Attempts At Art

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    Cyborg Girl
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    Ciel Phantomhive =3


    This was when I had my Black Butler obsession O_O I drew Sebastian as well...But he turned out looking....Simply enough, bad, so I am not uploading him....
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    Noodle (Gorillaz)

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    An Orc...Goblin...Thing XD

    I don't know why I posted these two pictures together, but I did, and here they will remain....My dad actually gave me crap on the Orc's left hand because his fingers don't curl over the staff like they should....*Shrugs* whatever.
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    Deadpool and The Watcher

    I know this one is a bit......Weird....But it was actually the cover of one of my many Deadpool team-up comics, and it always made me laugh to see the Watcher....Watching Deadpool take a bath with a weapon of mass destruction in his hand, so I wanted to draw it...And I did XD.

    Yay...For Marvel?
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    Patch (Jev) Cipriano

    This is actually a character from one of my all time favorite books, Hush Hush, so I looked up a picture of him and sketched it out. I love this picture because it gives just enough detail for it to seem like a mysterious boy - man - whatever you wish to call him, but he is lacking those key features that will give him completely away, so people can still picture them in their head how they like if they are reading the book...

    Did that make any sense...?
  6. Good stuff! I was gonna 'like' them all, but figured I'd just post here and tell you : )

    Can't wait to see more.
  7. Haha thanks, it means a lot ^_^
  8. =O What happened to my links....How are they invalid...X_X NOOOOOOO!

    Amazing. <3 DO MOAR MARVEL. 8D
  10. Haha thanks, I actually have done a few more marvel but they are in chibi XD