Attack on Titan Rebellion.

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  1. Cannon chaaracters welcome and your own characters! all i have to say is im mikasa sorry. join everyone is welcome!
    Family: (if alive still)
    Description of personality:
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  2. Name:
    Jin Xue
    Survey Corps
    Descased Father killed by a Titan when he was once in the Survey Corps. Mother died from Stress, and a heart attack.
    Hair is black, eyes hazel, she is chinese.
    Description of personality:
    Jin isn't always the talkitive sort. She is quiet at times, serious for she isn't know to joke around but she will join in on some of the jokes. She can be very curious one of the things that added to her mother's stress at times. Her emotions can be hard to determine at times unless it's her anger. Though Jin is a sweet caring person who if you take the time to know her she may seem to open up. Just maybe not around others she doesn't really know.
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  3. ACCEPTED!!!! welcome to the survey corps Jin Xue!
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  4. Name:
    Rycerz Conwell
    scouting corps
    both parents deseased (eaten at a town near wall rose), St. joan's orphanage
    hair: crimson red, eyes: brown, european
    Description of personality:
    Rycerz is stubborn, impulsive, protective of his friends and the orphamage he also has strong desire to free humanity from hiding behind the walls and eliminate all the titans, he is also very friendly and sees his friends and the orphanage as his reason to live and keeping him sane.
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  5. Accepted @Beat and sorry i couldnt answer earlier because i was at a youth camp for a week.
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  6. thanx i cant wat till the in char thread is up
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  7. Name: Mikasa Ackerman
    Regiment: scouting legon
    Age: 16
    Family: (if alive still) eren yeager
    picture: mikassa 2.jpg
    Description of personality: willing to protect eren at all costs and help him along the way. can be very quiet.
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  8. Man my alerts have been wak. I'm glad I often check the haven't read threads as often as I do LOL
    I may reply to the IC tomorrow. Being that may be where bran new creative ideas will flow best.Well introductions anyways.
  9. alrighty sounds great to me!
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  10. if my memory is right the survey and scouting corps and the scouting legion are all the same regiment right?

    and thanx i'll have my post up as oon as posible but i'll go ahead and post scuting legion as my regiment and edit it later a soon as i get a repy from you guys!
  11. Google says so LOL
  12. yes they are all they same im sorry for the confusion.
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  13. Your fine I think :3
  14. @Zoey12598 how far are we away from our legion HQ or do we have a mobile resuply cart? Because im thingking of giving mikasa one of ryce's canisters for both of them to get a chance to resuply and get back into action. and i also want to see if mikasa can attach a temporary canister in mid air.
  15. a mile from headquarters but its still to far to run with titans closeby. and sure do whatever works.
  16. great thanx
  17. I know your a little ways into the rp already, but is it possible I can join in also? I already have an original character that I thought up a while ago.
  18. Come in I love new company so yeah I love new members post your char. For me then come on in.
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  19. Name: Levi Ackerman
    Regiment: Scout Regiment
    Age: Unknown
    Family: (if alive still) Unknown
    picture: Profile Picture
    Description of personality: Levi is a leading soldier in the Scout Regiment. Eren Yeager is in his unit, on probatio. No one knows how old he is or if he has family. He is one of the best of humanities soldiers.