Attention Asmo

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  1. Chaos wanted to leave you with this message:

  2. He's a Dungeon Master. He's allowed.
  3. I couldn't help but expect him to bad touch one of the kids when I watched that show. o_o
  4. Does that mean he touched Asmo? Is that why Asmo is so ornery at times?
  5. I read that as : why is asmo so ronery at times.


  6. This explains many things. Many many things.
  7. Belle

    She glanced back to John after a moment and grumbled "Sorry. Are you alright?"
  8. [video=youtube;loWXMtjUZWM][/video]
  9. Idk, maybe a place we can talk? Or should we start a discord server for that?
  10. Belle

    "Perfect." She gestured for Blizzard to sit as well and she took a seat next to Belle, assumably because she felt more at ease there "We are so glad to finally have all of you here."
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    He followed, slightly chuckling at the fact that this kid asked if he was in charge in a way that probably implied that Belle wouldn't trust him with that.

    John followed as well.
  12. We love you, Asmo?
  13. Hunter

    "That's a big hole. Almost like they tried to remove that part of the wall by force." He went and looked through. "That is one trashed arena."
  14. Hunter

    "Just cause I'm a vigilante doesn't mean manners and procedure must be tossed out of the metaphorical window." He took a step towards her and extended his hand to her. "Good luck."
  15. John

    "He especially wouldn't want Reaper to see him work. It's not pretty sometimes. But I've noticed it's a lot less messy lately."
  16. Blizzard

    "A lot less?" She asked with furrowed brows. Gwen shrugged, sheepishness still present on her.

    "He promised me he'd do better. I don't know how badly he used to do things...I know it wasn't pretty...but he told me he wouldn't do that sort of thing anymore."
  17. Gwen

    "I think he wants to be better. I just hope he gets back safely." She shrugged and rubbed her arms, slightly anxious. "I figure that we don't have much we can do now. If he gets information off of them then we can continue with plans I'm assuming." Belle nodded slowly
  18. Belle

    "We are going to try and extend to their main base. Take them out. But first we have to secure this city." She smiled "Homes first thing first."
  19. Dungeon Master is Joe Quesada?
  20. [​IMG]

    "Yeah I suppose she can get a bit... sharp." Lysandar replied absentmindedly. He watched the rest of the conversation between Allie, Clo, and Pyphreos without saying much else, too focused on making sure he was able to react should something go wrong. But it seemed that the Arbonite was not interested in battle, be it verbal or physical, and to Lysander's relief, the situation fizzled into nothing. As people began to mill about, continuing their day as if nothing had happened, Lys relaxed, glancing over - and up - at the one who had been talking to him only a moment before.

    Replaying their conversation over in his head, he realized now that the Amalgy had not been making a whole lot of sense. His words seemed jumbled and disconnected but also... accurate. It was bizarre. "Did you, uh... did you need help with something?" He asked kindly.​