Attractive Reunion


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7056831_orig.jpgIolani was in the supermarket, her one earbud in her ear. Robin Thicke was singing in her ear about love and kissing. She walked around the shop aimlessly, her mind drifting off as she tried to look for junk food. Junk food was her weakness. She had a fast metabolism, always losing the calories she munched on hungrily. She licked her glossed lips, as she grabbed chips, cookies, and even Princess themed fruit snacks. She sang along with Robin Thicke heavenly, and in a soft voice as she grabbed what she was looking for. Iolani loved to draw, it was something she was amazing at, as well as singing.

Why actually, in her mini-batman book bag she had a drawing pad, with the eyes of the man that has been sensually haunting her mind. God, he was gorgeous. As she walked around the supermarket, she kept looking around at every dark hair man. She only drew black and white pictures of him, not able to capture the color of the man that bewitched her mind and her artistic hands as she drew.

She was afraid to get any of the color wrong or way too right. She knew she might be crazy, looking around for a man in the New York City that looked exactly like the man in her drawings. She raked her hair, placing all of her things in a little basket, and she was on her way toward the spices. She wore short black overalls, and a bright blue t-shirt underneath, with bright blue sneakers on her feet as her bright gray eyes scanned the aisles as she looked for paprika.
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Ayden had no desire to be at the supermarket. He was only here because his roommate Jeff had sent him to get milk and bread. If it had been up to Ayden, he would have stayed holed up in their apartment and pining over the same girl he'd been seeing in his dreams for a month. He didn't even know her, but she was beautifully haunting and he could feel himself slowly slipping into insanity. He was normally a pretty level-headed guy, but something about these dreams set fire to his heart and ignited thoughts he hadn't felt in a long time. He'd been to busy for girls since Rachel. How could he feel so close to a girl he'd never seen before in his life?

Ayden pushed his cart to the refrigerated section of the store and lazily wandered down the aisle, grabbing a carton of low-fat milk. He made his way over to the aisles of junk food, not sure why he was headed in that direction. He wasn't fond of junk food himself, it made him feel slightly nauseous. He tapped on the handle of his cart as he walked, thinking of everything else he needed to get done, since he was out already. Just as he turned the corner, he stopped in his tracks, staring in front of him, gaping. It was the girl.
[the picture of the guy is so adorable, but in my mind I pictures a muscular man. x3]
Iolani bumped into a cart of some citizen who abruptly stopped. "Oh!" she gaped, her earbuds falling out of her ears. "I'm so sorry that I--" she stopped speaking once her gray eyes looked into Adyen's beautiful emerald eyes. It was him. He was just like the man in her pictures, all of the seven notebooks she spent doodling in for the past...however many weeks, months, maybe even years. When it came to this man, she would draw him for days, staying in her room and not coming out. Days meshed together, almost like when the sun was setting and all of the colors meshed so perfectly.

Her heart thrummed loudly in her ears, "Wait," she told him, seeing how he just stared at her in shock. She took off her bookbag, and opened it. She opened her drawing pad, and gasped. She even dropped the pad on the floor in complete shock. She bit her bottom lip, wondering if he already thought of her weird. She didn't mean to act so shocked. Surely he looked like the guy...but was it even him? "I'm Iolani," she murmured lightly, giving him a soft, shy smile.
"Uhhhh...." Was all Ayden could say for a second. Could this really be her? This girl looked identical to the one from his dreams. He glanced down at the drawing pad that had fallen to the floor and his eyes widened a fraction further. It was him, drawn in vivid and minute detail. Had she been....? That was impossible, wasn't it? He took a deep breath before he looked back at the girl, Iolani she'd called herself, and smiled back warmly. Why did that name strike so many feelings into the very core of his soul? His heart suddenly felt a million times lighter now that he'd finally seen her, like she was someone he'd known for years and years.

