Attack on Titan: The New Age

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  1. Well, this is a VERY raw interest check because once I start planning something I go all out and there's no point in that if nobody wants to join! :3

    So! For those of you who've seen Attack on Titan, you know what this is about. Basically this is going to be years down the road after Eren, Armin, and Makasa's time. (Still working through the first season, don't ruin it for me :3)

    The land will have been saved and humanity will be returning, and more "experiments" like Eren have been successfully created, though there are very few and most don't know how to control their Titan form very well.

    Humanity is coming back to strength and thinks all is at peace. That is... Until the colossal Titan comes knocking once more. This time is worse than last time. There are more unique variants than ever before and new kinds are popping up. There are fewer 5 footers and 10 footers and more 15+ footers. This is bad.

    It's up to you and your squad to figure out a way to save humanity once more. The walls were all repaired and a new one, the Willow Wall was added, but it still won't be enough. You'll need to defend the city and send an elite squad out into the outside world to find the spawning grounds of the titans and put an end to this forever.

    Will you be strong enough? Will you have the courage? Or will humanity's struggle to survive come to a bloody end at last?

    NOTE: just like the show, this is gonna be gory and disturbing. There will be blunt, horrible things happening and likely character deaths.

    However, to be fair, I will only kill off characters from players who agree to have a character killed off, though I won't tell which character or how :)

    Limited Titan Powerr slots, we'll discuss that if we ever make it to the OOC though.

    For those of you who don't know anything about the show: I feel sorry for you because it's awesome. But we'll get you all caught up.
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  2. Ah haha hey Rosie <3
  3. I don't have time for this, but because it's you, I would totally join it.
  4. Lol awe shucks <3
  5. yessssssss....iz is definitely in for this
  6. Nice to meet/have you Mcfluffy! *lays down trail of Reese's peanut butter cups to tra—club of awesomeness!* welcome aboard! :3

    I think 1 or 2 more and we can open an OOC. Each squad doesn't need more than 5 characters and we can each make up to two unless specially requested so I think we're almost good to go :)
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  7. AoT roleplay sounds cool. I can totally dig it.
  8. Tubular! I think we have enough ^^ I'll see about an OOC tomorrow :)
    Bear with me though guys, I just watched the entire first season over the weekend and fell in love so I'm still fresh into the AoT world. But I think with feedback and a little help from you lovely folk I can create a stellar storyline ^^
  9. If you need any assistance with the story, I offer my services. I have read the manga, which is much further along than the anime is.
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  10. You have my thanks! I'll likely take you up on that offer. Also... I wonder where I can buy the manga....
  11. Working on the OOC right now. @Peterpantsu would you mind PMing me? I would indeed like a bit of help with plot brainstorming. I decided to start reading the mangas and after finding out what direction the story is going I feel like I need to revise my initial plot idea :) I'm done number 9, buying 10, 11, and 12 tomorrow :3 So good
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