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  4. Name: Jofie de Saint-Montpellier (pronounced "Joe-fee")

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Race: Arbomite

    Sexuality: Meh...who knows?

    Personality: Rough, unpleasant, creepy, and full of a rage that's swallowing him up like a tar pit. Jofie doesn't have room in life for anything that isn't revenge and bitterness. Well, okay--that's a small lie. He can manage to squeeze in mental or physical torture every now and then.

    Jofie does well to hide the hatred behind a nonchalant facade. He's also got a charming smile to back it up and tries to use it tactfully in order to get what he wants. He rarely feels remorse for manipulating others, especially now that he no longer has someone around as a moral compass.


    History: Jofie was just another Arbomite child who was dragged into the Ordinance Infinity Church by his parents. He had no interest in their beliefs or practices, and the idea of "Idneus Seed" seemed absolutely preposterous to him. In fact, he attempted to separate from the Idneus Faith several times, only for his parents to punish him and drag him back in. It wasn't until an older Arbomite by the name of Hezel joined the church that Jofie bothered to stick around.

    He and Hezel formed a tight friendship (almost like brothers), often posing as each other's crutches to help endure the grueling expectations of the Zealots. Without Hezel, Jofie would've devolved into anger and madness ages ago. However, Hezel grew to be more dedicated to the church and participated in "The Purge of Terror". Jofie was crushed after Hezel and the others were banished to the surface, a guaranteed death sentence.

    Jofie blamed the Zealots for influencing Hezel. Determined to severe his membership, at the age of 15 he spiked his parents' drinks with poison (fatal fungi crushed into a powdery solvent) and fled. They died in a matter of minutes. Since Jofie also resented the Arbomite community for killing his brother figure, he rejected the Unity Fighters' help and lived the rest of his time as a wanderer. He completed manual labor to help himself get by before moving to a different sector of the Catacombs, never remaining in one place for too long.

    As of recently, Jofie started developing a hobby in torturing small creatures (especially the ones in Kilabock River). This worked as a double-edged sword; it gave his festering hatred an outlet, but it also drove him closer to the edge of no return. He is aware of this possibility and tries to keep the impulses to a minimum.

    But, as many say: Bad habits die hard.

    Appearance: Stands at a height of 6'3" and weighs approximately 205 lbs. His eyes are usually glassy, as if he's always about to cry (definitely never the case) and jagged scratches run along the inside of his forearms. His skin is the normal shade of Arbomite blue, along with every other traditional physical characteristic.


    Theme Song:
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  18. C Y B E R N E T I C S



    the cybernetics specialist

    T H E B A S I C S
    alias | Genie
    age | 32 years old
    d.o.b. | May 1st
    gender | female
    race | human
    last position | Shersursai
    allegiance | GTG

    V I S U A L I D E N T I F I C A T I O N

    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Build: Defined muscle with slight hourglass shape
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Hair Color: Dyed a white blonde
    Skin Tone/Color: Fair

    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Rae has no other piercings save a small belly-button piercing that she is prone to take out, as it often chafes at her clothes. Her body is adorned in a series of criss-crossing, dark-blue inky tattoos in the style of “the ancient’s” symbols. She can’t quite remember what they mean - something related to equilibrium in one’s self. The tattoos spiral across her lower legs and forearms, connecting neatly across the small of her back and just stopping at the nape of her neck. They emit a slight glow in the darkness of shadow.

    Description: Coming Soon

    S O C I A L

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Allies: GTG, Krullaht Gal-lukh (privately), Xeii'yaw II elected officials, Lt. Eren Walters
    Enemies: NGR, Krullahts Rojur and Yokmursah of Shersursai, Orsen Warchief

    Likes: gambling, traveling, playing cards, dancing, fights (for sport), classical human music, cherries, large pets
    Dislikes: cold weather, politics, cryosleep, coffee, Orsen cuisine, staying up late, most outdoors activities
    Hobbies: Robot mechanics, cybernetics - legal and illegal, study of alien culture, cooking

