Attack on Titan: A New Age

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    26 years after the fall of Shiganshina....

    Humanity is finally recovering from the great tragedy that befell them two and a half decades. All three of the walls, Sina, Rose, and Maria, were restored to their full strength and a fourth additional wall is nearing completion. Humanity has finally taken the offence and is making great progress in the war against the titans. Experiments conducted two decades ago spawned men and women with the unique ability to take on the form of a titan. These titans have the intelligence of the one within, as well as great dexterity, speed, and strength. Controlled by the Commander of the Garrison, Ukrin Mishiko, and used as weapons against the great threat to humanity, those with a titan form are far from free.

    After graduating at the top of your class in the 106th Corps, you and your comrades were inducted into the Survey Corps, also known as the Scout Regiment. You the elite of the elite. Positioned outside of Wall Rose, you are actively striving to destroy the titans that threaten your home.

    Long has humanity fought this endless war.

    The time has come to finish this war once and for all. Drastic measures must be taken in order to emerge victorious. Humanity can hide in their walls and fend off titans for an eternity, but that won't put an end to the deaths, the destruction, the horror. Your squad leader has decided its time to wipe out the titans from the inside. The Scout Regiment will find the origin of these beasts and destroy them at their spawning grounds. The journey will be long, the fight will be bloody and seem to last an eternity, but with abnormals appearing more and more often, something has to change. Something has to be done.

    Are you ready to put an end to this great threat on humanity once and for all?

    Scouting Regiment
    Scout Leader:
    Team Leader:

    Titan Form Slots
    (Please PM me for these)
    1. Soulserenity20

    Character Skeleton

    Age: (16-25)
    Brief Bio:
  2. This is my space <3
  3. Nothing? :D *grabs huge bag of m&m's and barrel of self pity and tromps off to lair to mope*
  4. Hey! I'd love to join but I'm busy right now and can't do the character sheet. If more people show up can you save a titan form slot for me?
  5. This is interesting.. count me in! ;3 I'll make my CS asap.
  6. Well I thought there was more interest initially but this might not even get off the ground at this rate -.- Who knows, maybe we'll just make it a small RP with only a few players. For those who love AoT as much as I do :)
  7. I might edit this later



    Isadora “Izzy” Köhler
    Nicknamed Izzy by close friends and family members


    Strict | Serious | Hard worker | Self-discipline | Still has a hint of rebelliousness to her | Observant | When speaking to friends, she still has a 'rebel' kind of way of speaking | Loyal | Never leaves anyone behind | Intelligent

    Brief Bio


    Hailing from the Trost district, Isadora grew up with three older brothers, Ezra, Ezekiel and Elijah. The four siblings are a year apart; Ezra would be the eldest, followed by Ezekiel then Elijah and then Isadora. Their parents did not have enough money to support the four of them. Hence, they had to work on their family friend’s farm for money. Back then, she was rebellious child with wild, messy hair. As soon as she joined the military, she started maturing. Since she grew up with her brothers, she was heavily influenced by them.

    When they were old enough, one by one, they entered the military. At first, their mother didn’t allow Isadora to join, claiming that Isadora should stay home and be a housewife or something. With persuasion, her brothers smooth talked their mother into letting her join. When she graduated, she was positioned 5th. She decided to join the Survey corps. Ezra and Elijah joined the Military Police where else Ezekiel joined the Garrison. Even though they do not see each other as often, they send letters to one another and to their parents as well. When they do have the time off, they would visit their parents.

    Till this day, Isadora’s mother doesn’t approve of her decision. A few years after joining the Survey corps, she earned the title of Scout leader.


    - Hunting for food
    - Good sense of directions
    - Strategic
    - Good hearing
    - Observant


    - Unable to control her anger at times
    - Impatient
    - Self-blame
    - Can't maneuver in the dark, has to rely on her sense of touch and hear
    - That being said, she can't open her eyes fully when using the 3DMG, hence using goggles.


    - Mother & Father – Keeps in contact but has a rough relationship with mother
    - Ezra Köhler – Rocky relationship, keeps in touch through letters, secretly does not like his decision of abandoning her and Ezekiel for the Military Police
    - Elijah Köhler – Rocky relationship, keeps in touch through letters, secretly does not like his decision of abandoning her and Ezekiel for the Military Police
    - Ezekiel Köhler – Closer to this brother than the rest, often meet up when they have the time


    - Stands at 5'7" , has a frown on her face most of the time
    - Became slightly tan after spending so much time under the sun.

    - Has a habit of speaking to herself, like scolding and having conversations with herself
    - In her free time, she would visit Ezekiel or her parents.

    - Has a huge appetite.
    - Often helps out with titan research when she has the time
    - Whenever she uses the 3DMG, she wears the goggles over her eyes so as to protect them as she claims that during her training days, she couldn't open her eyes when using the 3DMG. When they are not in use, they are usually placed above her head.
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  8. I don't know why but I don't think this is ever going to pick up. :( I thought for sure it'd be a hit -_-
  9. :c like most of the AoT roleplays I see nowadays are full and not open for other characters.. so when I saw this i was like "YES IT'S NOT FULL YEEETTT!!"
  10. Lol maybe my RP idea just isn't as appealing as the others :3 or maybe all the AoT fans are already in RPs XD

    1x1?? :D
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