(Attn: Advanced Writers) Brothels and Arranged Marriages

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1. I'm a sporadic writer. Work and home life, ya know? I post a minimum of once a week, but sometimes can post daily. If I can't post for a few days I will always warn you. I ask that you post a minimum of once a week as well.

2. Plot before porn. I like my smut all fine and dandy but I'm plot and character development driven*. So let's keep it classy, mmk? (*My recent obsession with brothels might make it more plot=porn...not sure yet...)

3. I prefer advanced writers, as I see myself somewhere in that category. I can post anywhere from a few paragraphs, to monstrous posts. Depends on the scene, my mood, my inspiration, etc. Quality over quantity, I suppose: I don't demand the whole kitchen (including the sink!), but I demand that you express the character, the surroundings, etc. Give me something to work with, and engage me. I'll try to do the same. I want to get into your writing, I want to really be eager to respond and channel my characters!

4. Communication. I actually like getting to know my RP partners. Weird, right? So, I like frequent (doesn't have to be daily, and it doesn't have to be "bowel movement schedule" intimate either) chatting and getting to know one another in PMs.

Haven't scared you away yet? Awesome! Here's the clincher: I'm only looking to start ONE new roleplay right now. So I can only pick one person!! I'll apologize in advance if I turn you down, but I'm looking for just the one story line. Perhaps I can take on another in a few weeks once this story gets settled, but we shall see...

Now the good part! I have various ideas, some fleshed out, some not so much.

1. Brothels: Brothels set in 1700's pirate-era islands, brothels set in Victorian England, brothels set in the 1800's Wild West, brothels set in medieval-fantasy worlds... Any of those settings make me happy. Any combination of characters makes me happy. I ask for whomever is interested in these plots to double up on characters. I prefer to play female but happily play male as well. I really enjoy having a main couple and a secondary couple where we reverse the sex we play, so we get to play both genders. Spices things up for me. But there's so many things to do with these plots! Nobility, low class, forbidden loves, jealousy, murders, dangerous secret-selling business, Madam get's some lovin', etc! So what do you say? You buyin? ;)

2. Arranged Marriages: I'll make a disclaimer about arranged marriages: I will only do them in Medieval Fantasy, High/Low Fantasy, and Victorian settings. Now, I have a few ideas for these. I've got one where I play the male whose been hideously scarred. A sort of rift on Beauty and the Beast, if you will. Another idea is the alliance between two unlikely groups: a warring one and a peaceful one trying to avoid war. Warrior princess meets scholarly prince? Or vice versa. Opposites are so juicy.

So! Please send me PM's if you're interested. I'll stalk you accordingly and figure out if we might fit well together!
Not open for further replies.