Attack on Titan

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  1. Somehow when I'm most exhausted I'm always bombarded by plot ideas.

    It's basically as the title says ;) looking for someone to do an AoT/SnK oriented roleplay with me. It can be AU (lot more plots that way, I think) or AoT setting. Just one rule: it's yaoi/mxm.
    Pairings I'm willing to do (italics is who I prefer):
    Levi x Eren
    Eren x Jean
    Jean x Marco
    OC x OC

    If interested pm or post below!
    Also, I don't mind doing this in the mature section, so hit me with any and all plot ideas :)
  2. Hello umm I was wondering if you want to rp. but just to tell you I just started Attack on Titans and I am so happy i did. My friends been talking about it and said its amazing and IT WAS. it real is amazing. but anyways Umm you want to rp?