32 Aug 05
    [Falia Light she screamed, she burned but she focus and she snapped. She was on fire, but she didn't care, she could regenerate. She kissed the baby dragons head, and started singing calmly and rain started to pour in the bar and everyone stopped what they were doing, calming down.] -01:33 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: The falling water did nothing to calm Annette. She continued to pull at her restraint, the handcuffs digging into her wrist and causing it to bleed, "Let. Me. GO" her feral nature brewing inside. This was not Annette but someone or something else. This was the reason she'd been placed in that institute, the place she'd been before coming to this bar. With great effort she took hold of the stool in both hands and began to pull at it trying to rip it from the ground. -01:36 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: "Oh boy," he mumbled, getting pulled this way and that as Lucky kept moving her cuffed arm. He wasn't sure how to stop her, since she seemed to be ignoring him. Before he could do much else, he heard what sounded like a fire catching on a barrel of whiskey and turned to see the inferno. "Ah, hell." It wasn't customary for him to curse, but there wasn't a better word to use as he tugged Lucky with the cuffs to pull them away from the flame, unsure of where it might spread next. -01:37 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile he is crying from the stinging and start to swing his night stink around. Knocking a few tables over, he finally for see through blurry eyes. Thanks to the rain, he could do his job. Hearing more resisting, he crawls over to Annette and paddles her bottom with the nightstick. "Shut it, you are all going to jail!"] -01:41 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Her lower lip was quivering, at one second petrified that her bar was going to be consumed with flames, and then all of a sudden her bar was flooding. Her lip quivered more and all a sudden she bursted into tears, wailing, "One hundred years, and I haven't had a single customer. But then I get customers a-and they FLOOD MY BAR!" -01:41 Aug 05
    [Falia Light the fire almost died as fast as it came up and soon she also looked the way she did before. Like the fire had never touched her. She smiled at the baby and patted it's head, "Dear dear.. that was scary" she cooed] -01:42 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: Fire! And now a lady was getting all creepy screamy. And to top it off it rained -inside- the bar. On the bright side, Lucky was already wet. She just looked up at Sean with that 'what the fuck is going on?' expression, as if he had all the answers! "So.... come here often?" she cracked a sheepish smile. -01:42 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: "Let! Me! Go!" she shouted again as Benny began to paddle her butt. The Anger caused her eyes to swirl with even more red as she rocked the stool back adn forth and suddenly the stool came free, ripping some flooring with it. The stool flew to the side as she turned and peered at Benny, "Jail?! Don't make me laugh!" sh esaid swinging her arm around, the stool still somehow connected to the handcuff as it flew toward Benny. -01:44 Aug 05
    The baby dragon didn't like water, not at all! It crepted closer to Falia, wailing. "Mama! Jail! Fire! Mama" -The Bartender
    [Benny Duminvile much to Benny's dismay, the stool hit him like an NFL lineback. Falling backwards, he could see the birds and stars.] -01:48 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: she began to laugh as Benny went down. Dropping her hands to her side she looked around, "Who's next?!" she growled, her features taking on a more sinister appearance as she eyed everyone individually. -01:50 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Eyes full of fear, the Bartender ducked beneath her bar. Who knew a bunny suit could be so frightening! Crawling on her hands and knees she started digging through a bottom drawer. She just hoped people wouldn't start firing shots... -01:51 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Nothing made sense to him anymore, he decided as he looked at the water coming down while they stood inside. Where did that come from? He heard Lucky speak and turned to face her with a crooked grin. "Naw, first timer. Don't think I've ever had such crazy happen in a bar before, and I've seen crazy in a bar." For once he was actually aware of his surroundings. And before he could continue to make pleasantries, he realized that the bunny woman had just taken out the law man. "Ma'am, I ain't too sure how to handle another woman right. What say you on handling her?" he asked, touching his pistol. -01:52 Aug 05
    [Falia Light the rain died down completely and only half an inch of water lay on the floor. She sighed, this is why she hated humans.... she picked up the baby dragon and dried him off. she turned to the bartender trying to think of something to say when she noticed that "mother" was going on a rampage. ] -01:52 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: "Um...!" Honestly, Lucky wasn't sure about how to handle a crazy intimidating woman in a bunny suit either! She took a step behind Sean. ..As much of a step as she could being handcuffed to him and all. "I kinda don't wanna get knocked out like the cop, if you don't mind." -01:54 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Oh thank god, she knew she had a pair of these lying around somewhere. Key in hand, The Bartender swiftly got to her feet and ran towards Sean and Lucky. Hurriedly unlocking their cuffs she eyed Sean's gun. -01:56 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Seeing movement from the corner of her eye Annette turned, "Will no one challenge me!?" She shouted angrily as she brought her hands together adn swung them, the stool promptly flying about as well and landing on a nearby table smashing it in half. -01:58 Aug 05
    In the midst of his drying process, the baby dragon spotted the crazy bunny woman. Wasn't that mommy... Or was that food? Eyes intent upon Annette, the dragon crooned, "Foooood." -The Bartender
    Sean Norton: "Thank you, ma'am," he said nodding to the bartender. He saw her looking at his waist and realized he was still touching his gun. "I reckon I ought to see if I can calm her down." He turned to see the chair flying and gulped. Why in the Sam Hill did he decide to come in here again? Taking a deep breath, he stomped toward the bunny. "Now, missy, I think you ought to calm down now. You don't want to hurt nobody more." -02:00 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile still has steam coming from his knocked out gullet. In the water, he really was a vessel.] -02:01 Aug 05
    [Annette Freeman turns and eyes Sean a moment, the ambers of her eyes nearly consumed by the red flames. "Are you challenging me?" her lips curled into a grin revealing small rows of sharp teeth where her normal teeth had been. Even her fingers seemed to be taking on more of a claw like appearance. "I accept!" she said and spun around again as the stool flew toward Sean this time. ] -02:04 Aug 05
    [Falia Light held the baby dragon in her arms tightly, "no... leave her be my dear." she soothed, trying to keep the madness of the situation to a minimum. and she noticed the changes in the woman and the idiot trying to calm her down. She sighed. This was nuts, she shouldn't have even come here.] -02:05 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: Freedom! Lucky was just going to keep on hiding behind Sean, but he seemed to want to go the hero route. ...and that clearly wasn't a good idea before the crazy woman was throwing more stool! Lucky yelped and ducked under a table. It would just be safer that way. "You know...! I thought -I- had a bad day! I'm really starting to appreciate stalled out cars and mud puddles!" -02:05 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Yelping, the Bartender dove out of the way, back onto her stomach. She weaved her way through the water and her furniture, all the while weeping as her bar was being torn apart. "My p-poor baby," she whimpered, petting a random piece of floor board. "Don't worry Mama will fix you right up." -02:06 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: "Oh-" Sean dove to the side as the stool flew at him, landing with a huff and getting up as quickly as his shaking legs would let him. Knowing there were others counting on him, he swallowed hard and turned to face the crazy bunny again. "Now, now, I ain't challenging you, missy. I just want that you should calm down." -02:08 Aug 05
    Its stomach was grumbling, a tell tale sign that it was hungry. It clambered over Falia, sharp talons digging into her. "Foood, hungrrry.... Bunneh!" -The Bartender
    [Cedric James stepped through the door his clothing outlandish and brightly colored. Various patches adorned his attire haphazardly and without any real sense of fashion. As the door closed behind him he set his hands upon his hips looked around wit a beaming grin and admired the social nature of the bar he had entered upon.] -02:12 Aug 05
    [Falia Light sighed and grabbed something out of the long tresses of her hair.. a..a bird?! it was quite large too. she held it up to the baby dragon, the bird being obediently still. She hoped this would suffice for the dragon. "that bunny is to big for you dear have this."] -02:13 Aug 05
    Cedric James would witness a half inch of water cover the floor, a floral looking woman, someone in a bunny suit, a western man and several woman on the floor. Oh and a dragon. -The Bartender
    Annette Freeman: Hearing the small voice of the baby dragon nearby, she turned her head to look at the creature. The tattoos along her back were burning beneath the bunny suit as she bared her teeth in a grin, "Food you say..." her attention was drawn away from Sean. -02:15 Aug 05
    Cedric James: "Shots!" he pointed quite affirmatively into the air and at no one in particular. "Shots for everyone! Pick a drink or I will pick one for you. No mixed drinks just straight booze in small glass form." He did not care if they wanted to drnk, he would get everyone a drink wether they liked it or not. "Don't worry about cost I am paying today!" -02:15 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile finally starts to stir. Standing tall, he remembers what the hell was going on. He turned to his previous attacker. "Hey! Crazy wench!" He begins to rip off all his his clothes. Damp, and his tighty-whites, he wields his nightstick. "Care for round two!" ] -02:15 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Seeing an opening, Sean dove for the bunny woman, catching her around the waist and knocking them both to the ground. -02:16 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: "Oh hells bells, I'm getting out of here!" On that note, the crazy guy offering everyone a shot (ooooh, she was so tempted!) and the woman in the bunny suit getting tackled, and cop ripping off his clothes... Lucky was now crawling across the water covered floor towards the exit! -02:17 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Before she knew it she was promptly tackled over, feeling the arms wrap around her waist as she faceplanted to the ground with Sean on top of her. -02:17 Aug 05
    The Bartender: At the mention of shots, The Bartender covered her head, believing that Sean was about to let loose his gun. It wasn't until she witnessed Benny undressing did she lift her head up. She spotted Cedric, a new customer. Weakly she called out, "W-would you like today's special sir?" -02:18 Aug 05
    [Falia Light she ran with dragon claws digging into her to her door and slammed it open, all the water fleeing with her, she let all the water out and then she herself hurried out and closed the door behind her] -02:20 Aug 05
    Cedric James: Seeing that no one was giving him any mind, as the brawls had apparently already begun, he swiftly grabbed a chair stepped onto a nearby table, soaking the top of it with his feet in the proccess. "How about a line of shots, lets say seven or eight, all of them Spiced RUm if you please." he stated to the bartender. Then almost as a sidenote. "And prepare shots for the rest of them as well." Lifting the chair high above his head. "Oh and one more thing, add this chair to my tab" Flinging the chair with all of his might at the wall he snapped a free set of fingers and let loose a brightly colored flash of sparkling glitter upon the near vicinity of himself. "Everyone may I please have your attention! This is important!" -02:21 Aug 05
    The dragon let out a small thrill as it left the bar, its home for the past 100 years. -The Bartender
    Sean Norton: Sean's eyes were closed, his grip around the bunny's waist tight. He didn't want to risk letting go, but he couldn't bare to look at the woman he was holding onto in such a manner. He heard someone call for attention and only tightened his grip as he peeked open one eye. -02:24 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile is in such a adrenaline driven haze that he is running on instinct. Seeing Lucky trying to escape, he handcuffs her arms and legs to another stool.] -02:24 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: Feeling the pressure upon her sides, a soft gasp escaped Annette's lips as her features began to return to normal and things seemed to calm. Groaning slightly she opened her amber eyes to find herself face down on the floor with someone ontop of her squeezing her, "what...happened..." she muttered and tried to push the guy off her, "would you please get off me" she said in a level tone of voice. -02:25 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: Lucky had been caught and now she was handcuffed with all her limbs to a chair. ...NOW the panic begins! "Nooo! What did I DO?! This is police brutality! Get me out of this! Help!!" -02:25 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Horrified that yet another piece of furniture was sabotaged, The Bartender's shoulders sagged. That always seemed to be the case, whenever she had customers her place was always thrashed. Crushed, she rose and went behind her bar, dejectedly making spiced rum shots. "Shots... For everyone," she announced with little enthusiasm. -02:26 Aug 05
    Cedric James: Picking up a small glass from the table he chucks it in the vicinity of the Benny person's feet just enough to get his atention as well. "Today is a very special day. Can anyone tell me why?" -02:26 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Feeling the bunny pushing him away, Sean's eye closed back up and he just held tighter. He heard her ask him to get off and shook his head. "No sirree, ma'am. I can't in right mind let you go back to terrorizing all them others." -02:28 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: "t...terrorizing?" she said in a confused tone as she tried to piece together things. Lifting her head as much as she could she looked around the mangled place and gasped some. Did she...do that? A frown came to her lips as she let her head fall back to the ground, "It wasn't me. honest. Please I won't do it again please let me go" she was near tears now. -02:31 Aug 05
    Benny Duminvile: "Because you are going to jail?!" There was a bit of insane to the tone of his voice. He picks up his mace and sprays it in Cedric's eyes. Turning his attention to Annette, he takes another pair of handcuffs and uses it to hook her free hand behind on the stool. -02:31 Aug 05
    Cedric James: Lifting a free arm to cover his eyes he coughed a bit as he inhaled some of the mace. "No that is not why today is special. You have a complete stranger offering to buy you drinks for crying outloud." Removing his arm he sighed. "Also why are you terrorizing the poor girl?" -02:33 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: "HELP! The cop has gone insane and the bunny girl is trying to kill us!" Blast it! Lucky fought with her handcuffs, trying to get herself loose from the stool. Which just resulted in the stool falling over and Lucky now being in an even more uncomfortable, awkward position. "..I'm not in to this kind of stuff...!" -02:33 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Sean jumps up, eyes wide. "Aw, geez, you ain't got to cry. I didn't think I'd grabbed you too hard," he said softly, not sure what exactly just happened. He was about to stand up fully when Benny walked over and cuffed Annette again. "Hey! She just said she wasn't gonna do anything!" he cried out. -02:33 Aug 05
    Benny Duminvile: "Silence, fool!" *Takes the nightstick to Sean's head, once.* -02:34 Aug 05
    Annette Freeman: she soon found herself handcuffed again to another stool. Laying there she sighed some unable to wipe the tears from her eyes, "..." as Benny came near her again she tripped him. -02:36 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Letting out an exasperated sigh, The Bartender grabbed one of the shots for herself. She relished the hot liquid running down her throat. Shrugging, she grabbed another one, walked towards Lucky's direction, and tipped the contents down her mouth. "Shots for everyone, yay..." She grumbled. -02:37 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: "Ow, what in the Sam Hill was that for?" Sean scowled and drew his pistol. "Why don't you just back off, law man?" And then Benny stumbled in front of him, and Sean blinked at him curiously. -02:37 Aug 05
    [(Logout) Annette Freeman has logged out.] -((02:37 Aug 05))
    Cedric James: Insane cop. What an interesting idea. perhaps this could be fun. Though he really did feel bad for the bartender of this poor establishment. "Nimbly skipping from one table top t the next he stopped by the bar and scooped up a couple of his rum shots, and down them quite pointedly. Giving a wnk to the bartender he smiled before springing back accross the table tops bac towards this Benny lava insanity filled police officer. With a spring in his step and not a care in the world he found himself sitting squarely upon the man's shoulders. Now Cedric was a slim person at least as far as most people go, so he realy didnt weigh much but that worked in his favor. "So mister Cop. What you up in here terrorizing poor citizens for?" -02:38 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile yelps as he falls into Sean. Being over 300lbs, a weight like that might be a little much for some people to handle.] -02:40 Aug 05
    Sean Norton: Falling with Benny on top of him, Sean felt his breath leave him and vision blur as he struggled to breath. It didn't help when the, albeit smaller, stranger jumped onto Benny's shoulders. Sean didn't stand a chance as he blacked out. -02:43 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: Lucky got a shot poured down her throat! "Yaaay..?" Cough! Burning alcohol was good. Crazy chaos and still being chained to a chair was bad. "Hey ber lady, get me out of this! You still have the key, right?!" -02:44 Aug 05
    [(Logout) Sean Norton is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((02:45 Aug 05))
    The Bartender: Muttering curses under her breath, The Bartender went in search of the key to Lucky's handcuffs. Surprisingly it was in the same place where she left it. She unlocked the contraption with ease then wandered over to Annette. Exhaling sharply, she dragged the limp form over to the door. "You - You are fired and are not allowed to come to my bar, ever again!" With an unceremonious toss, woman and stool both were thrown out. -02:47 Aug 05
    Lucky Bennett: "I'm free!" Lucky cast a wild look at the bar. "This place is insane! ....I'm going to tell me friends about it. Thanks for the free drink!" With a salute, and making sure that cop was out of grabbing reach, Lucky took off out the door! -02:50 Aug 05
    [(Logout) Lucky Bennett escapes to a secret lair!] -((02:50 Aug 05))
    [Benny Duminvile looks down to realizes he may have killed the outlaw. Hopeing no one notices, he throws him over the shoulder and puts him in the garabage and rolls him out of the back door.] -02:51 Aug 05
    [(Timeout) Falia Light has timed out.] -02:53 Aug 05
    The Bartender: She was about to dispose of Sean herself, since he had blacked out, but the ridiculous cop had taken care of the matter. Seething with rage, she walked back behind the bar and placed a large obnoxious sign on the counter that read, "CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS." -02:53 Aug 05
    [Benny Duminvile starts to put all of his wet clothes back on. He giggles at the new sign, and slops his the shirt on his back.] -02:55 Aug 05
    Benny Duminvile: So uh....you got this right, barkeep? -02:58 Aug 05
    The Bartender: Grumbling menacingly, The Bartender pointed towards the door. "Oh yes, I got this. Now out." -02:59 Aug 05
    Benny Duminvile: "Yes, ma'am." He takes a few steps and pulls out his gun. "As for you, Cedric..." He fires a shot but it misses going into the bar. Firing again, it goes into his leg and the now insane cop runs off. -03:00 Aug 05
    [(Logout) Benny Duminvile is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((03:00 Aug 05))
    The Bartender: With a wail, The Bartender cried into her hands. The cost of renovations was gonna cost her a fortune. She sighed... Best get started. -03:03 Aug 05
  3. Lucky was Diana? I handcuffed an admin to a stool as if she was hugging it? SCORE!

    This was great fun! More people should come!
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  4. Congrats on having a successful bar night. By the looks of how fun it was, I may just be in the next bar night. >:]
  5. I would love to participate in this, I hope I can! It sounds like the funnest thing ever.
  6. I shall try and make the next event...it sounds fun :)
  7. A big thank you to all who participated for the second Bar Night. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did. When I have the time to, I will post up the logs and cast list! Also note that the next Bar Night is already scheduled.

    Bar Night #2 Logs:
    [The Bartender enters.] -04:48 Aug 14

    Upon walking into the room, one would notice a layer of fog on the floor and ominous creaking sounds emanating from everywhere in the room. Instead of electric lights, the room is lit with torches on the walls and candles on the tables. Draped around corners are cobwebs dangling from the grayish wood of the bar. The bar itself is adorned with the same massive shelf of alcohol and nozzles. A large red sign hangs from the counter reading, "Destruction of Property is Prohibited." -The Bartender

    In the center of the room - the chairs and tables have been pushed aside to accommodate it - rests a large metal chest. It looks like a typical chest, however for one important difference... Sticking out of the key hole is a small microphone, preventing any sort of key to be stuck through. As always the Bartender waits behind her bar, a pirate's hat on her head. Sitting on top of her shoulder is a stuffed parrot. -The Bartender

    [Bouncer Corrine chills on a barstool until people show up] -04:56 Aug 14

    Corrine is dressed in tight leather pants. She had a white shirt tucked in with a several buttons undone. Braids were scattered through her dark brown hair and thick eyeliner circled her green eyes. As for shoes.. they were as close to pirate boots as she could come. -Bouncer Corrine

    The Bartender: The Bartender sighs quietly, wishing she had some customers show up today. Although... She frowns as she remembers what happened the last time she had customers. Thus, the reason for the obnoxious sign. -05:03 Aug 14

    [Katie staggers in, slightly rank, after a long day of trying to get together the pirate crew.] -05:05 Aug 14

    The Bartender: She perks up, eyes on the door. Her hand immediately goes to a glass, ready to fill the first drink. "Customer? Ahem, I mean, are you here for a drink? A... paid drink perhaps?" -05:06 Aug 14

    Katie: Heading toward the bar and only vaguely noticing the fog and creaking sounds, Katie's mind was pretty much focused on one thing only: rum. She ogled the bartender for even asking the question. "Here!" she choked, her voice rough from yelling at people. "Some money! GIve me the rum!" -05:07 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrine looked lazily over at the woman who staggered in. She wasn't quite someone the bouncer was too concerned with. There was no point in moving for someone who wasn't going to cause trouble. -05:08 Aug 14

    The Bartender: "Oh rum, yes rum! Of course, pirate that you are." She gave the newcomer a bit of a smile, before whisking herself to the shelf. A few seconds of clanging and soon The Bartender brandished Katie a bottle of rum. "Um, does Coconut rum work for you? I know some people are particular about what kinds..." Nonetheless, she set the bottle down for her customer. -05:10 Aug 14

    Katie: Katie nodded at the bartender. "All pirates drink rum!" she cried, her tone not quite ironic. As a girl who had always been in love with pirates, she always wanted to be one of them, and this was the way about it, right? "Coconut rum...? Well. I'll give it a shot! It's been a long day. You don't even know..." -05:14 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The words from the customer caught The Bartender's interest, pulled at her heart strings to be honest. She felt... Compelled to listen talk and be engaged. Her expression turned serious and she placed her arms on the counter and inquired. "Really? What sort of a day have you had?" -05:15 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: "Oy! I'll take some of that." Corrine leaned back, head on the bar as she looked at the bartended upside down. -05:16 Aug 14

    [Nikolas walked in with firm, heavy footsteps and glanced around, not bothering to remove his dark sunglasses. His black hair was unruly and locks were constantly falling into his eyes, the rest falling just between ear and chin length. His clothes were rumbled and dark; the pants black but the shirt was probably originally white. The pants were tucked into heavy, black boots. On his waist was a revolver on the left. His hands were hidden by thin leather gloves.] -05:17 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot squaked noisily from his perch next to the bar.] -05:18 Aug 14

    Polly the Parrot: "RUm for the pirates! RUm for the pirates!" Tilting his head at an inhuman angle he veidwed the world upseide down for a moment. Everything was more interesting from different angles. -05:19 Aug 14

    Katie: Taking a chug of the rum, Katie glanced again at the bartender. Interested in her story? Huh! "It all started with meeting up with this guy!" she started, taking another chug. "In exchange for the use of my boat, we'd build a pirate crew... 'course, we didn't plan on one of the newcomers sinking my boat!" -05:19 Aug 14

    The Mic on the chest suddenly picks up some feedback and screeches for a second. -The Bartender

    Katie: "Hello, who is that bad-looking guy who just walked in?" -05:21 Aug 14

    [Kaelyn Nakano nervously pokes his head into the room, wielding an ordinary umbrella in place of a decent weapon.] -05:22 Aug 14

    The Bartender: "You don't say..." The Bartender said, her eyes looking sympathetic. At Corrine's words, The Bartender picked up another bottle of Coconut rum, walked over to her and whispered pleadingly into her ear. "Look um, I know I hired you as a Bouncer but could you um... Help socialize with the others? I'll pay you double." Without another word, The Bartender left the bottle with Corrine and moved back over to her first customer. "Oh I don't know... Who is he?" -05:22 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: Socialize? Corrine smirked and nodded. That was something she was good at. There would be many worthy socializing targets tonights... maybe starting with the man who just walked in, but he already got noticed... Hmmmm... what to do. -05:23 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot flapping his wings he launched himself from the perch and dived over to the chest. Standing upon its top he eyed the noise making contraption. "Shut your land lubbin rum guzzle you rowdy thing. Afore I make ye walk the plank!" He insulted the annoying mechanical object before him.] -05:23 Aug 14

    Katie: "Not a regular?" Katie asked the bartender, taking another swig. She was ready to forget the day's sorrows. "Too bad." Sounded like she didn't need to expand on her story any more, so she took to sizing up the guys as they walked in. -05:24 Aug 14

    Nikolas: With a steady glance around the room, he took in the three other occupants, and the parrot, before walking up to the bar and taking a seat. "Cold and in a bottle," he commanded the bartender gruffly, dropping some money on the counter. -05:25 Aug 14

    [Darcy walks in, her black boots thumping softly on the creaky woodden panels. Her legs were hidden under torn jeans, with a black t-shirt tied at the sides hiding her belly and chest, the sleeves torn short for more easy movement. A skull and crossbone necklace hung over her chest, with a red bandana protecting the part in her brown hair from sunburn.] -05:25 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The Bartender shook her head, black locks moving from the action. "No I'm 'fraid not. To be honest, up until recently I haven't had a customer in oh..." She counted briefly on her hands. "100 hundred years? It's sooo nice to be talking to people again." -05:25 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: The other girl made no quick move to greet the man so Corrine would. After finishing off her room, she pushed herself from her seat and gracefully walked over to the big man, slipping beside him. "Are you new?" she said lightly, watching him drop money on the counter. -05:25 Aug 14

    The chest makes some buzzing noises and then it spoke. "Incorrect Password. Please try again." -The Bartender

    Nikolas: Nikolas glanced at the woman who had approached him. "I am." His eyes scanned over the woman before meeting her eyes. "Who are you?" -05:28 Aug 14

    [Sindy Lockheim was a short girly, wearing a tank top that bared her stomach, and tight fitting leather pants. Her hair was a natural deep red that fell to her waist wavy as sea water. She walked in with a strange confidence though she'd never been here.] -05:28 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: "I'm Corrine!" She smiled brightly, biting her lower lip slightly as she stuck her hand out for a proper greeting. -05:28 Aug 14

    Katie: Choking mid-chug as the bartender told Katie how long it's been since she had a customer, Katie glanced at the bartender, shock over her face. "R-really..." she sputtered once she stopped choking. "So... who do you usually talk to?" -05:28 Aug 14

    The Bartender: She nodded at Nikolas, fishing underneath the bar. Smiling brightly she set a nice cold beer on the counter for him. She flashed her smile at Katie. "Oh myself, usually. I'm surprised I haven't gone insane to be honest!" -05:30 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot jumping at the sudden retort, which he honestly did not expect he fluttered to catch his balance. "Password? What password is this ye be speakin of? Ye never said anything about no bloody password. Ye only made dis ungodly racket I cant be un'erstandin. An' another thing, what If dont be wantin to try again you filthy robotic slime?"] -05:30 Aug 14