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    Rae is as blase as they come. Rather laid-backed in her mannerisms, she is not the sort of woman to get riled up easily. She is considered calm--perhaps too calm, in certain situations--by all who’ve worked with her, and tends to approach things with a lackadaisical demeanor. Even in the face of danger, she often appears unmoved by potential violence, although her shaking hands and voice often betray her. She carries herself lightly and her words even more lightly. She can hardly claim to live up to the insidious reputation her alias “Genie” has given her. And while she might seem a friendly, relaxed person, she is notoriously secretive, especially about her personal life. Rae maintains a elusive front about her past, and is known for giving minimal answers, and even outright lies when faced with things she’d rather not let people know. Her stories change and vary constantly, making people wary to trust her. The mistrust, of course, is mutual.

    E Q U I P M E N T

    Weapons: Dual energy guns | Orsen knife

    Combat Attire: In lieu of armor, Rae uses a self-made invention called “Shield-Pro”. Closely resembling the hologram disc, it is about 6 inches in circumference and usually adhered to the chest. Once pressed on a surface (ex: the skin), it will encase the subject in a protective, translucent, and energy-fused layer that absorbs the force of physical and energy-powered blows while protecting this subject from damage. She considers the product still in its prototype stage, as she has yet to fully test the limits of it. But so far it has carried the strain of several blows from an Orsen male as well as a plasma blast before breaking. For now, Rae only has one disc on her person--for emergencies only--but she plans to create more in her spare time. She has another concept in mind, a variation that would stretch the field to cover two targets. But she hasn’t had the time yet to tinker around and figure it out.

    Accessories/Miscellaneous: Out of all the pretty baubles Rae has received from her work, she tends to wear a very simple necklace to adorn her neck. Rather homely in design, it is a deep green string of woven material, and more closely resembles a handmade piece rather than professional finery. It is obviously of Orsen origin, with some individuals with practiced eyes recognizing it as a symbol of union. Rae tends to remain elusive about where she got it, simply hinting at her many travels across the universe. She often disregards it completely as a worthless ornament; however, she is often caught touching it in a rather fond manner.

    She also keeps a small device pinned to the top of her right ear to compensate for her lack of augmentations. It projects a small screen over her eyes to help her illuminate, zoom in, and outline the intricate details of cybernetic wiring. She primarily uses it for difficult augmentations such as full body repairs and internal affairs. Anything other than that can easily be performed with the naked human eye.

    F I G H T I N G S T Y L E

    [General/Preferred Style]: Rae never set out to be a fighter. But in her line of work, she was forced to at least learn some way of defense. Her former friend Kion taught her a rough adaptation of sanshou. This type of fighting allows her to utilize her superior leg strength and catch her enemies off-guard, as well as using her own body weight to drive much of the force in her punches and throws. She certainly isn’t the best at it, by any means; but if push comes to shove, she at least has a decent chance of holding her own until she sees an opening to escape.

    [Weapon of Choice]: When forced to fight, Rae prefers to keep it up-close and personal, fighting just within her opponent’s space so as to give them less leeway to hit her forcefully. She likes to keep a knife on her that she bartered from some Orsen craftsmen during her stay on Shersursai. It was made to cut through armor, something especially useful for someone in her line of work. Small and easy to conceal, it gives her the element of surprise in hand-to-hand combat, as well as allowing her to be armed at all times without anyone knowing. Rae usually keeps it strapped on along her leg for easy access.

    [Special Abilities/Affinities]: None

    P E R S O N A L

    Relationship Status: Single.

    Omar Eul Seran - father (status unknown)
    Falyse Eul Seran - mother (deceased)

    Known Languages: Galactic standard, Human standard, Orsen standard, Taasi standard
    Personal History/Background:

    Not much is known about Rae Eul Seran. An intensely private person, she has been rather successful in keeping secret her turbulent past from most of her associates. Even the NGA has only the barest mentions of her early life on her criminal file, with her current crimes taking the forefront. But before Rae became alias “Genie” - an interplanetary wanted criminal - she was simply a woman from the Euphrates space station. Born to two space-faring parents, she lived a rather independent life. Her mother retired from missions soon after she was born, but her father spent the early part of her life with her embarking on a Foa space mission. He returned home to be with her from age 2 to 7. Then, sometime after an Orsen attack was carried out on an Terran satellite station, Rae’s father was called to help assist with the fragmented team. It was the last time anyone would hear from him.

