Attack of the Aliens

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  1. "Hello Minx Kagome!"
    "Minx hello!"
    It was a usual school day for the young and beautiful student in Kasune Tech, a school of the most talented students that wish to become Gardians! Piolets to the most brilliantly designed MECH (short for machanical robots) in the world that were built for one thing and one thing defeat the Arzonians, nasty alien creatures that are 10,000 times bigger than a human.
    The school just had the first shipment of the newest model, the XT-17!
    The first class was beginning soon...

    The reason Minx was so popular throughout the school was because her father was one of the best MECH piolets in the school.

    Millions of miles away was a run down abandoned chicken factory...where a young beautiful long, white haired teenager laid in the middle of the chicken boxes with the sun shining upon her...she was filthy, patches of dirt laid on her face and blo suit, a suit spacifically designed to control a MECH with every movement...but the suit was ripped and damaged, not to mention there was no MECH in sight.
    The mysterious girl twitched her arm before slowly opening her emerald green eyes...
    With a start, she sat up quickly gasping for a moment...flashes of the most cicious fight shes ever been in swam through her mind but only in pieces...her memory was fading.

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