Atlantis: Age of the Guardians

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    Atlantis: Age of the Guardians
    ::Will you accept your Destiny::

    The hidden city of Atlantis was a well kept secret, one you didn't even know existed.. That is.. until today. The myth that you always thought was simply a myth, was coming to life before your eyes. Your whole life would change, all with one choice. One. Simple. Choice. Should you accept your destiny, or deny your fate?
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    Ariana had started the day as she would any other day. Her Dad was working today so Ari had brushed her golden blonde hair and hid it with a black beanie. The weather was oddly chilly for early autumn in Michigan, so she grabbed her jacket and walked downstairs. She saw their dog, Bennie, laying on the couch lazily and Ari shook her head. "Now now, come on boy let's get you moving eh?" She asked the dog as he picked up his head as his owner spoke to him. She grabbed the black leash off the fireplace mantle and clipped it to her dog. Together they walked out of the house and Ari locked the door behind her and admired the neighborhood. The outer suburbs of the city in which she lived were nice, not much crime, and relatively clean. Ari loved the outdoors more then most of the other people she knew, and so she took her dog on a lot of walks. Though when the girl returned home she had an unsettling feeling that the house had something wrong with it, the aura seemed.. off. She ignored it though and decided to take a nap. She laid down on her couch in the living room, and the next thing she remembered was a needle in her arm and her dog barking as the window shattered and glass fell in glistening sharp pieces all around her...

    And now here she was, sitting in a capsule in god knows where. The blinking lights and cold metal walls the surrounded her in the room. The doors opened with a "whoosh" and in walked a girl. The girl had an odd sense of style, with her blue hair that was styled in a bob and bangs and her bright green contacts. A little to bright if you asked Ari but she didn't judge. Before Ari could even open her mouth to speak the girl beat her to it. "Ariana Mae Loius, 18 years of age, Female. Future Guardian and Water elemental. Please, Follow me" The girl said simply as she walked out the doors as they made the "Whoosh" noise again. Ari stood there speechless before she could manage to muster up enough courage to push herself up. Her legs felt stiff as she followed behind the girl as she walked down the metal hallway. The end of the hallway opened up into a huge room the was made completely of glass it seemed. The room looked as if it was underwater, Ari couldn't believe it and had to blink a few times to make herself believe this was real. The blue haired girl motioned for Ariana to sit in a blue chair that was one of a few that made up the half circle. She looked around and saw that 9 others were appearing as well, accompanied by other odd looking males and females. Ariana clutched her head as she sat down. "Where am I?" She asked herself.
    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city." A man said who appeared from another door. He walked with an elegance and a prideful grace that could only be described as cocky. "Welcome to Atlantis"
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  2. Desmond Giles

    "And Action!" The director called out as he pointed his script to the stage which was the street just before the lead male's home.

    "What's with that getup?" The female lead asked looking at a blue suit man with a brown overall jacket and tennis shoes.

    "What? I like this." Desmond Giles stated as he acted out the role of the popular t.v show Professor Whoa.

    "Right. So who are you?" The female lead asked as she looked at the man.

    "The Professor." Desmond replied.

    "Professor? Professor Who?" the female lead asked as Desmond smiled, walking towards a phone booth.

    "And cut. That's a wrap people." The director called out as Desmond smiled, shaking loose after a hard day work.

    "That's everything for the season. Once we have the next season's script figured out, we will get together. Until then, take it easy." The director called out.

    "Ok Director. I'll see ya soon." Desmond called out as he walked down the street to his home.

    After closing the door behind him, Desmond quickly turned on the t.v to see a commercial of Professor Whoa with him in it. The phone rang as Desmond walked over to the phone and picked it up.

    "How's it going son?" two familiar voice called out.

    "Howdy dad, mom. I just finished the season of Professor Whoa." Desmond replied.

    "That's good son. I hope you did your best. After all, you were enthusiastic about the show. It was almost a dream come true that they picked you to be the lead." Desmond's Mom Emily exclaimed.

    "Well, you know us. We'll keep quiet about your job. Until then, how about helping me out at the lab? One of the researchers came down with the cold and the environment has to be sterile to proceed." Desmond's dad David asked.

    "I'll think about it dad. I want to relax for a few days." Desmond replied.

    "Ok son. Get some sleep now." Emily replied.

    "Yes son. Get some rest. I'll call you soon." David said as the call hung up.

    Desmond hung up the phone and decided to go to bed as he went up to his bedroom and jumped into bed without changing. Sleep claimed him before he had a chance to think about something.


    The next thing Desmond know is that he was waking up to solid stone as he slowly got up.

    "Well, I definitively don't remember sleeping on the ground." Desmond muttered looking around.

