Attempt two.

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Lenore Lurks

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So here goes my second thread attempt at this.

I'm looking for partners to do RPs with. My RPs tend to have a bit more plot than 'plot' but there will still be 'plot' crucial moments. I'm not a huge stickler for certain posting lengths or styles, but I am looking for at least a good attempt. You're probably a good enough RPer for me. However, there is one thing that will definitely boost your chances and that is being able to play multiple characters.

I also do not like threads. I am aware that I am making a thread, but this is a necessary evil, I guess we could call it. So, don't post here, just send me a PM with the idea you're interested in. Your first impression with me will be important, but don't go overboard. If you have questions, ideas, thoughts, certain carnal desires you're wanting about the ideas I have, feel free to ask them in your PM as well.

So now let's get to the ideas. I'll update the thread with strikes if an idea is taken. Also, while I might say a certain idea is "guy likes girl", those can be changed if you want. Though, I myself am not interested in male on male pairings, so that will be denied.


Maid to order
Maid works for rich guy -> maid works with butler pretty often -> butler likes maid -> maid likes butler -> maid also likes rich guy -> rich guy also likes maid -> maid ends up trying to play both sides but eventually must make decision of one over the other.

Mom and daughter go to bookstore -> mom is looking around, daughter starts reading an old book -> mom tries to get her to leave -> book turns out to be magic and they both get sucked in -> mom is trapped with the 'author' the entity controlling the book -> daughter has to try and free mom from author -> daughter has to overcome trials set by author -> every loss makes her more tuned with the book -> every loss makes mom forget more about her daughter -> daughter has to overcome author before she's stuck in the book forever/and or before her mom forgets about her.

Studying Abroad
Student at magical academy is getting close to graduation, has to get some wordly experience to graduate -> ends up being transferred to mage tower in semi-dangerous area of the world -> stuck as an apprentice under older mage lady at the tower -> semi dangerous area is actually really dangerous and tower has more than just mage lady working there -> ends up having to work with mage lady and mercenaries at tower to make area actually semi-dangerous again as his final exam to graduate

Guy's uncle dies -> guy inherits crazy uncle's mansion -> guy goes to check it out, gets locked inside -> crazy uncle had a lot of 'pets' -> 'pets' turn out to be monster girls who are very angry with the 'intruder' -> guy has to find out a way to survive long enough to convince them that he isn't an intruder, or else.
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