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  1. We have finally gotten the group business all sorted out - minus one small annoying problem!

    We're currently in the process of moving the group threads in to their proper groups. BUT THE GROUP OWNERS & MEMBERS ARE MISSING.

    If we open the groups as is, a member could potentially hijack your group. D:

    If you are a GROUP OWNER, please list here the groups that you own. Then we can transfer your group to you.

    The FASTER we get most of the owners pegged in, the faster we can open the groups back up!

    By the way, for you roleplay groups, there are some really cool new surprises waiting for you in the settings!
  2. Loyal Minions and Jaegers of the Heterodynes!
  3. Domen and ~Nora.Inu~ roleplays (or something along those lines? I don't quiet remember the name exactly)
  4. Iwaku Gaming Guild.
  5. Er, off of the top of my head...

    Artists of Iwaku
    Book Club
    GQ Club
    Writer's Club

    But I think I might have a couple of others. I'm a bad Group owner. :[

    EDIT: Also:

    The Bunny Nest
    Official Pokemon Fan Club

    The problem, clearly, is that I own too many Groups.
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  6. Can I NOT claim any of my Groups?
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  7. No, no, that CAN'T be it! Must be something else... but what...hmmmmm...
  8. The Iwaku Art Shop for me!
  9. If you DON'T claim your groups, they are given to Iwakubot. And if they never get claimed, they get deleted! ...or passed to someone else if they wanna adopt them. >>
  10. Legends of Equestrians t'is mah group.
  11. Iwaku Mythos Immersion Project
  12. Delicious delicacies and Fit and feeling it!

    Eat hard, work hard.
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  13. SYC armada, Vampire and vampire fans
  14. I think... I think my only group is the Dance Iwaku group?
  15. If I remember correctly it was "Myth Hunters"
  16. Anime & Manga freaks
  17. Um. The polyamory group, Jeweler's Loupe, Hollow Vale... I don't remember if I had any others.
  18. Bar Night Group
  19. ICSYL Scourge