    Darcy: She looked curiously at the bird and chest, one eyebrow raised while the other was furrowed. "What the hell," she muttered to herself and found herself a seat at the bar. She offered a few coins to the bartender. "Ya got rum 'n' coke back there," she asked. She had a rather soft voice for a pirate, but she was in it for the exploration. -05:30 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: Average face with a wavy head of dark brown hair, Kaelyn wasn't exactly a teen heart-throb. Not that he even wanted to look like the pretty boy idols that all the girls in his class swooned over. Attention made Kaelyn nervous, but not nearly as nervous as the never-ending surprises that Kazeyama High liked to throw at him. Like this stupid door appearing randomly in his dormroom tonight. And where the hell was Naoki? That boy was always hanging around (sometimes literally) and invading Kaelyn's personal space but when he was actually, truly needed... "Merde," the young man swore as he stepped into what seemed to be a pub, pushing his square-frame glasses up on his nose. -05:31 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Nikolas looked at the hand, and then grasped it with his own. "I am Nikolas," he greeted, shaking her hand briefly before pulling away to grab his beer. Finding it cool even with his glove on, he quickly opened it up and took a long pull of the liquid. With a satisfied, low sigh, he set the bottle down and turned back to the woman. "You seem comfortable here. Are you here often?" -05:32 Aug 14

    Katie: "Yes, that's pretty amazing..." Katie wasn't sure whether to edge away from the bartender now, and she finally noticed the gun around Nikolas's waist. Possibly a dangerous bar to be in. Very dangerous. She took another swig of rum and started watching people. -05:33 Aug 14

    The Bartender: "Oh yes I do sweet heart! Oh boy I hope I don't run out of rum anytime soon, all of you pirates, goodness gracious!" The Bartender turned around briefly, grabbed a bottle from the shelves, poured it and coke into a glass and handed it to Darcy. "'ere you go miss!" -05:33 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrine jerked her head towards the bartender "That's my boss." She shifted her position now, arms down on the bar, chin resting lightly on her shoulder as she looked over at Nikolas "What brought you here tonight?" -05:34 Aug 14

    Another jumble of sounds and the chest spat out once more. "Incorrect password. Please do try again." -The Bartender

    Darcy: Darcy smiled, accepting the cup. "Thank you," she told the bartender and spun around so her back was against the edge of the counter. One leg tucked under the other on the bar stool, Darcy sipped on her drink and observed the growing crowd curiously, though she curiously kept an eye on the parrot and the chest, wondering what on earth that was all about. -05:35 Aug 14

    [Taiken Hail swung the door open and quickly stepped inside, holding a pistol in each hand and looking like he was conducting some kind of solo raid on the place. He was wearing a long black coat that reached to ankles and black pants and shoes, all with white flame decals on the ends of the pant legs, coat tails, and sleeves. He was also wearing a pair of black sun glasses with rectangular lenses, hiding his eyes behind them. His hair was black with silver streaks, and spiked back, looking almost as if it had been blown back forcefully. He stopped and looked around the bar, and slowly came to realize that this wasn't exactly the kind of place he expected to find behind that door. Cautiously, he put his guns into his inner coat holsters, and continued looking around the room, examining everything.] -05:37 Aug 14

    Nikolas: He glanced at the bartender, studying her briefly before looking back at Corrine. "The night," he said simply, taking another pull on the bottle. "Who are all these people? And what the hell is wrong with that parrot?" -05:38 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: He really had no idea what was going on in this place. The confusion and hustle and bustle was not unlike the cafeteria come dinner time. There was always one student or another whose powers would get out of control and almost everytime, somehow, it was the mashed potatoes that would explode. Kaelyn's brown eyes darted around the pub, his hands fiddling with the umbrella he'd grabbed instinctively to protect himself when the door had appeared. "This... This isn't some kind of mid-year test, is it?" he muttered, still glancing around nervously like a crack addict. -05:39 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The Bartender beamed up at Kaelyn. It was odd, sometimes people were fine stepping into her bar, but other times... Other times they were quite shocked. -05:39 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: With a slight wave of her hand, she shook her head, hair quivering at the slight movement. "They are just people, and that's just a parrot. Customers. The place needs money." She smiled then met his eyes "but I'm not interested in the other people." -05:40 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot was less flustered this time. Bending over he stuck his eye ball right up to the mic. 'ye be sayin that jarbble one more time and ye might find yer entrails on the barstools."] -05:41 Aug 14

    Katie: Katie turned to Darcy near her. "What do you think is going on with that parrot over there?" she asked, trying to get away from the bartender. -05:42 Aug 14

    Darcy: She turned to Katie and shrugged. "I have no idea. Wanna go find out," she asked with a grin. She wasn't scared of some crazy bird, but she was really curious to what that password business was all about. -05:43 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: Oh no... The bartender was looking at him which meant... The dreaded conversation. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Kaelyn shuffled closer to the bar, gave a quick glance from side to side, then timidly sank down onto a stool. "Where...is this?" he asked slowly, wondering if the question sounded stupid. "What's with the door in my room? Is this still Kazeyama?" Maybe he was just dreaming... -05:43 Aug 14

    The voice from the chest sounded hurt, and feminine. "Incorrect... Password. *sniff* No need to get all violent." -The Bartender

    Nikolas: Nikolas raised an eyebrow at her and his lips twisted into a small smirk. "Is that so? I don't mind the company." He raises his bottle. "A drink perhaps?" -05:43 Aug 14

    Katie: "Arrrr, sure. It's Katie by the way." Grabbing the rum, she followed Darcy to figure out what was going on. -05:44 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Sindy seemed to have slipped in unnoticed and sat down at the far corner of the bar. She leaned on the wall right next to her, listening in on the conversation's around her and finding them all rather boring. She sighed and tapped her fingers on the bar. -05:44 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot gasped quite surprised this time. "So ye decided to quit with the repeatin business ay? Aboot time too. It was gettin a wee obnoxious. How whats this password business ye be speakin of?"] -05:45 Aug 14

    [The Otter Barwench ran in, tying her apron around her waist, profusely apologising.] -05:45 Aug 14

    The Bartender: Her eyes drifted over to Taiken, who came in guns blazing. Luckily the man hadn't fired a shot. Thank god. To Kaelyn she smiled brightly. "This is The Bar. A meeting point for all races, species and all living organisms, no matter where you are! I'm the Bartender! And you are...?" She held her hand out to him for a handshake. -05:45 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: A giggled escaped her lips as she nodded. "A drink would be grand." Once again she bit her lower lip as she smiled "Maybe we could grab a table?" -05:45 Aug 14

    Darcy: "Darcy. Nice to meetchya," she chirped and hopped down, going to check out the chest. "A password... What would be a good password for a chest in th emiddle of a bar," she wondered aloud and took a sip of her drink. -05:46 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: "Sorry I'm late, aye? My door got stuck!" -05:47 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot looking up at the sudden arrival of the tw women Polly squinted a bit. "WHo be ye? And why ye be interuptin my date? Can't ye be seein Ive got business with this one for the night?"] -05:47 Aug 14

    Katie: "Something about wenches, no doubt," Katie muttered. -05:48 Aug 14

    The Bartender: Looking relieved The Bartender whispered into the Otter's ears. "Oh no worries, love. But can you help that customer out there." She pointed towards Sindy. "I'm afraid I don't have enough hands to help out with that." -05:49 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Nikolas nodded and stood, offering an arm to her. "A table sounds good. Away from all this riff-raff, yes?" he offered with a light tone. -05:49 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: "Nakano Kaelyn," he replied, hesitating before taking the offered hand. "I think I understand what's going on now. We have a bathroom like this at Kazeyama. It's sometimes troublesome when mountain trolls use the urinals..." A bit of smile crept onto his lips as once again he glanced around. "How do I get back?" Though he seemed to shy away a little when a second bartender approached. -05:49 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Sindy chuckled as she sat in the corner. This was great, stuck at some place she didn't know. She sighed again and looked at her watch and froze. Her watch was going haywire. "What the bloody hell?" -05:50 Aug 14

    Darcy: She blinked at the parrot. "Your date, huh? What is a bird doing having a date with a chest," she asked with a giggle. "Can't we just peak inside?" -05:50 Aug 14

    At Darcy's words, the chest spoke again. "Incorrect password and no you may not peek inside. That's so rude!" -The Bartender

    The Otter Barwench: The otter took up her spot behind the bar. She was quite short, the bar came up to her shoulders, but she was quick and eager. "Oh sure!" she nodded, scurrying over to the corner of the bar and scampering onto the counter itself. "Evenin, sweetie! What can I get you tonight?" she asked Sindy cheerfully. -05:51 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: "My thoughts exactly." Corrine took his arm and motioned to a table a decent distance from the bar. "It gets too noisy and crowded over there. My poor boss gets flooded." She settled comfortably in a chair, crossing one leg over the other. -05:51 Aug 14

    Polly the Parrot: "A PEEK!" he seemed immensly insulted at this. 'Aint no wench peekin inside no wimin o'mine afore I get a chace to! How rude of ye!" Polly shifted some so he stood rather protectively over the mic. -05:51 Aug 14

    Katie: "That settles it. The chest definitely has something to do with wenches. Why is the parrot making sense?" Katie started to wonder what kind of bar she walked in to. -05:52 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The Bartender gave Kaelyn an enthusiastic hand shake. "Nice to meet you, very nice to meet you! Oh um, you can get out by exiting through the entrance door. I know it's a bit of a oxymoron. Oh just be sure that you open the door by yourself. Emphasis on by yourself. Nasty things will happen if you exit with someone else that you didn't come in with." -05:52 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: The place looked like some kind of old bar. Unlike any he had been to before though. He pulled his right arm up and pulled the sleeve back, revealing a small computer screen strapped to his forearm. He began pressing button on it with his other hand which looked to have some kind of black and white gauntlet on it, examining the screen for several minutes. An unsatisfied look came over his face as he looked up, dropping his arms to his sides. Looking around, he overheard someone behind the bar mentioned this place was some kind of meeting point, and that she was the bartender. That title was enough for him to assume she was in charge, or at least knew who was. Casually, perhaps TOO casually, he walked over to the bar and took a seat, and waiting for the bartender to finish her current conversation. -05:53 Aug 14

    Darcy: "Ye won't let me see inside you, but you let a parrot put his butt on your face," she asked, giggling again. "Nasty birdie. Besides, why is it here if it's not supposed to be opened?" -05:53 Aug 14

    Polly the Parrot: Extending his neck out he tried to turn his head to peer at her menacingly with his left eye. "She'll be open'd when I open her, an not a minute sooner. So don't ye worry yer pretty little 'ead aboot it, ya hear?" -05:54 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Sindy raised an eyebrow at this enegetic short woman. She smirked, 'this might get interesting' she thought as she lowered her arm back to the counter. "Hmm.. could i have a cherry martini dry?" -05:55 Aug 14

    The chest made a noise of hesitation. "Incorrect password again sir... Um, is there really a butt in my face? Is it at least a cute butt?" -The Bartender

    Katie: "Can't see, huh, Ms. Chest? Do you have a name?" Katie poked at the chest with her bottle of rum. -05:56 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: "Got it." He pivoted on his seat to get a good look at the door. There was a bit of a crowd there though and like most other things, that made him nervous. "Guess I'll wait a bit..." It wasn't like he had classes tomorrow anyway. And honestly, the less time he spent in that school, the better. "Do you take yen?" he asked the bartender, fishing a few coins out of his pocket. "I could use a drink." -05:56 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot nipped at the bottle angrily. "Watch it ye wench." ] -05:57 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Chuckling, he sat next to her and glanced around the room, taking in the newcomers as well as those who were here when he arrived. "It does seem fairly busy here this night," he commented before looking back at Corrine. -05:57 Aug 14

    Darcy: "Oooh, you are the naughty birdie, ain't ye," she smirked in a challenge. "It depends on if you like fuzzbutts, Ms. Chest," she spoke to the box. -05:58 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The Bartender nodded vigorously. "I'll take anything, even credit cards. Oh.." She covered her hand over her mouth. "Suppose you don't have credit cards from where you're from, do you?" Her eyes lingered on Taiken, amusement dancing in her eyes. -05:59 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: "Of course! Coming right up!" she nodded, hopping down again. "Be with you in a minute!" she sang out to Taiken as she scampered past. Hopping up to the back counter, she reached up and grabbed the ingredients, skillfully mixing the drink before hurrying back to Sindy with the shaker and a martini glass. -05:59 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: "These crowds actually become quite a nuisance." Corrine sighed and placed her chin in the palm of her right hand before looking back at the man. "I'm surprised you didn't bring a date." -05:59 Aug 14

    "Um.. I-Incorrect password once again. I haven't got a name miss." There was a moment of pause. "But you all seem keen to open me up. I'd hate to do this, it is against my programming and I do advise against opening me up but... Would you like a hint?" -The Bartender

    Katie: Katie swatted the parrot with the bottle. "Watch it yourself. Seems to me you're not respecting this fine... uh... woman's decision!" -06:01 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: Scary guy... Sc-scary guy sitting right next to me! Kaelyn whimpered a little and shifted to one side of the stool he sat on, just to get further away from strange man with a strange gauntlet on his arm. Out of the corner of his eye, it kind of looked like something out of a video ga--AH! THUMP! Clumsy when nervous, Kaelyn had leaned too far to one side of the stool and had paid the price by toppling to the floor. Coins flew from his hand and rattled across the pub floor in all directions. -06:01 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: An otter had just called out to him. In english. He hadn't noticed it's presence until that moment for whatever reason. He did not reply though, starting to think this might actually be some kind of dream. -06:01 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Sindy was looking at her watch again, which was still going nuts. There was a puzzled look on her face. She sighed and shoved her worries away. -06:01 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: "You alright, Sweetie?" the otter asked Sindy as she poured her drink. "You seem a little confused." -06:02 Aug 14

    Nikolas: "A date?" he asked, his lips turning down in a frown. "I don't meet many women along my travels." After a pause, he smirked again. "And, had I brought a date, would you have approached me?" -06:02 Aug 14

    Darcy: She looked at the chest. "A hint? Sure," she opted for it, her eyes almost sparkling at the chance to see what was inside. -06:02 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot fluttered angrily and launched himself at the bottle weildin wench's face. "How dare ye be threaten me ye wench! Ye has no right to be doin so!"] -06:02 Aug 14

    Katie: "Hey, ow!" Katie brushed the parrot off of her. "You're the insane one, a talking parrot! And trying to have a date with an inanimate object! You must be DRUNK!" -06:04 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: "Ahh! You have a point there, sir. I Would have not have approached you." She gave him a half smile. "So I guess its fortunate you haven't met many women." With a slight giggle she looked away from him, acting flustered. "Well... what kinda things do you meet in your travels?" -06:05 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Sindy waved her hand, brushing aside the otter's statement, "It's nothing, my watch is just going haywire is all" she smiled and took the drink, "may i pay at the end of the night?" -06:05 Aug 14

    The chest seemed to hesitate and really she was fighting against her programming. "Are you sure you want the hint miss? I'm programmed to ask you one last time before I give you a hint." -The Bartender

    Polly the Parrot: "I dont drink ye water drinkin wench!" Returning with just as much anger as before he swung a open wing in the woman's face. 'And I'm just warmin up!" -06:06 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The Bartender let out a gasp of surprise as her customer, her precious customer fell from his bar stool. She moved quickly around and helped him up. "Are you okay? Oh please don't be hurt." -06:06 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: Taiken looked around to everyone around him individually, starting with the friggan otter. The scans on the inside of his sunglass lenses showed that it was in fact a friggan otter, though with a couple abnormatilities. He then looked to the kid that fell on the floor next to him. Nothing to abnormal there. He then looked to the Bartender. Unknown. Apparently, whatever being the bartender was, it was different enough for his computer to be unable to figure it out. He shook his head in disbelief. A drink might be a good idea about now. -06:07 Aug 14

    Darcy: "Yes, I'm sure," she told the chest and flapped her hand at the bird to get him away from Katie. "Ya crazy bird, go away!" -06:08 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: "Of course, Sweetie, but just make sure you do! Our bouncer isn't too friendly to folks who try to skip a tab!" she informed her, then hurried over to Taiken. "Thanks for waiting. What can I get ya, darlin'?" she asked, hopping up onto the counter again. She huffed, already getting tired of hopping up and down. Closing her eyes, she shrunk herself to just small enough to run around on the bar itself. "There, that's better. Now, what's your poison, darlin'?" -06:08 Aug 14

    Katie: In the middle of being attacked by a parrot, Katie had to laugh. A talking parrot! That's attacking her! She hit it again with the rum bottle. At least it was good for something. "Stop scratching me, birdbrain! You're missing your hint from the chest!" -06:08 Aug 14

    Nikolas: "Mostly harsh terrains in various lands. I generally search for that which is lost," Nikolas answered, pulling off his sunglasses and hanging them from his shirt. He looked back up with deep blue eyes and the same smirk. "Seems some action is starting up over there..." -06:09 Aug 14

    A whimper from the chest, so afraid was it of doing this. It cleared its throat and then said, "Politeness." And it went silent. -The Bartender

    Polly the Parrot: As the bottle struck him he fluttered backwards taking a long squaking moment to get his balance and equilibrium back. "I don't need no hints from no chest!" he righted himself and swung over to land on the wench's shoulder giving her a quick peck on the side of the head as he did so. "I got all the hints I be needin. If'n she don't open, then she be walkin the plank and the sahrks have 'ave her." -06:11 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: "Hmmmm?" His mention of action across the room got her attention away from his eyes. Corrine scowled and shook her head. That damn chest. She had tried to open it severl times but had never succeeded since that bird was always in the way. "I can't open the chest. I've tried... it just frustrates me. Why don't you give it a try?" She placed a hand lightly on his upper arm "I'm sure you could figure it out." -06:12 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: "I-i-it's fine! I'm just clumsy!" Kaelyn stuttered, scrambling red-faced back onto the stool. Pause... And then he realized his money was now all over the floor. "Iie! Kuso! Mon ostie..tabarnak.." the young man cursed, absent-mindedly swapping between his two languages while he crawled around on hands and knees, plucking up his change, though he froze when he heard a drinking glass shatter up on the bar. Damn. He'd let his emotions control his powers again... -06:13 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: He looked to the otter that had presented itself to him on the bar, taking a moment to reply as he examined her in mild disbelief. "Uh... I'll have a... bottle of scotch?" -06:13 Aug 14

    Darcy: She looked at the chest curiously, her head tilted to the right as she thought. "Pointless, huh? Something that's pointless..." Her brows furrowed as she thought. "Pointless... " -06:14 Aug 14

    Nikolas: He shook his head and leaned forward a little. "But then I'd have to leave your company for theirs." He winked and put a hand over hers. "Perhaps I'll see what they come up with." -06:15 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: "Whole bottle?" she giggled, seeing his expression. "Coming right up!" And she was off again, this time scampering across the bar on all fours for speed, squeaking and jumping out of the way as a glass shattered on its own. -06:15 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Sindy heard the hint from the talking chest and smirked as she took a sip of her drink and said, "I won't skip on the tab i promise." she called. She turned toward the commotion at the chest. This was getting quite interesting now. -06:15 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The sound of shattering glass caught the Bartender's attention. She looked back up on her counter, seeing broken glass. "Here, why I don't get you another drink, to calm your nerves? It'll be on the house." -06:17 Aug 14

    Katie: "Damn parrot, lost its chance to get at that chest AND my ear is bleeding!" Katie yelled. At the very least she had forgotten the day she'd had. "I'm out of here!" She slammed the rum bottle back on the bar counter and huffed her way out the door. -06:17 Aug 14

    [(Logout) Katie is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((06:17 Aug 14))

    Bouncer Corrine: "I could be your lady luck?" Corrine glanced at his hand over hers. "Then you wouldn't be leaving my company. Come on." She stood, took his hand in hers and pulled at him slightly. "If the chest doesn't work out then I can start some music! I will already have you standing so we can dance." -06:18 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot quickly jumped off his ride before the door closed him in with it. Muttering profanties under his breath and fluttered over to the bar. "Bar Wench! or at least one of ye. Gimme somethin, somethin strong too." he tapped the counter imaptiently and turned his head to look sideways at the clutz of a boy next to him.] -06:20 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: The otter reached the back counter and was hugging the bottle of scotch nervously. She took the long way back to Taiken and handed him the bottle. Reaching under the counter, she grabbed a glass and a scoop of ice. "There you go, darlin'!" she said, getting back to her normal self. Being smaller did have its dangers! -06:20 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Nikolas allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and nodded. "All right. I can agree to your terms." He walked over to the chest with Corrine on his arm and shot the mouthy parrot a quick glance. "May I have a go at this chest?" he asked, not wanting to insult the bird that had seemed protective of the thing previously. -06:22 Aug 14

    Kaelyn Nakano: "O-oh... I couldn't... No, here." He stood up straight and dumped the collected coins into the bartender's hands, then took a step back to put some space between them. "Something strong please?" he asked, gazing at his socked feet snug in a pair of slippers. Not exactly bar footwear. The thought made him chuckle softly to himself and he felt his nervousness subside a little. -06:22 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: Cautiously, he took the bottle and glass and paused for a moment. "Thanks..." He then poured some from the bottle into the glass, and took a swig. He didn't say anything else to the otter, sitting there rather awkwardly. -06:22 Aug 14

    Darcy: Seeing the chest was growing in people bucket lists, she decided to watch and see if anyone else could open the giant box. She took a seat and sipped on her drink some more -06:23 Aug 14

    The Bartender: The Bartender nodded, although she didn't take his money. She felt so sorry for this one, and she normally didn't feel so sorry. Normally she felt insane to be honest. From the shelf she selected some Fire Whiskey, much stronger than just your average whiskey. She handed it to Kaelyn with a smile. "There you go. Take it easy with this though." -06:24 Aug 14

  8. I had a blast! I'm only sorry I was pulled out of the middle of it from my stepmom, but I tried to make it back as fast as I could! I'll definitely try to make the next one!
  9. Bar night #2 Logs Part 2:

    Nikolas: "I don't think you're hearing me very well, bird," Nikolas said slowly, as though to an ignorant. "I'm taking some of this gold. You can have the rest, but I am walking out of here with quite a bit of that." He steadied his hand and pointed the revolver at the bird again. "Now, maybe we can come to some sort of... compromise." -07:38 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot smiled another wicked little smile. "A comprimise you say? Perhaps we can come to certain, arrangements here." His eyes flitted ever so gently over the woman who had been hanging rom his shoulder. "Yes I beleve we can."] -07:39 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Nikolas followed the parrot's gaze and narrowed his eyes. "What are you implying, bird?" -07:40 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: That wasn't a bad cost... staying young forever. She smirked and turned back to Nikolas. What was he doing? "Nikolas!" Corrine called out and began to go back to him. -07:43 Aug 14

    Polly the Parrot: "Just that we could arrange for a certain trade perhaps. SOmethin' which would be benifitin me, for somethin which would be benefitin you." he nodded now back to the birdy nod his head jerking up and down. -07:44 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: The temptation was almost tangible. He raised the vial to his lips and paused, imagining all he could do with ultimate knowledge. All the people he could help, the lives he could save, the advancements he could provide for the entire human race back home... But there was something about it. It was to easy. Taiken was already a genious by normal standards, and none of that had come entirely easily. Suddenly, he remember the old saying "nothing worth having comes easily." So he lowed the vial and walked over to his bottle of whiskey and poured the contents of the vial in, every last drop. He then grabbed a wash cloth from the bar counter and showed it part way into the bottle. Using a bit of magic from his gauntlet, the cloth sparked and ignited. He now had himself a molotov cocktail with a hint of magic potion. -07:44 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Nikolas heard Corrine call for him, and he looked at her with a strange look in his eye. His head was scrambled with all the different thoughts and the consequences. He couldn't decide which to choose - woman or gold. At least, that was the choice that the bird seemed to be placing in front of him. -07:47 Aug 14

    [(Timeout) Darcy has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:49 Aug 14

    The Bartender: Rage filled her entire being, etched into every line of her face. "NO! You are NOT going to blow this place up! It happened once I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!" She turned towards Corrine and the otter. "You, both of you! Help me! I've paid you to be helpful!" She pointed towards Taiken, spit flying from her mouth. "Don't let him destroy my bar!" -07:49 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot tilted his head looking rather like an innocent parrot again. "The choice is yours big man, The choice is yours." ] -07:50 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrine stopped in midstride. She looked at Nikolas then back at her boss. Who meant more to her? "I'm sorry, boss," the woman murmured and finally made her way back to Nikolas' side, looking up at him with soft eyes, almost begging for his attention. -07:51 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: The otter leaped from the bar without another thought, landing on Taiken's shoulder and scampering up to his hand. She curled herself around the bottle and chomped down on his wrist. -07:51 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Sindy was still on the floor knocked out cold. her breath was shallow and halted as she lay there incapacitated. -07:52 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: Luckily, the hand that was holding the bottle was the one with the gauntlet, which prevented her teeth from penetrating. However he had no intention of burning down the bar. Instead, he pulled the otter off his hand and the bottle with his other hand, dropping his gun, then ran over to the chest. He placed the bottle into the chest on top of the gold, then slammed the chest closed. Soon, the cloth would burn up, and the bottle would explode, burning the chest along with the contents. -07:56 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Corrine moving to stand against his side seemed to make his decision. "You win, parrot. Keep your gold," he said, putting away his revolver and slipping an arm around Corrine. -07:57 Aug 14

    "You're gonna kill me...?" The chest asked feebly. "I-I guess, I guess that's a good way to end this. The gold is gonna be lost. I hope you can live with that." -The Bartender

    Bouncer Corrine: She pushed her body tightly to his, smiling brightly up at him. "You chose me?" She asked softly, fiddling with the front of his shirt. -08:00 Aug 14

    The Bartender: She lunged at Taiken then, tackling him to the ground. Her hand went to the arm that held the gun, pinning it down. "Thank you Ms. Otter. Remind me to give you a raise next chance I get." She turned furious eyes to Taiken. "And you sir... Need to leave." -08:01 Aug 14

