AU pokemon apocalypse

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  1. First off, I'm not very experienced with GMing. I've tried a couple of times on another forum, and didn't care very far so if anyone has any ideas, or would like to help me runt this please don't hesitate to ask/ offer. That being said, I'll admit I don't have very much in the way of a plot, yet, but I'm working on it, and again would be happy to hear any suggestions.

    Everything was good in the land of pokemon until everything changed. Something came down onto the land like a shadow from something sinister. It was an evil, which corrupted humans and pokemon alike, transforming them into much stronger, corrupted versions of their previous forms. Those changed lost their humanity, and became nothing more than creatures of mindless aggression with unrivaled power. Attacks from regular pokemon, and even human weapons did nothing, but aggravate them. Worst still those who are attacked by these abominations, and survived, were cursed to endure the same horrible transformations.

    Our characters will be born with a mark, and we'll each get a pokemon(who'll we'll have met some time in the past). These pokemon will be stronger than the others, and will be able to evolve differently; they'll be able to transform into their higher forms, and then back once the fighting is done. Maybe they'll have an additional form, or two, after their traditional final form. Their attacks will be the only effective means to battle, and destroy the corrupted souls. On top of the regular moves they'll learn as they level up, or are taught, our partners will have two additional attacks that'll be unique to them. Maybe their abilities will be different from the ones they normally get.

    Again, this is still a work in progress so any ideas or comments would be very much appreciated.
  2. Sounds like something I would love!

    Would I be able to get an Oddish, Ghastly or Eevee? (I know, I'm a traditionalist... :p)
  3. Ohh~ I like this idea! Sounds intriguing though not my usual niche :3
  4. Is anything going to come of this??? :o
  5. Oh wow. I didn't know this had gotten any interest. I didn't check because I assumed the site would alert me >.<
  6. Maybe something with that?
  7. Hi Franco! So are you interested in this? I'm happy with any ideas or suggestions. Really I just want to do a pokemon AU rp. =)
  8. This sounds amazing~!
    I would totally be up for this :D
  9. AWESOME! Do you have anything you'd like to add, or are you happy with my original idea?
  10. I'm amazed with your idea. So not going to change or add anything :D
  11. Oh. Thank you ^.^
    Well then, I guess I'll start thinking of a plot, a CS, and anything else the rp might need to survive, while we wait for others to join in.
  12. This seems interesting! I dont usually go for apocalyptic themed, but this seems to combine Digimon/Pokemon/KH which equals a happy fan girl. Are the pokemon in the picture you posted going to be the only choices? A lot of them dont evolveis the only reason I ask
  13. OH no. I don't think there's going to be a limit of selections. I just found that picture and put it up to see if anyone would be interested in something like it since I wasn't getting a lot of responses for my original idea.
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  14. Well count me in!
  15. Alright! That's two people, three including myself. How many should we have when we begin? I think five would be a good number. Would that work for you guys?
  16. 5 sounds good :D
  17. Cool. So then just two more people and we're good to go ^.^
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