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  1. Sifting through things in the dusty, dirty attic, Lee sneezed as a small puff of dust flew into her face. Damn dust... But, she figured that this was going to be well enough. The attic was spacious enough, and they said that she could do what ever she wanted with the place after she had cleaned it up, but... It was still so weird, so odd. So... Not her room. This wasn't her home, this wasn't where her family resided, err, well technically some of her family did reside in this house, but she hardly knew them. She didn't know much about them or their history, didn't know what they had been through. Hell, today was the first time talking to them!

    But, at least they were nice enough. Then again, Lee knew that that could also just be a result of them feeling pity toward her. To pity her because she had lost everything. Her parents, her brother, her house... Why did she have to leave and hang out with her friends that day? Why couldn't she had been at home. Maybe then, maybe had she not been out, she could have done something about it.

    No, she doubted she could have done anything about it. It was a gas leak, and how was she, or anyone else, supposed to know that that would happen? One day they were happy, laughing among each other as they sat around the table for breakfast, and then all of a sudden all of that was gone. As if it had never existed...

    Lee sniffled a bit, wiping at her nose as she shook her head. Tears were beginning to sting in her eyes as the pictures of her family ran through her mind, and it wasn't because of the dust that picked up. "Stupid gas, stupid explosion..." She wiped at her eyes before throwing down a rag she had and sat down on a box. Her aunt, or the woman who was said to be her aunt, said that they would go shopping tomorrow for some new clothes for her, as well as just a few things that she could have for herself. They would get her all new things, so that she could feel at home here.

    But the problem was she didn't want to feel at home here. Not out in the country. She wasn't used to the open space, she wasn't used to it being so quiet. Honestly it was quite stifling, but she knew she was going to have to get used to it. She had to.

    A sigh escaped from her lips as she ran her fingers through her hair, her eyes turning to look up at the ceiling. What was she going to do? How was she going to get over this? She'd just have to keep moving on. Huh, wasn't that what her father always told her? She had always been a daddy's girl, never ashamed to admit it either. But he was gone now, who was she supposed to run to to talk to?

    "I just... Don't know what to do." She took a deep breath before standing back up, figuring that she might as well get back to work. At least it'd keep her mind off things for the time being. So she started picking things up, wondering whether or not she wanted to keep it or throw it away, flinging things back and forth, keeping things in their place. But when she came across a lamp, the
    intricate designs on it captured her attention. This looked... Nice, something that she could keep in her room. It might look nice, but the dust on it wouldn't do. So walking over to the rag she had dropped earlier, she started to rub the the dirt away.
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  2. Azel had resided inside the lamp for hundreds of years, just waiting for the right person. Lee's Aunt had bought the lamp because she thought it would look wonderful in the living room. But she never got around to decorating the living room the way she wanted, so the lamp was stored up in the attic for years, only collecting dust. After Lee rubbed the lamp, it began to glow a dark yellow light. Azel had been asleep all those years just waiting for someone. And then the lamp began to shudder and shake as the light began to get brighter. And soon the lamp floated into the air from Lee's hands and there was what seemed like a cloud of dust. And then Azel appeared. He yawned and stretched, "Finally! I've been trapped in that cramped thing for hundreds of years!" He says and then looks around. He finally spots Lee. "You!" He says going over to her and then hugs her. "Thank you for setting me free! I've been waiting hundreds of years for someone to rub that old lamp." He says to her. He noticed that she looked very confused. And then he bows. "I am Azel and I am at your service." He says and then stands straight up again. Leaning on his cane. He noticed that she was still giving him a weird look.

