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    The bronies have ruined a perfectly good Mauser K98. Will you tolerate this or will raise up against the machine?
  3. Silly pony. You can't pull a trigger with no fingers.
  4. WOW and here i just watched a MAD episode where they did my little pony and the war horse....i like this idea i can shoot you and still look cute....
  5. Silly ponies, my name is a killing word.
  6. I might need an AK 47 , a bazooka, and a couple of grenades. Who's with me? Oh and also camouflage sparkly uniforms >_> DO NOT ASK WHY!
  7. hey dressing as a pony might be better since they will be looking for military men....
  8. if he is wearing that much makeup to play pretend drag....he is doing it way drag friends would hate him XD
  9. That's not drag, that's punk guyliner.
  10. Those danglers on his chin are absurd.

    ANYWAY. . .

  11. you can not say its not drag. a guy with makeup is always in drag

    Their is no way around that
  12. So every actor and news anchor is in drag? Sorry, but I refuse to except your answer!
  13. [MENTION=69]Lord Vayder[/MENTION]; get your army of infested Kroot, I'll get the crusade fleets, [MENTION=67]Chet Manly[/MENTION] Amass your japaneese monster movie friends [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaJedi[/MENTION] contact every great old one you can, and bring in the elder gods too.
  14. We're always here... watching... waiting...
  15. the ones i watch...yes