Attack on Titan: Fight for Humanity

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  1. The fight for Humanity's survival continues. It is one week after Eren Yeager and Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan, destroyed Stohess.

    Thinking that there was a traitor working with Annie Leonhart in the 104th Trainee Squad, the Scout Regiment places them all under house arrest. They are to be in civilian clothes. They are not to war anything that suggests they are in the military.

    It is here our story begins.......

    "Captain Levi! Commander Irvin would like to speak with you."

    "Isn't Irvin being held by the Military Police?"

    "Yes sir, but he wishes to speak to you in his cell."

    "Lead the way." Levi follows the soldier from the Garrison Corps to Irvin's cell.

    "Did we get her?"

    "Yes and no. She is in our custody, but she is frozen in a crystal pod. Nothing can penetrate it. She is secured underground so that if she awakes, she'll be trapped."

    "Good work, Levi. Eren and the others?"

    "Eren is still recovering. Mikasa, Armin, and Jean are with him. The rest of the 104th Trainee Squad has been placed under unofficial house arrest. If Annie Leonhart had an accomplice, we'll find them."

    "That's good to hear. Keep me posted"

    "Yessir." Levi leaves Irvin and steps out into the sun.

  2. A man dressed in civilian clothes is pacing back and forth thinking of what to do for the time being while on house arrest "stupid Annie Leonhart just had to betray everyone" he says as he takes out cleaning supplies.

    "i wonder why she did it though?" he says as walks towards the window and looks outside "might as well clean up" he starts cleaning the house.
  3. "Why are we here? We didn't do anything wrong!!"

    "Calm down, Ryner. Yelling isn't going to help anything."

    "Still, why are we here, Christa? We are ordered to this house, the ENTIRE 104th, and told to wear civilian clothes. We can't even wear our harnesses. If we can't, why our all of our superior officers wearing full gear? What are they going to fight?"

    "I don't know. But we have to follow orders."
  4. Cole stops cleaning hearing yelling from somewhere in the house he walks to area "is there a problem here?' he looks at ryner as he stands in the door way confused as to why ryner was yelling

    ~He seems upset but i don't know why but the superior's might tell when they have all the information of what's happening hopefully~ Cole thinks as he looks at ryner
  5. "We are under house arrest for no reason, told not to be in gear, while our CO's prepare for a fight. I'd say there is a problem."
  6. "Well maybe they'll tell us when after everything calms down and we haven't been under house arrest that long to have you freaking out and yelling at Christa she probably doesn't even know why we are here" he glances at Christa then at Reiner and smiles "and why don't you ask our CO's what is going on whenever they show up....if they show up here" he walks over to a window and look out it
  7. Suddenly, a Scout lands in the window. "Titans have breached Wall Rose! Ride to the other villages and warn them!"

    "What about our gear?"

    "There is no time! Saddle up and ride as fast as you can!"

    Everyone runs for the door.
  8. Cole follows everyone to the door "we aren't gonna be able to fight them but maybe we can distract them until the higher ups show up there" he runs to the horses stable and saddle's up
  9. "That's a suicide mission."

    "What choice do we have?"
  10. Cole walks his horse out in front of Reiner "would you rather have those people die then at least trying to save them?" he takes off towards the village.
  11. Reiner follows close behind, mumbling under his breath.


    "Sir! Titans have breached Wall Rose!"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Titans were spotted inside the walls!"

    "Ready the Scouts! Get Eren, Mikasa, and Armin here now!"
  12. Cole start thinking of a plan "how about we clear out the villages or try to clear them out so there aren't any casualties in all this craziness".
  13. "That's a good idea."

    "Then let's go.


    "We have a problem. Titans have breached Wall Rose." The looks on the faces of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are incredulous.


    "We don't know. But we do know there is a breach somewhere in the Wall. That's the only way to get inside. Eren, the Female Titan and the Armored Titan had a hardening ability. It stands to reason that you would too. We are going to need that ability to plug the breach. Clear?"

    "Yes sir! I'll do my best."

    "Good. Get your horses ready, and meet me by the east gate."
  14. Cole nods and makes his horse gallop faster towards the village "just don't know how many people are in the village or villages this gonna be a little hard" he mumbles to himself as he looks around for any signs of titans.
  15. "I know. But we have to try."


    Levi mounts his horse. "Let's go. We make for Wall Rose. We have to find the Breach!" He gallops off, Mikasa, Eren and Armin in tow.
  16. Cole slows his horse down to a complete stop he gets off the horse and starts coughing and then throws up "i've gotta calm down" he gets back on his horse and catches up with the others.
  17. "Are you ok, Cole?"
  18. He nods "I-I'm fine"
  19. "No, you're not. What's wrong?"
  20. "I'm not feeling good cause i'm nervous about this"
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