Attack on Titan: Corruption and Oppression

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  1. Corruption and Oppression - Attack on Titan OOC
    For a century, humanity has been confined inside these mysterious walls; Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sina. Outside of the outermost wall are the titans, mysterious monsters that appeared out of nowhere over a hundred years ago and devoured most of humanity. Those who ventured out to fight them had little to no success as these giants were seemingly impossible to kill. Even if their heads were sent flying, they would regrow their bodies. These three walls have protected the remnants of the surviving humans. The rich hid in the innermost walls where it was safe and the strong either cowered with them or perished outside the walls, fighting. After several years inside, a young mechanic by the name of Angel Aaltonen invented a device that would allow humans to move around easily and go up high to battle the titans instead of being stuck on the ground, getting squished. This device is currently used by the military, which has three different branches.
    Titans are humanoid giants, their height ranging from 3 meters all the way to 15 meters. The sole purpose of their existence is seemingly to devour people. They, however, do not need to eat to survive. They simply devour the people and then spit them back out, which is why they’ve been able to survive so long without any source of food. They survive thanks to the light provided by the sun and are rendered immobile during the nights. They devoured most of humanity before the remaining survivors found the walls and hid behind them.

    Military Factions
    Military Police - This is the faction that everyone tries to get into. From each training regiment, they accept the top 10 soldiers. They operate mostly in the inner walls where it’s safe from the titans.
    Scouting Legion - This is the faction with the least amount of people because they venture outside of the walls where the titans are. It’s composed of the best of the best, people who eventually become elite warriors and amazing survivors. However, more than half of the people who join the Scouting Legion die before completing their fifth years. Its members are usually quite bizarre people.
    Garrison - These soldiers are stationed on the walls, in case of an attack. They’re mostly people who try to get in to the Military Police but fail and don’t want to risk their necks outside the walls.

    You will join the training corps to perhaps reclaim the world for humanity and join the Scouting Legion or aim for the Military Police. Even if you were aiming for the Garrison, things won’t go as smoothly as you think they will.

    1. No OOC in the RP thread.
    2. No Metagaming.
    3. No Powergaming.
    4. No swearing OOC.
    5. Write "Lost World" somewhere in the app so that I know you read the rules.
    6. No sexually explicit acts. Keep this PG-13.
    7. Romance is encouraged but make it realistic if you're gonna start something.
    8. You will listen to what Geist (GM) and I tell you.
    Character Sheet (open)

    Age(must be above 14)
    District (more information here. Mitras district is unavailable for the first arc)

  2. Is it too late to join?
  3. We're not really that far into the story so if you want to make a CS, go ahead. I think we can take one or two new players :D
  4. This still open?
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