Atlantis: City of Death

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  1. Atlantis
    City of Death

    Accepting New Characters: Yes
    Rating: PG-13 - R
    Atmosphere/Mood: action-horror
    Basic Plot:

    Some time ago, a sea-captain aquired the coordinates of an island off the coast of South America. Not only did he have the coordinates, but he had a diary from someone who had stumbled onto this island in 1923. It was among the collection of books in his father's library, and he even now wonders if it should have stayed there. Because of this diary, the sea-captain is hesitant on the idea of taking archeologists, along with their friends and family, to this island. And that is because, if what is written in this little book is the least bit true, he will be sailing them into the fires of hell.

    Basically, a captain and his crew take a group of archeologists, along with their friends and loved ones, to what many assume to be the lost ruins of Atlantis. But there are many horrors here. This is a world where myths seem to come alive. The dangers that you will have to brave are:
    The Sea Serpent: This monster lives in the waters of Atlantis and prevents anyone from leaving the island.
    Minotaur: This half-man, half-bull is very strong and very aggressive. He is best to be avoided without a weapon.
    Medusa: A snake woman with serpent like tendrils for hair. She doesn't truly turn you to stone, but petrifies you so she can eat you alive.
    Griffins: Massive creatures. Half-lion, half-eagle, they circle over the city and nest in the tall tower at the center of Atlantis.
    Dead Woods: Avoid the thick jungle as much as you can. And especially be sure to turn back if you see bones sticking from the trees.
    Statues:There are some buildings you aren't meant to enter. Statues at their gates will come to life to stop you.
    Ghosts: Of all the things here, there is nothing more disturbing than the restless spirits of the Atlantean people. They reveal themselves seemingly at random, but can be helpful guides.

    Character Name:
    (Archeologist/family/crew member)
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:

    I want there to be at most twenty characters; six crew members and fourteen Archeologists. The reason I'm going for so many is because people will die here, so fill up on characters as best you can. I will be playing the captain, plus maybe two others.
  2. SO multiple characters then/
  3. If you don't want to die after the second day, yeah that'd be a good idea. Oh! and I almost forgot to add ethnic background (namely what country or countries your character's nationality is). This could probably go under general history. It'll make sense later.
  4. Character Name:Reese Gonzalez
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Captain of the exploratory ship, The Trojan
    Age: 43
    General Appearance: ARough stubble of beard covers his chin and jaw line. It is a light brown, the same color the paling hair on the top of his head used to be. He wears a white sea-farers cap and a navy blue jacket over his black sweater. He also wears cargo pants and well-polished leather shoes. His eyes are the stoic blue of the sea.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To see to the safety of everyone aboard his vessel
    General Personality: He takes the ways of the sea very seriously. He makes sure to never underestimate her. He approaches other situations in much the same way. He's cautious, but is still brave enough, or foolish enough, to forge ahead anyway. The closest people to him are his crew.
    General History: Born in Louisiana, Reese picked up the Cajun accent often associated with that region. But the sailor's accents have mixed in with the Cajun over time. He began sailing the seas with his father. He would often spend hours in his father's library, looking at sea charts and maps, plotting his own courses. That's when he discovered the Diary of Captain Wess Cruise. Although he inherited the library from his father after he passed away, Reese never could bring himself to go to that island. He moved to Panama, though, closest he'd ever dare get to the place that once gave him nightmares. Until some Archeologists excavating Mayan Ruins overheard him talk about the book, and insisted he and a few friends see that island. Insisting in Panama, as like anywhere else, involved having a deep pocketbook. So he reluctantly agreed and started gathering supplies.
  5. What year is this set in?

    And is it just archaeologists, or would there be other scientists?
  6. I'm in. Char profile coming up.
  7. Asmo: The story is set in Modern Day, so pretty much right now would be the setting. And I'd imagine the expedition would consist of not just archeologists, but linguists, paranormal investigators, and maybe a camera man. Plus don't forget that these people brought their families along, so they could have a different job altogether.
    TK: Look forward to seeing it.
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  8. Melon made a cool edit thingy for her friend today. :U

  9. It'll probably be awhile before the RP is up and running, TZS. I did ask for twenty characters afterall. You should still be able to join by the time your computer problem is solved.