    [Polly the Parrot Polly, just realizing he ahd won the gold in ful, then realized he was about to lose it. " NO ME TREASURE YOU DAMNED FILTHY VARMINT YOU BE> I WANT ME GOLD AND YE BE IN THE WAY OF ME GETTIN BACK ME PLACE ON THE SHIP YE BLASTED BLAST VARMINT SCUM GOLD TEASURE!" Polly exploded into a stream of nonsensical rants as he pryed at the chest trying to open it. " OPEN DAMNED YE I WANT ME GOLD NOW I EARNED IT FAIRS AND SQUARES GIMME ME RIGHTFULLY DUES AND GOLD TREASURE BASLED VARMINTS!"] -08:01 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Nikolas grinned. "Of course. Who wouldn't choose such a beauty to be by his side?" -08:02 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: Taiken was pinned suddenly, and he didn't really resist. He wasn't sure if he would beat the bartender, but he didn't really want to find out. "Leave? Why the hell are you kicking me out? I just destroyed the last vial and that damned chest!" -08:04 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrine giggled and placed her hands on either side of his face. "I'm glad you made that decision." Standing up on her tiptoes.. she was finally able to kiss him. -08:04 Aug 14

    [Darcy had been dragged into a black hole by a vicious octopus and re-enters, falling to the floor as it spits out the pirate girl. She groans, wiping off the octopus-spit as she rises to her feet. "Gross..."] -08:05 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: The otter tottered dizzily on the floor, trying to shake the dazed fog from her head. -08:07 Aug 14

    Metal sharpnel flew in all directions as the chest exploded into pieces. Any gold that was nearby would be melted down and flung to the walls, stuck there. The vial would also be destroyed in the catastrophy, blue dust falling gently to the ground. -The Bartender

    Nikolas: Nikolas wasted no time in kissing back before pulling back and looking around at the activity around them. "Think we could just... get out of here?" -08:09 Aug 14

    Sindy Lockheim: Shrapnel pierced itself into Sindy's body. Piercing her heart and killing her almost instantly. -08:09 Aug 14

    [(Logout) Sindy Lockheim escapes to a secret lair!] -((08:09 Aug 14))

    [Polly the Parrot was quite literally melted by the ensuing explosion. His flowmetal mody could not handle the sudden pressure and heat. He would eventually reform himself, but with this kind of damage that could take a lot of time. And so, the Insane Pirate Parrot Who was destined for fame and riches, found his end on the floor of a little bar. perhaps when he returned reformed and well, he would find out what the viel's message really meant.] -08:10 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: "Yes! Lets get out of here." Corrine took his hand and began heading to the door... planning to live happily ever aft. -08:11 Aug 14

    Bouncer Corrine: *after -08:11 Aug 14

    [The Otter Barwench cried out again somehow missed by all the shrapnel, and sat up, crying pitifully. "I wanna go home!"] -08:11 Aug 14

    [(Logout) Bouncer Corrine escapes to a secret lair!] -((08:11 Aug 14))

    [(Logout) Polly the Parrot has logged out.] -((08:11 Aug 14))

    Darcy: "Wha-GAH," she flew herself back onto the ground, holding her arms over her neck and head. Even so, she'd been cut by several flying bits of debris. She cautiously looked up after it had died down. "Damn... " -08:11 Aug 14

    The Bartender: Bits of melted gold clung to her skin, burning her. But the pain could not match the pain that the Bartender felt about her bar. Despite the walls being somewhat plastered with gold, she was still furious. "You *destroyed* my bar... DESTROYED IT!" Her hands gripped his collar, shaking him violently. "Pay up or you're forever Banned from this place!" -08:12 Aug 14

    Nikolas: Nikolas was led out the door, happy to follow Corrine away from there... and wherever else they may go. -08:12 Aug 14

    [(Logout) Nikolas escapes to a secret lair!] -((08:12 Aug 14))

    [Laurence completely forgot about this and is going to observe before making a real entry.] -08:14 Aug 14

    The Bartender: ((Sorry Laurence, Bar Night is gonna be closing soon. I'm wrapping it up atm.)) -08:14 Aug 14

    [Laurence flees!] -08:15 Aug 14

    [(Logout) Laurence has logged out.] -((08:15 Aug 14))

    Darcy: She stood up and looked to the bartender. "Thanks for the service. I better go look after these cuts. I have no idea what's been in that thing... Thanks again," she said and walked out -08:17 Aug 14

    [(Logout) Darcy escapes to a secret lair!] -((08:17 Aug 14))

    Taiken Hail: "Pay up!? You're the one who had that chest here in the first place, what did you think was going to happen?!" The idea of being banned from this place was starting to sounds like a good thing more than a bad thing. However, there were still plenty of questions he had about it. He may have missed an opportunity with the vial, but he would be stupid to miss an opportunity to learn about this place. "Alright look, how much are you asking?" -08:19 Aug 14

    [The Otter Barwench continued to cry and eventually limped off to curl up under the wrecked bar counter, sucking the tip of her tail.] -08:23 Aug 14

    The Bartender: "I didn't think you people would actually want the treasure, I just put it there so you wouldn't leave and - "She spluttered, pulling Taiken closer by his collar. Spit again was flying from her mouth. "Look, I'll let you come here again. That door in your world won't disappear I promise just don't ruin my bar again." The man was right... The Bartender wasn't going to admit it, but he was right. -08:25 Aug 14

    The Bartender: Slowly... Cautiously she got off and walked towards Otter, scooping her up. "Now leave..." -08:26 Aug 14

    The Otter Barwench: The otter snuggled up to the Bartender, sniffling and hiccuping a little. "Night, darlin'..." she said tearfully. She wasn't really mad at him. -08:28 Aug 14

    Taiken Hail: Taiken got to his feet and brushed himself off and straightened his glasses. He silently picked up his gun and slid it back into his coat, then walked for the door. Before exitting, he spoke again. "Don't ever underestimate human greed... Bad things happen." He exited through the door and shut it behind him. -08:28 Aug 14

    [(Logout) Taiken Hail fled in terror.] -((08:29 Aug 14))

    The Bartender: The Bartender sighed, craddling the only Staffer who was loyal to her. "Lets get you cleaned up. Then we get started on this place," she said mournfully. -08:31 Aug 14

    [(Logout) The Bartender fled in terror.] -((08:31 Aug 14))

    [(Logout) The Otter Barwench is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((08:32 Aug 14))

    [Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (Save the cbox, save THE WORLD.)] -08:32 Aug 14
  10. Bar Night #3 Logs:
    Theme: A possessive dolls calls a male her Mummy, while the Bar sees its first non-human occupants in god knows how long. A veteran and someone from the future mingles in with the crowd!

    Because so many people showed up, please post up who you were!
    [The Bartender enters.] -08:49 Aug 21

    The Bartender: The walls of the Bar are painted with gold, done by an exploding metal chest. The rustic chairs and tables of the bar are still there, although some have also been speckled with gold. The Bartender is seen sweeping the floor, whistling a faint tune. She has dyed her hair brown, and put it up in an elegant bun. On her countertop is a doll. -08:50 Aug 21

    The Bartender: http://just-imagine-dolls.com/art/linda_m_rick/Doll-Maker-Renee.jpg -08:50 Aug 21

    [Jerrick Avondale ] -09:12 Aug 21

    [Eli Graysen ] -09:16 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: The man, tallish and sporting a long cloak over a tailored suit, black gloves, and polished boots that came to his knees, paused at the threshhold to draw his needlers from his gunbelt. Looking around for somewhere to deposit them, the strong featured gentleman with the long black and grey hair was very good at obstructing the door inadvertantly. Seeing that no one was going to collect his weapons, he replaced them in their holsters and stepped into the room. Grey eyes rested for a moment upon the bartender, but Jerrick hesitated. Again, he looked the room over, taking in the details. -09:18 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She looked up at the stranger in her bar, squinting as if she didn't want to believe there was another customer. "Well hello there," she greeted, holding the broom in front of her. "What is your poison sir?" -09:19 Aug 21

    [Theodore Kierei enters.] -09:20 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Jerrick held up a hand, continuing his leisurely survey of the place. It was clear he wasn't ready to be bothered until it suited him. Only upon completion of his taking in the scenery did he approach the bar, hands coming togehter as he tugged his gloves tighter where they'd slipped slightly. "What do you suggest?" A slow smile curved the corners of his lips upward. -09:22 Aug 21

    [Neroth'na shoots in with a flurry of shimmering golden-white feathers, his tiny serpentine body crashing against the wall directly opposite the door before sliding to the ground in a heap. His tail twitches slightly, and slowly he manages to uncurl himself. Upon doing so, one would see the body of a strangely feathered pseudodragon no bigger than a large cat. His small face is lit with shimmering blue eyes, and his smooth body is the color of liquid white gold. In his front left claw is a small beaded string, the end attached to what appears to be a strange blue lantern. His tail, stretching just as long as this body, is complete with a tip of fluffy feathers. After giving himself a once over, he launches from the ground and checks the lantern-type thing. "Ah, good! I got it!" His voice is almost English in accent with a touch of something else...something...Draconic. Then, he takes in his surroundings, his face falling into confusion.] -09:23 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: http://wallpaper.badfon.ru/image/20479-2560x1750.jpg -09:24 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Dropping the broom upon the floor, The Bartender moved back towards her bar. She was about to smile, until a clatter sounded next to her. Holding a hand to her chest, she exhaled deeply. "Um right, you got it." Perhaps it was best to wait for this creature to get its bearings. "Well I would reccomend our House Brandy. It's made here, of course, and cost less than what you would normally pay for." -09:26 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: A young man that couldn't have been more then twenty one stepped through the doors only moments later. He had a pair of gray knee-length trousers on with a baggy white shirt laced partially up the front. His hair was a mess with god-knows-what. Judging from the cleanliness of the male it was fairly obvious he lived on the streets. However, that didn't seem to cause a faulter in his demeanor. Theodore kept his shoudlers straight and head held high as he stepped inside the bar. Eyes widening slowly he was rather surprised by how big the place was. Sure he'd hung around outside the doors begging a few times each week but he'd never actually had the guts to go inside. As it were he had been given a gold coin. Gold! By one of the wealthier people in the area and since he'd never learned to save or even think to spend it on something actually neccesary he wished to come into the bar and possible try what people call 'beer'. But uh...how did you buy stuff? -09:27 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: Eli stepped through the door and into the bar, appearing a little out of breath as he surveyed the interior. Gold walls and a rustic theme, cozy indeed. His dirty blonde hair and clothes were drenched as there had been quite a downpour falling where he'd just ventured from. Wandering closer to the bar and taking a seat, Eli removed his jacket and rested it in his lap. A sigh escaped him, a relieved one, hand running through wet locks, licking his right lip piercing out of habit. -09:29 Aug 21

    [Vitali Styles ] -09:29 Aug 21

    [Taltharos follows his companions suit. He slides in, oh so liesurely, making his way to the wall where Neroth'na crashed. His slimy body, about six feet in length, finds its way undreneath Neroth'na lifting him onto his neck as if he was a horse. ] -09:30 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Jerrick did not wince at the creature's crash. However, his hand twitched slightly as if wanting to go for the needlers on his gunbelt. Seeing that this... thing, whatever it was, wasn't an obvious threat, he relaxed and nodded to the tender. "Brandy would be most pleasant. It has been some time since I've allowed myself to... indulge." The man's gaze went to his side where a very moist someone had just taken a seat. "This one seems to need a drink to warm his spirits. I will pay. What is the preferred currency, by the way?" -09:30 Aug 21

    Taltharos: http://gurth.home.xs4all.nl/troep/ad_d/slug_giant_mm.jpg -09:30 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She glanced at Eli with kind eyes, "I'll have it coming right up. And whatever change you got on you sir will work for me." Beaming a smile at the two, she glanced at Theodore, a question forming in her gaze. -09:31 Aug 21

    The doll looks pristine and well taken care of, but as she sits there upon the bar, a small tear rolls down from her left eye down her cheek and into her dress... -The Bartender

    [Masao was trudging through sand up to his shins as if it were no hassle at all when suddenly the ground gave way below and he tumbled into darkness. The strangest of experiences occurred at that point when he ceased to fall vertically, tumbling sideways a few seconds before thumping onto a wooden floor.] -09:34 Aug 21

    [Bouncer Sergio stands ominously by the door, keeping an eye on the patrons.] -09:34 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: The scoop from his favorite companion knocks Nero right out of the air, and again, he lands in a heap, if only a slight one. This time, though, it's right between the slug's strange feelers right atop its head. He grins, patting the creature, before looking around again. "Excuse me?" he asks the man sitting at the bar he now rests beside, "Are you offering me a drink?" Then, looking at the woman who utters almost mockingly about him finding his precious wisp, he gasps. "Yes, I got it! You've any idea how hard it is to get a creature so rare?" He seems almost appalled, raising the little string up to reveal the lantern still glowing with a strong blue. -09:35 Aug 21

    [Inara enters and looks around quite baffled as to how she'd arrived at this place. It was a nice change from her usual scenery though. Smoothing out her dress and white apron she walked toward the bar and took a seat.] -09:36 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: The door opened steadily as Vitali stepped into the bar. He was wearing a white T shirt with an open leather coat that reached down to his knees. Black jeans draped around his legs, fitting loosely and hanging over the top of his dark gray shoes. He reached up and moved the long silver hair from his face, and looked around the room wearing what appeared to be a thick black blindfold around his head and over his eyes. After a short pause, he made his way over to the bar, and took a seat. -09:36 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Turning around, she looked through her shelves, a finger pressed up against her lips. "Oh there you are!" Grabbing an oval bottle she set it down for Jerrick. "There you go. Plenty to share as well!" -09:36 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: Eli smiled at the bartender as an afterthought, literally, he was quite lost in his thoughts... Focusing again he looked at the woman with eyes that couldn't seem to settle on a color. They were currently aqua blue, "Excuse me miss bar-keep, anything warm would be nice." He spoke, eyes instinctively finding the doll. Eerie doll it was... and the poor thing was... crying, it seemed. -09:36 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: Noticing that the tender at the counter's eyes were now on him Theodore froze. Wait! No! He couldn't just freeze up, that would be too obvious! As if his dirty clothing and messy hair wasn't already enough of a clue to his livelihood. At the mention of the word 'rare' Theodore's head snapped to the side, looking at the two strange creatures in the corner. Rare things usually cost a lot of coin...he could get more gold and maybe buy food instad of steal it! Inching closer to the two he eyed the odd glowing item with intrigue. If only he could snatch it up and run fast enough... -09:38 Aug 21

    Bouncer Sergio: With a small grunt, Sergio gestured to the bar tender from his position by the door and, over the sound of the din in the room, tried to request a gin seltzer. -09:38 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Jerrick reached into a pocket, withdrawing a small clear stick, glowing lines etched through it. He sat it upon the bartop, sliding it across. "This should be more than enough to cover any costs I might acrue over the night." He glanced the other direction from the drenched gent and gazed curiously at the dragon. "I could do so if you wish." Another of the credit crystals joined the first. "Miss, could you see to it that the first round for those who visit tonight is put on my account. My name is Jerrick and, should there not be enough funding there, speak to me and I will provide more." As she set down the bottle, he took a third crystal, tucking it behind her ear in way of a tip. -09:39 Aug 21

    Masao: "Ugh..." Slowly the young man of nineteen stood to his feet and shook a ridiculous amount of sand from, well, everywhere. Blonde hair, olive-skinned, Mao, as the other diggers affectionately called him, glanced around the room he was now in, a little confused about just where the heck he'd landed. "Tet E cdispma ibuh y Machina?" he muttered, reaching a hand up to wipe dust from the goggles over his eyes. -09:40 Aug 21

    Inara: She glanced around the quickly filling bar with some interest. The place was booming,t hat was for sure. She wished she coudl get the same results at her small place, but that was hard to do with a psychotic sister and two talking animals that wouldn't shut up. She sighed at this thought and folded her hands on the counter as she placed her head on top. Why did her life have to be so? -09:40 Aug 21

    [SVoer Awakening on the floor aside a puddle of vomit he hopes is his, the old drunk man toddles to his feet from the helping hand of an old sink. He stumbles to the door, and walks into a bar other than the one he thought he was in.] -09:41 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She nodded cheerfully at Eli and brandished him a large bottle of Elderflower Whiskey. "Should warm you quick," she commented. "I hope you enjoy the company round here." The Bartender let out a giggle as Jerrick handed her the crystals. "Aren't you the generous soul? Very well then Mr. Jerrick." She quickly got to work then, making a gin seltzer for her Bouncer. Quickly she moved towards him, gave him an apologetic smile and moved to Vitali, whom she greeted with a beaming smile. "Oh hi, what can I get you for you?" A bit of sweat was starting to form on her face. -09:41 Aug 21

    Taltharos: Taltharos looks to his left, and notices a man who looks kinda funny. Like he wants somethin. Something that ain't his. Tal looks up at his partner and utters a squeal that only Nero seems to understand. -09:41 Aug 21

    [Henry Johnson enters.] -09:42 Aug 21

    The doll turned its head slowly towards Eli when he made eyecontact with her. But she stopped when her eyes met his, frozen. -The Bartender

    Theodore Kierei: Oooh. Another glowing thing? A crystal it seemed? Theo's head turned again, his eyes narrowing on the odd form of currency. He had seen them before but they were also rare. Hmmm, perhaps that would be more worth stealing then the other glowing object? Deciding on the closest thing he turned and quietly inched up behind the man sitting at the bar, his dirt-covered fingers reaching up towards the man's ear. -09:43 Aug 21

    Bouncer Sergio: "Mmm" was the thanks for the bartender, in addition to a nod, from the bouncer, who drained the glass in two drinks and resumed leaning back against the wall, his half-lidded eyes watching the crowd still. -09:43 Aug 21

    Inara: Her eyes lifted as she gazed around again, her sights fell upon a doll that seemed to be in a staring contest with a man. Blinkign a few times she raised a hand fingers curled in save for her pointer which stuck out as if saying she were number 1! Her mouth opened to speak but she simply shook her head some. It wasn't her place to ask. She'd seen curiouser things before. instead she only smiled faintly and waited patiently her turn for a drink. -09:44 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: Nodding at the kind gentleman, Nero glances about the room. "Well, in that case, I'd love something nice and hot...perhaps some cocoa. I've not had chocolate in a while." But the movement of his partner makes him look down, and before he can do much of anything, Tal gives out a squeal only he would know of. A thief is in their presence. "Gentleman! You might want to take a look behind....you." He looks away, hoping nothing can go wrong, wrapping the beaded string around his serpentine neck and somehow making it click to the point of complete connection. Now, the wisp will not go without him. -09:45 Aug 21

    SVoer: "Hows you fine folks do-hic-doing?" His mumbles seemed to be drunk off his breath; unable to the walk the straight line that is his deep rough voice. He takes a rest in the closest seat his butt could find. His eyes scan the room as he tries to stop the world from spinning. -09:45 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: As the bartender approached him, he looked a bit relieved, yet still somewhat confused. "Well nothing to drink really, but uh... See, I was supposed to show up at this night club so I could DJ for the night. But..." He looked around for a moment before continuing. "This doesn't really look like a night club. Looks more like just a bar. This is the right place isn't it?" -09:46 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Elderflower Whiskey! Excellent!" his lips, pierced on both sides, curled with a satisfied grin, eyes now a charming deep blue as his placed a palm full of gold coins on the counter. He was to open the bottle and take a sip then, purring happily as the liquid warmed its way down his throat. -09:46 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Jerrick poured himself a glass of the brandy, setting it down for a moment. The hairs on the back of his neck were prickling, but even if they hadn't, he could smell the sneaktheif behind him. He waited, acknowledged the kind warning of the dragon creature. He turned on the barstool, reaching out in an attempt to catch the would-be-theif's face in a gloved hand. Gently, mind you. "Are you really so desperate, now?" -09:47 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: A man walks into the bar with his hands in his pockets. He is wearing a black buttoned down shirt which is open, revealing his with undershirt. He has jeans that match and white shoes. Henry came into the bar looking to drink and get out of the house. Tonight was the perfect night for him. The long hours at work all day had stressed him out and he could use a good night to relax and have a good time. The crowded bar wasn't what he needed, but it was, as it was titled a bar. Of course they're were going to be people there. There was no use in complaining. He might as well just got out and mingled, but in the meantime, he just headed to the bar and took a seat and waited until the bartender wasn't busy to order a drink. -09:47 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: white* -09:48 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Well who was she to argue! Besides music would be lovely right about now actually. "I actually have some DJ equipment around here somewhere..." She walked towards a panel, opened it pressed a button. The wall lifted itself up and inside revealed everything Vitali would need to make some music. "There you go!" And off she went again, moving towards Inara. "What can I get for you?" -09:48 Aug 21

    Taltharos: Tal seemed pleased with himself because his feelers began to sway and his "tail" began to smack the floor leaving a pool of thick slime. His face curls up in an oddly cute smile type gesture. Looking up to his partner once more he lets out another squeak. "Eeeeeeeeeeee!" -09:49 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: *there* -09:49 Aug 21

    Inara: Inara smiled at the bartender, "A rather busy night. I am envious! I suppose I'll have some liquored coffee. i can't seem to get enough of coffee these days..." -09:50 Aug 21

    SVoer: Recognizing the sound of a handful of coins, the old drunkard stumbles over to Eli Graysen and puts his arm around him. "Hey buddy. Looks like yoush got..gots'nuff ta share!" -09:51 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: Bristling as a gloved hand pressed beneath his chin and lifted just enough so that the boy couldn't back away without falling right on his backside. "Mm..mmph..." His eyes narrowed but he didn't answer. If the man was so blind to miss the state of the young man's clothing and the dirt on his face then he didn't deserve the answer anyways. -09:51 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She let out an embarrassed laugh. "Oh sweetie, I haven't had much business in about 100 years." But she didn't give her patron time to answer, running over to the bar and making Inara her drink of choice. It didn't take long and she was back in a flash, trying not to spill it. "Here you go dear." Then off she was again, to help with the next customer. Back behind her bar she yelled to everyone in the bar. "Just shout what you want! I'll have it out to you in a jiff!" -09:53 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: That wasn't quite the reaction he had expected. She hadn't exactly confirmed that this was the right place, but then again, she seemed to have what he needed to do the job. Right place or not, if she paid his fee for the night, it made no difference to him. Vitali got up and walked over to the DJ booth, then pulled off a small backpack he had on under his coat, and pulled out a laptop from it, setting it on the table. After a few minutes, he had it all set up and plugged in. Then came the music... What to start with? -09:53 Aug 21

    Masao: Upon inspecting the room, Mao realized it was a pub! There were people in it too, though he was a little concerned about this strange sight. Why were these people in a pub buried under the Bikanel Desert? Paying attention to hair colors and clothes, Mao came to the conclusion that these people were not Al Bhed. Had he been transported somewhere? Quite possible. The desert was riddled with ancient Machina from over a thousand years ago, after all. The best course of action was to inquire about the situation, so Mao strolled up to the bar, boots thumping across the floor, his jumpsuit still spilling sand. "Excuse me," he said in what he believed to be Hume, eying the bartender from behind his goggles. "Where am I? Is this still Bikanel?" -09:54 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Yeah, I do have enough to share," he spoke, eyes a shade of light pink now, "but I don't do anything for free. What cha got, or are you a penniless drunk?" he asked with a sly smile, he had no business with penniless drunks... or penniless anything, really. -09:54 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Leaning forward in what was meant to be an assertive manner, Jerrick smiled again, though it did not reach his eyes. "Perhaps you'd like me to let you rob me blind. Or perhaps I should just give you what I have? Hrm. It is only the desperate that steal from the generous." Jerrick released the man's face, taking out a handkerchief and cleaning his glove before the smile became warmer. "So are you here to steal or to imbibe? Because combining the two makes for a wreckless theif." -09:55 Aug 21

    Inara: She inhaled the scent of the coffee with a childish grin as she took a careful sip, licking her lips after. Someone stomped up and asked if they were in Bikanel still. Shaking her had and shrugging she turned toward them, "well it's not Kansas and I don't think it's this Bikanel place, sir. We are simply somewhere to relax and enjoy ourselves I think" she smiled again -09:55 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Surprised, the Bartender turned her attention towards Masao, smiling brightly. "Oh love you aren't in your world. You are the Center, the meeting place for all worlds." Her smile grew into a wide grin. "Lovely isn't it?" -09:56 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: *reckless, even)) -09:56 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: Finally, he launches from the slug, allowing full movement for the creature and himself. "Yes, yes," he says happily, patting the slug's head and scratching lightly behind the feelers with a little paw-like hand, "You did wonderful. And yes, I will ask the nice barmaid to get you some...but I'm not sure they offer that sort of thing. He turns towards the bar again. "Miss? Do you have that cocoa? And if you can...I'm not sure if you would have it...but my friend here wants some juice...grape would be.....good." Then, with that, he flutters over towards the boy and the gentleman, glancing down at the tattered state the younger one is in. "You know, just because you're desperate doesn't mean you have the right to steal. Try asking sometime." With that, he lowers to the ground, asking in a soft voice, "Would you like something to drink?" His breath smells of fire and something else...something sweet and promising. -09:56 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: Ah, he had found it, a nice one to start the night off right. He made sure to adjust the volume to suit the bar setting. It wasn't going to be as loud as he was used to playing it in a night club, but loud enough to add some nice ambiance. Sliding on his headphones, he started up the music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzz0oF8jBuk -09:57 Aug 21

    [Garret strolls in and wanders over to the bar with a wide smile. "Midori sour, please," he requested as soon as the bartender looked his way.] -09:57 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: Henry waited patiently for the bartender to get back. He was surprised that he hadn't gotten pissed for having to wait so long. It was a good thing though. The bar music kind of made him want to dance. Then again, if he got drunk, he would only have made himself look like a fool in front of evetyone. Looking around, he could see everyone talking to each other. Most of them were probably in a group together, or they probably just met up when they got inside the buiding. With a shrug, he turned around just as the bartender got back around the corner. "Give me your best drink." "He spoke loudly as he could above the crowd of noise. -09:57 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: counter* -09:58 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: The young man gave a questioning look at the others' words. "Im...bibe?" he didn't understand and he definitely wasn't going to agree if he didn't know what the word meant. Turning and looking towards the floor at the dragon creature who had just addressed him Theodore pursed his lips in a slightly embarrassment but nodded. It wasn't that he wanted to steal, he just wanted to have a day where he wouldn't have to worry about not having food the next day or water to drink. -09:58 Aug 21