"Ayden," He replied finally. "My name's Ayden." he felt the strange desire to lean over and kiss her, and scolded himself internally. You are not impulsive, He thought to himself. But was this what love at first sight felt like? Is this why he'd ended up at the grocery store today, been pulled toward the junk food aisle? Instead of feeling freaked out he just felt calm and grounded, like everything in the world was right.
That fits you perfectly," Iolani murmured with a soft giggle. "You know with the whole fire and your hair," she trailed off feeling stupid as he kept rambling. "I'm sorry that I came off as odd, see I," she bit her lip. She didn't know how to explain herself for the odd actions. Her soul wanted to erupt with raw emotions and be one with Adyen. Why did she feel like this? He was a mere man! No, he was more than that. She felt as if he completed her. She never knew that she was only half of a human, until her eyes laid on the man that has been covering countless papers. She decided to pick up her drawing pad, and closed it as she placed it in her bookbag. "I should get going before I make a further fool out of my self."

Iolani nodded off, feeling her heart sink as she walked away from him. Actually, she found it difficult to breath. As if he was the reason to her living, her existence. She licked her lips, feeling her throat and lips dry up the further she got. A shake of her head kept her mind rolling, getting dizzy. She stopped moving, leaning on a nearby shelf as she gained her balance and vision. "Ayden," she let his name slip off her lips, loving how it sounded. Her body felt strange, not being in the vision of Ayden's. Her body wanted him. No. 

Needed him. And so did the very core of her soul. Lived for him.

And she had a feeling he lived for her too.
Ayden watched Iolani go, feeling completely torn. He felt immeasurable sadness, as if he were losing his will to live, to breath, to think. But he barely knew her, so how was he supposed to go after her and tell her that he never wanted to let her out of his site? His mouth opened to call out to her, but he promptly shut it, sighing and calmly reminding himself that doing that would be overstepping a huge line. She was the one that walked away, and he wasn't going to have any heartbreak over it. But in his heart he knew his mind was wrong. He needed this girl like he needed the air he breathed. His chest tightened as suddenly he watched her collapse against a shelf. His name fell off her lips like a million rays of sunlight and suddenly he could no longer contain himself.

"Iolani!" He called, rushing towards her. "Don't go."
Iolani stood up swiftly, but lost a bit of her balance. Once Ayden was close, she was perfectly fine. More than fine. "I won't," she promised him. The way he spoke to her was if she was the only one he wanted to talk to, ever. The way they connected without knowing one another's past, present nor planned out future. Everything was okay, because they found one another.

She promised him not just now, but for eternity. Always, forever, and past the end of time, was what she promised him. She promised she'd never leave his side. Her phone then rang loudly, singing Rihanna and Drake about taking care. Iolani jumped, but didn't answer. She knew who it was, it was her roommate, who was gay--Iynn. "Ayden, I have to go. I'm so sorry, I can't be late to the--wait. Please tell me you're not busy tonight? My friend Iynn is throwing a party at his club tonight and invited me. Could you please come? As my date, I mean. Don't worry, I...I won't be mad if you decide not to go," she rambled. She just met the guy! 

She noticed how Ayden's expression changed when she mentioned another man's name, and reassured him that she was basically asking him out after their odd, but thrilling encounter. She prayed he would say yes because she lied about bot getting upset or sad if he declined.
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"Of course I'll go," Ayden answered without a second thought. Iolani's rambling was adorable, and suddenly Ayden couldn't stop smiling. He almost couldn't believe this was happening, that he just got asked to go to a party with the girl of his dreams. Literally. His mind strayed for a moment at the thought of her beautiful body possibly in a tiny, tight dress. He shook his head to clear it, once again internally scolding himself. For the most part he prided himself on keeping degrading thoughts of women to a minimum because they deserved more respect than that.

"I wouldn't miss the chance for the world," He added honestly. He still didn't understand why, but he wanted to be anywhere Iolani was, right by her side. "I'll give you my number and you can text me the directions." Ayden suggested, holding out his hand for her phone. A slight thrill built up at the thought of having her number. It was so strange to be so connected to someone he'd just met, but Ayden was feeling to complete and happy to even question anything about the strange encounter.
Iolani fought the urge to jump into Ayden's arms. She grabbed her phone from her pocket with a shaky hand and placed the phone into his hand. "I'm glad you can go, Ayden. It'll be fun, I promise you that. Just tell the guy at the front Lani sent you. He'll let you in," Lani licked her lips as she imagined him in fancy attire. In nice printed slacks, with a maybe a blazer. God, he would look so sexy! 

