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  1. My best friend, Kelly R. Michaels, published a book last year called Archer of the Lake and right now she is holding auditions for readers. She has posted the first two chapters for free on Wattpad, so you can take a gander and see if it's anything you might be interested it. If any of you all would like to audition, you can do so here. There is an opportunity for payment if you are selected.

    A brief synopsis of the story:

    "Caelfel Gyssedlues is a young she-elf at seventy-six years old, the youngest known elf in her woodland city. A highly skilled archer, she was picked to join a certain hunting party to defend their forest from goblins. All is well until she chances upon Feraan, the most hated elf of Honey Water. She breaks royal decree by saving his life and finds herself constantly at odds with her people and a dangerous tracker. She is often forced to defend herself and her family simply because of her decision. Meanwhile, she finds herself becoming closer to Feraan, perhaps even falling in love, but the longer she knows him, the more apparent it becomes that Feraan's enemies reach beyond their elvenkind. Soon those enemies come searching for him too, putting Caelfel's life in even more danger."

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  2. This is so cool ;A; I want to audition but I'm not sure my parents would let me (and I have a crappy microphone).
  3. I would love to audition, however I can't find the link to upload my recording?
  4. Just a second and let me get in touch with Kelly. She is the one who set it up, so she should be able to help you. :)
    Nothing wrong with asking your parents first! Worst thing that they can say is "No." :)
  5. I sent this message to Kelly and she responded: "I think that you will need to make an account with acx, which will be rather simple if you already have an Amazon account. They are connected, so it should take only a second."
  6. @Jerelin
    Yeah, I figured that out after I posted. xD But thanks! Unfortunately the site wants bank account information and tax information. >.< Which I could give but ughhh that takes time. >.<
  7. Really? That's so odd. o.o

    @Polystical : After fiddling around, that is for payment. It's not one of those sites that try to get you with some sort of subscription, which I worried about as soon as you brought it up.

    I don't know why my text is big there, but I couldn't make it go away. >.<
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  8. Never mind I was just doing it wrong. xD
  9. Haha! Story of my life right there. xD
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  10. Would have been fun to test out, but considering how much I switch between American English, British English, and Swedish(ish?) accent when I read in English, I doubt it would go very well xD Plus lots of fantasy names... Which will make weird accent changes even worse xD (Totally tried to read the first few pages just to see how well it went.)
  11. In all honesty, Kelly would love that. If anything, you should record it and I could send it to her privately if you don't want to be too serious about it. :2
  12. I do have to point out, those names are hard as fuck to pronounce. I can never get them right the first time, even in my head orz
  13. Everyone pronounces them differently. xD She honestly doesn't mind if they are 100% correct or not. My pronunciations are completely different from hers, but some of them she likes. Granted... I can never pronounce the last names Can't even try. D:
  14. Sal'Sumarathar and Gyssedlues trips me up every single time. I haven't a clue how to pronounce Gyssedlues
  15. Hmm, I might think about doing that. Signing up to a website just for a one time thing that I might not even get, and not completely sure if I want to go through with yet, seems like a bit of a waste. But at the same time it seems fun just to try to see what happens and if someone thinks I'm good enough xD. I might send it to you, and then we'll see what happens after she responds. :3

    I kind of wish she hadn't given anyone a last name, cause they all seems to be the hardest. Gyssedlues, Llychlin, Auvrearaheal... I'm gonna put as much Swedish pronounce into them as possible just cause it's impossible to pronounce anyways :D
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