    SVoer: "Hic! Shout what we want... Bartender Get me a..." He begins to stumble away from Eli and the counter, but then stumbles back and lands in a chair. He looks at Eli and says "Penny less?! Duncha know who I am?! I'm the king of this here land! HA HA HAA!" "Wheres that barista... I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer...And I want this guy to pay for it!" He points to Eli and laughs a loud wispy laugh. -09:58 Aug 21

    [Aastha ] -09:58 Aug 21

    [Enrei ] -10:00 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: Smiling gently at the boy, Nero asks again in a gentle voice, just a touch louder this time. "What would you like?" -10:00 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: Vitali began bobbing his head to the music, fiddling with the setting at his booth to make sure the music sounded just the way he wanted it to. Once he started looking around the bar, he noticed several very peculiar things. Creatures he had never seen before, people who didn't exactly look like they belonged. This certainly was an odd bar, but who was he to judge? He just plays the music. -10:01 Aug 21

    Aastha: Sighed as she walked in. Her hair seemed to flow like water shifting and moving with each of her steps. The girl stood about six feet tall, a nice build to her and a very serious expression on her face, well until she actually saw all of the fun. At that point she cheered up. Sitting at one of the tables off in the distance, not wanting to bother anything, she just watched. Her outfit was a simple black tank top with a long flowing black and gold skirt, the pleats alternating color. She played with her hair with her figners and waited for a general moment ot jump in on any action. -10:01 Aug 21

    The Bartender: A cocoa for the dragon, some grape juice, borbon probably a strong one for this one. The Bartender set the drinks to the respective patron, silently like a good waitress. "Oh we got some entertainment tonight! I hired us a DJ!" She called out to the ever growing crowd. -10:01 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Hey hey hey, ya drunk bastard, di'n't I just say I dun do anything fer free? Try to rip me off and I'll rip ya a new one," he sneered. -10:01 Aug 21

    The Bartender: "Anyone else for drinks?!" -10:01 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: "To imbibe. To drink. Ah, you don't read much, then, I take it." He smiled down at the dragon's kindness, then gave the boy a stern look. "There are those here generous enough to help those who want a night's relaxation. But I do wonder what it is you really seek, boy." -10:02 Aug 21

    As the music plays the doll bounces her foot back and forth... Back and forth to the time of the music. http //just-imagine-dolls.com/art/linda_m_rick/Doll-Maker-Renee.jpg -The Bartender

    The Bartender: http://just-imagine-dolls.com/art/linda_m_rick/Doll-Maker-Renee.jpg -10:02 Aug 21

    Enrei: He walked in, his dark gray, almost black wolf tail wagging and the tips of his canine ears flicking as he looked around a little excitedly. It wasn't often he stumbled across new worlds. Feeling a little adventurous, he made sure his black t-shirt was still tucked into dark blue jeans, and strode up towards the bar. The dark tennis shoes on his feet were nearly silent with his graceful steps. -10:03 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: ((creepy doll...at some point I think I'll scare the dragon...*continues to mutter about the doll*)) -10:03 Aug 21

    Inara: Inara's eyes are drawn once more to the moving doll as she leans forward toward it a bit, "what a curious doll you have miss....does she talk? I have a pet cat that speaks you know...and my sister has a pet rabbit taht does as well..." -10:03 Aug 21

    Masao: Lovely? Mao glanced around and frowned, though it couldn't be seen behind the filter over his mouth. "I don't really get it but... I'm guessing this isn't even Spira. I've never seen people like this and we get all kinds, even Guado, coming to Bikanel to dig... Guess I'll just relax a little." He'd muttered that last bit to himself, happy to spend even a fraction long away from his annoying family. Turning his attention to the woman who'd spoken to him, he reached a hand up to unclasp the filter and set it down on the counter. "Give me a moment to get these clothes off and we'll chat some more, okay?" Reaching up again, he grabbed hold of the zipper tab just at his chin and pulled the device down the length of his torso, pushed the fabric away from his shoulders, to reveal a green and black top made of a strange leather. No, he wasn't naked under that jumpsuit, you perverts! He tied the arms of the suit around his waist and took a seat next to the woman. The last thing he removed was his goggles, gazing at her with vibrant green eyes. But instead of pupils, he simply had two rings of a darker green. "Masao of Bikanel. Nice to meet you." -10:04 Aug 21

    Aastha: Calmly walked up to the bar, ignoring the doll as it was indeed creepy and she figured if she ignored it it’d go away. “Excuse me.” Her voice was quit. “May I please have some apple juice?’ -10:04 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: Frowning down at the dragon the boy glanced up at the definition spoken to him, then switched his attention momentarily back to the creature. "U-um...beer?" He had never had the drink but he had heard that it could get rid of all your troubles...he really wanted his troubles gone. The last sentence the other man spoke caught Theodore's attention as he reviewed in his mind what had been spoken. Hmm, sharp. Looking back up he smiled slightly. "Just some relaxing is all I wish to imbibe in." Oh yes, using those new words awkwardly. -10:05 Aug 21

    Garret: He looked up at the doll that was getting so much attention. Curious. Instead of being creeped out, he was utterly fascinated and wandered a little closer to get a better look. -10:06 Aug 21

    Suddenly her eyes turned towards Garret, a sorrowful smile playing on her lips. "Are you... My mummy?" Her lips didn't move but there was no mistaking the source of the voice. -The Bartender

    SVoer: "Boy!..." He said to Eli, trying to stand, but was too light headed to do so. "You must be a few ricks shy of a load! I was the wooooorld -hic- champ of boxing and kung fuey! See now, I can do this.." He jumps off the bar stool, attempts to kick into the air, but falls flat on his drunk face. He stares at the floor, his head moves around as much as he thinks the floor is. -10:07 Aug 21

    Taltharos: Tal hears the....stuff...that seems to be coming out of the walls and two of his feelers dissapear into his head. Looking around he notices the man who is making these sounds. He slowly makes his way to the booth where the human is making sounds and seems to glare at him. He glares at him until he human takes off his headphones and looks back at him. Tal sticks out a slimy tongue covered in goop that makes gorilla glue feel like oil and licks the records. The sounds stop and Tal's feelers pop back out of his head, and yet again begin swaying as he grins, and wags his tail. -10:07 Aug 21

    Inara: Inara smiled at Masao polietly and offered her hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you Masao of Bikanel...I'm Inara...of uh Somewhereville" she shook his hand firmly her long dark hair falling about to shoulder length and green eyes meeting his. -10:07 Aug 21

    The Bartender: "Oh yes love." From the nozzle, The Bartender grabbed a glass and filled it with apple juice. Smiling serenely she handed it Aastha. "There's more where that came from!" -10:08 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: He mumbled and cussed under his breath. The bartender seemed busy with other orders, so he decided that he wouldn't have that drink after all. He was just about to get up, until a woman came to the bar. He looked over at Aastha and lowered his eyes for a few moments. She had good looks. It didn't look like she was a heavy drinker, since she asked for apple juice. everyone was sparking conversations, so he figured that he should do the same. "I haven't seen you around before," he said to her. -10:08 Aug 21

    Garret: Blinking in surprise, he grinned and shook his head. "I can't be a mommy, I'm a boy!" he replied, amazed. He was a bit of an illusionist and a magician himself, so he figured it was all just a very elaborate trick. -10:09 Aug 21

    Enrei: His face was human but his eyes were a golden yellow. Enrei looked over the inhabitants, and then saw the bartender and resisted the urge to run over and pant in her face. He shook those thoughts away; he wasn't a wolf anymore, he was a human. At least, as much of one as the witch could make him. Clearing his throat, he walked up to the bar and leaned over it to look up at her, head cocked. "Do you have any... ah.... water?" -10:09 Aug 21

    Aastha: With that she turned around, eyes fixed on the crowd now and just listened to everything. She just stayed quite, well until Henry called her. “I’m new to town.” She replied in a candid manner. Well then she lightened up so that she could make a good impression. She held her hand out with a smile. “Aastha, nice to meet you.” -10:10 Aug 21

    Aastha: (( Garret could you please make your font lighter so that I can read it easier please)) -10:10 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She blinked. It was a bit of an odd request, water in a bar! But nonetheless The Bartender nodded, turning on the tap to fill a cup. She placed it on the counter for Enrei, grinning. -10:11 Aug 21

    Garret: [Better?] -10:11 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Grey eyes swept over boy and then dragon. He turned away, taking his glass in hand and sipping from it. He remained silent for a moment, nodding after contemplation. "At this rate, I will owe the bartender my wallet. It seems many are joining us this night. Here." He stood, moving from the barstool and offering the seat to the boy. "I will find another seat. If you truly wish to drown your sorrows, you will hear no further word from me. However, should you wish to find out if life holds more in store for you, I will be seated nearby." -10:11 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: Eli laughed out loudly, "You're a washed old man, and a drunk one at that," he laugh again, then reached for a couple of glasses, "consider yourself lucky though, I'm feeling a tad generous tonight," he said, pouring a couple glasses from his whiskey bottle. -10:11 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: Vitali looked a bit hesitant once the big slug-like thing made it's way over to him. Odd looking thing. Before he could do anything, it had taken it upon itself to lick his equipment, forcing the music to a halt. Vitali just watched in silent confusion as it happened. Once it was all said and done, he looked to the booth, now covered in slime. "Well... Alright then..." -10:11 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: Vitali looked a bit hesitant once the big slug-like thing made it's way over to him. Odd looking thing. Before he could do anything, it had taken it upon itself to lick his equipment, forcing the music to a halt. Vitali just watched in silent confusion as it happened. Once it was all said and done, he looked to the booth, now covered in slime. "Well... Alright then..." -10:11 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: ((washed up**)) -10:11 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: "Tal! Your drink!" With a movement quicker than seems possible, Nero swoops up to the bar and tosses the drink towards the slug, who sits not three feet away. Then, in another second, he's back near the boy with laughter in his eyes. "Beer it is. This one's on me." Taking his cocoa, he sips it lightly, looking back at the nice barkeeper with happy eyes. "One beer for the boy, please?" A paw slips from the glass that holds his precious cocoa, a single, shimmering gold piece appearing in its center. "That should cover some of the drinks tonight. I thank you." Then, the awful music that had been playing for the past few moments stops, and Nero can't help but look at what's stopped them. The glass of grape juice now sits on the floor in a puddle, and the slug, who's now missing his feelers, is sitting where that human is, his hardening slime covering the discs. "TAL!" he almost roars, "Bad boy! You do not damage property like that!" Tossing the coin on the counter, Nero flies towards the slug in a fury of feathers. "Bad, bad boy. You apologize right this instant!" Of course, at this point the little dragon's eyes are laughing, and the corners of his mouth are twitching in a mischievous smile. -10:12 Aug 21

    She sniffled, another tear falling down her cheek. "Where is... Mummy? I want my mummy." She stopped dancing then, still fixing Garret with her unblinking stare. -The Bartender

    Aastha: (( yes)) -10:12 Aug 21

    Masao: Green eyes... But she had pupils like a Hume... It didn't matter anyway. It wasn't like that grump of a father would let him near anyone. He was normally trapped upon a pedestal, metaphorically speaking, because he was viewed as fragile and innocent. Mao was...like that doll sitting on the counter. To have his beauty gawked at but never put to use. Really, that old man was just trying to preserve all that was left of Mao's mother, because he looked incredibly similar to her. "Inara, right? Have you been here before? I'm just curious about how to get back. I mean, I'd looove to avoid Bikanel forever but I really want to see the rest of Spira, y'know?" -10:13 Aug 21

    Enrei: Happy with the water, he jumped onto the bar and pulled the bartender into a hug, licking the side of her face with a far too human tongue for such an act. "Thank you!" Moment over, he dropped down onto the chair and looked around to see how one would drink from the container it had been given to him in. He hadn't ever had to drink in this form yet. -10:13 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: She had manners as well. That was pretty cool. He felt that he was a bit straight forward and that she would surely give him a funny look or something, but hey, she responded with a smile and then extended her hand. He wasn't complaining at all. Henry extended his hand and gripped her hand firmly and gently in his own. "Its nice to meet you Aastha. My name's Henry. I could understand what its like for you. Seeing as you most likely moved in from a new town and all. No worries, you get used to this place and its crap after a while." He said with a slight chuckle. -10:14 Aug 21

    Garret: He tilted his head, examining the doll. He could see no strings or mirrors or anything of the sort, yet the toy was moving. The voice seemed to come from it, but there was nobody close enough and no hole for a speaker. He frowned uneasily and stared at the doll. "What does she look like?" he finally asked. -10:14 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Oh that poor DJ... No matter, she would still foot his bill. Taking Neroth'na's coin, The Bartender made a beer for the creature. She was still confused, but it seemed like they were all having a good time. "Sorry about the equipment," she hollwered to Vitali, "I'll still pay for you though, come have a drink on the house!" She made another beer for Vitali, setting it aside for him. -10:14 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: The boy was about to take the seat to indulge in a night of free drink but then the others' words caught him again and he paused. Er, drink. Attention back on the dragon he took the large glass of beer before thanking him and following after the other stranger. "W-wait....what did you mean??" What more could his life truly have? He had always been a thief ever since he had killed his panrets eight years ago. He'd done it for money but then the person pulled a gun on him and now he bares three scars from the wounds. Two on his left shoulder and one on the right side of his belly. Sliding into a seat across from the man he took a long swig of beer..."Er...uhgghh!?" Spitting the half of the gulp out that he hadn't swallowed yet the young man pushed the beer away. "It tastes worse then horse piss!" -10:16 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: *as you moved in from a different town and all* -10:16 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She was suddenly licked! Giggling madly, she wiped at the saliva. "Oh um, you're welcome!" -10:16 Aug 21

    SVoer: He grins and crawls back onto the bar stool. He rests his arms on the counter to keep from falling over. "Your alright buddy. You ain't like most folks. See, they -hic...HIC- they couldn't go to the cheese moon like guys like us. We're class A fellers!" He grabs the shot glass and tosses it back, slamming it down on the bar after. He licks his lips. "Cheers!" He pats Eli on the back, then looks around. He leans over and loudly whispers "why are some folks drinkin stuff that ain't gonna get them drunk?!" He almost falls back wards off the stool again. -10:16 Aug 21

    Inara: She once more smoothed her white apron out as she thought a moment, "Can't say I have. This is my first time here as well. I'd assume there are ways to get back home though." she took another sip of her alcoholic coffee and grinned at the warmth as it went down her throat, "Perhaps we were lead here for a reason? an escape? I know that I was about to go bonkers...more so than normal...if I had to spend more tiem back home! Do you know how difficult it is to deal with an overly violent twin sister, a sadistic talking cat, and a time obsessed talking rabbit? I've nearly taken people's heads off before!" she shook her head with a sigh. -10:16 Aug 21

    Aastha: She giggled and downed her juice in hand placing the glass on the bar and just spoke a “Can I get another please/” The girl then giggled and said. “Yes I came from a town off in the outskirts. In there I’m more used to people ofmy type.” She expressed her eyes glossing over for a moment and then relaxed. Clearly she was having a pretty good day. She flipped her hair, a sweet scent of melon drifting into Henry’s nostrils for his enjoyment, a tangy odor that packed a bit of a vibrant lust to it. This was her scent, her glorious scent. -10:17 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: That was quite a unique situation he had found himself in. But it didn't bother him that the equipment was more or less ruined, since all that was his was the laptop, which had been fortunate enough to avoid being covered in slime. He shrugged it off, and slid the laptop back into the backpack, and onto his back again. He then made his way over to the bar and took a seat, taking a sip of the beer that had been set out for him. He looked around again, taking it all in. This place was definately not the night club he had signed on to play at. -10:18 Aug 21

    "Mummy looks like an angel." The doll's head slowly turned to the side. "Are you an angel too?" -The Bartender

    Jerrick Avondale: Jerrick chuckled, taking a sip of his brandy and looking over the boy. "Tell me, how old are you, boy? Do you know your numbers? Your letters? How to read, write, sign your name? Or are you flailing to comprehend my words, struggling to understand the message I dance around? Do you wish to learn, to expand your mind, or are you happy where you are? Spitting out the thing you thought you wanted so badly only to realize it was less than worthless to you?" -10:19 Aug 21

    Taltharos: At the sound of Nero's harsh voice all happiness stops. His tail stops wagging. His grin goes away. And his feelers stop dancing and begin to droop like wilted flowers. He was truly a pitiful sight. He looks over at Nero as if to protest but after looking at his face he knew he needed to apologize. Tal slumps over guiltily to the human whose records he had just licked and squeals quietly. He then licks the records once more, only this time picking up the goop that he had put on them. He then slinks back to Nero and looks pathetically at him. -10:19 Aug 21

    Garret: Deciding to play along until he figured it out, Garret shook his head. "No, I'm not an angel. Angels have wings and they don't have scars. Plus they're really pretty," he said with a smile, a small dimple in his left cheek. -10:20 Aug 21

    Enrei: Watching a man take a glass like his up to his lips, Enrei followed the action. Unfortunately, Enrei didn't realize he was swallowing as the liquid reached his mouth, so as Enrei's mouth filled, the water eventually spilled over and down his chin onto his shirt. With a canine outcry, he jumped back, dropping the glass. -10:20 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She made Aastha another cup of juice, smiling as she had done so. So many people, so many conversations! It was like she was a plant, soaking up the sun's rays... But for her the sun was the conversation. Oh bliss. -10:20 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Last time I checked the moon wasn't made of cheese, ya drunk," where he came from, anyways, that was true. But there six moons on his home plane. He took a drink from his glass, sighing happily, "thats good stuff." -10:21 Aug 21

    Two fat tears slide down the doll's cheeks, running into her pretty dress. "I want my Mummy, can't I have my Mummy?" Crying noises issued from the doll. Her small porcelain arms rose to wipe at her still unblinking eyes. "Mummy." -The Bartender

    Henry Johnson: He listened to what she said but that scent, that scent just had his attention the most. Yeah, she was definitely 'different' from most girls that he had ever encountered. Interesting. Tonight had turned from crappy, to good in just one little introduction. She had a cute little giggle too. Most girls that he met had an obnoxious laugh or oink and snorted after hearing a joke. He honestly never thought that there were women who did that. He guessed that those movie girls really existed. Oh well, that wasn't the case with this woman. He took in a breath and released it. "Well, at any rate, you'll get to know this place real fast. Really fast." He was making reference to the bar of people. -10:22 Aug 21

    Masao: "Can't say that I do!" Mao chuckled, eyebrows arching with amusement. "But I do know what it's like to be treated like you're made of the finest, most beautiful glass in all of Spira, never allowed to do anything on your own or go anywhere?" He gave a quizzical look at whatever it was she was drinking before his eyes darted back up to her face. "We both seem to hate home, though. Not really a good foundation to a friendship but at least it's a start?" He glanced around at the other patrons, noticing they all had drinks. Licking his dry lips, Mao wondered if this place served just regular water because the desert sun had nearly sucked him dry. "Ramm... E naymmo ryda Bikanel..." he grumbled under his breath. "I don't suppose you know if they take gil here at this pub?" -10:22 Aug 21

    Garret: Positively stunned at the tears, he just gaped at the doll for a full minute or so before coming around to his senses. "Um.. Is she here? Can you see her anywhere?" -10:23 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: Vitali didn't really know how to respond to the squealing slug creature as it apparently apologized to him. So, he simply nodded to it to acknowledge it's apology. Once he saw the slime being removed from the DJ booth, he shrugged again. Perhaps he would go back over and put on some more music soon, maybe after finishing his beer. -10:23 Aug 21

    The Bartender: ((Is anyone needs anything clarified for their partners, please look/ask at the Cbox. Some of us are requesting changes in font colors. Thank you~)) -10:24 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: The mans words definitely sounded like a dance, almost as if he wished to confuse yet understand him. Theodore straightened and eyed the glass of beer he thought he'd wanted, but now knew he didn't. Was that what the other man meant? Did he mean that he wanted to steal, to keep this life but when he finally looked back at it, tasted it, he would realize he didn't want it? To be quite honest Theo would be more then willing to learn again, to increase his knowledge. Turning stern eyes to Jerrick he took in a deep breath, exhaled...then responded. "I am twenty...one? Two? And writing is not something I know...but I can read some things." Bristling slightly he balled his fists under the table and shook his head. "I am not happy where I am but I am where I am because of myself...I just don't know how I can get to another 'place'." -10:24 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: Upon the returning of his sluggish friend, much less happy now, Nero lowers, taking another sip of his hot cocoa. "There, there...that's all that was needed." He pats the slug again, tilting the creature's head up just a bit. "See, you're a good boy. Now, how about we ask the nice music man is he can play something less...annoying." The little dragon doesn't mean to be rude, of course. He just wants something peaceful...after all, Nero doesn't even realize where he is just yet. All he knows is that his buddy is here and he has a wisp and some nice hot cocoa. "Now, do I need to order you some more juice?" The boy at the bar spits out his beer, yelling about horse....something. Nero turns briefly. "Beer has never tasted fine...I can get you something else, if you like." -10:24 Aug 21

    The Bartender: ((If*)) -10:24 Aug 21

    The doll shook her head, fake strands of hair shaking in the process. "No! Mummy isn't here!" She was wailing now, filling the room with her shrill cries. "I. WANT. MUMMY!!" -The Bartender

    Inara: She glanced around once more before shrugging, "well looking at the crowd I'd say as long as you find payment the barkeeper would be happy. Which reminds me...I should probably pay as well" she dug into her pocket and brought out soem crumpled money but it would be enough. "Tell you what order what you want this round will be on me! In commemoration of our newfound friendship!" She nearly jumped whens he heard the shrill cry from the doll though. Turning she moved toward it, "What does your mommy look like?" -10:26 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: Turning back to the dragon the boy mumbled "Water please...just water." He didn't want to try anything else, a bit afraid that his taste buds would start to always taste of horrid things. -10:26 Aug 21

    Garret: "But I don't know where your mother is!" he pointed out. Oh dear. It was like a shrieking child. He sighed and reached out, tentatively picking up the doll. -10:27 Aug 21

    Enrei: His ears flattened on his head as the shrill cry of the doll reached Enrei. Scared now that he's almost drowned and now was being deafened, he crawled under whoever's feet were closest to him. When he was a wolf, this might have been a little less awkward looking, but he was a tall, lean human that just happened to still have his tail and ears from his wolf. Whimpering, his head hit the back of their knee as he sought comfort. -10:28 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: He chuckles, nodding. "A water for my friend. Just let me know when I need to pay more." Then the cry sounds within the room, and Nero can't help but cover his unseen ears, his eyes squeezing shut. "Will someone shut whatever that is up?!" Already, he feels the headache rising to his little skull, and the wisp begins to brighten almost in reaction to the noise. -10:28 Aug 21

    The doll feels heavy, as if Garret was picking up a child instead of a porcelain doll. At Inara's voice the doll turns her head, blinking. "Mummy looks like an angel. I think she's in Heaven." -The Bartender

    Aastha: She smiled again to the bartender “One moment Henry.” She paused her story and faced her. “You are doing a SPLENDDI job, especially with the drunken people please take this.” She stated handing the bartender a twenty dollar bill. “IT’s obviously a tip.” She stated in a plain Jane manner and looked to Henry and the bartender obviously trying to get a conversation going between the two of them. With little to no effort she spoke out, her breath smelling of sweet strawberries. “I came from an area of shape shifters you see.” She began her long monolog. “It is a bit different so I’m assuming all of you are solids and if that is true then this place is very different than I thought it to be.” She said. “And it’s exciting to me.” -10:28 Aug 21

    Masao: "O-oh... No I couldn't do th--" But before Mao could politely decline the woman's generosity, the doll he'd previously thought completely average started making the most horrendous of noises. Joining Inara, he leaned close to the doll, inspecting it with narrowed eyes. "Hmmm... How strange. I can't make sense of it. Is it machine, Machina, or..." He took a giant step backwards. "...Unsent? Fiend?" -10:28 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Jerrick had tried to ignore the strange doll. Things like that were never good news, but now something had riled it and it was making the most horrific screechings. Jerrick shook his head, then tapped his fingers on the surface in front of Theodore. "Pay attention, boy. There are more important things in life than the taste in your mouth. You wish to learn more, then? I know of those who can teach you. But it would mean new things, things you might not be ready for." -10:30 Aug 21

    Garret: He looked around to the others now paying the doll.. child.. thing attention. This wasn't helping in the least. An angel in Heaven? Well that was one thing he surely couldn't deliver on. "If your mother is in Heaven, then you aren't going to see her again until you die," he pointed out. He never was good at speaking to children. -10:30 Aug 21

    Taltharos: Tal nods his head up and down enthusiastically. Now that his friend isnt mad at him anymore he was happy again. He started to shuffle over to the bar when he heard a very loud scream. It was so loud that his feelers popped into his head again and he curled into a cute little ball like a threatened rollipolli. -10:30 Aug 21

    SVoer: " Naw see... Imma let you in on a secret, since you got enough sense not to pound sand down a rat hole. He looks around the room and then mumbles " Its gonna be [incoherent] so we take all the cheese there and [incoherent] Then I'll be rich! -hic-" He almost vomits with the last hiccup. "You can be rich with me, if ya buy me a space ship!" He laughs loudly again, his rotten teeth really showing this time. The drunk old man now loses the volume control of his voice and yells " RICH!" Then he hears the doll, turns around and drunkenly yells "THIS AIN'T NO -hic- PLACE FER KIDS!" He gets a better look at the crowd he was in and then nudges at Eli. "Hey bud...I think I had too much ta drink...I'm seein' wolves, dragons, things like that..." He looks at Eli. "even your eyes look different bud... I need me some more juice!" He taps his shot glass a few time on the bar and begins to sing " DRIIIIIIIINking is FUUUUUN!!!" -10:31 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Shaken from her reprieve, The Bartender accepted the Twenty Dollar bill with a nod. So much energy... She absolutely loved it! Hearing a faint request for water, the Bartender filled two cups of it, and set them both on the counter. -10:31 Aug 21