Iolani cleared her throat and mind as Ayden gave back her phone. "I'll be waiting, see you soon," she murmured as she rose on her toes and pecked his lips. If she would have moved her lips just half an inch more, her lips would have been on his. She needed to get out of here, or else she'd pounce on him. She walked over to the cash register and paid for all of the junk. Then it hit her how he saw her and all of the junk food inherent basket. She was already embarrassed! Now? She was downright annoyed with herself.

She noted to herself to text him later tonight. Only in a couple hours would the party start. She now had to change her outfit to please Ayden. She wanted his eyes on her all night. Which wouldn't be hard, because they were so strongly connected.

-two hours later-

Iolani texted Ayden the directions and address of the club, as she air dries her hair in her room while music played loudly. When she walked away  from him the second time, her heart sank but not as bad. Only because she knew she would see him soon. Her heart jumped, imagining what he would be wearing. Iynn knocked on her door, telling her to hurry soon because he didn't want to be late to his own party.
Ayden smiled when he got Iolani's text, and quickly scanned through the directions. The party wasn't too far from here. He'd gotten dressed already, dressing his best to please Iolani. He liked to look nice, especially to please a woman. He continued to keep his mind free of inappropriate thoughts about Iolani, but it felt like he was attempting to climb up a sheer rock cliff that almost went completely straight up. She was possibly the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen in his entire life, and he definitely wanted to do many things with her. He'd been going crazy since their almost kiss, but he held it in, trying not to bother Jeff. Speaking of Jeff, he was almost as excited about the date as Ayden was. He couldn't stop going on and on about how he was so proud of Ayden for finally landing a chick and how Ayden was going to 'get some.' Ayden just rolled his eyes good-naturedly and slipped on his gold watch that had been given to him by his widowed mother on his 18th birthday. Once upon a time it had been his father's.

Ayden strolled out to his car, whistling an off-tune version of some old song from the 60's that he couldn't remember the title of. He opened the door to his shiny silver sports car, got in, and imputed the directions into his GPS before driving off. He marveled at how far he'd come from when he'd lived as a child in some tiny town in Illinois near a tiny mine where all the boys had worked. Those had been good days, but he sure didn't miss being dirt poor. He'd gotten a book published about a year ago, and it funded most of his expenses while he worked at a part time job in a psychiatry office. He bobbed his head to the beat of an AC DC song playing on the radio as he neared his destination. After ten minutes of looking for parking, he finally found a spot and pulled into it before getting out of his car and locking it. He walked up to the doors and smiled suavely at the bouncer.

"Lani sent me," Ayden told him, holding out his I.D. for the man to check. The large, mustached man nodded stiffly and waved him in the doors. Inside, Ayden looked around for Iolani, but couldn't see her among the throngs of dancing people. He debated calling her, but she probably wouldn't even hear her phone over the loud, steady thrum of the blaring music. He sighed and resigned himself to at least 20 minutes of wandering around aimlessly, looking for her. For some reason, he felt a sense of melancholy sweep over him. He needad to find Iolani.
Iolani practically jumped out of Iynn's Buick. "Hurry up Iynn! I have a date!" she yelled as she gave a hearty hug to the bouncer. The man actually smiled at Iolani, loving how gorgeous and wonderful she was. Iolani was looking mighty fine as well which might have helped her not get shit for people still waiting in line as she easily got in. 

Iolani wore a tight, black dress. One shoulder, and plain. It stoop right at her mid-thigh and look wonderful with a yellow blazer that had a short hem. Laid right below her breast, and was a quarter sleeve in length. Her dress had low cleavage, only wanting Ayden to see her like this. Her curls flowed freely around her back, stoop around two inches above the beginning curve of her butt. Let's just say she had curls Kim Kardashian would kill for, and an ass that wouldn't quit.

