ATTN: Gamers! E3 2010 is wrapping up! (Coverage inside!)

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  1. Belle

    "Oh that's the truth." She smiled slightly "When he rescued me a few years back, you know, from that little compound..." She swallowed hesitantly but allowed a faint chuckle to emit from her "He got in without a single trouble, but the moment he tried to get me out..." she shook her head and whistled low "So much trouble on that poor man. It was almost funny."


    "A little bit." She giggled lightly, prsssing her hand up to her lips "Come on, I suppose we shouldn't post pone this any longer."
  2. I don't think my internet will handle gamespot's advertisement bombardment tactics.

    So just spill the beans if there's any news on MGS: Rising & Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


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  3. *Is so happy right now*

    I was really hoping they'd make Rising a slasher.

    And LoS looks like it's becoming a longer & longer game.
  4. In all honesty, I couldn't care less about Zelda. They kept hinting that this was going to be a departure from the tropes of the old games (or as I like to put it, the same game they've been updating and re-releasing for a couple decades now), but as is Nintendo's tendancy, they've gone for the lazy option. Though the Kirby game is a step in the right direction, I will admit.

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood looks interesting, however. I was skeptical when they announced multiplayer for the series, but they're taking a unique approach to it. Just hope it actually plays well. I'm already psyched about New Vegas, it must be said. And I'm thinking The Old Republic may well be the first MMO I'll ever really get into.

    Now, Kinect. It's Microsoft trying to break Nintendo's hold on the casual gamer market, but hell, it might just fucking work. They have a solid line-up and the technology's got a lot of possibilities. Sorta like the Wii at the start.

    Hopefully Microsoft won't fuck it up like Nintendo did.
  5. Eh, the Wii overall is good.

    Personally looking forward to Fable three. Kirby sounds cool, and Legend of Zelda games have a habit of being good.

    3ds sounds kinda like the future has started jumping into real life again.

    In all likelyhood the only one I may end up spending money on would be Fable 3 (damn it coming out just after my birthday!)
  6. fable three fothermuckers.

    oh,a dn lets not forget the space marine 3rd person game.

    that will smash and rip! tear everything
  7. Belle

    She smiled halfheartedly "Mortimer Whittaker, clumsily saving people for Cloak since the last near decade." She paused and nodded slowly "Right. Task at hand. We know about Vic Nygma, we are going to speak with him later. Now we should just focus on the task force. Okay. That should be easier."


    She shrugged as they walked together "Besides, it'll be nice to see Belle. Even if I'm still suspicious."
  8. The press conferences this year were so underwhelming (or just made me want to find the nearest baby and punch it in the face, in the case of Microsoft's). O_o Which is strange, 'cause the actual games that were either debuted, or were shown looked fantastic.

    Even Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 looked like a blast, after you get past the initial revulsion at Fatshark's blasphemous inclusion of jumping into the game.
  9. Jumping? In Bionic Commando?

    Show Spoiler
  10. Belle

    She grinned "I sort of wish there wasn't so much romantic atmosphere. I brings drama especially with Ray and Blair. I think we would almost be better off if they were all strangers to each other."


    (That's how I imagine it)

    She nodded her thanks and stepped inside. She forgot how normal it looked. She stepped in and noticed the stairway for the level down. "Down below we go."
  11. Gwen

    "I don't know...this makes me quite unsettled." Her gaze inspected the hall in front of her. She saw two figures ahead and one of them began to wave. "Ah...Isabelle my friend..."


    "I wasn't that bad..." she mumbled, flustered "i really wasn't." She smiled and shook her head "You mean me walking over the side of the rail?" She grinned then saw what she thought was Jason and gwen ahead. She waved.
  12. Chaos if you ever read this Metroid Other M is actually suppose to tie up the gap between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. Other M is really not part of prime at all *well I got this info a few weeks ago now so not sure if you already herd or not, or if someone else posted about it... oh well should stop thinking now* anyway From what I herd is that Metroid Other M is suppose to come out on August 31st 2010 *I know it isn't needed but I put the year in anyway.*
  13. Mmm delicious Wii ripoffs~
  14. Nintendo won, so many good titles and some that were surprising. Sony should have saved more surprises. Microsoft, well. Maybe have some more interesting games with Kinect at least instead of all that goofy crap? Skittles? The dancing nerd? Not as bad as Ravi playing the drums for Wii music but still pretty sad.

    Oh well, MS did have more titles that interested me than Sony. That upcoming Castlevania for XBLA looks to be interesting.
  15. Hellz yeah.

    Castlevania co-ops!
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  17. what's betting they fuck castlevania up? isn't Hideo Kojima on the payroll for it?

    expect longer-than-gameplay-time-length cutscenes to break up the good adventuring action!
  18. *Lowkey been dying to get more Carrie and Quinn bonding time...*
  19. Arthur smiled* “Of course, Infact all of my siblings are here. We wouldn’t miss the upcoming events for anything.”

    Alexander smiled as he rubbed her weak spot* “I have about an hour left, I can’t waste any time.”