    He sighs, "Right...right...this day and age people probably don't know about things like this." He mutters to himself. And then with a snap of his fingers a quill and what seemed like a contract appeared out of thin air. "Well then, since you rubbed the lamp, that means you are now my mistress- meaning I belong to you. I am how you say magical..." He says trailing off trying to figure out how to explain. He then goes over and began to dig through a box and finds a book. The book title was Aladdin. "Aha! This should explain everything!" He says as he goes and shows her the book and flips open to the page where Aladdin finds the genie. He points at the genie, hoping that she got what he was trying to say or explain. "Now then, all you have to do is sign the contract and voila, I am yours." He says to her as he places the contract and quill in front of her- more like it was floating in front of her.
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  3. When the light started to form from the lamp, Lee's breath hitched, causing her to pull the rag away as she light continued to get brighter and brighter, too bright for her eyes in fact. She squinted her eyes, and out of her own surprise she dropped the lamp, but instead of hearing a clang that she expected to hear from the object hitting the floor, she head nothing. She opened her eyes back up, staring in wonderment as the lamp began floating, the thing beginning to sparkle as the designs over it still continued to shine. What then...

    Quickly she covered her face as a cloud of dust was blown her way, coughing as a few of the particles escaped into her mouth. She waved her hand around, trying to blow the dust away so that she could properly see again, but as the little smog dissipated, and as the girl tried to get her bearings together, she was enveloped into a hug. She tried to pull out of it, and when the figure let go of her body she frantically took a few steps back, sending her to trip over a few boxes that were still in the middle of the floor. She went crashing down to the ground as the image of the man cane into her vision, her mouth opening wide as she stared at him, puzzled. Who the hell was he and where did he come from? "At my... Service?"

    When he passed her the book, muttering something under her breath she sat up and looked over it, instantly
    recognizing the Disney classic that was Aladdin. Oh, how she loved that move! But was he... No, that couldn't be true. He couldn't be a genie, that was only a fairy tale, something that wasn't real. "Whoa, wait a second. You can't be a genie, those aren't real!" When the contract and quill were placed in front of her, floating, this situation only became more confusing to her. "What are you trying to pull, who are you? H-How did you even get here?" Had he been hiding in the attic? He had to, because there was no way he could have come from that lamp. No way... She stood up and brushed herself off, her brows furrowed.
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  4. Azel noticed that she was still confused. He lets out a sigh when she threw a bunch of questions at him. "As I said I am Azel. I came from inside that dusty old lamp that you rubbed. I'm not trying to pull anything. That's how the rules go. A genie gets a new master or mistress once the old one is happy enough to release them from their contract and then they are sealed inside the lamp until someone else rubs it- which just so happens to be you by the way." He says to her with a smile. "We genies can wait hundreds if not thousands of years for a new master or mistress." He adds. But He noticed that she wasn't believing anything he had just said. He sighs and then began to pace the attic trying to convince her. But instead of walking on the floor, he was walking on thin air, so he was floating there as he walked. "There is gotta be a way to show you that I am a true genie." He says. And then an idea pops into his head. "I know you are not under contract yet. But wish for something- anything your heart desires. And you don't even really have to say I wish either. But there are some rules to wishing though. Like for instance you can't wish to bring someone back to life, ect, ect, ect." He says to her. If she did what he asks, hopefully this will prove to her that he was a genie. If not then he would have to figure out another way to show her, he would probably transport them to a different country or something. Just to prove that he is a genuine genie.
  5. Lee blinked, albeit a bit dumbly as she listened to him prattle on about how he was a genie and how he had waited for years, thousands of them even, to wait for a new master. This all sounded exactly like that Disney movie had been, but would the outcome be the same? "I think I'm beginning to lose my mind," she spoke, mostly to herself as she crossed her arms, shaking her head as she scoffed. This had to be some type of trick, this had to be a joke that the family was pulling on her. Maybe they weren't as nice as she had previously thought...