Her heels made her five inches taller, and they matched her yellow blazer, and thin yellow eyeliner she placed only on her top lid. She prayed she didn't look like too much for Ayden. She couldn't help it! As she tried perking her chest up a bit, she wasn't looking and bumped into none other than the man that shook her to the very core.


"Oh, we've got to stop meeting like this," she told him with a seductive smile on her lips.
Ayden was stunned speechless. Iolani looked absolutely stunning and her tight dress was beginning to make Ayden's mind short circuit. He held his hands tightly at his side, feeling himself burning up with sudden lust. He attempted to stare at her face instead of her very droll-worthy cleavage before giving up and pulling her into a hug, hoping he would have a moment to think. When he did though, he was immediately worried that he was being too forward. He hoped not, because she smelled absolutely divine and having her in his arms just felt so right. He still couldn't quite form a coherent sentence, so all that came out was a slightly husky "Damn."
When Iolani got a good look at Aydn's outfit...she couldn't help but feel a spark ignite within her. She felt like a gust of wind wanted to knock her out senseless. She licked her lips as he hugged her, her stomach doing two flips back to back. On an empty stomach, that didn't help! She looked up at Ayden and was suddenly nervous when he said damn.

"I-I-is something wrong with my outfit?" she immediately asked him, hugged her left arm self-consciously. She bit the inside of her cheek, wishing she should have wore her emerald outfit. It had two inch straps, and brought out her bust not as much. She looked down at their feet, feeling as if she shouldn't have tried so much.  Her heart sank below with her stomach of acid, wishing her ship would just hit a rock already. 

"I'm sorry, I guess I tried too hard," she murmured softly for only him to hear. A man walked past, doing a double take when his eyes landed on her. She noticed and was confused. She didn't want that man's attention, she wanted--needed--Ayden's attention. 
"Hey, don't look so sad," Ayden smiled reassuringly, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. He didn't want he to be sad, it caused an ache deep inside his chest. "You look gorgeous. I was just..." He searched for the right phrase. "A little speechless and stunned, is all. You took my breath away, Iolani." It was true. Everything about her made his head feel pleasantly clear and bright and warm. And she set his very being on fire.

"And just so you know," Ayden added. "I tried really hard for you as well." He finished, hoping this statement would cheer her up. "I'm still not sure why, but this date tonight means the world to me." Ayden coughed awkwardly, realizing he'd just said WAY too much to someone for a first date. He held back a frown, hoping he wouldn't scare her away. He really just wanted to take her in his arms and carry her somewhere far, far away where they could be alone and do everything with each other, learn everything about each other. A tiny bit of fear rose up in him. How could he be having these feelings so soon? He could understand the attraction, maybe, but this went so much deeper than that, into some unknown place that neither of them had dared to explore.
Ariel blushed on cue once he said she made him speechless. "I was never one to fall for silly and quirky lines, but I guess I'll make an exception for you, Ayden," she told him with a giggle. He made her knees feel like wild waves, just wanting to buckle out from underneath. She felt light as a feather, free as the wind. Which was ironic because she was standing still in front of Ayden, nit even moving.

Her heart wanted to hug Ayden with it's arteries as arms, veins as weak legs. He felt the same way too, for sure. (I JUS REMEMBERED HER NAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE ARIEL.)  Ariel was fully convinced that his heart beated for her, the way her's did for him. She didn't know the reason as well, but she didn't care because she knew she loved the outcome.


"You didn't have to try hard, sweetheart. Trust me. You being here was already more than enough," she confessed to him with a soft smile placed on her delicate lips. "Come, dance with me?" she asked him, her gray eyes pleading him. She took his hand, dragging him slowly to the dancefloor. Once they were on the dancefloor, she placed his hands on her hips as her butt laid perfectly on his pelvis. She started to move and groove, grinding with Ayden. A tingle went down her spine, up her legs to meet in the middle of her in excitement.
Ariel was grinding up against him and Ayden lost all ability to think about anything but the feeling of her body pressed hot and flush against his. He groaned, attempting to move in time to the beat of the song so he wouldn't look like an idiot. Later he would be thinking about everything she had said about just being with him being enough and tell her he felt the same way, but now his mind was to clouded with lust to think coherently. Through the haze he realized that he knew the song playing and began to sing along in her ear, breathlessly and off tune.

