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  1. In 2009, Scientist discovered that Earth support for life is slowly dwindling away. For years, Humans have been over consuming its natural resources, depleting most for the sake of their own good. Increased birth rates has led to Overpopulation. In turn, this has led to mass deforestation of about 65% of all forest on earth. With increasing demand on products, the number of factories built raised. With clean energy unable to cope with the increasing demand of power, led to a heavier reliance on fossil fuels. With more fossil fuels being burned, greenhouse gasses levels in the atmosphere rose, leading to a sharp increase in global wide temperatures, and depletion of the ozone layer. Scientist scrambled to find a solution to reverse the failing conditions, but to no avail their attempts failed. Some even resulted in acceleration of the conditions.

    With nowhere else to turn, world leaders looked to space for salvation. For the sake of humanity, in 2010 the countries of the world came together and collectively working on a Joint Space Program. Over the course of 70 years, they manage to develop the necessary technologies need to safely travel beyond their solar system. On august 16, 2080, The United Nations Space Exploration Command or UNSpEC was formed. Task with the operation of searching for a new planet to inhabit, code named “Operation Phoenix”. They launched several Planetary Analysis drone into the depth of space, in hopes of at least one can find one planet that was able to sustain life. It took the 10 years for the drones to answer their fears. Only one planet was found during their travel, planet X07N56A or Atum. With This news the development the Space fleet begin. Several small Frigate class crafts and Transport crafts was developed beforehand, 3 was sent to investigate the planet. These ships was code named Nova.

    Nova 1 was sent out first team to be sent. The biggest out of the 3 groups, Composing of 4 small Frigates and 2 medium sized transport ships, a crew total of about 400 personnel. Besides conducting reconnaissance and mapping of the planet, they was also tasked with constructing the primary Headquarter, just in case one of the other teams ran into trouble. Nova 2 was the second group to make the journey, composed of a much smaller unit of 80 personnel, they was to set up a smaller base and recon in the western hemisphere. then there Nova 3 to make the last voyage across space, made up of the same number of personnel as Nova 2, also tasked with the same just in the east. They was unaware of the danger about to befall upon them. Nearing entry to Atum, the shuttle was stuck by passing meteoroids, sending them uncontrollable hurtling towards the surface. Crash landed and stranded on a unknown planet, unaware of what lies ahead.

    I'm looking to gather interest roleplayer in a Roleplay that me and my friend are going to be doing soon. I'm also looking for Opinions (positive only please) and constructive criticism. If you feel there an gap that should be addressed, please don't hesitate to tell me in a question.

    thank you ^_^
  2. I might want to take apart in this. It's interesting to say the least and everything involving science interests me. This concept can go many ways it can either end up as another cliche which I've seen a lot of or something new and exciting. When landing on Atum I suggest the characters should be put into a vast world, not just some barren wasteland or small planet but they should be dropped into a monstrous one. A planet that could fit several earths within. They should endure severe climate change superior life forms etc. It be pretty cool if the place was corrupt. You can do a lot with this it has potential.
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