    Another thing I forgot about. Medical! To make sure everyone doesn't die first day, we need a ship doctor and maybe a passenger who could be a doctor or nurse. Any volunteers?
  10. I'll do Doctor, Magazine journalist/photographer and maybe one other.
  11. By all means, go ahead. I never mentioned a journalist, though it occurs to me that it'd be a good idea.
  12. Okay, I don't hold it against anybody, but this lack of activity is starting to piss me off. I'm PMing you people right after I post this.
  13. Character Name: Dr. Richard Smithson
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Doctor/Medic
    Age: 29
    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose: Make a living
    General Personality:

    Once a young enthusiastic doctor in charge of the diagnostics department at St. Jude's hospital hes now reduces to drunk, sorry state. Left by his wife, his children taken from him, fired from his job, constantly searching for the answer to his problems at the bottom of a bottle and prone to outbursts and seasickness.

    General History:

    Almost a prodigy he excelled at school, finishing in the top percent during his medical exam and going strait into a prominent position at St. Jude's. Marrying one of the interns and having two children, both boys. Allegations of unethical practices and resulting legal suits saw him being used as a scapegoat and all but losing his license, wife, sons and job gone he took the first job that he found, on exploration party heading for an island in the south atlantic.
  14. Hmm. That's pretty good. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but it sounds like killing him would put him out of his misery. I hope he's not drinking WHILE he takes care of the group.
  15. *gets dragged in, beaten and bleeding, with Quiet One's boot-prints on his spine*


    Ah right... multiple characters. Cool. I'll throw some up once I get my morphine.
  16. *Tends to Asmo* Working on the char. Have to do a quick online quiz for my sociology class first, though.
  17. Come on, Asmo. I was the most timid when I PMed you. (You still weird me out)

    TK, and I guess everybody, don't forget you can do their family members, too. We need the horrible, heartwrenching trauma of loved ones being hideously mauled and eaten before our very eyes. I don't know if you want to try and put them all in one character sheet (not sure if that's enough info) or try to do each family member separately (seems a little tedious to me).
    Also remember that a decent crew is needed. I may just fill in the first mate and one other guy and make the other three NPC's, but I'd like not to do that.
  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Blazestar
    Past names (if any): Blazepelt, Blazepaw, Blazekit
    Gender: Male
    Age (in moons, one moon equals one month): 30 moons
    Rank: Leader
    Apprentice: Open
    Mate (if any): Open
    Kits (if any): Open
    Short physical description: Orange striped tom cat with yellow eyes
    Personality: Agile, kind
    Strengths: Jumping
    Weaknesses: Water
    Clan: Valley Clan
  19. Oh, you gave me quite a few people to love and hate. I think Jack and Reese are going to have problems as to who's in charge. I think I can work out an understanding between the captain and Harley. And your personality description makes me want to kill Ron as painfully as possible. I like Kyle and Melinda, too, though it makes me sad to take such a sweet old lady to such an awful place. I approve all of 'em!
  20. Character Name: Craig "Crack" Harken
    Gender: male
    Occupation: First Mate
    Age: 30
    General Appearance: Burly with dark black skin, showing his decent straight from the heart of Africa. His head is bald and he has deep, sleep-deprived eyes that always carry a tint of pink. He is often dressed in jeans encrusted with dirt and salt, as well as a sleeveless black shirt that hugs tightly against his large, sculpted torso. His eyes are black, and seem to carry with them the depth of the night sky.
    Current Goal/Purpose: See to the safety of the passengers/follow the captain's orders
    General Personality: Exceptionally quiet. Rarely speaks to anyone except the captain and Harley. When he does speak for all to hear, he surprises them with deep comments referencing fate and future struggle. On the surface he seems to simply be trying to make a living. But every once in a while that bizarre level of depth surfaces.
    General History: His family moved him out of Africa shortly after he was born. He was given the name Craig Harken to fit into western culture, though he always seemed to belong to another world. He spent much of life in Brazil, and in fact met his captain when he stopped there. When the crew had come together, Craig was the wash hand, swabbing the poopdeck, as it were. Over time Reese steadily promoted him to first mate. He had been given the nickname Crack by other members of the crew for his oddly inciteful outbursts, convincing almost eveyone that he was at least partly insane. He himself suspects that it may just be some tribal magic from his African ancestors.