    Inara: Inara glanced at Masao a moment, "You have some strange things in your world" she turned again toward the doll and Garret, "So your mommy is an angel. Does she have wings and a halo as well?" She turned momentarily back to the bartender, "ah before I forget here is my payment and I will be buying a drink for my friend here" she set the money down before she felt someone slide under her feet and knock her over. "eek!" -10:32 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: A talking doll? This place really did have everything now... He shook it off as he finished his drink. He wasn't hear to ask questions or to get involved. He was paid to do a job, and now that his booth of fixed up, he intended to do just that. However, his set of custom music didn't seem to be quite what this place needed. Perhaps a lighter approach was needed. He took out his laptop again and set it up, browsing his music library to find something that might be a bit more to the people's liking. -10:32 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: The boy had to pry his eyes away from the screaming doll to focus back on the tapping. Turning his eyes fell on Jerrick, his mouth silent for a moment before he chose his words carefully to reply. "Being ready and being willing are two different things. I am willing to learn...if I am not ready then it will show as I am being taught. Right now I cannot say if I'm ready or not." Well, it would appear that the boy at least knew hwo to chose his sentences correctly when it truly mattered. Straightening in the booth he waited for an answer, though his tongue was still scraping against his teeth to try and remove the taste. When his cup of water came to the tabletop he quickly grabbed it and swished the liquid around his mouth, swallowing with a sigh. -10:34 Aug 21

    [Great...how is he ever going to enters.] -10:35 Aug 21

    Great...how is he ever going to: Great...how is he ever going to get Tal out of that ball? Nero sighs and grumbles to himself, slowly taking his paws from his ears, only just now realizing with a small dragonly pout that he has dropped his drink. "Miss?" he asks, looking to the bartender, "May I have another grapejuice and hot cocoa? Oh, and a mop, please...It seems I am good at spilling my drinks this night." His voice is beginning to take a more sultry tone to it as the wisp glows a bit more. He pats the little lantern that rests against his golden crest. Slowly, the creature inside calms, and the blue light dims...and finally, Nero lowers himself from his raised hover to where Tal sits in a ball and begins to poke the slug's seemingly impossible pressure points. -10:35 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Great...how is he ever going to is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((10:35 Aug 21))

    Masao: "Ed'c lnaabo. Ed'c naymmo lnaabo..." he muttered. Did he even have his garment grid on him? He really should have, considering the amount of fiends that roamed the desert. Patting his pockets, he felt the little bubble of panic pop as fingertips traced over the sought-for device. He only had the two spheres but it was still better than nothing. His attention was immediately drawn back to Inara then as something or someone knocked her over. Quickly, Mao dashed forward to catch her. -10:35 Aug 21

    She stopped crying then, staring at Garret with passive eyes. "Die? What's die?" -The Bartender

    [Neroth'na ] -10:36 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She sighed, having her thoughts disrupted by a shouting patron. But the smile still stayed on her face and she made shots for the customer. She set several of them down for SVover, and moved away. "Thank you for the payment," she muttered to Inara. -10:36 Aug 21

    Garret: He shifted uncomfortably, not really knowing how to explain it to a child. "Well.. erm.. It's when you're not alive anymore. Your heart stops beating, you don't breathe.. You just stop existing here and move on to the next world," he said. It was an attempt, at least. -10:37 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: There was the faintest flicker of a grin before Jerrick gave a nod. "Where do you wish to go in life? Do you want a steady job? Safety? Or a life of adventure? Glory, or would you rather do all the good in the world and have only the satisfaction of knowing you've made a difference?" He took another sip of his drink. In the dim light, he could be mistaken for almost kind. "Do you wish a brotherhood, or do you wish freedom to journey alone?" -10:37 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: Perhaps a more subtle approach was needed for the moment. He picked out a nice song from his list, and turned up the music until it was just right. He continued to mess with the settings on the booth to make each song sound just right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVxiUNnDPJ4 -10:37 Aug 21

    Enrei: Feeling someone fall over him, Enrei yelped and bolted forward before he turned back, crouched down to see who he had knocked over. "Ah, I'm sorry!" he said solemnly, his eyes wide with fear, not sure what the woman would do to him now. "I-I-I..." Gulping, he offered a hand to try and help her up. -10:38 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Yeah yeah, just don't vomit on me drunkard," Eli said, leaning back it seemed like the guy would do just that. "And that ain't a kid-- least I don't think it's a kid, looks like a doll." A brow rose over now golden eyes as he looked at the thing. Then green eyes were back on the drunk, "You're not hallucinating, theres a wolf there, theres a dragon there, and my eyes are well... colorful?" -10:38 Aug 21

    "Mummy looks preeettttyyyy," she said in a sing song. "So very pretty. She has wings too!" A thumping that had nothing to do with the music playing would have filled Garret's hearing. It beat in time with his heart beat. "I have heart beat," she replied and smiled. Her eyes were blinking now, like a human's would. -The Bartender

    [Henry Johnson Is Away: just to keep from getting kicked out] -10:40 Aug 21

    Inara: Inara was preparing to faceplant, as usually happened anyways back home, when she felt something stop her fall. She opened first one eye then the other realizing she was being held up now. Straightening herself some she lifted her weight from Masao's arms, "ah thank you! I do ever so much hate face planting!" she then turned toward Enrei, "that was quite the slide you had there! I feel as if I should ask YOU if you're alright" she gave a kind smile and offered her hand to him as well. -10:41 Aug 21

    Garret: "Yes, that's right. If she died, then she's an angel and has very pretty wings," he said, smiling at the doll. Suddenly he heard something out of place, but it was beating in time with the pulse at his throat. He blinked at the doll as she informed him that she had a heart beat. Did she mean his? This was all so confusing.. Did she just blink?! He hadn't noticed her doing that before, had he? "Um.. D'you want to be set back down..?" -10:42 Aug 21

    Taltharos: As the sound of the scream fades away. Tal feels Nero poking him to get him up so, he slowly unfurls and slinks to the bar somehow finding his way into a bar stool. The moment he gets onto it it begins to spin. Tal grins once more as he makes it spin faster. He stops when he smells his favorite nom. There, sitting before him was a glass of the yummy insides of the round purple balls that are called grapes. Tal sticks out his tonge and slurps it up...glass and all. He then begins spinning again, his feelers swaying. -10:43 Aug 21

    [Aastha Is Away: waiting for henry] -10:43 Aug 21

    [(Timeout) Bouncer Sergio has timed out.] -10:44 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: It was odd be questioned so seriously by a stranger. Out on the streets no one cared who Theodore Kierei was. They didn't care that he was a dirty street rat who stole every chance he got, they didn't want him around and never spoke with him. But this man... Leaning back in the chair the boy thought, his brows furrowing as he put together an answer in his head, then finally spoke it aloud. "I want a life of adventure that will make a name for myself. Safety is a lie that people pretend to have every day because they don't want to think they could die the next day. So no, I don't wish to have a curtain of 'safety' included in my life. I would like to be able to have money to spend as I wish and take care of whome I need to." -10:44 Aug 21

    [Taltharos Is Away: so as not to be kicked^^] -10:44 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: (I'm back Aasta. Waiting for your response XD) -10:45 Aug 21

    Enrei: With a sort of whimper, Enrei eased forward and merely pushed his face in her lap, forgetting once again that he wasn't a wolf that was still with his master. "Enrei is fine. I didn't mean to make you fall. Forgive me?" he mumbled into her legs, ears flat. He was aware of the other person, but right now he just wanted forgiveness from the one he had nearly felled. -10:45 Aug 21

    Aastha: (( i already sent you you missed it, look in the main chat i'll send it there -10:46 Aug 21

    The doll shook her head, the motion much more fluid this time around. "I dun't wanna be put down. Hold me, I like being held." Her hands, her small doll hands clamped down on Garret's palm, pinching right underneath his thumb. "Don't put me down Mummy. I love you Mummy." -The Bartender

    Aastha: (( wait I can't... i don't know how ot work the logs u.u -10:46 Aug 21

    SVoer: The drunk just sat there, his jaw slightly open. He was coming to the tired mellow stage of his drunkenness. "well keep your eye color changin' drugs to yerself. I do want nothin tado with that, unless I'm gettin high!" He laughs another wheezy laugh and slaps the bar. He blinks hard and looks to see where the barkeep is. He then reaches over the bar and grabs a bottle of bud. "This here is the drink of true kings!" he burps slightly, then makes a noise like a mumble, but his lips did not move. He pops the cap off on the counter's edge and trys to stand again, but remains sitting. "Heres a toast to...to punishing our livers for a crime they-hic-ay never did!" He drinks. -10:46 Aug 21

    Masao: Inara's demeanor caused another chuckle to rise in his throat. Mao found it difficult but he somehow managed to tear his gaze from her and inspect the culprit of her fall. A strange mixture of Hume and fiend maybe? Mao eyed him warily. But then he remembered he wasn't even in Spira. For all he knew, this man-creature could be perfectly gentle. "Masao of Bikanel," the pretty blonde said with a smile, extending his hand to Enrei. -10:47 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: (I'll take a look) -10:47 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Silence. Jerrick seemed deep in thought for a moment, one finger tapping the rim of the glass in time with the pulse of imagery and contemplation in his mind. "What if making a name for yourself actually meant no one could know half of what you did? Would you still wish to do it? Some lives are like that. Military lives. Dangerous, yes, and they hold some mystery. Allure." He chuckled, his smile appearing again. This time it lingered, his eyes taking on a subtle intensity. -10:48 Aug 21

    Garret: Now he was a little worried. The doll wanted to remain held, which was fine and all, but it seemed to think that he was its mother. "I thought you just said your mommy is in Heaven. That means I can't be your mommy. Boys can't be mommies, only girls can! Boys are daddies!" he said, mentally smacking himself after saying it. Now she'd call him that instead, most likely! -10:48 Aug 21

    Enrei: Enrei turned to the man next to the one he had felled and cocked his head at the hand. He looked at his and then reached up to grab the hand. "Enrei," he answered timidly. This man was with the one he had felled; was he going to be upset with him too? -10:49 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: Now that Tal is actually settled in his usual childish manner, Nero can once again rest, if only for a moment. He takes his own stool, sitting on it with his hands on the bar, looking much like a cat when it tries to peer out the window. His body is stretched out, the feathers down his back fluttering, almost. His wings are furled halfway in now, and his tail has stretched down the back of the stool. Once more, he allows a small gold coin to appear in his hand, and he placed is on the bar. "Please, may I have another hot cocoa? My day has been long, and you must have seen by now that taking care of a slug is not particularly easy." Again, that voice carries a small lilt of Draconic, almost as if he wants to go back to speaking that language. He lets out a sigh, looking down at the floor where his mess still sits..."Oh, and I still need that mop..." -10:50 Aug 21

    Inara: She was a little surprised when Enrei suddenly put his head in her lap, similar in fashion as to what a dog might. Masao then spoke to Enrei and introduced himself. Smiling Inara only shook her head, "No need to apologize. Accidents happen! You are quite forgiven. I am Inara" she said waiting for him to shake Masao's hand before she took her turn, "would you like a drink as well?" -10:50 Aug 21

    Her grip was intensely tight upon Garret's hand. She blinked consciously now, and smiled, a slow smile. "No you are Mummy. See, Mummy made me this way, gave me clothes and everything. She gave me life too. Just like how you're giving me life." Her little feet swayed in the air, like she was on a swing. -The Bartender

    Henry Johnson: (crap, i cant find the log....) -10:51 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: Vitali was about to play another song, when all of a sudden, the entire DJ booth started to smoke and short out. It went silent, having apparently blown a circuit or something. Perhaps music would simply not prevail tonight. -10:51 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: "A name is a name. I just wish mine to be remembered...however it is done, that does not matter to me." Reaching up he tugged at his left shoulder sleeve, the dirty fabric giving way easily to reveal two old bullet wounds. "I can handle danger just fine and allure is probably one of the only things I still live for. What is unknown to me now...what I can possibly look forward too the next day." The boy's eyes flashed with hunger for something much more then food. "I want a life beyond what I have, whatever that might be." -10:51 Aug 21

    Aastha: ((( ..... really don't wanna have to write it again...)) -10:51 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Dr-drugs? I ain't doing no drugs ya stupid drunk!" Really, he had no clue why he was entertaining this guy and paying for his drinks... oh well, he was funny company in the very least. "yeah yeah, cheers to killin' livers an' all that." He held up his glass, then chugged back it's contents before refilling it. -10:52 Aug 21

    Masao: "What exactly are you, Enrei?" Mao inquired as he youthfully pushed himself up to sit on top of the bar counter. He took a sip of the drink Inara had been kind enough to pay for, though not long enough for an answer before he continued. "I've seen some strange races and fiends and half-breeds but you, as we say in Al Bhed, dyga dra lyga." -10:53 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: "What if you had to leave the world you know?" It was a simple question, perhaps the most straightforward the man had asked. He did not move to lean forward, but he picked up his drink and stared at it, only giving the man across the table from him the occassional glance. He did not ask anything further, letting his own silence swirl like the remaining brandy. -10:54 Aug 21

    Garret: Uh oh.. He shook his head quickly and eased his hand away from her grip because it was starting to really hurt. It took some wiggling, but he finally tugged it away and frowned at her. "Don't do that, it hurts," he scolded, then stared at her in shock. Giving her.. life? "W-What?" he stuttered in confusion, having half a mind to just drop the thing and run for it. -10:54 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Aastha: She smiled again to the bartender “One moment Henry.” She paused her story and faced her. “You are doing a SPLENDDI job, especially with the drunken people please take this.” She stated handing the bartender a twenty dollar bill. “IT’s obviously a tip.” She stated in a plain Jane manner and looked to Henry and the bartender obviously trying to get a conversation going between the two of them. With little to no effort she spoke out, her breath smelling of sweet strawberries. “I came from an area of shape shifters you see.” She began her long monolog. “It is a bit different so I’m assuming all of you are solids and if that is true then this place is very different than I thought it to be.” She said. “And it’s exciting to me.” -10:28 Aug 21" -10:54 Aug 21

    Aastha: (( Henry my post is in the main room for you dear)) -10:54 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: "Heh....heheh! Hahaha!" Falling back aganist the rough seat the boy laughed loudly for several moments before bringing his eyes back to Jerrick's form. "Leave the world I know now? I would LOVE to! Do you know what I do every morning?? I would give you everything I don't have to get a chance at a new 'world'!" -10:56 Aug 21

    Enrei: He brightened, happy that he was going to be forgiven. He grinned and jumped up to lick her across the side of her face, just as a gratefully dog would. "Water?" he asked happily. He looked at Masao as though needing his approval as well, and heard his question. "I am man!" he answered proudly, puffing out his chest. Then he felt his tail wagging and his ears drooped a little. "At least, I was supposed to be all man... I was wolf..." -10:56 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She gave them an apologetic smile, and moved away from her spot, into the marble bathroom. Here there was silence. Pure, silence. "Oh! Customers!" Taking the mop with her, The Bartender hurried out and started cleaning the mess, humming. -10:57 Aug 21

    Vitali Styles: It seems the night was coming to an end sooner than expected for him. Perhaps the next time he came here, he would do the smart thing, and get shitface drunk BEFORE entering the bar. Judging from the crazy things he saw tonight, that might be the best option. He walked over the door, and took his leave. He'd get his pay next time around. -10:57 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Vitali Styles fled in terror.] -((10:57 Aug 21))

    Jerrick Avondale: Raising an eyebrow, he spoke. "My words are quite literal. If you are true in your own words, it shall happen. Just know that what follows will be trial, hardship, and learning. You will have to be strong. But, all that can wait. Tell me about yourself, so that I can know more about you, thief." The smile was almost catlike now, a nearly seductive smirk. It seemed that business had been taken care of for the moment. -10:58 Aug 21

    "It hurts? Is that pain Mummy?" She tilted her hair, her hair cascading down in a silky wave. "I sowwie." She held her hand up to her mouth in a light giggle. The doll felt much heavier now. "I love you Mummy. Do you love me too?" -The Bartender

    [(Timeout) Neroth'na was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -11:00 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: Watching the bartender come out with the mop, Nero rises to take it, only to watch as she cleans the mess herself. "W-wait! I can get that." He swoops over beside her head, looking at her pleadingly. "Please, Miss, it was my mistake...I don't want you to have to clean it yourself." Obviously less accustomed to such establishments as this, Nero reaches out for the mop in hopes to take it. -11:00 Aug 21

    Garret: "Yes, hurting is pain," he said, shifting his weight and the way that he held her as she became heavier and heavier. This was bad. Very bad. He felt confused and a bit dazed since he was having such an interaction with something that was supposed to be a toy. "I-I barely know you, you're a doll.." he stuttered in response to her question, staring at her. -11:01 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: Okay, now he was more than sure that she wasn't even human. This woman was just too perfect. Everything about her seemed just right. He waited like she said and looked over at the bartender. Aastha looked back at him and he did the same. The intoxicating, wonderful smell of strawberries hit him and he fell still for a few. "Well, you handle this place better than I do. I usually leave out by now, but I guess staying a bit longer wouldn't hurt me. " He said with a small smile. Aasthra was making the night interesting he admitted to himself. -11:01 Aug 21

    Masao: "Wolf? Is that like a dog?" Mao cocked his head to the side, blonde hair bouncing. "You...were...a...dog?" His eyes had steadily grown widder with each word. "That's incredible! Haha, I wonder how well you'd get along with the Ronso. They have ears and tail kind of like yours, y'know. But I digress. Why did you want to become a man? Judging by your tail, I'd say you were a cute dog, right Inara?" He turned his startling green eyes on the woman, awaiting her answer with a smile. -11:02 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She smiled, her eyes dancing with amusement and vitality. "Oh don't worry about it sweetheart. I have all the time in the world to clean this mess up. Just go sit yourself down and enjoy yourself. It's what this Bar is for." She continued to mop, ignoring Neroth'na. Her humming grew louder, lost to her own world... -11:02 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: *When Aastha looked back at him, he did the same* -11:02 Aug 21

    Inara: inara was still recovering from the sudden lick of her face, but she instinctively patted Enrei on the head between his ears, "A very kind one at least. You are nothing like my pet...I'd much prefer your company to his. Anubis is quite the cheeky cat...and always terrorizing poor Amun, my sisters pet rabbit" she sighed a moment and leaned forward on the counter some as she began to drink her coffee again, "But yes i am curious too. what made you want to become human?" -11:03 Aug 21

    She tilted her head, her eyes looking lively. Far too lively. "But you're giving life to me Mummy!" She danced in his arms, wiggling around like a child. "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy! Mummy gave me life!" -The Bartender

    Theodore Kierei: The boy straightened back to his previous posture and eyed the glass of beer he'd previously drunk, then spit out. Turning his attention back to Jerrick a few moments later he seemed hesitant to speak. He was trying to decide whether he should say everything or lie. If he said he'd killed his parents to start out this new conversation then he could be sentenced to death...but... A new life was just too good to give up. "I would hope them to be literal, I would like any world other then this, hardships or not, I am used to living a life of such. As for my life..." Taking a steadily breath he replied as fast as he could so that he couldn't halt nor hesitate. "I grew up on a large farm...shot my parents for their money out of misunderstanding...and now I am a thief. That was many years ago and it was also the time I got my three bullet wounds." Well. Now it's all out. Will he be brought to hang or will his life now begin anew? -11:04 Aug 21

    [Aastha she inched a little closer to him and eventually just broke. She reached out and pecked his cheek with a light smile.the kind of look on her face that you’d expect form a date. Her plaid cheeks blushed red, her attitude flared with excitement. She didn’t move for a moment, then she continued to move back to her normal seated position. “You seem… fun.” She stated. “Really fun. I wouldn’t mind staying here as long as you are here.” ] -11:04 Aug 21

    SVoer: "eh He HeHa He... you rem'ndeded me of this time I was drinkin, and this feller, he was bout this tall..." The drunk raised his arm up as high as he could then continued the story, slurring his words as he did. "...No, Twice as tall as that. And he was all real mean lookin with a face like a gorilla and gator's bastard child!" His fingers moved on his cheeks as he described the man in his story. He took another drink of his beer, and forgot all about the story he was telling. "This beers warm and shook up! who dun this?" He looks round quikly, shrugs his shoulders and finishes the beer, foam and all. He looks at the empty bottle, drained of its alcoholic contents and yells " beer me!" and holds his hand out as if it will magically appear ice cold. -11:04 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: "B-but...." He doesn't know what to do at this point. He always cleans up his own mess...that is if he makes one. Come to think of it, Nero's never made such a mess before. Perhaps this night has just been a strange one. Then again, it makes sense. Poor Ner doesn't even know where he is, what he's doing. All that had mattered to him was getting that wisp...and then he ended up here. He reaches for the mop again in hopes to claim it, his paw-like hands almost like that of a child's. His tail flicks like that of a cat...all he wants to do is clean up his mess. -11:05 Aug 21

    [Neroth'na Is Away: gotta do something for Mumsie] -11:05 Aug 21

    Garret: She was too heavy, wiggling around like that. He staggered back and fell against the wall, sliding down to sit against it with the girl in his lap. "I'm not your mother," he said weakly, not bothering to be firm since he knew that she wasn't going to listen. "What do you mean, giving you life? I'm not doing anything.." -11:05 Aug 21

    Taltharos: While spinning Tal noticed that his tummy was feeling kind of queezey so he decided it was best to stop spinning before he gave the poor barmaid a horrific mess to clean up. He stuck his tail out and stopped his rvolutions by hitting the underside ofthe bar with it. This method however proved to have a fatal drawback...the moment he made contact he was thrown out of the stool and a solid twenty feet across the room. He squeeled loud enough to gain the attention of everyone in the bar, and quite possibly some that were outside as well. When he finally hit the ground with a splat, He got up seemingly unfazed and began to slink back to his stool. He almost seemed to be giggling. -11:06 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She shook her head, soft brown curls falling out of her bun. "I'll have none of that now. This is my Bar, I'll clean up the mess. Go on!" She made a shooing motion with her hand. "Go have fun, drink your sorrows away!" -11:07 Aug 21

    The doll looked up at him, her small hands resting in the layers of her dress. "I love talking. Talking gives me life." She frowned then, remembering something. "But I haven't talked in a long time. Loooong time Mummy." Her lower lip quivered and she wrestled with the folds of her dress. "What's dying like?" -The Bartender

    Jerrick Avondale: "Hrm, sounds like quite the tragedy. Although I am curious how you could commit such a crime on accident." He made no move to draw his guns or take the other into custody. "I'm glad you've realized your current path is not the one you are meant to be upon." He leaned closer, now, speaking softly. His voice was barely audible over the sound of the patrons and the scent of green tobacco and sandalwood filled the air near him. "You are meant for so very much more. I can see it in you. You have great potential." -11:09 Aug 21

    Enrei: "Man can do things wolf can't. Man can speak and be understood! Man is powerful. Enrei wanted to be just like man, like his master!" he told them happily. His tail thumped on the ground as it flung around happily. These two wanted to talk to him! -11:09 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: He could see her inching closer. His first thought was that she was trying to get on her seat properly. That thought of his was thrown out the window when her lips planted softly on his cheek. Whoa. That was the thought that filled his mind when she did that to him. The bartender voice blasted out loudly and it was kind of funny. "Well, you are pretty interesting yourself, Aastha," He said, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear. He never really had someone to just up and kiss him on the cheek, so, he didn't know what to really do. "Well, I can say that this night is getting better for me,Aastha" -11:09 Aug 21

    Garret: This time he didn't even bother to correct her. Mummy wasn't the worst nickname he had gotten over the years anyway. "How would I know what dying is like? I've never died," he pointed out quietly, examining her with a confused frown as she continued to change. -11:11 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Cool it you drunk I ain't made of money. And what about the uh... gorilla alligator man-- ah, nevermind." He sighed and shook his head, "Why the hell are you drinkin' so much, anyway?" -11:11 Aug 21

    Aastha: She giggled and just looked at the man a moment. “So then.. what could make your day complete?” She asked in a sheepish voice. Her body seemed to be glistening some, her lips seemed to get softer, her hair a bit brighter. -11:11 Aug 21

    [Taltharos Is Away: waiting for post so as not to get kicked^^] -11:13 Aug 21

    Masao: "Well that certainly makes sense... But man often envies the animals for being able to speak amongst each other, right? So it goes both ways. What was that one Guado saying? The grass is always greener on the other side?" Mao was sure the saying could be applied to himself, of his wanting to escape Bikanel and see Spira. But would he really be homesick? "Hu fyo eh ramm!" Whoops. He'd said that aloud. His sun-kissed complexion turns a rosy pink from embarrassment. -11:13 Aug 21

    Masao: ((*turned)) -11:14 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: And as he is shooed like an animal, Nero's attention turns towards the squeel of his slimy friend, who now flies across the room into a splat. He stares from his hovering position by the bartender with wide blue eyes as the wisp begins to glow brighter again. "Tal?" He makes his way towards the slug just as he pops back up as if nothing has happened. "Tal...." This comes out in a near laugh, and he lowers himself onto the slug's head, his tail stretching down the creature's back, swishing back and forth as he scrathes his head affectionately. "You're crazy sometimes..." He shakes his head and looks around the room, his paw rising to the wisp, patting the lantern once more to calm the little creature down. But once he's ridden his slimy friend for less than a moment, he leaps back into the air and flies straight at that mop, stealing it from the bartender and pushing it back and forth across the fallen cocoa in hopes to clean it up. This is a clumsy motion, as the dragon is no larger than a lynx, his wings the only thing controlling the mop at this point. But he does so anyway, humming the same tune with a big grin on his dragonly face, looking as innocent as possible at the bartender. "You know, Miss, I don't believe I've asked your name or offered my own. I am Nero...a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Then, right back to humming he goes, taking the tune of the barkeeper and making it his own. -11:14 Aug 21

    The doll with her porcelain hands started wrinkling her dress, but while her hands were moving her eyes remained on Garret, large orbs catching the faint light in the Bar. "Mummy told me about dying. She explained it to me once when she put me to bed. I dun't remember anything after that." The tears came again, flooding her cheeks. "And then I was on the mantle piece of our house! Why couldn't I move?!" -The Bartender

