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  1. Location: team Nova 3 Flagship
    Date: November 23, 2090 (Earth years)
    Time: 1100 (Earth Time)
    ETA: 1 hours 30 minutes till arrival

    Dexter was located in his cabin, staring off into the vast emptiness of space. It's not unlike him not to ponder when he was alone, isolated from people. Sometimes he just need to be alone and and recharge. Being on this ship For so long wasn't as easy as they made it seem. It 's been Six mouths since the start of the voyage, Six long months of being locked up aboard this ship. The journey whittled away at his patients, making him more anxious as time slowly passed by, but deep down inside Dexter was also slightly afraid. He was going to be one of the first few to settle on a new planet, filled with new creatures and unknown dangers.

    (adding more tomorrow)