Attack on Titan live action movie?

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  1. So I just found out that there was going to be a live action movie based on Attack on Titan, coming out in 2015. Not sure if it's necessarily true, but seems legit. Whatever.
    I was wondering what were your opinions on it?

    My opinion isn't much. I'm glad they're making a live action version of the manga/Anime. Attack on Titan seems to be very popular nowadays along with other well known animes like Naruto or something. I personally think Kiko Mizuhara fits the role of Mikasa Ackerman, For the most part yes look wise a bit. And for whatever reason Levi doesn't seem to be taking part in it -I think I know the reason but it seems complex to explain-. Most of the cast obviously don't necessarily match the characters correctly, but then again it's expected -to me-.

    I just wanna read other people's thoughts on the upcoming movie to cure boredom.
  2. I'm pretty indifferent to all the side-stuff, to be honest.

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIEF SEASON TWO PLS
  3. Yeah, I heard about that, not sure what to think; I don't really watch the anime, soo...
  4. (Please excuse any errors, atleast the big ones. Been working all day so I'm pretty tired, so on topic...)

    Oh no, it's very much so real. The cast I'm a bit iffy on. On the good side Mikasa, Eren, Sasha, and Hanji (:heartbeat:) are pretty accurate aside from the nit-picks fans have (Why isn't Eren's eyes super sexy green? Why is Hanji holding an RPG!? Why is Sasha's hair black!? Why isn't it 100% accurate!?). On the not so good side, why does Levi have a pedo mustache? Why does Jean look like he'd be better as a Connie? How will they accurately depict that Mikasa is the last Asian with a full Asian cast? Where the fuck is Erwin?

    Overall I expected some changes within the movie. There's change within every movie (Or show) that's based on an original source material (Watch Game of Thrones then read the books, watch The Avengers then read the comics, watch every DBZ live action film then you will just know). Hell, even the anime leaves some things out that was in the manga (Annie smiling) and adds shit that wasn't in the it (Levi turning Hanji's head to tease her). And overall the anime was still pretty damn good so I'm not gonna judge the movie based on the cast. I'm just gonna wait to see the movie before over-reacting and outraging like everyone else (Tumblr), though I just hope that they don't give full attention to the OCs they're randomly popping in. And if they do then hopefully the story is still decent, in that case it pretty much just turns into it's own thing then. But yeah, as much as I'd like it to be all accurate I know well enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. What I want to know is, who the fuck is Shikishima? Why are they adding so many random characters? Why does Hanji (Hans?) have an rpg? I know it's a Japanese movie and it's all gonna be in Japanese (obvious changes being actors and not having the correct hair color whatevs, I can deal), but if you follow the canon, Mikasa is supposed to be the only one with asian descent. Why the hell are there all these people with predominant Japanese names?
    Obvious bad guy is obvious?
  6. Yeah, I heard the news, don't care. Live action movies tend to suck. Whats with the rockets?


  7. I want to hear more from this guy.

  8. Honestly, I'll probably just ignore it. That axe dude doesn't make sense at all (how do you even effectively reload the blade on that?) and muh Armin doesn't have his Aryan master-race look. Also no long-face Jean. q.q

    Maybe I'll go see clips of the action scenes, to see how good RL 3DMG is, but eh...
  9. I just want more of the anime lol- a LIVE ACTION MOVIE will naturally be different form the anime.
  10. I get that the show is Japanese and the cast is Japanese, but just from the promotional pictures alone you can tell this isn't sticking closely to the source material.

    They added a bunch of new characters who have Japanese names, and basically "Asian washed" (It's like white washing, getit? Huhuhuh?) A cast of characters that's supposed to be German and ethnically white European (fuck, this feels opposite of what people usually bitch about with Hollywood movies), so the casting feels really lazy. As mentioned before, Mikasa was pretty much the last Asian woman alive and this comes across as bizzaro alternate universe AoT where humanity survived in Japan instead of Germany.

    And then there's the friggin' Hanje RPG-7 image, which as you might remember is a technology that doesn't exist in AoT's universe since they're still using stationary cannons and flintlock rifles. Plus, what the hell is an anti-tank grenade going to do against a giant that regenerates within minutes? I'm calling shenanigans. There's literally no reason they'd invent something like that because when your mode of transportation is a horse, you aren't thinking "How can I stop this impressively invulnerable animal? I need to pierce it's thick-ass hide to do any damage before it crosses the Fulda Gap!"

    Seriously, this isn't Attack on Panzer. This whole movie is giving off fanfic vibes and all there are are promo images.
  11. *Giant naked goofy looking monster people eating tiny people is amusing in an anime, and can even be dramatic. I'm not sure how that will translate to the big screen in a way that won't translate to either unintentionally funny or just straight bad. The announcement of the film without the usual tons and tons of graphic marketing is also rather a bad mark: It's one thing to hide the big monster guns for an unknown, but for Attack on Titan, where a single Google Images glance will spoil most of the plot twists for you and blatantly reveal the big bad monsters?

    Is the fan base really big enough to justify a budget large enough to properly CGI the giant human things so they don't look completely (and possible laughable) horrible?

    I think not. Might be fun to watch in the "so bad it's good" kind of way.

    Spoiler Alert: Context (open)
    *Written from the perspective of someone who watched about twenty episodes of Attack on Titan before throwing his arms up at basically everyone becoming Uber Titans.
  12. @Brovo: regarding how the titans will look, well, I'm not expecting anything amazing. I'm expecting just good, maybe a bit less than good (Considering Attack on Titan is the biggest thing in Japan currently I'd assume they'd atleast try to make them look good. But the history of anime going live action ain't that good). The only thing we've seen regarding live action titans has been this:

    And I'd say that those titans looked pretty alright, so if they're going with that approach for the titans in the movie...Well, it might work. But me personally, I can't imagine an AoT live action, atleast the parts where they zip around and kill titans in a badass manner....Which is pretty much the whole goddamn anime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    @Dervish: Hehe, Asian washing.
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  13. You should see the manga!

    Idk about an Attack on Titan movie. Going from animation to live-action never worked that well in my opinion. Plus, the manga fulfills all my AoT needs until the next season!