    Theodore Kierei: With those words the boy would follow whatever the man asked him to do for the rest of his life. He hadn't gone for his gun nor alerted those around them which was surprising. Shrugging at the inquiry he replied "I honestly do not remember the stipulations...it was a great many years ago, especially living when living on the streets." Flushing ever-so-slightly he nodded, taking in the scent around them of tobacco and wood around them. "I want so much more...I want to see what I can truly become...what I can really do." To think he had come inside this bar tonight to steal coin and drink and now he appeared to have met someone who could turn his entire life around. It was...intoxicating to think about. -11:15 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: He was hypnotized by her. His attention was all hers. Nothing tonight could screw this up for him. Any and everything was blocked out and his crappy attitude and mood was gone like the flash. "Well, my day would be complete if I could leave with a lovely lady on a date after the bar closes, but I'm not sure if that's even possible for me. Seeing as I have such crappy luck with mingling," he said with a little chuckle. -11:15 Aug 21

    Inara: Inara glanced at Enrei endearingly. His happy go lucky nature was inspiring to her. Something much needed from her daily routine. The thought of that made her sigh a moment as she listened to Masao speak. Seeing his cheeks tinte she smiled again, "I have no clue what you said but I'ms ure you don't need to be embaressed Masao!" she glanced toward Enrei, "well I can say I don't envy animals sometimes seeing as I live with two who speak to one another all the time and I can understand them, but I can relate to wishing to be something or someone else" she nodded her head faintly, "but I suppose if you are happy you are happy, right?" she finished the rest of her drink in one large gulp as she wiped her mouth witht he back of her hand, "So then why are we unhappy? Is this why we were each brought here?" she was getting contemplative. -11:16 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She let out an exasperated sigh as the creature took the mop from her. Well if he wanted it so bad she'd let him. As for the question about her name. "Oh just Bartender. I hate formalities." She smiled, but it was forced, and not so genuine. -11:16 Aug 21

    Garret: He stared blankly at her. Had her mother killed her and cursed her to be a doll or something? A witch mother who killed her child. It was a tale a bard would tell, not something that could actually happen. A vivid imagination, that was all. "I.. I don't know.. Maybe your mother was a horrible person," he suggested. -11:16 Aug 21

    SVoer: "Why the hell ain't you drinkin' enough?!" Before he can say more, he notices Taltharos fly off the stool. "Thats how youshudbedrinkin-hic-drinkin!" The drunk can no longer focus on anything near or far, only the blur that is his sight now. He looks to where he thinks Eli's eyes are. "drunkup..or what er you yella or somthin?!" While sitting unsteady on the stool, he trys to remember a point when he wasn't drunk; when he didn't wake up in strange new places. He was unable to do so. -11:17 Aug 21

    Aastha: She nodded a bit and then teased him. “I’m not sure if you can leave with a lovely lady, but if you like you could leave with me.” She spoke dropping one of those pick up lines that made you want to head desk. Her attitude was very calm about it very cool and collective. She wasn’t a show off, so her attitude wouldn’t reflect it. But she was a good flirt and so as she finished speaking she again waved her hair covering the area in soft smooth melon. -11:18 Aug 21

    Anger flared in her eyes then, her hands turning into fist. She slammed down onto her dress, screaming, "MUMMY WAS A WONDERFUL PERSON!" Simmering down some, the doll took a deep breath. The sound of her heart beat rang in her ears. "I sowwie. I-I know better than this." -The Bartender

    Enrei: Enrei thought about what Masao said. It was true, he decided, because man could not understand wolf. He could, but he was wolf even when he wasn't. When Inara spoke, he said wistfully, "Happy is good," with a nod. He listened as Inara's tone seemed to become full of thought. He let her think, and looked to Masao. "You speak different sounds. Are you not man?" -11:20 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: He reached out, taking the other's face in his hand again, much more gently this time. "First, we have to get you cleaned up, presentable. Hrm." He ran a thumb over Theo's cheek. "If I didn't tell you or you didn't overhear, by the way, my name is Mister Avondale, or Jerrick. Either will do." He frowned then, as if seeing something he didn't quite approve of. "You'll definitely need new clothes." He moved just a bit closer, scrutinizing, his voice softening even more. "But you will find a place in the worlds." -11:20 Aug 21

    Garret: Gods, her scream was piercing. He pushed her away and off his lap out of instinct, frowning at her. "If she was a wonderful person, she wouldn't have told her young daughter about dying for a goodnight story!" -11:20 Aug 21

    Masao: It was at that moment that Mao overheard the conversation between the doll and the man. The hair on his arms stood on end, goosebumps lifting on his skin. A soul...trapped in a container... "A fayth?" he whispered, watching the doll out of the corner of his eye. But...they were all supposed to be in The Farplane now... Inara's voice dragged him back to the other conversation and he simply shrugged his shoulders before taking a sip of his drink. Then to Enrei he replied, "I am man. Just a different kind. In Spira, my kind often try to hide the fact that they are Al Bhed. Many dislike us. Speaking in my tongue in mixed company is not wise." -11:22 Aug 21

    She made grabbing motions towards Garret, pitiful cries issuing from her. "Mummy, don't leave me! I don't wanna die! MUMMY I DON'T WANNA DIE!" -The Bartender

    Neroth'na: Nero pouts at her, his eyes twinkling innocently. "Just Bartender? I apologize if you are upset at me, Miss. But I did state that it is only right I clean up my own messes. Why don't you fix yourself a drink? You look like you could use one." The mop slips back and forth awkwardly as he struggles to keep a hold of it in his tiny, paw-like hands. But unfortunately, that grip slips, and the mop clatters to the floor. His face falls, and he slowly lowers to the floor in a tiny heap. "I can't do it...I'm just too small...how can humans handle messes with such ease? That is why we dragons never make messes...but it was inevitable." He continues to mumble about how terrible a creature he is a few moments, glittering tears slipping dramatically from his deep blue eyes. "Messes cannot be made any more!" His wings flutter, and he looks up at the bartender as the wisp glows again. "I am so sorry! I don't see how you can run such an establishment." He looks at his hands and cries a bit more. "I could never..." He cries some more, his bottom lip trembling. His pout is dragonly, yes, but his drama is not of his kind. "I am sorry!" Rising from the ground, he lifts the mop up and tries again, making it swish back and forth to clean up the fallen drink, his body moving with it in dramatic motions as if he's trying so much harder to keep a grip on that mop. -11:23 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "I didn't come here ta get wasted that's why," he said, though he was a little buzzed now after a few drinks of the whiskey. Well, he was paying for the guy so he supposed that make him an enabler? Whatever, that guy's addiction wasn't his problem to deal with. Eyes were violet now as he continued, "I ain't yella, I just ain't a drunk like you. You tryin' to forget somethin' or whatever?" -11:23 Aug 21

    Garret: "You aren't going to die just because I'm not holding you! And I'm not your mother!" he scolded firmly. The only reason he could even manage being that mild level of 'mean' was because he was starting to panic. He was literally sitting in a corner with a possessed doll grabbing at him. A shiver ran down his spine and he stared at her warily. -11:24 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: Softly closing one eye as his cheek was brushed lightly the boy nodded slightly, not able to move to well since his face was being held. "Mister...Avondale..." At the note of cleaning up he frowned, knowing he was probably covered in dirt and who knows what. When the man leaned closer Theo closed both of his eyes and inhaled quietly, feeling and scenting the man's breath against his face as he spoke. ""My name is...Theodore...and I want a place in your worlds..." He whispered back. -11:24 Aug 21

    Inara: She was becoming frustrated with herself. Suddenly she'd reached into one of her apron pockets and brought out a rather sharp knife, "This just makes no sense!" she shouted slamming the knife into the countertop as it stuck up right with a soft twang. She blinked a moment and took a few deep breaths to calm her down. It was soon after the little doll made another fuss. She turned her sights to the doll, "Death is but a passing from one life to another...some of us fear death and others will embrace it. What is the journey that transpires though...that is the mystery. We wish to know but fear to find out for we know we will never return" by the end of her speel the knife had stopped vibrating from. Reaching forward she pulled it out with one movement and held it in her hand, "sorry" she said again to her companions with an innocent smile, "I guess I was riled up" -11:25 Aug 21

    The Bartender: "Um..." She didn't quite know how to deal with this creature. But it looked like there was someone else who needed her help. Brow furrowing towards the slug, she felt like something was amiss. "Excuse me... Are you alright?" -11:25 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: Now why was she being all cute like that?? Was she trying to seduce him? If she was, she surely was doing one hell of a job. He was in her web and he didn't want to get out. Man, if she would have came a bit sooner he would have- What was he thinking? Henry cleared his trhoat, then stared at her for a bit. " You and me? You sure that's a good idea? I mean, your really beautiful and all, but," He looked awayy to hide a blush and rid himself of it as fast as he could. When he looked back, he saw that doll. What the- that thing was- None of his business. He sighed softly and looked back at Aastha. "I guess that we could give it a try.' -11:25 Aug 21

    A temper tantrum, that's what it was. The doll started tearing at her dress, her collar, and then started ripping at Garrett's clothes. Her eyes carried a demented look, and the lips were snarling. "MUMMY! MY. MUMMY! RAAAAAGGGGGGGG!" -The Bartender

    Taltharos: As Tal is on his way back to his stool, his friend lands on his head, patting him before flying off and stealind a stick with funny hair from the bartender, and dancing midair with it. Then he heard an very loud angry voice and noticed ot was coming from what seemed to be a tiny little human. Once it all settles down, his friend starts pouting and dancing with the funny-haired stick again. The wierdest part of this to him was the fact hatt he was dancing with the wrong end. Hair is on top of things. not at the bottom. With this thought he went back to his seat and plopped down. Then his tummy began to rumble...... -11:27 Aug 21

    Enrei: Enrei was a little confused by the goings-on around him, and was going to comment on Masao's heritage when Inara seemed to snap. At the sight of the knife, Enrei yelped and hid behind Masao's leg. Was he being bad again? He whimpered. -11:28 Aug 21

    Garret: He yelped in surprise as the doll started tugging at his jacket. The thing even managed to rip a button off and was going to make ribbons of his shirt if he let her at it! He pushed her away hard and shook his head. "Stop it! Stop it!" he demanded, panicking more. -11:28 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: For a moment, he was tempted to let the man go, to sit back, to dismiss him. It was power, plain and simple, and thus choice. But there was no choice. The offer had been made and accepted. The boy was his responsibility now. He tried to ignore the shrill voice of the doll. He wasn't here for that, it wasn't his mission. No, his mission was to find new recruits, and this one had his full interest. He smirked, then leaned in, pressing his lips softly to Theodore's. But the doll would not be silent, and as much as he wanted to make certain he had Theo's full cooperation, this needed dealt with. He sat back, casually drawing a needler. "Theodore, watch." He picked up his bottle, pressing the muzzle of the gun to it and holding it out to one side. Had he fired straight, the beam would have struck the back wall. As it was, it bent in the bottle's neck and went straight for the doll. -11:30 Aug 21

    Masao: "U-uh..." Mao stared at Inara, eyes slowly shifting to the knife lodged in the countertop between his legs. "Um... Thank you...for the drink..." The knife was tugged away again though his heart refused to stop racing. That was close! If he hadn't spread his legs like that then his.... "B-bartender... Another drink for the miss," he called, digging some gil from his pocket and tossing it on the counter. "I'm gonna go mingle now!" Plastering on a fake smile, he quickly retreated from the scary woman and into the crowd. -11:30 Aug 21

    The Bartender: Slowly withdrawing her hand, she watched the slug with a cautious glance. "Best um... Just let it do its own thing." Clapping her hands together she moved back towards her bar, ignoring the scene with the knife and the doll and the slug. "I just get all sorts of weird creatures whenever I open this place up huh..." -11:30 Aug 21

    SVoer: The drunk hides his face into the bend in his arm on the bar and makes sounds as if he may be crying. He slowly says "Its just so hard. She died cuz I was...cuz I was drunk. her sweet laugh, like candy it was, then we felt airborn, then..." The drunk jumps up and yells as loud as he can "...BOOM!" He then laughs and puts his hand on Eli's shoulder. "Aaa boy! I hadjew goin didn't I! You shoulda seen your face! I ain't tryin to forget nothin. The bottom each bottle forge-hic...HIC-" He vomits in his mouth, but is able to swallow it before making a mess on Eli. His pale and slightly wrinkled face begins to turn a shade of green. -11:31 Aug 21

    SVoer: I needs me another drink! -11:32 Aug 21

    Aastha: Had to smile as he looked away form her waiting for him to finish. But he enver did finish his ‘but’ and that made her kind of upset.S he eyed him though and smiled ass she scooted closer to him rubbing his chest with her left hand and shook her head. “oh dear.. You are oh so silly.” She insisted with a bit of a giggle and then spoke up. I”ll go with you don’t owrry about it it’ll be a pleasure I prmise.”S he insisted and witht hat had a close pair of eyes resting her head on his shoulder before she spoke to the bartender, not turning to face her. “Let me get a warm thing of milk, and some honey in it please. I’m feeling coosy.”S he said stroking him further. “I have a pillow now.” -11:33 Aug 21

    Inara: Inara watched Masao go with a sad frown, "Please I'm sorry! I'm not like this always!! I just..." she sighed and slumped back into her chair resting her elbows on the table, "This is why I shouldn't leave the cafe" she said glancing toward Enrei who was still there, "I haven't scared you off yet have I?" she said with a hopeful smile. -11:33 Aug 21

    The beam struck the doll through her side, creating a small hole. It cleanly sliced through her elbow and the remaining bits of her arm dropped to the ground and cracked. Ever so slowly, the doll's head turned towards Jerrick, her mouth open in a silent scream. Her head moved just one more time, turning towards Garret. "Bye bye Mummy." And then she shattered, breaking into many little porcelain pieces. -The Bartender

    Theodore Kierei: Feeling a slightly rough but soft press of something against his lips Theodore's eyes blinked open. E-Er?? When Jerrick leaned back Theo slowly, ever so slowly, fell back against his chair. He just...that just...he was kissed...by a guy? But... Turning his head slightly he saw the gun being fired but he couldn't take his eyes away from the other man's. "You......you're...broken." Looking down at himself, then over at a random female he pointed awkwardly. "You kiss those..." -11:34 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: Satisfied that the threat was taken care of, Jerrick looked back to Theodore. "If you didn't enjoy it, I won't do it again, and will still help you change your life. One does not depend upon the other. And yes, I kiss women, too." He chuckled, downing the last of his glass, the only glasss he'd had since arriving. -11:36 Aug 21

    The Bartender: "Wha, warm milk? Honey? Oh coming right up." Feeling a growing headache, she warmed up some milk and stirred in some milk. Gingerly she set it in front of Aastha, rubbing her temples. "Here you go," she mumbled. -11:36 Aug 21

    Garret: He blinked a few times as something collided with the doll and broke into her arm. As she looked over to the bar, he did as well, seeing the man who had apparently shot her. He looked back at the doll in shock, a fearful tremor rocking his body as she spoke to him. Then, out of nowhere, she was gone. For a long moment he just stared at the porcelain, then scrambled up and bolted over to an empty table to recover. -11:36 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "Ugh, if you puke on me old man I swear you'll be paying your tab with a limb or two," he sneered, scooting the bar stool back half a foot. "So you're just a drunk for the sake of being a drunk. You're either lyin' or you're just a very boring fellow," he spoke, eyes a pale grey. -11:36 Aug 21

    Enrei: Enrei peeked up at Inara and, seeing a pleasant smile, shook his head. "No, not off. Just down!" he answered, getting up and sitting next to her. "Madness hits at odd times." He grinned at her, ears perked up and eyes shining happily. He saw a beam of light go past and turned quickly to follow it. He saw it hit something and cocked his head in curiosity. Shrugging, he looked back at Inara. "You have a cafe?" -11:36 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: After a few more minutes of cleaning up, Nero looked down at the floor with a satisfied smile. Clean....he managed to clean it up. But as he'd done so, he heard Tal's stomach begin to growl. A lot of things can happen with that rumble...most of them not so good. "Excuse me, Miss Bartender, but do you, perchance, serve food?" His hopes are high as he leans the mop up against the nearest wall, unsure of where else to put it. He flies over to land on the slug's head, patting the creature and glancing warily at the doll. The wisp begins to glow brighter and brighter, to the point of pain...just as the doll shatters. Nero screams, putting his paws on his ears and kicking away from the slug in panic. "Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!!" The last is a roar of flame as if something is causing the little dragon pain. And just like that, the glowing stops with one last flicker, and Nero lands in a tiny heap on the floor, his wings in all sorts of disarray...and as he lies there, seemingly unconscious, the walls begin to light with a strange gold fire...the same color that had just blasted from the little dragon's mouth. -11:36 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: He wasn't aware of it until now, but that doll was going on a rampage the entire time. he blinked twice when it was shot with a beam. Shortly after, he felt Aastha's hand on his chest and that turned his attention to her. She spoke softly about going with him and he remained quiet. After she said what she had to, her head was resting on him. "Well, if you are sure about it, then I'll be sure to take good care of you. That creepy doll was still somewhat a bother, but....at least it was....dead? He tucked another strand of hair behind Aastha's ear" Hey, Aastha..." -11:40 Aug 21

    Inara: She nodded her head proudly, "Yes, my twin sister, Charna, and I run our own cafe in our hometown of Somewhereville. It's a nice little cafe...but our customers are sporadic." she sighed, "Though I don't blame them with my sister and our pets...." no sooner had those words escaped her lips than a soft purring was heard nearby and a strange thin cat with stripes, a creepy grin, and a ring in his right ear appeared, "that's no way to speak about us. How would your poor sister feel if she knew what you thought of her?" he said jumping on the table and licking his paw. Inara just stared at him with a frown. -11:40 Aug 21

    The Bartender: "... No, No, NO!" Grabbing her nozzle, the one that held the apple juice, The Bartender tried desperately to put out the fire. The gold plating that she so lovingly installed was melting and quickly! The juice barely reached the fire, but it wasn't putting it out! "NO NOT MY BAR!" -11:40 Aug 21

    SVoer: The good for nothing drunk raises his left hand, palm facing himself; His thumb is held on the palm. " See this, I lost this in Nam. Hitlers troops where commin at me, I had to take cover behind a camel. That damn desert. Made me lose this thumb! Darn moon folk." -11:40 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: Eyes widening the boy looked back and forthh between the women in the room and Jerreck. "B-but that's not right either!" Standing up he walked around to the other, seemingly flustered for completetly different reasons then most might after being kissed by another guy. "Y-you should only kiss one person! One person should be recieve affections, several." Perhaps this man needed help as well? He didn't seem to understand how 'love' worked...because obviously if you kiss someone you're in love with th--...the.....Shit. Jarrecks in love with him?!?! "I-I it...that um...it wasn't bad...but..I...um....." Messing up his hair as he rubbed at his head like crazy the kid growled. "I'm confuseddddd!" -11:41 Aug 21

    Floating above the pile of broken porcelain was a white mist. It floated there for a few minutes but a face and shoulders took shape within the swirling mist. The girl, with a vibrant human face turned to look at Garret. No words were spoken but her lips moved... It seemed to mouth the words, "Good bye Mummy." -The Bartender

    Enrei: Enrei blinked at the cat. It was a cat. He hadn't seen one for a while... He looked around the room as he realized it was getting hotter. "Fire?" -11:42 Aug 21

    Garret: So wrapped up in his traumatized panic, Garret just rocked back and forth in the corner and stared across the room at the pile of porcelain. Had it been a demon? A doll? A girl? He didn't know! Biting his lower lip in confusion, he continued to stare until he realized that there was a mist hanging there. His jaw dropped and he stared at it, barely able to breathe as it seemed to speak silently to him. -11:42 Aug 21

    Masao: "Whoa!" Mao lifted his glass to avoid someone stumbling past. "Ah!" he gasped, pivoting on his heel to twirl out of the way of someone who stepped back and nearly sent his drink flying. "Oh come on!" he growled when another person bumped him. Then he was bumped from behind and he stumbled a good number of feet before toppling on a table, breaking it from the impact, and knocking the contents everywhere. "Urgh..." Lifting his head slowly, he was a little dizzy but happy at least that he'd somehow managed to avoid spilling his drink. "S-sorry," he groaned up at whomever had been occupying the table at the time. -11:43 Aug 21

    Aastha: For the first time tonight she noticed aht fucking thing… IT WAS CREEPY AS FUCK. She screamed allowed her body shifting figured into what appeared to be a small fly and literally flew up and onto the rafters of the place away from Henry. Clearly she was afraid. She transformed back into her tall figure and screamed with all of her might “KILL IT NOW!” her body shivering. IF she oculd she’d have literally pissed herself. -11:43 Aug 21

    Taltharos: Tal looked around for something he maybe could eat, but all he saw were driks most of which made everyone in the bar except for Nero have very bad breath and act funny. Then he notices the Little human thingy. She wasn't actually human so she would be safe to eat. And Nero wouldn't get mad at him either. He slid slowly onto the bar and began to shuffle to the little yummy thing. But when he was about five feet away from his dinner something happened. It was very quick. The doll exploded somehow and Tal was without dinner. As he bgan to pout and slink away, He heard Nero and it sounded like he was in pain. He looked over and His friend was in a heap on the floor. He quickly jumped onto the nearest barstool and began spinning. He spun faster, and faster until he hit the bar with his tail and was sent flying towards Nero. -11:43 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: "Calm down. It was just a kiss, Theodore. I promise, I am not out to hurt you. Trust me, if I was, things would be very different right now. Hrm, there seems to be a fire. Perhaps we should go." He rose to his feet, nodding at those gathered. "And if you ask nicely, perhaps someday in the future I will reserve my kisses just for you. But you have to promise to learn as much as you can and go far in life." He winked. He actually gave a playful wink and a charming, or so he considered it, grin. "Come now. Let's be sure this creature disappates and then get away from the flames before smoke consumes the room." -11:45 Aug 21

    And then the mist dissipated along with the girl's face. -The Bartender

    SVoer: The drunk old man sees the fire and grabs a bottle of vodka from behind the bar. He tosses it onto the flames, only making them spread. "Damn vodka cant do -hic- anythi..." His head slams down onto the bar top. He stays like that, barely conscious. -11:45 Aug 21

    Eli Graysen: "What the hell is a Nam? ...Camels? I don't even know where you're from, how could any of that stuff make sense ta me, huh? Dammit, why do I even bother? If I didn't need to hide out here for a bit I'd be long gone." Eyes were red now as his chugged more whiskey. -11:46 Aug 21

    Inara: Things were quickly turning into madness within the bar. When Enrei mentioned fire, Inara looked around. Her cat purred again, "Time to go" he simply said to Inara. Inara pouted, "I don't want to go back Anubis...I dont' want to be the only SANE one there..." Anubis raised a brow at her, "Sane? no one there is sane, least of all you or your dear dear sister. You are more a voice of reason than her, however. She's already broken three chairs and threatened to cleaver someone....I suggest you leave and come back home now." Inara blinked and sighed, "fine..." going to Enrei she pattedhim on the head again, "you take care! If you ever find yourself in Somewhereville look up Neruotica Cafe and stop in" she gave him a smile and kiss on the cheek. "Hey Masao!" she shouted, "Find yourself in Somewhereville stop by Neurotica Cafe!" waving she was lead away by her cat (of all people/things) and disappeared through the door. -11:47 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Inara fled in terror.] -((11:47 Aug 21))

    Theodore Kierei: The boy flushed slightly at the thought of being this man's focus of affections. Did he want a man's affection though? Wasn't that wrong?? Well, either way he would follow him and when he looked up to see the wink his heart pounded a few extra beats as he followed. "Yes, Mister Avondale..." -11:48 Aug 21

    The Bartender: The flames roared, consuming the vodka as it grew bigger, deadlier. "NO USE WATER!" The Bartender cried. Running into the bathroom, she quickly filled a mop bucket with water and came back running, dumping its contents onto the fire. The flames hissed and finally went out. -11:48 Aug 21

    Garret: When the mist was gone, Garret felt as though it had taken his sanity with him. He stared at the spot for several long minutes, then got up and walked out of the bar in complete silence, not even glancing at the fire. -11:49 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Garret has logged out.] -((11:49 Aug 21))

    [Aastha fled as well leaving the area but not before transforming backa nd dragging henry with her] -11:50 Aug 21

    Masao: Still laying on his back in the pile of broke table, Mao heard Inara call to him through the crowd and he lifted his free hand to give her a thumbs up...even if he didn't plan to go anywhere near that woman again. Craning his neck, he sipped from the cup and-- "Hey. I smell burning." Was something on fire? -11:50 Aug 21

    Enrei: Enrei watched as his friend left, ears dropping as he realized he had no idea where Somewhereville was or how to get there. Looking around, he noticed that the building seemed pretty... well, destroyed. Afraid he would somehow be blamed, he crouched down and made his way to the door and leaving. -11:50 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Enrei has logged out.] -((11:50 Aug 21))

    Jerrick Avondale: Even with the flames out and the spirit gone, Jerrick led Theodore to the exit. He paused before leaving. "We're going to be taking quite the trip. You'll find yourself in a new world, indeed, with limitless potential." He gave another grin. "But don't worry. I'll be there when we arrive. I promise." With that, he took the other's hand and stepped out the door, back to the 31st century in Sol System, where he, and now Theo, belonged. -11:51 Aug 21

    Henry Johnson: Befor he could even repsond, he was pulled away by Aastha. He blinked twice and followed her without a word, looking back at the chaos. -11:51 Aug 21

    The Bartender: She placed her face in her hands, sighing deeply. There just had to be a way for her to safe guard her bar, her temple. "Yes," her voice muffled through her hands. "Yes something *was* burning." -11:52 Aug 21

    Neroth'na: Just as Tal launches toward him, Nero gets splashed with something fruity, waking him up with a headache that could kill an elephant. Slowly, he grumbles and begins to rise, only to be squished by his slimy friend. He doesn't even realize what's going on until the slime covers him. Suddenly, he's panicking and trying desperately to crawl out from beneath the slug. And as he does so, he realizes that not only is he covered with goop, but his wisp is dead. He'll have to go through all of that trouble all over again...all because of that stupid doll. "He grumbles and looks up at Tal." See what you did? Now get down here and pick me up...and let's get out of here...please!" He mutters something in Draconic, slowly climbing to his feet and waiting for Tal to lower his head. The slug does so with those wilted feelers, as if he's back to pouting. Once Nero is on Tal's head, the two exit the bar, leaving behind slime and enough jewels and gold to repay any and all damages. Just as the door begins to shut, and they re-enter their world, a tussle is heard...followed the the soft click of the door being closed. So, is this the end of our mischievous friends? Or is it just the beginning? -11:52 Aug 21

    Theodore Kierei: The young man tightened his grip on Jerrick's hand as they stepped out the door. It didn't seem like it would be such a drastic change but suddenly the bar was gone, along with the town which street's he'd grown up on. With a quiet gasp the boy released the others' hand and stepped forward several paces, eyes wide with shock. "Wh-where...are we??" -11:53 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Aastha fled in terror.] -((11:53 Aug 21))

    SVoer: The old man watches his new drinkin buddy drink from the bottle. He lifts his head. "ATTA BOY!" He grabs the bottom of the bottle and tilts it trying to force Eli to drink more. He fakes a Russian accent and says "Dyou Muust Drink Deeep from Dree bottle!" The bartender's yells grabbed the drunks attention and he completely forgets about his buddy for the moment and stumbles over to the fire. " Ya gotta kick -hic- kick them flames...or somethin'." He pauses before saying more, then vomits all the alcohol out onto the fire. The flames lick up a small trail that landed on his trousers. He looks at the closest woman to him and says " I'm so hot for you!" He laughs loudly and clumsily pats out the fire on his leg. -11:53 Aug 21

    Masao: He supposed he'd stayed long enough. He needed to get back to Spira. Heck, if he was lucky, that door wouldn't take him back to Bikanel but somewhere else, somewhere better! Like Luca! Or the Moonflow!" Pushing himself to his feet, Mao finished off his drink, set the cup on the now charred countertop and donned his digging clothes once more. Then the young Al Bhed stepped out the door... -11:53 Aug 21

    Jerrick Avondale: "Your new home. Welcome to Sol Three. Earth. Welcome to what is, for all intents and purposes, the future. Welcome to life!" -11:53 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Jerrick Avondale fled in terror.] -((11:54 Aug 21))

    [(Logout) Masao fled in terror.] -((11:54 Aug 21))

    Eli Graysen: "Fire now... think this as good a time as any to get out of here," he said, swatting away the old man as he tried to force him to drink. Who would have thought the quiet looking rustic bar would end up being so... lively? And now it was on fire... well that was life, sometimes things burst into flames. He pulled some more gold coin out his pocket and laid it on the counter. "Free ride's over ya drunk bastard, I suggest ya quit but hey, what do I know?" He said, then turned to disappear through the door from which he came. -11:56 Aug 21

    [(Logout) Eli Graysen fled in terror.] -((11:56 Aug 21))

    SVoer: The drunkard begins to walk back to Eli, but he passes out cold once again. Where will he wake up next time? -11:57 Aug 21

    [(Logout) SVoer fled in terror.] -((11:57 Aug 21))

    [(Logout) Neroth'na is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((11:58 Aug 21))
  11. Taltharos. The adorable mischievous Slug. And best friend of Neroth'na the mop dancing dragon.
  12. Eli Graysen, the man of many... eye colors!
  13. Theodore Kierei! Crazy murderer of disturbingness! *hops up and down hyper on sugar!*
  14. I was the lovely Inara who is a character from an ooooold RP of mine from here Neurotica Cafe : D look it up in the archives sometime ^^
  15. A Muggy inspired robot appears, along with some returning characters! Corinne and Nikolas have returned and the Bartender is none too pleased with the Bouncer. Also what is up the disconnected phones ringing and the T.V. magically turning on?

