Auction RP

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  1. Um, I don't really want it to be in the thread but I was thinking about the plot so here it is:

    ( I can be wither the product or the buyer...)
    There were only about 20 people there, you were waiting in back waiting like the other girls, the only thing one covering your bare body, a robe.

    When it was your turn to go up in the stage, you sat down on a chair, you headed murmuring. The annocer told them your name and told them what you were capable of doing. He also warned them that you can be fiesty at times. Then the bidding Began. "$200" you heard one call "500" said the other "$700" the man said again and the other person sat down, another man stood up saying "$1000" you eyed the man.

    "Going once" the announcer said "going twice" he paused "And she is sold!" He said taking down the stage to your new master. What awaits you...?

    (( if you want to rp, you should be okay with abuse and stuff like that. No character deaths, I swear))
  2. I'm interested in this, hon. ♥
  3. Awesome! Okay, so first off do you want it to be pm or thread?
  4. Hmm... let's do thread. Also, could I be the girl that is being bought?
  5. Okay, but your okay with absue and stuff right??
  6. Haha, of course. ♥ Should I message you?
  7. Sure!