    But when the floating man challenged her, she narrowed her eyes at him. Anything she could possibly want, except for the few things that he had said were against the rules. She was actually pretty heartbroken about that, one of the first things coming to her mind being her family. She wanted them back, she wanted to see them again... "I wish for... A piano." It was a simple wish, she knew, but why wish for something crazy when she didn't think it could happen. Besides, the next thing that popped into her mind other than her family was a piano. That was something else that was very important to her that she lost in the explosion. Sure, most people didn't think she would be the type of girl to like that instrument, but she did. It was so lovely, so calming... Yes, that was what she wanted. "A grand piano. I you can somehow make that 'appear' then I'll believe you. Maybe." Her tone was challenging, as was the look she gave him.
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  6. Azel smiles, "As you wish." He says and then snaps his fingers. As soon as he snapped his fingers, a baby grand piano appeared in the attic with them. "Voila! There is your piano." He says to her with a smile. "Well now do you believe me?" He asks her. "If not, wish for something else and I can get it." He says to her with a wink. He was hoping now that she saw that he poofed up the piano that she would believe him and sign the contract. He could tell that she was still skeptical about him, and this made him very unhappy. "Well I suppose that since you don't believe me and you won't sign the contract, then I shall just go back to sleep in my lamp, waiting for someone else. I suppose." He says with a sad sounding sigh and frown. "And if you do change your mind, just rub the lamp again." He says and then goes over to the lamp. He touches it once and then disappears back into the lamp. This happened for two reasons, 1. Because he didn't have master or mistress and 2. Maybe, just maybe she will believe him and want to sign. But either way, he was stuck back in the lamp until either she rubbed it again or he got someone else as his master or mistress.
  7. When he snapped his fingers, Lee hadn't expected anything to happen. She hadn't expected for the baby grand piano to appear out of nowhere, looking brand new, as if they had just brought it back from the store or where ever they had gotten it from. It was... Amazing. But was it really there? True, it was standing right in front of her, right there for her to take, right there for her to play! But was it actually there?

    Maybe she was just too skeptical for her own good.

    She walked, hesitantly so, over to the piano and ran her fingers over the keys, half expecting for the object to just slide right through her fingers like it was just an illusion. But it didn't. So she pressed one of her fingers on one of the keys, thinking that maybe to get rid of this ruse she had to press down on it harder. Again she had expected it to go away, but instead she came to face with the noise that permitted from the piano, causing a gasp to come from her lips as she quickly pulled her hand away as if she had just been burned. So... It was real, this thing was actually real! But how had he done it?

    Lee turned to look at the man as he started speaking, but as soon as he escaped back into the lamp she blinked. He sounded so sad... And that made her feel bad. Quickly turning her head to see if the piano was still there, thinking that with him gone that would be to, but it was still there. 'Oh boy...' She picked the lamp back up again and rubbed it, waiting for him to come out. "Okay, I... Believe you." She winced at her own words. How could she admit to something like this, something that seemed so fake? "And the contract... What's the catch? Will it have any negative effect to me? Will I get hurt, or die?" She furrowed her brows. "If not... Then I'll sign it."
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  8. Azel came out of the lamp and looks at her. He was glad that she was going to sign it. And then he looks at her, " Well first off, I just don't give you three wishes and poof you're on your way. I give you as many wishes as you want. You become my mistress until you either decide to release me from my service with you or I could be with you for your entire life and I am released once you pass on." He says to her, trying to explain things a little better."And Who ever came up with the idea that Genie's only give three wishes was very unwise." He adds. "And no, I don't get your soul or anything like that in the end. If that is what you are thinking. It's harder to should I explain this? about this...what I get out of it is life and see if a genie goes too long without making any wishes, they end up fading away into nothingness." He says trying to explain the best he could. He stands there leaning on his cane wondering if he had explained it the best he could and waits to see what happens. But he figured that she would sign the contract since there wasn't any negative effects on her. He watches her closely and watches as she signs the contract. Once it was signed, it disappears in a cloud of smoke. "Well now, since I am yours now. What would you like?" He asks.
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  9. She listened to his explanation, answering the question that she kept in her mind of whether or not she only had three wishes like in the movies, thought it did take her surprise that she could have as many as she wanted. She could keep him for as long as she wanted, she could have anything that she wanted! Something still felt off to Lee, just knowing that she could have so many things, knowing that he would have to listen to her request since she was his 'mistress'... Though she was still unsure about it, about having that title, about knowing that she kind of controlled him until she was finished. It almost felt wrong.

