Atrinita Town- "The city of Heroes"

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  1. Erexia paced through the busiest street of Atrinita city, she looked around, her wolf/cat ears twitching faintly. She sighed, remembering that she was new to this city and she had no house to sleep in. She wondered when she would next find a park, a tree would do for this Balverikon...
    She yawned and looked up at the sun slowly setting on the huge city buildings above her. She sighed, her dragon-like wings fluttering slightly, she wasn't truly sure what to make of this city, they called it the city of heroes... But what she could see was a city of bustling normal people. There were no signs of someone with extraordinary abilities.
  2. Malcolm sat on a park bench his black wings flapping slowly as if to fan himself. His white hair fell over his face, his gold eyes looked up and he saw through the crowd a strange girl standing there in the crowd all alone. He stood and smirked. "Noobs." Malcolm sat back down and flapped his wings hard forward a burst of wind flying through the crowd, making it split perfectly down the center so he could be seen down the aisle by her. Looking up his eyes seemed to glow through his hair his wings laying relaxed and calm as he went back to carving a small figurine out of wood with his long nails, as he had been doing before. he knew she was there previously but he hadn't fully sensed that she was "different" like he had a moment ago when he looked up.
  3. Erexia flinched slightly, looking around before noticing Malcolm, but more so noticing his wings. She couldn't make out what type of wings they were, but she very well knew he couldn't be human. She hadn't realised the wind had caught behind her as well and had pulled her wings from her ties and her wings ruffled on their own. She looked back at them and her ears drooped sideways in a sign of annoyance. She had the urge to walk towards Malcolm to try to talk to him.
  4. Raiden was a human...but he was supernatural....he grew up in the City of Heroes. Never really saw an "actual" hero yet. Raiden sat in a tree that was a few trees down from these two people he was observing. They both obviously weren't human. Raiden wasn't used to seeing people like this...he wanted to talk to them...needed to talk to them. They were different like him. He dropped out of the tree calmly and watched them from a distance.
  5. Erexia walked up to Malcolm and looked down at them, "H-Hello...?" She asked, her voice slightly shaky.
  6. Valerie, the awkward and shy little girl, did her best to avoid hitting people as they headed to God-knows-where. She was headed to the trees to enjoy the freshly-baked cupcakes, and she didn't want them cold by the time she got there. 'If only I could use my power,' she thought, wishing there weren't so much people so she wouldn't have to use her walking-through-solid power.
    She didn't end up using it, though, for there was a sudden gust of wind that created an aisle of some sort. She grabbed that opportunity to run to the trees and sit down on the grass. It felt so good to sit down after walking for so long.
    As she was about to munch on a cupcake, which, thankfully, was still warm, she noticed a guy a few trees away, looking intently at... something, she couldn't see from this point of view. She walked until she was beside him, and she could finally see what he was looking at--or rather, who he was looking at.
    "Why're you looking at them so... intently?" she softly asked, facing him, silently offering him a cupcake. It looked like he needed to say something to the two winged people, or whatever they were called. It was fascinating to see them, she could admit.
  7. Jadar sat in the shadows, watching the strange people. Not that he wasn't strange himself. A Dimir, a race known for making enemies of those who held Holy relics with high authority, and allies of those who curse the Gods and praise Demons, in the City of Heroes. The Dimir were a race of Arcanamancers, beings through whom Arcane Magic flowed freely in many different forms. Hydromancers, Electromancers, Pyromancers, Necromancers, and other forms of mystics. Jadar himself was a Shadowmancer, one who could bend the darkness to his will. His glowing green eyes shone from the shadows of the tree he was leaning against. He watched the group with interest. Particularly the humans by the other tree. He sensed they had powers of their own. He travelled silently through the shadows, avoiding detection until he announced his appearance.

    "What is it you are staring at so intently?"
  8. Valerie turned around, surprised. She felt this aura about him, something that seemed mysterious... She couldn't describe it very well.
    "Them," she replied in a whisper, gesturing to the winged guy sitting on the bench and the winged girl who looked like she was talking to him. For some reason, she wondered if the winged people would hear her from this distance.
    She then held out another cupcake. "You want a cupcake?" she asked. "It's a very nice cupcake. From Helga. She said it had some sort of energy-giving ingredient for the supernatural."
  9. Jadar looks at the cupcake suspiciously, but takes it. As he eats it, he notices he feels more powerful than before. "Thank you. I'm Jadar, by the way. And you are?"
  10. "I'm Valerie, hi Jadar." She smiled at him. "Well, you look happier," she added, noticing that the aura was more... felt. She faced the fellow human, who was still looking at the two intently. "Dude, seriously, go talk to them. It looks like you really need to... And please take the cupcake. I think you'll feel much better with it."
  11. The girl was right he did feel happier. He was actually smiling. Hunched over, arms dangling, softly glowing green eyes, and light, black armor. And a smile. Odd, Dimir usually don't. Very solemn race, most of the time, but they did have occasional fits of madness, in which they were either fun, or terrifying. Or both. Very confusing people, the Dimir.
  12. She sighed, her shyness slipping in. "Alright then, just tell me if you want the cupcake." She sat down and leaned on the tree, keeping an eye on the two winged people. Just as she munched on the cupcake, she fell backwards and yelped, rolling down the hill on the other side of the tree. It took her a few seconds to stop herself, thankful that she didn't let go of the cupcake and that her bag with... stuff... was closed.
    "Damn it, I hate it when that happens," she muttered, mentally punishing herself for not being able to control the power surge after biting into the cupcake. It really gave a power boost, and she never would have ended up several meters away without it. She gobbled up the delicious cupcake while making her way back to the tree.
  13. Erexia sighed when she didn't get an answer from the man and looked around slightly, her tail and wings twitching. Okay.... So people aren't talking to me....
  14. Jadar sees the expression on the winged girl's face, and decides to go see what's wrong. He shadow morphs into the darkness around them, darting in between the trees, until he makes it behind the girl. He melts out of the shadow, and asks, "You look troubled. What is the matter?"
  15. Erexia jolted slightly and her tail puffed. She pulled up her hand in a fighting way and pauses at Jadar. "O-Oh...." She said, looking around with a small smile, "N-Nothings wrong... Just feeling... I guess, A bit lonely and confused...."
  16. "Okay, so you really don't want the cupcake..." She muttered, watching as Jadar conversed with the winged girl. She decided to share the food she had. While munching on another one, she headed to where Jadar was talking.
    "Sorry to butt in, but do you want a cupcake?" Valerie asked, offering one to the winged girl. "It's really good, trust me. You can even ask Jadar over here."
  17. Erexia jolted slightly and her wolf/cat ears drooped sideways happily, "T-Thank you~!" She said, taking the cupcake and started to eat it happily with a smile.
  18. "Careful, there's this power surge that comes with it--" Valerie warned but she watched the winged girl with the catty ears munch on it, so she took a deep breath, hoping she won't be shocked from the power suddenly flowing through her veins.
  19. Erexias tail puffed up slightly, she smiled, allowing the power to flow through her, "Oh~ T-That was very.. Tasty and refreshing~" She said, a small surge of lightning crackling up her left arm.
  20. Valerie was surprised when she saw that Erexia didn't seem too surprised with the power surge. 'Well, she probably had some of the cupcakes before, or something similar to that one,' she thought. She then took in her whole figure.
    "What's your superpower?" she asked, mentally scolding herself for being so blunt. "I mean, you know, you've got the tail and the ears of a wolf or a cat and you've got a pair of dragon's wings on your back...?" She trailed off, slightly confused. It was the first time she saw someone with dragon wings, and then you add the wolfy/catty stuff...