Attack on Titan: The Last Mission

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Hey there!
I have a plot that I really want to roleplay. Specifically, it's a sob story where Levi and your character are the last two survey corps alive.
I already have a prompt ready to go, but I just need YOUR help!

I'm looking for you to play a canon character. I have ones that I would prefer more than others, but for the most part, I'm willing to try any character. Just no OCs.
I would love it if you could play Eren or Erwin the most, however, I'm also happy with any other male character.
And I would be willing to try with a female character, but I may drop out if I grow uncomfortable.

Lastly, I have some terms.
This will be a dark roleplay. I love dark, depressing themes, and though this MAY end up happy, expect lots of heart-wrenching pain.
If there is anything that you are sensitive about, warn me beforehand. I have a colorful vocabulary, especially as Levi, and I would hate to make someone uncomfortable. Just gimme a list of limits.
If you want to leave, for whatever reason at all, just tell me. I'll do the same, and also try and warn you when I'm going to be away for a bit.
And though this seems real intense and whatnot, it's just for fun, remember. I take my writing seriously, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with this.

PM me or message here if interested! Thank you!
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