    Taking a deep breath, she reached out and took the quill, signing the contract though retracting her hand back as it puffed away at a cloud of smoke. She blinked, looking up at the genie with furrowed brows. "I don't need anything right now. I just have to finish cleaning up this attic so that I can have room to sleep in here before tonight." She shrugged her shoulders before she started moving over to a box, bending down so that she could push it over to one side of the room. "Oh, and please don't call me mistress or anything like that; I don't need a title, and it'll just feel weird. Call me Lee." She turned to look at him, giving a bit of a smile before going back to work. "Besides, you may say I own you now, but I don't want to feel like I do. Just feels weird..."
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  10. Azel was just happy that she signed the contract. He nods, "Alright, then I shall call you Lee." He says with a friendly smile. He watched as she began to move things around. He then gets an idea, "I can help with that, just to save you time." He says and then snaps his fingers and everything was out of the way and organized neatly. "I hope you don't mind that I help." He says to her and then he floats across the room and leans against his cane. "Well since your room is all done, why not wish for something. If you want we can do anything or go any where in the world." He says, hoping to give her some ideas. And then he is silent, still leaning against his cane. Then the sound of rain hitting the attic window is heard and thunder roared in the distance like an angry lion. Lightning flashed quickly across the sky. He then floats over and up to the window. And then he looks down at her, "It's going to be a bad storm." He says to her. He then floats back down going back to leaning on his cane in the corner of the room. Then he decided to speak again, hoping to give her some ideas on what to wish for. "Once a young girl that I had as a mistress, wished that she was a princess and so be it she was." He says to her. He was hoping he was giving her some ideas. "Oh and a young boy once wished that he was a famous singer." He adds. "But those are just examples, you can wish for anything you want, you can take your time." He says with a smile and then leans against his cane once again.
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  11. "Well you don't-" But before she could get the rest of her sentence out, Lee had found herself flailing her arms around in the air, trying to catch her balance only to fall onto the ground, stomach first. She groaned before tilting her head to look up, her eyes a bit narrowed as she looked at the genie. He could have at least waited for her to stop leaning on that box before he moved everything... Nevertheless, at least everything was clean and organized, probably a lot better than she could have made it, but still she would have liked to do it on her own. It this what this was going to be like from now on? Him doing things for her all the time, always asking what she wished for?

    While most people probably would have found it great, Lee found it a bit overbearing, or overwhelming to put it in better terms. Sitting up, she ran a hand through her hair before flinching when the thunder sounded around them, booming. She hated storms, though she would never admit it. Her body still tense though, but when the genie started speaking again she turned her attention back to him, trying to distract herself from the noise that was permitting from the outside. "A princess? A famous singer?" She scoffed at the idea. Why would anyone want to be either of those.

    "If you could give me my old life back that would be perfect, but that can't happen." She paused, the thoughts of her family running through her mind again. "I don't... really need anything right now. Nothing that you can give me anyway." She stood up then, shaking her head as she walked over to one of the boxes as she sat down on it. "How many people have you had? Or at least done this for?" It was a random question, yes, and not a wish, but she was curious.
  12. When she asks about how many people he had serviced before, he places his right index finger and thumb on his chin. He began to think about what she had asked. He was leaning against his cane still. "Hmm...too many too count actually...I've been around for about 600 years or so..." He says to her. And then he begins to count on his fingers and she could literally see the gears in his head turning. "Give or take a few years, but I have had a person for every year that I have been alive." He says finally giving her a straight answer. There was noises coming from the stairs, as if someone was coming up the stairs. It was Cat's Aunt coming up the stairs. With a gasp, Azel then transforms himself into a mouse and he scurries behind some boxes. There was a knock on the attic door and then her Aunt enters the attic. She looks around and then smiles at Cat. "I see that you've been busy up here, well I came up here to tell you that dinner is ready." She says to her. "But you can come down any time to get it. Oh and if you need anything, just let me know or your uncle." She adds and then leaves the attic. Once her aunt was gone, Azel appears back in human form. He noticed that Cat was staring at him, "What? no one, but you, is supposed to know about me. So when others are around I'll either transform into some animal or go back in my lamp." He says floating there.

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