    His spacecraft was determined missing after the satellite team reported never receiving the supply relief. The NGA suspected foul play, and a thorough, years-long investigation took place into the crew’s whereabouts. Rae was too young at the time to understand what was happening. She knew that her father was missing, yes, but it puzzled her as to what possibly could have happened to him. To Rae’s mother’s credit, she ignored her personal worries and tried to normalize her daughter’s life as best she could. She attended school as normal, and earned top marks in her class, eventually deciding to go against her mother’s wishes and pursue cybernetics with intent of space travels. She was a bright young girl, with a bright future ahead of her. But her time of obscurity would not last long.

    After taking up cybernetics in college, Rae was recruited into the NGA. It was rare for someone as young as her to be signed on so quickly. But, given her notable aptitude for the subject, she was given the opportunity to prove herself. The girl herself held no great love for NGA or politics in general. She merely considered the NGA a convenient means of making a name for herself and her craft. And, rather naively, she believed that her position would allow her to search for her still missing father. The NGA had considered the crew dead after the ten year mark of their disappearance came and went. But Rae firmly believed that an enemy ship had intercepted the small cruiser and taken the fledgeling crew as slaves. And in order to find a slave, you had to consort with slavers.

    It took two years before Rae was given a NGA-approved excuse to travel to the planet of Xeii’yaw II. Her original purpose was help give repairs to a group of war prisoners once they were released into their custody. The process of turning them over was lengthy. It took three years total, to be exact, as the Taasi were an arrogant bunch who demanded the humans agree to their terms down to the final detail. But Rae was nothing but pleased with the window of time she was given. While there, she did extraordinary augmentations on a number of slaves for some elected officials of Taasi in order to get their favor. The tactic worked. She was soon given access to slave logs and the open market, where she could continue her search for her father in full earnest. In exchange, she was asked to perform a number of cybernetic operations on unwilling participants, some these being illegal. It was a dangerous path she walked. The slave pits were not known for kindness, and anyone of the slavers could just have easily took her for himself. Soon she began consorting with Orsen merchants as well, something that immediately caught the attention of her human constituents. Halfway through her inquiries, news of her treachery was reported to her commanding officers’ ears, and she was arrested and loaded onto a small NGR cruiser bound for Earth.

    It never arrived. It was a week before a search party found floating wreckage of the ship, with all members of the party gone. It was another week before bedraggled crew members finally returned home to NGR with grave news: an Orsen ravager craft had pillaged the ship, and taken the crew as slaves back to Shersursai. It was only at Rae’s pleading that the others had been sent home safely, but the simple fact that she was acquainted with the Orsen party enough to even convince them, disturbed the NGR greatly. Something large was at scale, and the only one who held the answers was conveniently tucked away on Shersursai. Whether she was even a prisoner or not was unknown.

    Rumors have a way of reaching its intended ears. Varying tales of the infamous Genie began to spring up, some simply outlandish, and others not so much. Some claimed she was a terrorist working with the Orsen, while others swore she was a battered prisoner. Others, that she had taken one of the chieftains as a lover, or that she had been kidnapped by one. One that held the most ring of truth was that she had helped a Krullaht rise to power, upsetting the power balance between chieftains. This was easily verified by the Orsen warrant for her arrest, making her not only wanted by the NGR, but by the Orsen Warchief as well. But when it comes to the whole story, the real story, Rae has remained rather tight-lipped. Shortly after she left--or escaped, depending on which version she deigns to tell--she quietly joined the GTG, hoping to blend into the obscurity of the guild. She was rather surprised to receive the mission invitation. With any luck, she can keep a low profile and hopefully find a good place to lay low for a while.

    All coding credits: @Machine