Attack on Titan Tribute Game

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Should the squad be split into 3 or no?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Free For All

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  1. So, I see you all have joined the Survey Corps.

    I'm looking on creating a small group of Titan killers, elite or noob, to help me play the AoT tribute game. Im pretty skilled, but not the best. About 5 kills per death is my best. I want to make The Official Iwaku Squad of Titan killers! I already have fellow survey corps member @smdzTheCakeGodL on my group. Those interested can just post here.

    Game site:

    There will be 3 groups of the squad. The Offense: those who are directly on the front, mostly those that go after the more dangerous titans. The Support: They are often in the back of the battleground, finding those hidden ones. And last but not least, The Defense: They're not to be taken for granted, they're in charge as backup for The Offense and protecting the objective. They'll usually be at the sides.

    The Offense:
    The Support:
    - @Gen. Gwazi Magnum PI
    - @Spectator
    The Defense:
    - @Infinatis
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  2. There's a thread about this in the archives I believe.

    You're looking for an awful lot of coordination for this game. Not sure you're looking in the right place to manage a team of... Nine dedicated people?

    Good luck though. For a fan game it's pretty near perfect to the manga. I remember when it first surfaced with no textures and goofy looking Titans.
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  3. Well, I did posty an option. IDK if people just want to do FFA

    I read that page in the archives before creating the thread.


    Maybe we could just do FFA
  4. Well, I just put 9 slots just in case, Maybe like, 6 people? IDK Just an idea. Anyways, would you be interested?
  5. Probably not for me, but thank you for the invite.

    Two jobs and a whole lot of hours at work leaves me not much time.

    And that not much part is currently Planetside 2.
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  6. Lol.

    Good luck on those jobs, anyways.
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  7. I'll join this Titan killing team :3
    (oh and btw you should probably tag this Gaming, not Discussion)
  8. -edits tag-

    SMD, Offense, Defense or Support?
  9. I'll join as Support.
  10. Okay, certified Armin ;3
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  11. May I join as support?
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  12. Eyup
  13. Does this group have a name?
  14. I was planning on just calling it "The Iwaku Sqaudron" but if you have a better title, feel free.
  15. I don't think I could come up with anything better.
  16. Okay. Or we could call it "Squad Iwaku"
  17. Sounds good to me.
  18. Hmm, I'm debating whether we should allow double skins [i.e allow two same levis on the same team]
  19. You could always use the RC mod. It allows people to have their own custom skins. And it doesn't have to be downloaded, it's a bookmarklet.

    Everyone has to have the mod to to see other people's skins, of course.
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