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  1. Well, seems with this site here I open a new chapter in my book. So I greet everyone who wants to participate in ze writenings! (This is written like that intentionally, I assure that!)

    Hmm, what is there to tell? I am actively RPing on a forum for a bit over a year now. (Fallout:Equestria anyone?)

    Before that I was active in LARPs with friends and the occasional session of pnp.

    A member of this very site (Shout-out to Winter!) actually brought me here. I looked through the boards and was quite impressed with the amount of professionalism. Everything seems worked out quite nicely and just...fits.

    Truth be told, having a new character every thread will need time getting used to seeing how the site I came from works under a different system with character progression in multiple threads.

    But! I decided to give it a try, curious cat I am. Just hoping that in this case I get not killed by it.


    When it comes to RP, I am pretty much up for anything. Mostly interested in Fandom RPs though (Pokemon, Mass Effect, MLP, Fairy Tail, the list goes on.)

    The only concern I have is time management. Depending on my mood and current happenings in RL, my posting speed can range from some posts a day to some posts a week.

    That said, I am happy to be here :)
  2. Well welcome to Iwaku! I think you'll fit in nicely here. ^^ Good luck finding somewhere to flex your writenings! ♥
  3. I thank thee kindly! And I assure that I will soon enough, just some RL stuff to handle in the meantime and reading through the latest news on here as well as current happenings.

    A world of fun awaits however and I am eager to jump into it.

    Time will tell what happens :)
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  4. Welcome to Iwaku!! Glad to have you apart of the community! If you need any help, someone to chat with, or someone for a potential rp, let me know! Always happy to help. ^.^'~
  5. First of all... Caramel Dansen. I approve.

    Secondly, hello Ahri lookalike. I approve of that pic as well.

    Thirdly, I will need some time to get settled in and to properly understand how things work here. Then and only then, I shall use the One Ring to take control.

  6. In response to your statements, in order.

    I am glad you approve!

    I didn't know who Ahri was for a really long time, but she fits my persona very, very well.

    And if you need any help getting settling in, don't hesitate to ask.

    Beware yourself, or you might end up loosing that ring all together. ;)
  7. Heh~

    Ahri is a charmer, playing with her prey. If this fits your persona I am quite intrigued.

    Thanks for the offer :) I am more one who quietly lurks and reads though. Usually takes longer to settle in but it will be worth it afterwards.

    Patience is a thing.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, I hope u enjoy your stay, and sorry about such a late post. work really puts a crunch on my free time, but i like to post on new arrivals if im not in mid rp. so, here i am ^_^ if you ever have any questions or would like to just chat, please feel free to message me anytime! Oh, and please don't be offended by this copy and paste message, being usually crunched for time, i find that this works well, its quick and covers everything in one shot.

    normally id offer up an rp, but if fandoms are your thing, i know someone who is always looking for fandom and show-based players. so if ur interested, let me know and ill send you to them
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