    ... And a polymorphing fez? Whaaaa?

    Bar Night #4 Logs:

    [The Bartender enters.] -01:52 Aug 26

    The Bartender: The gold plating from the walls have been removed, so have the flecks of it on the furniture. Back are the wooden walls, bringing the look of the bar back to its original state: rustic, and cozy. The lighting is dim as always, for there are candles and torches lit. The bar looks normal except for the piles of random stuff lying all around; it looks like the Bartender has been gutting out the Lost and Found room. Some of the things laying around are ridiculous, like a Viking Helmet, fluffy pink handcuffs, a rubber chicken, and dog food. But there are other things that seem a bit more common place, like a phone or T.V. She's left the piles as they were and is busying herself at the bar. Typing madly away at a laptop, the device is connected to a large robot with treads as feet. -01:53 Aug 26

    The Bartender: "Okay... Just need to upload this latest patch and you should be good to go." -01:53 Aug 26

    [Boozey ] -01:53 Aug 26

    [Bouncer Corrine walks in.] -01:54 Aug 26

    [Nikolas follows Corrine in.] -01:55 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: The last time she had worked had been rather crazy. She had taken a vial that offered her beauty and also gained a man. They are still together, but they are struggling for money. Any work Corrine could find helped. She stopped in midstride when she saw the mess around the bar "What is this crap?" -01:56 Aug 26

    [Hiko Tachibana stomps through the door, temper blazing and desperately in need of a drink.] -01:57 Aug 26

    Boozey: After a few moments, the pint sized robot sprang to life, twitching violently for a few seconds after being activated. After stablizing, it started to immediately look around the room, spotting a man and a woman who had just entered the bar. Quickly, the robot rushed over to the woman, the treads that were his legs spinning quickly with a light squeak. "Hey yeah, what can i get ya there?" -01:58 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Oi! Bartender lady! The usual!" she roared, slapping the countertop. -01:58 Aug 26

    The Bartender: Slowly closing the laptop, the Bartender observes Nikolas and Corrina suspiciously. While she didn't fire the woman The Bartender wasn't too pleased with her. "It's from the Lost and Found room. I'm cleaning," she replied curtly. She flashed Hiko a brilliant smile. "I'm sorry miss, I'm not quite sure if I remember your face... What do you normally have?" -02:00 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrine raised an eyebrow. The bartender always had some kind of thing going on in the bar. "So you have a junky robot?" She ignored the robot and went to the bar, taking a seat and simply nodding when the bartender answered her question. -02:01 Aug 26

    Boozey: The robot turned it's head around and shouted at the newcomer who called for the bartender. "HOLD YOUR...." He spotted the bartender behind the bar, looking to be taking the woman's order. "What the... HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOIN!?" He immediately rushed over to the bartender, spinning behind the bar, looking up at her furiously. -02:02 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Confused by all the clutter, Nikolas was a little startled to hear the voice at his feet. "What the..." He stared the robot down, and, ignoring it, walked over to the bar. "Cold and in a bottle," he told the bartender, "and if permitted, something for the lady." He motioned to Corrine while getting out some currency. -02:03 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Hiko did not normally take kindly to being unidentified as the legend she was, but since this place was filled with people (and sometimes things) from various universes... Well she let this little slip up pass by unscathed. "Vodka, my good bartender. Funny that you forgot since I'm here once a week!" -02:04 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She opened her mouth to argue with Corrine about her robot being junk until the robot itself suddenly appeared and well... Spewed a few cuss words. "I suppose I'll have to reprogram you soon," she mumbled. -02:04 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Oh right.... She wasn't normally this, well, dolled up. -02:04 Aug 26

    Boozey: Boozey, without looking, grabbed a couple of glasses with his clamp-like hands, sets them on the bar, scooped ice into them, and poured a random alcoholic drink into each one. "There kid, 2 drinks for you and your lady friend." -02:05 Aug 26

    Boozey: "Reprogram... are you... ARE YOU MOCKING ME?! GET OUT FROM BEHIND MY BAR!" -02:06 Aug 26

    The Bartender: To Hiko, the Bartender smiled. "I'm sorry, I get many a face here. It's hard to keep track sometimes." She quickly filled a glass with ice and poured the vodka in. "Here you go..." Slowly she turned towards the robot, looking unimpressed. -02:06 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: "As for a drink.. I'll just take what he is getting." She nodded towards Nikolas before getting up and walking around the bar. It was long until she found the pink handcuffs and giggled. "Babe!" Corrine smirked and twirled the cuffs around her index finger "these could be fun." -02:06 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Nikolas raised an eyebrow at the glass. Didn't he say in a bottle? Looking up again to correct the robot, he was distracted by Corrine and looked over. Seeing the handcuffs he laughed. "And who would be wearing them, dearest?" he teased. -02:07 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Hiko cocked an eyebrow at the robot while she plucked one ice cube at a time out of the glass, sucked the vodka off, and tossed it over her shoulder. When the glass was empty of ice and just strictly booze, she plucked it up and chugged it back. "Yeah! Good stuff!" she shouted, slamming the glass down with a grin. Then she proceeded to toss some yen on the counter top and pat at the non-existent pockets of her dress. -02:09 Aug 26

    The Bartender: "Just... Stop cussing so much and I won't have to reprogram you. And for your information this is our Bar, not yours," She scolded quietly to the robot. -02:10 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Awwww hell. Forgot my cigs..." Because pretty girls like the ones she was trying to emulate. So far, this summer had gone horribly! She'd only managed to terrify boys instead of charm them! All because of her temper and her inability to supress her delinquent behavior. "At least here my boys can't find me and spout that stupid 'banchou!' nonsense!" she scoffed, eying the vodka bottle behind the counter and wondering if she could reach it from here. -02:12 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: "You first." Corriner set the cuffs back down then walked over to him, pressing her chest against his back and wrapping her arms around his neck. "You're in a partnership with the robot?" -02:14 Aug 26

    Boozey: "Oh i get it. You must be my new 'master' huh? Alright fine then... You just stay out of my way, and everything will be just fine little missy." He was not pleased, but accepted his plite. He took some time to explore the bar and get aquainted with where everything was located so he could better serve future customers. -02:14 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: ((*emulate didn't smoke.)) -02:15 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Calmed though he was by Corrine's presence, Nikolas was still not sure about this glass thing. Instead of touching it, he glanced at the bartender and asked, "If I ask you for a beer instead, do you think the robot will try to kick my ass?" -02:16 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She rolled her eyes at Boozey. "I suppose you could say partnership," she commented, watching it move through the bar. Seeing Hiko eye the bottle, The Bartender merely retrieved it for her. "Here you go miss." -02:16 Aug 26

    Boozey: Before the bartender could react, Boozey sped around behind the bar and grabbed 2 cold beer bottles, then placed them in front of Nikolas. he then removed the glasses he had given earlier. "There ya go kid. Sorry for the mixup. On the house!" -02:18 Aug 26

    [Jate Regal enters.] -02:18 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Bingo! Though Hiko wasn't really sure about the bartender's reason for handing over the bottle, she was going to damn well think it was because she'd pulled a cute face. Cute face. She needed to work on that. Lifting up the bottle, Hiko stared at her foggy reflection on the glass surface, took a deep breath, and put on her best cute little smile. It was a total failure. She looked more like she was contemplating someone's painful death. -02:20 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: The sound of sniffing could be heard before the actual creature who made the sound came through the doors. Well, nudged open the doors. A dark red wolf with golden eyes stepped into the bar, it's gaze instantly zeroing in on the dog food near a booth on the floor. Sweet! The werewolf bounded over to the dirty food and plopped down, quickly started to chomp away at the kibble. -02:21 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She only blinked at Hiko's expression, unsure if the person was making a face like that due to the alcohol or if perhaps that was how she normally looked...? Shrugging it off, the Bartender looked at the newcomer, wondering if Boozey was gonna go help them. "Um, I guess the dog food was good for something." -02:22 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrin opened her mouth to say something, but the sound of sniffing distracted her. Slowly, she turned her head to see a red wolf.. "Well, that's odd," she mumured to herself. Of course that was to be expected.. this was a unique bar. -02:23 Aug 26

    Boozey: Seeing the new customer enter the bar, Boozey again sprang into action, rolling quickly over to him as he munched away at some dog food. "Welcome to... the bar... Yeah so, what can i get ya?" -02:23 Aug 26

    Riiiiing! Riiiiing! goes one of the phones. Odd how it isn't plugged into anything... -The Bartender

    Nikolas: Nikolas took a long pull from the bottle, pleased at last to have one. He was about to take another when Corrine spoke and he turned. "What's odd, babe?" He followed her gaze to the wolf. "That is odd. Got a nice color though." -02:25 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: He was just about done with his food when Jate noticed someone rolling over towards him. He wasn't too sure what it was but! It was shiny!! Licking his muzzle a few times the wolf slunk around the odd metal creature, sniffing and nipping at random parts, trying to figure out what the heck it was. Then he was suddenly latched onto one of the robot's arms, growling slightly as he tried to play tug of war with the machine. -02:25 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Sighing, Hiko was about to take a sip of her drink when she too heard the wolf enter. Eyebrow cocked again, she swivled on the stool she was perched upon to get a better look. "Oh...you're so handsome, Mr. Wolf!" she gushed, setting the bottle aside and hopping down from her seat. She wobbled on her highheels, cursed in a most unladylike fashion, kicked off the shoes, and continued on forward to pry the wolf off the robot's arm and cuddle it against its will. -02:26 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: The phone... she pulled herself away from Nikolas and answered it "Hello?" That's when she noticed it wasn't plugged in. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked at the bartender, phone still to her ear. -02:27 Aug 26

    The Bartender: Torn between mortification and hilarity, the Bartender watched her new robot being mauled by a wolf. She bit her lower lip to keep herself from laughing at its torture. It wasn't until she caught Corinne's gaze did her expression change to bewilderment. -02:28 Aug 26

    Boozey: "HEY! TEETH OFF THE MERCHANDISE BUDDY!" Boozey was being turned into a chew toy for the beast, but he wasn't about to take it without a fight. Though he wasn't exactly equipped like a battlebot, so he used the only thing he had. He pointed his free hand at the wolf, and a stream of beer shot out from it. He began spraying it at the wolf's face. -02:28 Aug 26

    The ringing stops when Corinne picks up the phone but there is no answer, just silence. -The Bartender

    [Jate Regal squinted as he was sprayed with some nasty smelling water, baring his teeth and biting at the gross tasting stuff. Er. W-waaa! He was suddenly pried off the robot and hugged. No hugs! Don't do hugs! The pup was instantlys quirming and growling, drooling nasty beer all over the person who was trying to pick him up. At some point he shifted into a young man with sloppy dark red hair and a pair of torn up jeans. "Lemmegooo!" The last word ended in a slight growl as he continued to struggle. ] -02:31 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: "Hellooooo?" Corrine said again slowly, heart starting to race in her chest. Still silence... She slammed the phone down, wrapped her arms around herself and went back to Nikolas, just a bit creeped out. -02:33 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "ARGH!" Since Hiko was at that moment holding the wolf, she was sprayed with beer as well! "Hey, you stupid metal brain! Watch where you're aiming!" she growled, dropping the wolf and attempting to shake the beer off of her arms and out of her hair. "Great! Nothing like a bar washroom bath! Do you have ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO GET MY HAIR LOOKING LIKE THIS?!" -02:33 Aug 26

    Boozey: Once the wolf was pried off of him, Boozey stopped spraying it with beer. He looked to his arm that had been gnawed of, noticing several bite marks, but nothing that caused it to stop functioning normally. He then looked to the man that the wolf had turned into. "You gonna order something or what?" -02:34 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Nikolas felt Corrine walk away, but didn't turn to watch her. He took another pull from the bottle and watched the wolf and robot with amusement. Upon Corrine's return, her realized something was wrong and frowned, pulling her into his side and handing her the second beer. -02:34 Aug 26

    The Bartender: "That's odd," the Bartender commented. "I know that phone isn't plugged in. Oh well, stranger things have happened here." She gave Corrine a smile, not at all disturbed. -02:34 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "W-waitaminute." Slowly, Hiko turned back to the wolf...only it wasn't a wolf anymore. "Werewolf?" she asked, moreso herself than the others. "Yeah, totally a werewolf." She'd come across one at that festival down in Okinawa. -02:34 Aug 26

    Boozey: (gnawed on*) -02:36 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Jate made a face as the taste of beer settled into his mouth. Bleh! "No want your nasty brown water!" He had really only come for the dog food...maybe they have more at the bar?! Shifting back into his canine form Jate jumped right up onto the bartop and yipped, pawing as if to demmand attention. -02:36 Aug 26

    The Bartender: Snatching up her laptop so as to not kill it with beer, she stared down at the wolf. "Hey now! I don't speak wolf, if you want something you gotta ask!" -02:37 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Once back by his side, Corrine leaned against Nikolas, feeling a bit more comforted... then the wolf had to jump on the bartop. "That's grody! You need to get off!" She waved her hands at the wolf "Get down." -02:38 Aug 26

    Another phone laying at Nikolas's feet starts to ring. -The Bartender

    Riiiiing! Riiiiing! -The Bartender

    Boozey: Nasty brown water? Was this guy serious? But wait... doesn't want any booze? But... that's just not acceptable! He quickly turned to the wolf again and shouted at him. " HEY! EITHER YOU ORDER SOME BOOZE OR YOU LEAVE!" -02:38 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Her styled hair was ruined, her makeup was probably smudged, and this little black dress was threatening to drive her to the point of insanity. How the hell was a girl supposed to execute a successful roundhouse kick to the head when she could barely spread her legs? She felt less so that she was wearing a dress and more so like she was wrapped up with duct tape again. Yeah. Again. -02:39 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Hearing the ringing, Nikolas jumped up and away from his stool, narrowing his eyes at the phone. He looked at Corrine, and then squat down to lift the receiver. Holding it to his ear, he said, "Hello," and waited. -02:39 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: The wolf turned first to the robot, mocking him by opening and closing his mouth as if to talk the same thing. Then his attention went back to the other and pinned his ears down in annoyance. Well, fine then! Jumping down from the bar he landed on the opposite side, right next to the bartender before looking up at them. Now then, dog food! -02:40 Aug 26

    There's answer... -The Bartender

    "...Is that antennae broadcasting Susan? No it must be working - the light is on!" The speaker pauses as another voice, a female, speaks in the background. "Why am I not getting anyone on the line?! There has to be something wrong. Hello? Hello, can anyone hear me? Please we need help!!" Loud thudding noises echo through the phone. "Susan! Barricade that door, NOW!" -The Bartender

    Nikolas: "Hello?" Nikolas asked. "What the hell is going on?" -02:41 Aug 26

    ....Beeeeeep.... -The Bartender

    And then static. -The Bartender

    Nikolas: Growling, though whether it was in annoyance or not Nikolas wasn't entirely sure, he set down the receiver and looked up from his squat. "That was a little too odd." -02:43 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: "Hmmmm?" Corrine looked down at him then at the phone. She must have missed it ringing this time. "What happened?" Her eyebrows furrowed slightly. -02:43 Aug 26

    Boozey: Boozey was starting to get mad. This new wolf customer had come into his bar, and was refusing to order. This went directly against his programming. Those who refused to order were considered evil and were to be hated. He rolled over near the bartender and looked up to the wolf again. "I said.... order some GODDAMN BOOZE, or you can LEAVE!" -02:44 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Hey Bartender... Got any extra clothes on you? Pants if that's possible. I'll pay, I just can't go back right now," Hiko said, hands on her hips, cringing at the feeling of beer trickling from the ends of her fiery red hair. -02:45 Aug 26

    Nikolas: "There was someone on the other line," he told her, standing. He couldn't make the frown leave his face. "They were... in trouble. Yelling about something, too. They didn't seem to hear me." He shook his head. -02:45 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Jate snorted at the robot, leering before lifting his leg and...you know what he did... Then he was tromping over to a booth and hopping up on the table, grabbing a rubber chicken there and using it happily like a squeaky toy. -02:45 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She was more concerned with the phone call more so then the pissing dog. She was gonna allow Boozey to take care of it, if he could handle such a task. "Oh um... You could probably look through those piles of stuff and see if there are clothes for you. God knows I need to get rid of them." She regarded Nikolas with a frown as well, although there was no way for her to help the caller. -02:49 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: After hearing what happened with the phone, Corrine was ready to leave.. this was just entirely too uncomfortable. She hated things like this. -02:54 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Well, it was better than this stupid dress! Muttering a thanks, Hiko dug through the nearest pile and fished out a pair of baggy tracksuit pants. "Heyyy! These are sweet!" she said to no one in particular, turning the red pants over and admiring the double white stripes down the side. She turned on her heel then and disappeared into the bathroom to wash up as best she could. -02:54 Aug 26

    Boozey: He had just been pissed on by the wolf, but luckily he was unable to feel, smell, or taste it. However, that didn't mean he wasn't aware of what the gesture meant. He was about to lose it completely, but then a thought accured to him, of how he could get this wolf to drink some booze. A small evil chuckle escaped him as he rolled into the back room. After several minutes of rummaging, he found a batch of canned dog food tucked away in a cupboard. He ripped open the can with his clamps and poured the contents into a bowl, then added a bit of beer into the wet mixture. Just enough to get the job done. He then rolled back into the bar area and over to the wolf, placing the bowl on the table next to him. "There ya go buddy, a peace offering... Now eat up!" -02:55 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Nikolas unconsciously touched his shoulder where his holster and pistol sat. It was enough of a comfort to know he could protect him and Corrine... but he wasn't sure about the others. He looked at Corrine and touched her arm. "Are you all right?" -02:55 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Jate was surprised the robot didn't come after him with a belt or baseball bat...both being on the floor. But! When he sniffed a few moments later his ears perked up and eyes went wide as they locked on the back door. Smells...like...oooooooooooo!!! When the food was placed in front of him the wolf burried its face in the dish, finishing off the stuff without even realizing he was totally screwed now. About a minute later Jate sat up on his haunches and burped loudly, licking at his lips a few times before swaying. Er...the heck? Why was the room spinni--hiccup!----hiccup! -02:59 Aug 26

    The Bathroom The floors, walls, sinks and toilets are made with white marble. Pillars and columns support the bathroom ceiling and the stalls are made out of a cream colored marble. Hand towels lay folded next to the sinks, with the softest toilet paper ever imaginable for the customer. The knobs for the facets are made out of gold, and the soap dispenser is made in the shape of a swan. -The Bartender

    The Bartender: Sighing, The Bartender shook her head. "You know for a Bouncer you sure are cowardly. Really makes me wonder if you are useful," she muttered under her breath. -03:00 Aug 26

    Boozey: His mission was complete with the wolf. He had succeeded in making it drink some booze. He made his way back to the bar, and would have had a big mischievious grin on his face if he had the feature for it. Upon hearing the bartender mutter about the cowardly bouncer, he grabbed another cold bottle of beer. "Nothing a little liquid courage can't fix." He then rolled over to Corrine and offered the bottle to her. -03:03 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: The wolf rolled over onto his back with a light thunk on the table, pawing at the air as if he were swimming upside-down. Suddenly he was back on all fours but two of those our were off the table...anddddd 'thud'! hiccup--hiccup--Rolling over he struggled to his feet and then ran full tilt right into the bar before falling over again. Damn that...r-robot...is gonna...g...get it! Soon as Jate could see straight!! -03:07 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: At first Corrine was hesitant about taking the drunk, but she did. Who could turn down beer? Soon enough she felt a little dizzy and was a bit more giggly as she clung to Nikolas. "I can handle anything!" Corrine shouted. -03:08 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: *drink >.< -03:08 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She begged to differ, although the Bartender didn't say anything. She set her laptop down on the floor and chewed on her bottom lip to keep from laughing as the drunken wolf rammed himself into her Bar. -03:09 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Seriously? Gold faucets? Hiko stared at then for a full two minutes before she decided she was too annoyed and lazy to steal them. Besides! She was perfectly fine with living a low class life...right? It took some unusual bending and it was good that she was so flexible, but she managed to rinse out her hair and dry it a little under the hand dryer, tying it back in a messy bun. Next she washed the beer off of her arms and hands. After that, she retrieved her pocket knife from her purse an tore away the bottom half of her dress. Now she looked like her usual self, a delinquent girl with a tight top and baggy pants, one pantleg rolled to the shin, the other to the knee. "Yeah. This feels right," she said to the mirror. -03:10 Aug 26

    Boozey: Boozey rolled back behind the bar, giving the wolf a look as he rolled by. Tonight was going well afterall for him. -03:10 Aug 26

    The phone that Corinne picked up not too long ago started ringing once more... -The Bartender

    [Neroth'na enters.] -03:10 Aug 26

    Briiiing! Briiiiing! -The Bartender

    Neroth'na: The door swings open out of nowhere to the scenery of a dampened cavern. From what can be seen, the walls are smooth, covered with what appears to be purple ooze. A shadow appears, slinking along at the rate of a human stride. He sits about five feet tall, two feet wide, and four antenna-like feelers rise from his flattened head. Talthoros is back. As he enters the door, what appears to be a floating hat a shade of red brighter than crimson sits about a foot in the air above him. As the door shuts, the hat is removed, revealing a small pseudodragon that shimmers a bright gold, white-gold feathers stretching down the length of its body, wings also covered with those feathers. A beaded string is wrapped around its neck, stretching down its belly to show a small lantern-like object with no light inside. Resting just above this string, however, is what appears to be a shining gold choker with a black jewel that would be one of the most perfect Onyx gems in existence. The dragon looks around a moment, smiling, before speaking in a high-pitched, strangely feminine voice, "Well, Tal, looks like we've made one more step back home." The dragon frowns down at the choker and tears it off, making it disappear into thin air. Before anything else is done, the hat is back on the dragon's head, once more making it disappear. -03:10 Aug 26

    [Talthoros Enters] -03:10 Aug 26

    [Neroth'na Is Away: to wait] -03:12 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Would it be up to her to answer the phone? Why the hell not! Corrine answered it quickly. "You better talk to me!" She said, trying to be stern. "The silence from last time was no fffuunn" -03:12 Aug 26

    "Hello! Oh my goodness you can hear me. We need help! We're at the Wilton News Station, and we're being attacked by some sort of creature! We're barricaded inside the anchor room, we think everyone else in here is dead - PLEASE HELP US!" -The Bartender

    Jate Regal: Jate blinked fuzzily as he got himself back to his feet again, burping once more before turning towards the new arrivals. Mmm...that one looks like...bacon!!! Dog's don't know it's not bacon! Bounding over to the large slug-type creature Jate jumped, sinking his teeth right into the things neck happily! -03:13 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Wilton New Station? Corrine blinked a couple times, having to think hard about where that was. "Please hold," she said in a secretary like voice. "Where is Wilton New Station?" -03:15 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: *news... -03:15 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Nikolas held up Corrine, a little concerned by how quickly and how drastically she was affected by the alcohol. The phone ringing pulled his eyes towards it, narrowing them. Corrine headed over there, and he leaned against the counter to wait. He glanced at the newcomers warily. He turned when Corrine spoke. "I think we need to know where Wilton is first, or if that's even the town the station is in," he answered. He turned to the Bartender. "Know anything about this?" -03:17 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She shook her head sadly. "I-I don't know. The Bar connects to many places, but you can't go to them. You can only exit from where you entered. Even if you knew where the station was, you can't go." Her eyes snapped to the wolf, rushing over to it. "No! Bad dog! You don't eat the customers!" -03:17 Aug 26

