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  1. Jason

    "John and I did some light sparring." He went over. "It's not that bad." A part of the wall fell off as he said that. "So, who's first?"
  2. Blizzard

    "Light?" She inquired, concern flooding her voice "I don't want to see intense sparring from the two of you." She shrugged then and looked to the Hunter "Gentlemen first."
  3. Gwen

    She noticed the people with her take a step back and she was considering it until she felt a small push from Belle. She blinked "Uh, I guess I could?"
  4. D'awwwwwwwwww, they are all so tsundere.
  5. Asmo knows things no other people should.

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    The Oracle told me.
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    I agree with... what was just said...
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    She smiled sheepishly "Thanks Jay." She glanced through and saw that Blizzard had won the spar by pinning Belles hands and feet with ice. She promptly helped her back up and they both shared what sounded like a laugh before heading back up

  12. Why does Orochi know how Rory smells? o_o
  13. Jason

    "Without a doubt."


    He went over and wrapped his arms around her to help warm her up.


    "So, who's next?"
  14. Jason

    "I guess therein lies the problem, I think anyone would want to. You all seem very apprehensive about it. We can hold back."



  16. History & Culture Overview

    In 4507, planet Earth was destroyed by an uprising of warfare and nuclear warheads. This travesty was dreadfully dubbed "The Cleansing". The intolerance and hatred had finally consumed humanity, leaving them to a fate of the worst degree.

    The remaining 32% of the population that survived knew that Earth was no longer sustainable; thus, they gathered all remnants of their race's history, boarded their ships, placed themselves in chryogenic-freezing pods, and punched in the coordinates for the Karboxic Galaxy. It was there that they landed on planet Arbonus in 1120 AC (After Cleansing).

    Depiction of Arbonus:


    Depiction of the Karboxic Galaxy:


    Arbomites, the original natives of Arbonus, welcomed humanity with open arms. Luckily for our survivors, adapting to the conditions of Arbonus were bearable with the Arbomites' guidance. The greatest change that humans had to adapt to was living underground in the Catacombs, receiving less exposure to the sun, and Arbomitian cuisine.

    Depiction of Arbomites:


    Depiction of the Catacombs:




    Depiction of Catacombs (panned out view):


    Arbomitian housing was (and mostly still is) crafted within the foliage, caverns, and fungi that flourish in the Catacombs. Arbomitians tend to change the structure of nature as little as possible; at times, it is difficult to tell when a certain sight is inhabited or not.

    Depictions of Arbomitian Housing:



    A majority of their food and power comes from the Catacombs itself. Arbomites and humans feed on the fungi crops, while also fishing for creatures out of a river that runs through the Catacombs like a giant network. Not only does this network provide water for the civilians, but it also serves as irrigation and fertilization for nocturnal plants. This saving grace is called Kilabock River, though most just call it the river.

    Depiction of Kilabock River:


    Though the underground Catacombs is quite peaceful and prosperous, the surface of Arbonus is extremely dangerous. The surface is filled with malicious creatures, deadly plants, erratic weather, and undrinkable waters the color of crimson red.

    Surface weather can be divided into three basic categories: Abominable, Scorch, and Indigenous. All are equally awe-inducing, though those who experience it first-hand rarely return to speak of it. Civilians are heavily discouraged from treading onto the surface.

    Depiction of Abominable Weather:
    (to be revealed at later date)

    Depiction of Scorch Weather:
    (to be revealed at later date)

    Depiction of Indigenous Weather:
    (to be revealed at later date)

    Of course, the question of reproduction between Human and Arbomite was the first of several. Conveniently enough, Arbomite physiology and DNA are very compatible and thus they are able to reproduce. Their offspring are referred to as Amalgies (derived from the term Amalgam).

    However, Amalgies are usually a result of ceremonial worship within a group of religious extremists, not love and marriage. Their practices are normally looked down upon by society and seen as a cult. These worshipers are labeled as Zealots, which can contain members of all species.

    Depiction of Zealots Symbol:


    Zealots worship Idneus, Deity of Longetivity and Sacrifice. Zealots believe that "Idneus Seed" is only found in Arbomites and bestow this as a gift onto their offspring. Zealots specifically reproduce Arbomites with Humans or Arbomites with Arbomites. Never Human with Human. "Amals" is a slang
    and offensive variation of Amalgies.

    Depiction of Idneus:
    (to be revealed at later date)

    Most Amalgies are said to be raised with an inflated self-image, though it varies. Amalgies are also known to have an intimate connection with the Catacomb's life force and creatures, but they are physically the same as Humans skill-wise. They look strikingly similar to Humans, aside from being somewhat taller, sporting a blue skin complexion, and a pointed tail.

    The presence of Zealots poses as the only source of tension within society today. Some are followers while non-followers (or in Zealot terms, Sybarites) long for the group to disband.

    This resistance group dubbed themselves as Unity Fighters; despite their title, Unity Fighters only use violence as a last resort and prefer to protest religious extremism peacefully. There are also neutral parties, who try to avoid religious conflict at all times. Of course, that is a feat in itself, since the prejudice and distrust is everywhere.

    Depiction of Unity Fighters Insignia:

    However, hypocrisy lurks in the history between Zealots and Humans.

    The Zealots only have one church, which was built by the hands of Humans when they first integrated into the Arbomite community. This act was considered a peace offering. The structure (formally known as The Ordinance Infinity Church, informally known as The Zealot Cove) is entirely inspired by Human design and crafted out of stone. It's location is isolated and tucked into the outskirts of the Catacombs. The trail taken to the church is easy to follow, though dangerous and beyond intimidating in appearance.

    Depiction of Trail Leading to the Church:

    Depiction of Ordinance Infinity Church/ Zealots Cove:

    Humans today share bitter sentiments about the lack of appreciation Zealots show for their efforts. Human members of the Zealots tend to turn a blind eye to this incident. The split of loyalty among believing and non-believing Humans contributes to the overall tension, especially so today.

    In 1688 AC, a tragedy unfolded. A separate group of Zealot extremists emerged from the Ordinance Infinity Church. They were disgusted that the Zealots even tolerated Human blood to intermingle with "Idneus Seed", as they believed it would be diluted.

    Hell-bent to save "Idneus Seed", they erupted into a riot, set homes on fire, and slaughtered any Human in their path. Several parents, children, and other loved ones were lost to this genocide. This travesty is referred to as "The Purge of Terror", which was created by the victims. It is rumored that the label is reminiscent of "The Cleansing" and symbolic that Zealots produced a hatred similar to the one that destroyed Earth.

    Depictions of "The Purge of Terror"


    The Unity Fighters and the rest of the Arbomite community were outraged. They banded together to rescue all survivors of the incident. Bad blood developed with the Zealots, though they deny responsibility of "The Purge of Terror" and continue to house their Human members. The Zealot extremists were banished to the surface of Arbonus, where survival is practically impossible.

    The Ordinance Infinity Church lost a significant amount of prestige and influence, but they still exist. "The Purge of Terror" still remains on their record and inspires an innate dislike among the Arbomite civilians. Afraid that more blood would be shed, The Zealots offer a bizarre solution.

    The Arbonus Sacrifice.
  17. This one made me laugh more than Rory's did.. Asmo must be funnier..
  18. You mean orochi.

  19. wait... did asmo and rory sniff each other? how and why and when?!