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    The RP is set three months after the Clash of the Titans arc. Shortly after Erwin recovered from the injuries he sustained during the battle between the Survey Corps and the titan shifters (Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Ymir), Erwin proposed the plans for 58th expedition beyond the walls with the aim of reaching Shiganshina. This came as a big surprise to the Survey Corps as they have yet to fully recover from their losses in the 57th expedition and their battles with the renegade titan shifters. Despite heavy opposition, the 58th expedition pushed through but with a compromise - only 2/3 of the Survey Corps' units will be joining the expedition. Included in the expedition is the newly formed Special Operations Squad led by Lance Corporal Levi and included the human allied titan shifter, Eren Yeager. Hange Zoƫ would remain in Wall Rose and act as a temporary in Erwin's stead to the units not drafted to the expedition.

    Two months pass after the 58th expedition started but none of its members have returned. None of the messengers from the front have returned as well which worries Hange. She recruits new members to the Survey Corps and devices a reconnaissance mission to find out what exactly happened to the members of the 58th expedition and why they have yet to return. You play the role of a member of Hange's reconnaissance team. You can be a new recruit to the Survey Corps, one of the existing members who haven't been drafted to the 58th expedition, or a member of another military branch that transferred to the Survey Corps.

    Operation: Ariadne's Thread has begun...


    [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=7]-=General Information=-[/SIZE]
    (insert character picture here)
    [B]Distinguishing Marks:[/B] (moles, scars, etc)
    [B]Talents / Abilities:[/B]
    [B]Combat Skills:[/B] (rate from 1 - 10)
    [B]Initiative:[/B] (rate from 1 - 10)
    [B]Wits:[/B] (rate from 1 - 10)
    [B]Teamwork:[/B] (rate from 1 - 10)
  2. Name: Elise Feault

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: December 21st

    Height: 5 feet 4inches

    Weight: 120 lbs

    Distinguishing marks: none

    Personality: Elise is a great strategizer, (probably the best, so they turn to her for plans) and has a way with numbers. She is intelligent, kind, and curious, which is why she is in the Survey Corps, to see the world. She is a skilled fighter with her 3d maneuver gear, and level-headed while in a fight. She is focused while slicing a titan down, always on her guard while in titan territory. She loves hanging out with Hange, and experimenting on the titans.

    Summary: (what is that? XD)

    -Hanging out with Hange, she's one of her best friends.
    -Using her 3d gear.
    -Going outside the walls.
    -Being with her friends.
    -Food, especially cookies, and she loves drinking tea with Levi.
    -Her family, what she has left of it, her younger brother and her aunt.

    -High pitch sounds.
    -The military police.
    -The heat.

    Bio/History: Elise was raised in a small village in the mountains, living off the land. She wanted to see the world, which became true, but she lost her family in the process. She lost her family in Shiganshina the day Wall Maria was breached, but her brother and her managed to escape. They lived with their aunt bedore Elise decided to join the Cadets, and ultimately, the Scouting Legion. She was recruited in the Scouting Legion at age 15. At first she hated the Titans, and didn't hesitate to kill them with a second glance, but after a while, she began to take interest in them. However, she still holds a grudge against them. She admires Corporal Levi, and takes him as an example of how everyone should be, especially the military police.

    -The best strategizer.
    -She uses her 3D gear very well.
    -She has good hearing, and can hear a titan from far away.

    Combat skills- 10/10
    Initiative: 10/10
    Wits- 8/10
    Teamwork- 8/10

    She looks like this:

    I'm in the process of drawing her, and this is the closest picture I could get ;u;
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  3. FONT=Book Antiqua]-=General Information=-


    Name:Idra Tholrin
    Birthday:August 17th
    Distinguishing Marks:She has a mole on her left wrist, and a small scratch right above her mouth, happen during a training exercise.

    Summary:Idra is quiet and introverted, She doesn't show much emotion, and is often times tense and hard to make friends with because of how she is. Not easily stressed. Idra has very good self control over her actions and emotions. So if she is ever threatened she will not hesitate to kill or maim. She can be kind and assertive to other people, but it is often shown in her actions rather than words.
    -Animals, mainly cats
    -Her mother
    -Being able to help
    -sweet things
    -Traveling outside the walls
    -Titans, she's curious about them like Hange
    -The night sky

    -People who don't think before doing
    -people who don't pull their own weight

    Bio/History:Idra was raised in a village of hunters, from an early age she knew how to hunt and kill whatever she needed or stood in her way. When the Colossal Titan appeared, most of her village died in the attack, she and her mother managed to escape, her father, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. Around the time when she was old enough, Idra went and enlisted to be apart of the action. Not really caring where she was placed, at the end of graduation she was taken in by the military police, during that time she, before Annie was found to be a Titan, they had a pretty decent friendship. After the 57th Expedition her assignments were changed and she was transferred to the Survey corps because they would most likely need her.

    Talents/Abilities:Skilled tracker, and very instinctive, she is known to have the reflex and agile movement of a cat.

    Combat Skills:10/10
    Wits: 8/10
  4. -=General Information=-


    Name: Erskine Chalmers
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 14th of June
    Height: 180cm (5"11)
    Weight: 67 kgs (147.71 lbs)
    Distinguishing Marks: A brown leather eye patch covering the left eye from an eye injury during training.

    Summary: Erskine is bright, energized boy who hardly get tired. His outgoing and extrovert-like personality makes other to take a liking to him easily and able to make friends easily. He values family, community and teamwork a lot and he always thinks teamwork is the best solution to most problems. Erskine very knowledgeable on the human mind and emotions, he know's what people are feeling and knows how help how to over come certain feelings. Although he's not very good at the physical side of things, rather clumsy and a bit of airhead. Due to his clumsiness, you'll always see have at lest a spot of dirt or filth on him, he's clumsy enough to trip over his own feet and fall face first into the dirt.
    - Psychology
    - Socialising
    - His friends and family
    - Being alone
    - Exercise
    - Negativity

    Bio/History: Erskine was born and raised in a small village within the north end of Wall Rose with his mother and father, which he soon lost due to a rare illness a month before join the cadets when he was 12. During his first his first year of training he's been rather depressed due to his poor performance and his recent lost of his parents. This all disappeared in his second year of training when he met a couple of good friends which made him feel better about himself. During training there was a fatal accident happened which Erskine and his friend fell victim too. The accident left him blind in one eye, one of good mates unable to walk properly which he had to leave The Cadets and the rest with minor injuries. After this third year he gradation as 30th out of 200 students in the 105th Trainee Squad of the North Region of Wall Rose, recruiting to The Survey Corps soon after.

    Talents / Abilities:
    - Excellent skills in horse riding
    - Excels in teamwork

    Combat Skills:
    Initiative: 8
    Wits: 6
    Teamwork: 9
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