    Talthoros: "Squeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!" Tal immediately made his presence known to everyone. You see unlike his friend here he doesn't like feeling invisible. Remembering how much havoc he caused last time, he pauses, thought about it and, looked up to his partner. "Squeeek. Squeee." He then looked sown at hos Girdle of Giant Strength as if to let his friend know what he was talking about. -03:18 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "No where in Japan, that's for sure," Hiko replied, even though the question probably wasn't aimed at her. She'd just left the bathroom to find the bar as it always was - chaos. That wolf was drunk, the robot still smelled like piss, the bartender was busy with...whatever, some weird bug thing had shown up, and customers were answering phones that shouldn't even be ringing in the first place. But whatever, right? She'd seen stranger things. -03:18 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: "Thank you for waiting." Corrine leaned down against the bar. "We have a problem. There is no way I can get to that news station. The location is unknown to me." She nodded. -03:20 Aug 26

    [Talthoros Is Away: to contemplate and wait....*finger pyramid of evil contemplation* ] -03:21 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Glancing down at the bartender Jate huffed but let go, shifting mid-fall so that he could wrap himsef around the bartender like a spoiled brat. "But id...tase like bagon!" He pouted grumpily. -03:21 Aug 26

    Neroth'na: The obnoxiously loud squeak from his friend makes Nero look down with a grumble, though all anyone else sees is slight movement from that extremely bright peasant hat. Again, he takes it off, making it disappear to Goddess knows where, before grumbling at Tal's request to get off him. The little dragon does so, taking off gracefully from the top of the slug, his bright, shimmering wings flapping only slightly once he gets into a hover. "Alright," he says in a natural tenor voice with a slight English accent hinted with something almost Draconic, "Do whatever it is you wanna do. Just don't go hog wild with that new belt of yours. And I swear, you start walking around as a dwarf again, and I'll have to light you on fire." He says this playfully before crossing his little arms and watching almost expectantly. -03:22 Aug 26

    Boozey: Boozey rolled over to the newcomers Tal and Nero excitedly. More people to get drinks for! "Hey there! What can i get you?" -03:22 Aug 26

    [Neroth'na Is Away: awaiting the post that shall get your attention] -03:23 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Fire? What's this about my specialty? Well..." Hiko chuckled to herself, flexing her right arm, "Aside from asskicking." With a grin, she snapped the fingers of the flexing arm and a flame burst into existence, dancing on the tips of her index and thumb digits as they sat pressed together. -03:24 Aug 26

    The Bartender: "No, you do not eat customers! Bad! Even if they taste like bacon," she added as an after thought. "Now behave!" Grumbling darkly The Bartender moved back towards her bar. Why wasn't there more socializing going on tonight? -03:25 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Jate crawled up onto the bartenders back, content to just hang out there and tug at their hair with his teeth. Yes, drunk wolf's are entertained easily. -03:26 Aug 26

    A T.V. sitting on top of one of the piles of stuff suddenly turns on. It too is mysteriously unplugged. The screen is grey and static fills the entire Bar, but the images slowly come through. The room is filled with cameras and there's a podium in the center, and a city back drop behind it. You see two women, an elder and a young adult. Their backs are to you as they brace themselves desperately against the double doors. The doors themselves are being rammed against on the other side by a large mass, making dents and cracks in the steel. The creature's efforts are clearly heard through the T.V. as the women struggle to keep it out. -The Bartender

    Hiko Tachibana: "Oh sweet. TV." And just like that, Hiko was distracted, flame extinguishing as she dropped her arm back to her side and shuffled toward the TV to watch more closely. "Horror movie? Man, I LOVE horror! Well, aside from kung-fu movies." -03:29 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Phone still plastered to the side of her head, Corrine turned to look at the TV. Her mouth dropped open as she heard the banging through the phone and the scene playing out on the television. "I think I know where your news station is," she said into the phone. Not too sure if anyone was listening. -03:32 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Nikolas turned to the TV, his body language all defensive. What he was seeing fit what he'd heard on the phone. "Those women..." he said softly. "That looks like the situation I was hearing." He backed up to stand with Corrine. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn't think it was good. -03:33 Aug 26

    Boozey: Boozey suddenly started making a beeping sound. "Ah damn it. Time to recharge." He rolled back into the back room and pulled an extendable cord from what would have been his ass if he has an ass, and plugged it into one of the outlets. -03:34 Aug 26

    [(Logout) Boozey is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((03:34 Aug 26))

    The Bartender: Grabbing the remote to the T.V. she tries to turn it off but to no avail. "What the... It's not turning off!" -03:37 Aug 26

    The steel doors are suddenly pushed open, and a purple reptilian monster crashes through. The women are tossed backwards, skidding along the floor of the room. The creature eyes the elder woman and slashes at her. It's claws rake through her chest and stomach, her guts spilling onto the floor. She lays there dying as the other woman backs against the wall, horrified. Crying she realizes that she is the next one to die... -The Bartender

    Jate Regal: The werewolf hops down from the bartender's shoulders as they tried to turn off the TV. Tromping over to said TV he tilted his head, watching the blood and guts start to spill. Mmm...looks tasty...Leaning over he started to lick at the screen. -03:39 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: *in wolf form* -03:40 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: "WATCH OUT!" Corrine screamed into the phone then clapped a hand over her mouth, shaking her head slightly. This is no good. With a thud... the phone hit the floor. -03:40 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Whoa... That looks a little too...realistic, y'know?" the red-haired delinquent muttered. She was silent as the scene played, though after a few seconds she suddenly said, "I want to be there! I'd kick that alien's ass!" -03:40 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Get outta the way, you dumb wolf!" Hiko growled, placing one bare foot on the beast's head and pushing it away so she could see the screen again. -03:41 Aug 26

    Talthoros: Tal is frustrated at his friend. I mean after all, all he wanted to do was take off the belt. That required him to put on his new hat. It's even a Fez. his favorite hat. This is no ordinary hat tho... Yesterday, tal had some fun eating a bunch of purple gelatinous cubes. Inside one of thosse was two things. His new belt and hat. His belt is a belt of Giant strength, but this Fez. It is a Fezz of polymorph. When he puts it on, he transforms into something random, anything. Tal lets the hat slide up his tummy, where he stores it using his strong crawling muscles to the top of his head. The moment his new hat touches his head, he is no longer looking at his friend, Nero. He is now looking face to face with a man in his 20th story window. The human runs off screaming and and Tal is very confused. He looks up and notices that he has two enourmous horns. then he looks down... He now realizes that the bar doesnt have a roof. Oh no. My friend Nero will be very mad at me for this one -03:41 Aug 26

    Talthoros: [his is what he's turned into http://www.lomion.de/cmm/img/tarrasqu.gif ] -03:42 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: The wolf's head flumped tot he floor for a moment before he got up and turned around, looking at the others' foot. Ooo...feet! Leaning down he took the foot in his mouth and tugged a bit. Om nom! -03:43 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Hiko giggled and squirmed. "Cut it out! That tickles!" She leaned forward and wedged her fingers between her foot and the wolf's teeth, not really caring that said teeth were sharp and digging into her skin. She was as tough as nails, that woman.... Or maybe just a little thick-skulled. Either way, she pushed the beast's maw open and withdrew her foot, then flung herself at the wolf, wrestling it into a headlock. -03:46 Aug 26

    The Bartender: "MY ROOF! What the - What in god's name are you doing to my poor Bar!" Storming towards Talthoros, the Bartender didn't notice the next scene playing on the T.V. -03:46 Aug 26

    As the creature turns its large head towards her, a door knob appears in the woman's palm. For a second she remembers that there is only one door in this room and it was the one the monster tore through. Glancing over her shoulder she sees the door is made of wood. It contrasts sharply to the modern decor of the news room. The reptilian monster keeps moving, and the woman seizes her chance. But as she flings open the door and looks inside, she is stunned to see the Bar. The monster does not hesitate, and kills the woman with a savage bite to her neck. She drops, choking upon her own blood and the creature enters The Bartender's sanctuary... -The Bartender

    Talthoros: [ his Fez of Polynorph http://www.pageofreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/fez1.png sorry I couldn't resist] -03:47 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: the wolf was suddenly back in human form, taking the headlock with a loud growl. "Ayy! Lemmeo!" He struggled and rolled about, trying to get his head free of the crazy woman's hold. "Leggo vile bease!" -03:48 Aug 26

    The Bartender turns to look as her door swings open. The woman lays there, dying and the monster strides inside. Reptilian eyes survey the scene... His gaze stops on Jate and he lumbers toward the wolf, salivating. -The Bartender

    Neroth'na: "TALTHOROS!" Nero screams, zipping up to the top of the now 100 foot creature to look straight into his...eye, "I told you not to put on that hat! Granted, I just thought it turned you into a dwarf, but really! You are so immature sometimes! How will you ever repay the goddess? It is bad enough we can't seem to get home, and now look what you've done." At this point the little dragon's rants would remind one of an angry chibi. His paw-like hands are pointing fingers at the terresque as he pouts considerably. "Whatever am I going to do? You owe me, big time, mister! Now take that hat off this INSTANT!" He doesn't mean to be so angry, and after he finally finishes ranting, Nero realizes how much he's hurt his friend. He, too pouts. "I'm sorry, Tal. Just take the hat off, and we'll sing a song, okay?" -03:48 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrine stood there, shaking. What was she going to do? SO much for that liquid courage right about now. Instead, her mind when to Nikolas. He would know what to do. "Nikolas," she said softly and reached out for him. "Nikoollasss." Corrine stepped closer to him. -03:50 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Wolf in mid-headlock, Hiko glanced up from her task and stared ahead at the newest bar customer. Her eyes grew wide with surprise as she realizes this beast is coming straight for her. She dropped the wolf, err, man, and shot to her feet. "GAME ON!" she roared and launched herself at the alien creature. -03:50 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Jate looked up...and up and up..."Big..." Scrambling to his feet he bolted forward, his clawed hands digging into the creature's hide as he started climbing up it. "Ja dink I can't taste you on!" -03:51 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Nikolas stepped in front of Corrine, grabbing her hand and opening his jacket to grip his pistol. Dammit, when he gets into these scrapes, he was normally alone. Though, facing monsters like this one wasn't exactly the norm either. But even so, he couldn't admit he was scared... "Corrine..." he said, giving her hand a gentle squeeze. "I'll keep you safe, all right?" -03:52 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Even as he said it though, he wasn't sure he would be successful. -03:53 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Bare feet thumping along the bar floor, Hiko dodged the first two tables before growing annoyed with the task and instead hopped from tabletop to tabletop. On the very last one, she barely interrupted her flow as she crouched low like a frog and leapt upward, swinging a roundhouse kick straight for the alien's skull. -03:54 Aug 26

    The monster swung his head around to look at Jate, his eyes also moving up to where Talthoros' head was. Such a big creature, so much to eat... Suddenly it got knocked to the ground, stars swimming in his sights. Another human, how much he hated humans. Hissing, it rose to its full height of 10 feet, trying to indimidate Hiko. Talthoros wasn't considered a threat as of yet. -The Bartender

    Jate Regal: Jate growled and humped the giant creature for a second. Yes, he wanted feel dominant! Ha! Then he was jumped off it and running around to it's face, aiming a bite right at it's muzzle area. -03:59 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Landing in a crouch, Hiko grinned a little before standing up. But then the alien did something rather annoying. "Did.. Did you just CHALLENGE ME?!" Hiko roared, balling her fists at her sides until they errupted into flames. "You must be some kind of idiot if you can't tell just who you're fighting!" -03:59 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Was she just going to stand by and let people protect her. She was Corrine! Corrine the Bouncer! Pulling her hand away from Nikolas', she jumped behind the bar and began throwing glasses at the monster, not worrying about how the bartender would feel. -04:02 Aug 26

    He wasn't to pleased with the humping, snapping its jaws at Jate. He fixed Hiko with a big purple eye. "A challenge? Humans are no challenge for me. Look at that wo - " It howled in pain as a glass shattered on its eye. -The Bartender

    Jate Regal: Well, Jate had been about to bite the giant alien creature when several glass mugs hit him in the back of the head. Howling in pain Jate fell to the ground and turned, bolting after the thrower. Jumping over the bar he tackled the person, shifting to human form mid-leap. "Buttface head hurt!!" The back of his head was bleeding everywhere from those stupid cups! -04:04 Aug 26

    Nikolas: It was odd, seeing Corrine jump into action like that. Not odd as in she never does anything, but the determination to do something against the creature was oddly... fascinating for him. Shaking his head, he pulled out his pistol and shot off a bullet, aiming high to cause just one more distraction. -04:05 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Hah! Loser alien smells like poo!" Hiko cackled and delivered a mean kick to the creature's shin. But just then, her pocket started ringing and she slipped back a few feet to let the other take over the fight for a few moments while she answered her cellphone. Really? What a great phone company she was signed up with! Service even in a different universe! "Hello? What? No... No Mom I can't talk right now... No- Mom... Mom.... Mom! I said I can't talk right now!" -04:06 Aug 26

    [Hiko Tachibana Is Away: on the phone with Mom.] -04:06 Aug 26

    [Neroth'na Is Away: ] -04:06 Aug 26

    Talthoros: Tal at this point is absolutely pathetic. Who would have thought that you could feel sorry for a pouting terrasque, but it was apparently possible. Just as Tal is reaching for the hat he feels a mosquito bite on his foot. wait a second moquitos don't climb you... Tal looks down and notices that there is a hairy guy climbing him and decides to play. Tal reaches down but the little guy is quick. he finally catches him, by the back of his shirt as he's lunging at his face I never understood why humans wear this stuff...clothes, they call it. it's much more comfortable without them. He bringt the creture up to eye level and growls what does this guy think I am, stairs? I thought being called an illusion was bad He then smirks and bends down creature still between his two fingers, and puts him a little above roof level...and drops him. He then reaches up and takes off his fez and immediate turns back into a slug. he then starts to let his feelers dance as he slinks his way to the bar stool that he was so fond of last time. -04:06 Aug 26

    [Talthoros enters again --_--] -04:07 Aug 26

    [(Logout) Talthoros has logged out.] -((04:08 Aug 26))

    [Talthoros enters yet again. ] -04:08 Aug 26

    [talthoros ] -04:09 Aug 26

    Bouncer Corrine: Corrine hit the bar floor and looked up at the now human wolf. "Get off of meeee!" She pushed at him. -04:10 Aug 26

    Purple blood oozed out of its eye and a clawed hand was holding it. But he yowled again as the glass pierced his hand. The kick to his shin sent the creature to fall onto its ass. A shot was fire, grazing his skull. He was not dead, but dear god he was in agony. -The Bartender

    "I'll kill you all, just like I killed that woman." -The Bartender

    [Talthoros Is Away: awaiting post] -04:22 Aug 26

    Neroth'na: The playing with the human thing makes him laugh a dragonly laugh, and Nero has slowly allowed himself to lower back into the bar. "You know what we need?" he yells towards the alien problem, "MUSIC!" With that, a lute appears with a mic connected. Immediately, he starts playing a song one would recognize on Earth. "Can't touch dis!" His lute begins to play the exact rhythm of the song by MC hammer as he zips over the fight with the alien, the entire bar filling with the sound of his music. "You can't touch dis!" This song continues right until the first climb, where he changes his theme. Flying over to Jate, who has fallen to the ground, he begins to play the beginning of Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran, singing, "Dark in the city, night is a wire. Steam in the subway, earth is on fire. Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do." When the stream of "dos" come, multiple voices seem to sound from him. How, exactly this little dragon manages that, no one may ever know. -04:23 Aug 26

    The Bartender: Running back over to the bar, she started rummaging through her drawers, trying to find some sort of weapon. Panicking further as Jate jumped ontop of Corrine, The Bartender started hyperventilating. "No one is gonna die, no one is gonna die..." -04:26 Aug 26

    Neroth'na: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9I6QMyGiBU -04:26 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Nikolas saw Corrine fall and stepped towards the bar, firing off another shot towards the reptile. "Like hell," he called back to it. He looked at the bartender. "What do you need me to do?" He glanced at Jate, who was on Corrine, and walked over quickly to pull him off. His head was bleeding badly, and some was on Corrine. Nikolas gave the spots that had blood quick touches to make sure none of it was hers, and then looked up at her. "Are you all right?" he asked, concern laced into his voice. -04:28 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She glanced towards Nikolas, eyes flickering over his gun. What was that singing? Looking up she groaned when she spotted Neroth-na. "Really? We could die here and you're playing music?" She made a noise of disgust and said to Nikolas. "Shooting it in the head isn't gonna do anything. Um, try the belly!" -04:30 Aug 26

    Another bullet came at him, lodging itself into its arm. It screamed, slamming its great tail against the floor. -The Bartender

    Bouncer Corrine: "Mhmm, I'm okay." She took his hand and helped herself up, deciding it woud be best to not throw anymore glasses, instead she just repeated what the bartender said about shotting the monsteres belly. -04:31 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Glad that Corrine was okay, Nikolas nodded and straightened, turning and firing two shots towards the belly of the lizard, aimed in two separate locations. -04:34 Aug 26

    [(Timeout) Jate Regal was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -04:36 Aug 26

    Talthoros: Tal sways back and forth in his barstool, bobbing along to the tune. After changing like that he realized that he was thirsty as an abandoned well. He reaches across the bar to the bartender, who seems to be busy with some creature and taps him on the shoulder. when the bartender looks up at him Tal points at a bottle of purple stuff that looks to him like grape juice. He also looks back at nero I wonder if my Nero wants some hot cocoa. I think that's what he called it... he then squeaked loud enough to get his friends attention with his question. -04:36 Aug 26

    One of the bullets pierced the alien in the stomach, causing purple blood to gush out like a fountain. The other bullet embedded itself into the creature's genitalia. His eyes bulged wide, and although he was in pain he released a high pitched squeal. "... Mummy!" He tittered around, grabbing his privates. Slamming hard against the ground, it writhed about dying painfully. -The Bartender

    The Bartender: Knowing that she probably would continued to be bothered by the odd pair, The Bartender reached over to grab what Talthoros requested, tossing it to him. What poor Talthoros wouldn't realize was the bottle was full of purple wine. -04:39 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Ugh. Mothers. Pocketing her cell again, Hiko raced back into the throng of things, lifting her fists and taking up a fighting stance while she surveyed the damage that had already been dealt. ".....AWWWW! No fair! I didn't even get to use this!" she whined, holding up a fist glowing cherry red like the hot end of a stoker left in a fire. Hiko pouted then, unknowingly finally succeeding at making a cute face. -04:40 Aug 26

    [Neroth'na Is Away: ] -04:42 Aug 26

    Neroth'na: Ah...gotcha -04:42 Aug 26

    [Neroth'na Is Away: ] -04:42 Aug 26

    [Talthoros Is Away: awaiting post] -04:43 Aug 26

    Neroth'na: The music suddenly stops as the bartender yells at him about playing music. "You know," he says to her in a slight growl, "It's better than shooting my sized fireballs! All I'll do is burn down your bar. Do we want that?" When Tal squeaks about his cocoa, Nero smiles at his slug friend, shaking his head. "No, dear Tal! I must continue to boost moral! That is what bards are for!" With that, he zips right in front of the alien creature, beginning a new song. "It was a no-horned, two-eyed, evil purple people eater!" The music resembles that of Flying Purple People Eater with revised words. One of Nero's ever-favorites. -04:45 Aug 26

    Neroth'na: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVbGnspgy_8 -04:46 Aug 26

    The Bartender: Okay so the singing dragon did have a point. Gritting her teeth she allowed it to continue singing, glancing towards the dying alien. "Anyone want to put it out of its misery completely or just let it die?" Her eyes were cold; were there crow's feet around her eyes? -04:47 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Ooo! Me!!" Hiko gasped, waving a hand around in the air like a child excited to answer the teacher's question. "Err, I mean... I guess I could do it," she quickly revised, face a little red with embarrassment. -04:49 Aug 26

    [Jate Regal enters.] -04:49 Aug 26

    The Bartender: She gestured towards the alien, basically telling Hiko, "Be my guest." The Bartender kept her eyes upon the creature though, perhaps to watch it in the throes of death. -04:51 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Jate blinks and sits up, confused as to what had happened. He had passed out from the beer and really had too...er! Lifting his leg behind the bar he 'watered' the wood before tromping out from behind it to look around at what he'd missed. -04:51 Aug 26

    [Neroth'na Is Away: ] -04:55 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: Digging around in a pile of junk for a killing apparatus, Hiko paused, brow furrowed when her hand felt something familiar, something that gave her flashes of training with her uncle. Now, Uncle was a member of the local yakuza, which of course wasn't anything surprising considering Hiko's own father was the leader of a biker gang. So when she felt the unmistakable handle of a katana under his palm, her eyes sparkled and she grinned from ear to ear. With gusto, she yanked the sword free of the junk pile and whirled around on the alien. "To your death!" she cackled, rushed forward, and sunk the blade deep into the chest of the beast where she certainly hoped its heart was located. You could never be too sure with aliens though. -04:56 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: ((*her palm, :B )) -04:56 Aug 26

    It gurgled, fixing Hiko with a cold stare. It released one last breath in a hiss, blood dripping from its jaws. "You humans... Are the savages." -The Bartender

    Talthoros: Tal shrugs...er does the closest a slug can get to shrugging and turn towards the bottle that the bartender tossed to him. He studied it for a good little while before he pouts at the bartender because he doesn't know how to open it. He picks it up by the neck with his mouth ant tips it up, pitifully trying to suck the strange stopper off of it. He wiggled his head back and forth for a good minute or two like a dog shaking a bone. He finally hears a POP sound in his mouth as he unwillingly swallows the cork. The cork is immediately followed by the most bitter thing Tal had ever tasted in his life. Now when Humans taste something they dont like their face seems to pucker up. However when Tal tasted this nasty juice His entire body shriveled up. Tal thought it was pretty mean of the bartender to give him this. surely she remembers that I only like grape juice. She is mean As Tal oh so slowly regains his former dimensions he seems to glare at the bartender. Whats weirder is that hit four feelers drooped backwards as a new fifth one began to grow in the middle of his head between the others.... To some it would look like it was giving her the middle feeler. -04:59 Aug 26

    The Bartender: Seeing the piss on her bar, the alien dying in front of her, and the singing dragon and slug was all The Bartender needed to go balastic. Dragging fingers through her hair, she was close to pulling it out. "Get out... All of you," she breathed. "Just - Just get out so I can fix my temple - Bar! I need to fix my bar! Get. Out." -05:00 Aug 26

    Hiko Tachibana: "Well..... Duhh." Stupid alien. Hiko rolled her eyes and retracted the blade, found something to wipe it clean, and then set herself the task of finding the guard to go with it. "Hey Bartender Lady. You said you're getting rid of this junk, right? Can I have this?" -05:01 Aug 26

    Nikolas: Picking up Corrine, arms under her knees and shoulders, and holding her close, Nikolas walked towards the door. "Babe, if you decide to work... let's not have it be here, all right?" he said as he walked. -05:02 Aug 26

    Jate Regal: Jate flinched and whimpered, tromping over to the bartender and sniffing her leg slightly. Then he lifted his own and finished off a bit he'd missed before, before bolting out the door. -05:02 Aug 26

    [(Logout) Jate Regal fled in terror.] -((05:02 Aug 26))

    [(Timeout) Bouncer Corrine doesn't post enough.] -05:03 Aug 26

    The Bartender: "No," she said, seething. "I am... Cleaning. Nothing is for you to take." Her face was slowly taking on a shade of red. As Jate pissed on her she let out an ear piercing scream. -05:03 Aug 26

    [(Logout) Nikolas escapes to a secret lair!] -((05:03 Aug 26))

    Talthoros: [has to go. Damn shared computer] -05:04 Aug 26

    [(Logout) Talthoros is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((05:04 Aug 26))

    Hiko Tachibana: "Aw... Too bad. Take care of it then," Hiko chuckled, setting the blade down. She gave the bartender a little salute, and winked at the wolf, and then headed back through the door to her own world. -05:04 Aug 26

    [(Logout) Hiko Tachibana has logged out.] -((05:04 Aug 26))

    Neroth'na: The music comes to a screeching halt, and Nero actually growls. "Fine, human. You don't want help? Then I won't provide it...my patience is wasted." The sudden change of moods is rare in this dragon, but after spending twenty hours with a dwarf calling him an illusion...no patience would be left. Nero allows his lute to disappear, his paw suddenly flicking towards Tal. The slug's belt disappears, appearing much smaller on Nero's tiny waist. The pseudodragon then flies over to his slug friend, who is currently flipping off this bartender human, lifting him off the stool and flying right out the door, in hopes of going back to his own world...unfortunately, Partheus will still have to wait.... -05:08 Aug 26

    [(Logout) Neroth'na is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((05:08 Aug 26))

    [(Logout) The Bartender has logged out.] -((05:10 Aug 26))

  16. For the third night, I was Enrei, the wolf... dog... human... thing... person. I'm not sure he really knows what he is, anymore, honestly. o.o
  17. You have Talthoros's condolences. *helps fix roof* He acquired the Fez of polymorph and Girdle of giant strength in a game of table top D&D, and I had to bring them in.
  18. I was Marcus today. The usually more OCD sunblock wearing redheaded vampire. :D
  19. Stumbling, drunken, wardrobe malfunctioning noble woman Lady Kumi. *bows...and spills her drink on Tyler's shoes*

    Unfortunately she has the same first name as her model (Koda Kumi) because she was originally a side character in a onexone roleplay over msn. I wasn't as creative with names back then :/

    Previous characters (in order): Kaelyn Nakano from the roleplay Kazeyama, Masao of Bikanel from a Spira onexone roleplay, and Hiko Tachibana from Our Strawberry Wild Summer.
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  20. Kasst :3