Attack on Titan: Strengthen Your Faith

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  7. Name:
    Henry Aran
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    17, July 17

    He believes himself to be of higher skill than most of his comrades, even going as far as to say he is more knowledgeable than them as well. For he feels he has every right to be a tad cocky. He was one of the ebst after all, and that certainly only inflated his ego a bit. Despite this he does prove that his cockiness is shown for a reason. Has Henry did show quite a bit of skill with the 3d gear and that he was indeed the intelligent man he claims to be. despite these most likely annoying flaws to most. He does show compassion to those he considers his friends, and makes it a huge point to go out of his way to rescue someone who hates him, just so he can brag about it to everyone. This being said, he knows when things are impossible. Such as someone fighting a horde of titans alone. No matter how great you are, you will only die as a result. And he will leave anyone that does anything this stupid.
    He only tells those that are the closest to him.
    [Look at the skill section to see how skills and points works]
    [Everyone gets seven points to build into whatever they’d like]
    3D Maneuvering Gear:2
    Battle Skill:1

    Message me if you want to work something out.
    Man got a ring as a family keepsake.​
  8. Accepted, obviously, considering it's the same fucker.
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