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    Do I really need to explain?
  2. Cyrus

    I notice it has been a long time since I have seen either Demi, Helen or Penelope. My stomach begins to churn slightly. I thought Penelope was only heading to the bathroom, and it's been quite a while. I hope she isn't getting sick or anything. It makes me concerned for the poor girl. I know she's been through a lot today, especially with Helen. Then, the poor girl had to observe what I think I saw. Demi kissed Helen's cheek. It concerned me that it may have been a romantic connection, despite the fact that I know Helen isn't into women. She likes men, even if most of them scare her.

    I turn my head towards Nellie. She seems to be okay, even after getting sick this morning. I myself am surprisingly feeling much better after what I did. I know I did it for the right reason, but was I scared for my life for that little piece of time. "Are you worried about Pen?" I ask her suddenly, my eyes scanning my vanilla cupcake up and down. I am just so glad she didn't suffer anything from the abductors today. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if she was hurt. But I know now that I do need to focus on my two friends who were hurt, whether it be mentally or physically. "She should have come back by now..." I look down at my shoes. I wanted to help Penny out, but I don't know how to mend someone's emotional breaks.


    "Listen...Itzlie...I promise...I am..." I swallow the anxiety down my throat "I am not telling you what's happening with me because I myself am struggling to understand it myself. It has nothing to do with you or anyone else here...I just need to get to a hospital...they should...have..." I exhale, trying not to move my diaphragm to a large extent. "They should e able to help me out. I...I w-want to k-know whats happening but for right now I want to fix my injuries, and I don't have the equipment here."


    He pats my head and my eyes widen in shock. Again, I am surprised at how willing he is to comfort me. Even if it means having physical contact. It is rather sweet actually, how he does not fear me because of what I can do. "Of course I worry about you. You are basically my only friend Sherlock." I tease him as I place my hands behind my head. "And besides, I saw how you and that kidnapper battled it out. As badass as it was also very risky."


    She hugs me and my body nearly goes into complete shock. I know she is my friend and we have hugged before but this one surprises me. It's not an unpleasant surprise, but it still makes me have the face filled to the brim of heat that could only been held by a drunkard or an utter fool. "O-oh..." She calls me a good person and I think I might actually faint. I wasn't sure if I was one, because I had always believed what Warren told me, how I was a lazy coward, but this made me feel good. Really good. "Oh...dear..." I blush as she releases me "It's fine."


    She admits how she came to like me and my smile grows quite widely. "Oh...that's very sweet. I wasn't sure whether or not you truly enjoyed me in that sense of company." I glance down anxiously "I am most certainly glad that you do." I pat her head
  3. This beats the others.
  4. I should beat this ALONG WITH the others.
  5. Make sure to use lube.
  6. John

    "That works."
  7. ....

    *Marries Tegan*
  8. *pulls rope and hangs TK by her feet & just leaves her dangling*

  9. Blizzard

    "Docks, gotcha. I didn't realize they had a facility almost everywhere." She frowned "Goodness, I never realized just how big it was."
  10. *GMK extracts Ampoule's Gastrointestinal tract though her anal cavity*

    That's for harming the mastress bitch
  11. *Pulls GMK's testicles out through his peehole, before ripping off his junk & shoving it up his anal cavity with a POWER MAUL*

    That's for harming da Ampu.

  12. Ampoule wonders if GMK is single if that's how he treats ALL his womenfolk.

  13. (That's fine, I was thinking that at first too then decided to write a little older but yours is better)


    "I'm 25. They'll probably start retaliating soon. Maybe even upgrading their security."
  14. ......I'm with Tegan on this.
  15. John

    "No, there isn't. As far as I know, there is no main boss. Highest command goes to something known as the council of shadows. No one knows anything about them."
  16. Blizzard

    "Ah, how helpful." She claimed tiredly "Lets just focus on the facility by the docks. Have any idea on how to get in undetected?"

  18. *Summons Red Pyramid to the field*
  19. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is dead