Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) RP anyone?

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  1. I haven't seen any recent AoT RP's, and I just don't like jumping into the middle of a roleplay, and having to read everything to know what's happening. So, anyone interested?
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  2. Oh yeah! I haven't done any Attack on Titan role plays in... Forever!
    This would be great to participate in for sure!
  3. Yes, it's really a lot of fun! ^^ I hope more people will join though.
  4. Should we just do a One[x]One roleplay? Nobody is joining... --'
  5. I'm interested in this! I love SnK to bits.
  6. Really? Yay! :D Should we start? Other people could join if they're interested.
  7. I suggest keeping this interest check open so that other people can jump in later.

    By the way, may I know the plot for the RP?
  8. I was thinking that the plot could be where the characters were in the survey corps and they were out on an expedition of some sort. Or, where they're at Trost when the Titans come in. Maybe even at Shiganshina where the 60-meter Titan shows up.
    You can choose. I didn't really think this through at first, I just wanted to roleplay AoT XD
  9. Hmm... I think I like the setting of a Survey Corps expedition the most. If you need help expanding the plot, I can definitely help out.

    Are we going to use Original Characters or Canon Characters for the RP? I do hope it's the former since roleplaying canon characters isn't my forte. X'D
  10. Okay! Yeah, could you expand it? I'm quite horrible at those things XD
    Yeah, It can be original characters. We can mention canon characters too, but we don't necessarily roleplay as them.

    Anybody here???
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  11. Ooooh! Can I join?(eh. I'm new to this place, and I might need some help with some of the stuff)
  12. Yeah, you can! :D I'm new too, so don't worry (;v;)/
  13. Hey there, sorry I wasn't able to reply asap. Had work and sleep to deal withh. XD

    Anyways, I'll post what I was able to come up with for the plot after work today. By the way, how far are you into the series?

    I'm currently in the Uprising arc where the survey corps is trying to expose the conspiracy behind the military police and the king.
  14. It's okay XD
    I'm up to date with the latest chapters.
  15. Okay, so here's my proposed plot for the rp:

    The setting will be between the Clash of Titans arc and the Uprising arc. After Bertolt and Reiner revealed their true colors as enemy titan shifters, Erwin launched another expedition to Shiganshina but this time with only half of the Survey Corps' manpower. Included in the expedition is Levi's squad (which is composed of the 104th trainees graduates including Eren). 2 months later, none of the expedition members returned which worries Zoe Hange. She forms a reconnaissance team (which will be our characters) to follow the trail of the 58th expedition and find out what exactly happened to them.
  16. That sounds great! :D I don't know how to make plots like that... XD
  17. Name: Elise
    Age: 19
    Personality: Elise is a great strategizer, and has a way with numbers. She is intelligent, kind, and curious, which is why she is in the Survey Corps, to see the world. She is a skilled fighter with her 3d maneuver gear, and level-headed while in a fight. She is focused while slicing a titan down, always on her guard while in titan territory. She loves hanging out with Hange, and experimenting on the titans.
    She looks like this:
    I'm in the process of drawing her, and this is the closest picture I could get ;u;
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  18. Would you like me to create a formal sign up thread for this? I should be able to do it after my shift later as well as submit my character profile.

    And uwoooo pretty pic!
  19. Please! I don't know how to do it ;_;

    Yeah, but it's not mine XD
  20. If you guys still want members I'd be happy to join. I've read the manga and watched the anime plus OVA's, so I'll be able to keep up.
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