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  1. I am making a Fan made Pokemon game using RPG maker XP, and I could use a bit of help doing it. I can figure out how RPG maker works for the most part through tutorials and what not, but if you can also pitch in that would be great too. For the most part how ever I need help in other areas. If you are interested please say so here or through a PM, Just a heads up though this is needless to say a non-profit project for obvious reasons. Here are some of the things I am going to need help with...

    Sprite creation-

    The game will be using the Generation 4 engine, So I only have pokemon Sprites for generations 1-4. I would like to have all 6 generations in hand but for the time being I will try to work with what I have until then. This game will also need some custom sprites of existing pokemon (and I'll explain why later)and even some custom Trainer sprites. This isn't going to be like many of the other fan made games, but then again is any of them alike to one another?

    Tile Sets-

    Much like I need a great deal of sprites I will also need a great deal of Tile sets to build up the world. I could look up some of what I need but not everything I need even exists, not to mention not all of them are for the gen 4 engine. Bottom line if you are going to make sprites, please also be willing to make some tile sets too and vice versa.


    Probably the last thing I'm concerned I will need some music, but I'll mostly just use Youtube and an MP3 converter. Obviously we will be using revamped versions of soundtracks of existing pokemon games but not all of them exist. so if you fancy your self a sound mixer then please lend a hand.


    This game is going to have a gimmick of referencing All thinks pokemon and other pop-culture things. but Obviously I don't know everything and could miss out on a good joke. that is where you could come in, I am in charge of making the story but you tell me a good joke we could squeeze in If I don't think of it. mind you though the game is REALLY big so we need A LOT of references.


    Now I'll tell you the Story I have in mind.

    It takes place in a universe where none of the events in the show or games are canon. The player is a scientist who is part of a benevolent company who has created the Pokemon "Mewtwo". The pokemon hates all the scientist except for the player, Who it is friends with. An organization known "Syndicate" catches wind of the poke'mons creation and attempt to kidnap it. But the player was able to Rescue the Mewtwo just in time and escape the lab, they now live on the run and undercover trying to avoid Syndicate when possible and foiling their plans when they get the chance. When The player is not fighting Syndicate they are acting like any other trainer, capturing more pokemon and fighting gym leaders. the question is though, can they stop Syndicate for good?

    And that's all I got. Please inform me if you want to lend a hand.
  2. Well, I can't help with those things, but I can offer my expertise in creating lore, towns, that kind of stuff unless you're going with one of the canon Regions. Still, I can attempt to help, but I also suggest not having Mewtwo right off the bat in the game because of how powerful the Pokemon can be.
  3. Sounds more like you want other people to do the work for you because all you've got is an idea and story. Idea guys never get fat alone.

    Good luck though. Got a long road ahead.
  4. Well, it's not that I want people to do the work for me. It's more along the lines its not my strongest suit. if you think about it I get saddled with PROGRAMMING the game. creating events, augmenting stats, creating dialog, and much more.
    Well, the story will have the player pit off against legendary pokemon as early as after the 4th gym. AND it will be at level 5 on start, and with its slow level up rate it will be more of a challenge then you think. I am willing to accept your help as a Reference though, so welcome to the team.
  5. Alright, let me know when you plan on starting.
  6. Oh crude dang you got the thread up first, I was going to make a rmxp pokemon fan game thread like this dang it TyranntX!!!
  7. Get in line or get out your wallet.

    Any decent artist gets a lot of requests for doing free things for someone's passion project. Here's the thing. Art cost money. Spriting (and presumably animation) is a skill set. If you value people for their ability and their time you compensate them for it. Some people luck out by having a great set up that attracts a number of volunteers. However, look at your own post, look at how many pokémon fangames are already out there, and ask yourself what do you have to offer that's a ways above and beyond what all the other alternatives do.

    It's just not going to happen like this.
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  8. Sorry to beat you to the punch.

    I can't pay them. poke'mon is a copyrighted name and there for if ANY one were to make money off of this it would be Illegal. and it's not like they wouldn't get any credit, in fact some of the easter eggs I have planed are to get their names out there for other people to seek out and ask for their help. and what do I have to offer? I can't even tell you about the story it's self (I mean every Fan game has a unique story right?), not to mention how BIG the game is going to be, with gyms that cover all 18 types, and many other things I can't even tell you without spoiling the whole game.

    You'd be surprised on how things start out, did you know that the first jungle book movie was NOT made by Disney? point being, It can work IF I let it be so.
  9. It's illegal to sell the game, it's not illegal to compensate the artist.

    Exposure is not a good reward unless you have a big network and even then it's kind of iffy. Generally this is considered exploitation. "We can't pay you but you get credit and it's good for your portfolio." Is basically a red flag if you do anything with graphics.

    You say there's great things in store, but then nobody can know about them. Not really a good way to give incentive, because frankly without a rep to back it up your word isn't worth shit. Do you have a portfolio or references potential artists could look at to get an impression of what you will contribute? Even if you can't tell about what you got in mind, you can try to convince people by showcasing your previous work and amazing them with that, as a guarantee for the quality of work you'll be delivering. Be that coding, writing, etc. Hell, management experience could go a few ways.

    Look. You're not establishing any kind of trust. You're not compensating artists. You're vague about your plans. There's not a single reference to your skills and experience. You're just a guy on the internet and you do nothing to differentiate yourself from this image. You're asking people for their time, effort and skills. It doesn't matter whether you are Disney or working from someone's basement. You have to give people incentive and treat them with respect. This is not how you do that. I'll leave you alone after I press the post button. Just try to think about what exactly you're asking from people and what kind of incentive you're giving them. Try to really listen to what you're saying and think really hard about what reasons people with the relevant (marketable) skills would need to say yes. Do with that advice what you will.
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