"Woa-oh, I want some more, Woa-oh, what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Say goodbye o my heart tonight." He sang reaching his hands around her waist to pull her closer as they grinded together. "God you're so sexy," He groaned, unable to keep the thoughts from spilling out of his mouth. Ariel affected him like no one else had ever before and he thought he might just burst into flames from the sheer amount of lust and deep connection he was feeling. The heat surrounded him, sending tingling shoots of fire through veins all over his body. Ayden had never felt so alive in his life.
Ariel was shocked at how he learned her dancing moves so well. She was glad that he couldn't see her face, because she was burning up! Completely rosy in her cheeks, and ears. Once he started to sing it sent waves to her stomach, and a tingle up her spine once more. Surely he was off-key, but he sounded so sexy whispering in her ear. She had no reason to complain once his arms wrapped around her body. She let her bottom sink into him a bit more, wanting him to make sure she wasn't messing around tonight.

Once he called her sexy, it was a wrap. Lust was already pushing it's way into her, but not it was fighting within her. With love. They stopped fighting, and just meshed. She could feel  heat radiate off of him, from his hands and his amazing voice. "Ayden...the things I'm thinking about probably don't even compare as to what you're thinking" she murmured back to him in a seducing hushed tone.

She was starting to regret coming here, and not just asking him to come go on a date in her home. She could have cooked for him, or more like just fixed her bed at least.
"I hope you're thinking what I'm thinking," Ayden swallowed roughly, adam's apple bobbing. "Because if we don't do something soon I think I might burst into lustful flames."

All his blood was rushing south and the heat was so welcome yet unbearable at the same time. He couldn't believe she was possibly having the same thoughts he was. He wanted her so bad, for more than just lust. It might have been extremely crazy, but somehow he loved this girl and felt he knew her so entirely. He wanted to have everything with her. So he suggested something daring, praying she would accept.

"Why don't we go get a hotel room," Ayden suggested. "I'll pay, and we can be alone for a while." He was momentarily distracted as he gave in to the pressure of her grinding hips and ass, and began softly kissing her slender neck, trying to persuade her.
It consumed Ariel and all of her five senses. Tingle shot from the tips of her toes, all the way to her heart and her wet entrance down below. She stopped dancing, and turned her face to see his soft lips, and his bright eyes.

She noticed how his eyes were clouded in lust, something along the lines of love. No. Something even greater than that. "You're right. I might combust into a big wave of lust as well," she breathed. Finally she found it hard to breathe.

Not in a necessarily bad sense, but because she was so turned on! She noticed how he was actually stiff down below, or at least starting to become stiff. She felt it on the rear curve of her ass. She wiggled gerbils faintly, to make sure it was real. It was.

Her neck was an extreme soft spot for her, including her lower back, and hips. Once he started to kiss her neck...her first reaction was a shocked gasp. She placed her hand up over her head on the back of his  neck, pressing him further. Her head went back, as she tried to bite down on her quivering bottom lip. "H-how about...we split the cost and keep it for at least till noon tomorrow?" she asked him, knowing their lust and love for one another wasn't going to last a while...

It was going to last all night.
"I have no trouble paying for things, Ariel," Ayden chuckled against her neck as he continued kissing, hands grasping tight against her hips. "Unless you are going to insist on paying half, I have no trouble footing all of the bill." He added softly. He would give the world to this girl, cross the fiercest desert for her, swim the largest ocean. So, in reality, paying for a hotel room was no problem.

"And we can stay as long as you wish." He really just wanted to go, because he was starting to get so hard it was almost painful how much he wanted her. He took her hand and spun her around into his arms, leaning down to finally press his lips to hers in an explosion of heat. "Come on, let's get out of here."

He hoped he could make this night last forever, because even forever wasn't enough when Ariel was concerned. But somehow, Ayden knew they had a long time ahead of them, plenty of time to be together.