Attending Events for Distant, Obscure Relatives...

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  1. So, today, my parents dragged me off to this distant relative's birthday party. I honestly did not know anyone there outside my immediate family and my mother's siblings.

    The awkward part was, I was sitting there and they were talking about me as though I wasn't even there... Then again I guess my acting oblivious was something that gave them confidence to do so.

    Anyway, after that, all the people I didn't know all came up to me and were all like "Oh how you've grown! The last time I saw you you were so blah blah blah..." In my mind, the thought that was running was "who the fuck are these people?"

    I'd like to know what your most awkward experience with distant relatives is.
  2. My dad's family's reunion not more than a month ago. I'm already unsociable near people I talk to on a daily basis, people I have no idea who the hell they are is a completely different story. I knew about five people there, in a group of thirty, maybe. The only two people who were near my age were people I never really talked to. Before tons of people showed up, my dad was trying to make me play cards. I hate card games, so I sat there and watched. For two hours!

    Then this one relative tried to kiss me, and I thought she was going to hug me, so I sort of wrapped my arms around her, and she was all, "Oh, yeah, I'm not one for kissing either," even though she obviously was. //facedesk
  3. My grandparents are divorced. My grandfather and grandmother both remarried. My step-grandmother has siblings, whom I have met perhaps... once? Attending the graduation of one of the sibling's children and then mingling with the girl I did not know. At her college graduation. Super awkward. "Congratulations! What was your major, then? Oh, hi, yeah. I'm so and so's step-granddaughter? Is that a thing?"
  4. I'm sure I told you of this before, Malkuthe.

    Summer of last year, I was suppose to attend this wedding of a relative of mine. Thing is, I don't even know who the hell WAS my relative. I sat there, in the church, absolutely unsure of whether the bride or groom was my fucking relative. My dad, on the other hand wasn't telling she anything! So I sat there, a brow raised, trying to figure it out.

    I was clueless till the reception, where I found out it was the groom and I apparently -- have a 12 year old aunt.