    In front of him was a girl with blue hair and green eyes walked into the room as Desmond now saw the metal walls and door that surrounded him.

    "Desmond Giles, 20 years old male and main lead of the show Professor Whoa. Future Guardian and Metal Elementalist. Come with me." the girl stated as she turned around and walked through the door.

    "Hey wait." Desmond called out as he ran after the girl through the door that slammed shut loudly behind him. He saw other people there. Beside the girl he most recently saw, he saw a blonde hair girl there and other people.

    "Where are we?" Desmond asked no one in general as he took a seat in one of the chairs.

    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city." A man said who appeared from another door. He walked with an elegance and a prideful grace that could only be described as cocky. "Welcome to Atlantis"

    Desmond snickered a bit as his scientific upbringing kicked in.

    "Impossible. Atlantis is a myth. A legend. No scientist has ever proved it's existence." Desmond stated looking at the man.
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  3. McFadden’s was jumping, as always, on this Thursday night. The Pirates had just completed a four game sweep of the Reds and everyone was celebrating in the usual way; drinking, hollering and trying to find someone to take home. The DJ was pumping up the crowd and several waitresses as well as a few female customers were dancing on the bars. Duke and his friends were in the middle of the main bar trying to elicit some special favors from two girls were dancing in front of them.

    “C’mon chick, all we want is a quick lap dance for my boy. He just got off probation. How’s twenty bucks sound?” Duke’s best friend and oldest partner in crime, Dubbs, was waving money at the shorter of the two. She was thick and light-skinned but had the sexiest lips.

    “Fuck off, loser! I ain’t no stripper!” The girl retorted. She turned her back and began to grind on her friend trying to ignore the rowdy young men behind her.

    “Whatever, bitch! You ain’t shit no way.” Dubbs turned back to the crew. They were waiting for him to turn around and bust out in raucous laughter.

    Duke was laughing hardest for two reasons. First, he was already half-lit. Second, he never had problems getting girls. “You suck at life, Dubbs.” Duke downed a shot and tossed the empty glass onto the bar where it slid into a pile of about seventeen other empty shot glasses with a clank. “Watch and learn, homie.” Duke strode past his friend and over to where the two girls were dancing. He leaned on the bar and stared up at them with a very charming grin. “Excuse me, ladies. I want to apologize for my friend. He’s just an asshole.” Dubbs was listening and threw his hand in a rash can arc and walked to order more drinks. The two girls were pressed close to one another and looked down at Duke. Seeing how attractive he was and the polite expressions, they giggled.

    “You got that right, sexy.“ The short, thick girl said. The taller and darker girl turned and pushed her bottom into her friend bending over at the waist to bring herself closer to Duke. “Were you the one that just got off probation?” She traced her finger along his well-lined sideburn and then stood up never stopping her hypnotizing movements.

    “That’d be me, sugar.” Duke grinned. “Listen, me and my friends are gonna blow outta here soon and go party in the South Hills. You wanna come?” Duke extended his hand and gently traced his fingertips along the calf of the taller girl.

    The young woman deftly stepped away from his touch and sat down on the bar swinging one leg on either side of Duke. The handsome young man moved forward until his abs rested against the bar’s edge. He let his fingers run lightly over her knees and started up her thighs where she caught his fingers in her hands. “Slow down, cowboy. I haven’t said I’d come, yet.” She grinned deviously at Duke who was busy lacing his fingers through hers.

    “Oh, believe me, darlin’. You’ll cum and cum and ooOOOOoo! Cum some more!” Duke leaned in and pressed his lips against her neck taking soft nibbles from her sweet smelling skin. The short, thick girl was obviously mad and hopped down onto the bar and then onto the floor. She gave her friend a look and walked off. The girl astride Duke saw this and her mood quickly changed. She gently pushed at Duke and slid herself down from the bar. “I’m sorry, hun but I have to go.” With that she gracefully stepped round Duke and headed in the direction of her friend. Duke closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. His face flushed red. He turned and yelled after the pair. “Fuck you, too, bitch! Cock-blockin’, hoe!” All he got for a reply was a middle finger as they walked out the door.

    Duke walked back over to his group of buddies who now exploded in laughter at his expense. Duck just flipped them off and stole a beer from Dubbs’ hand. He pounded it quickly and tossed the bottle onto the bar. “Fuck ‘em. Let’s get lit.” Duke pulled a shot glass from the bar and threw the strange concoction down his throat. He pulled a bit of a sour face and then shook his head. “Whooo!” His boys cheered him on.

    As the night wore on the four young men drank excessively and hit on just about every decent looking female that walked by. The quality of the dames they were flirting with went down as time passed. Around 2:00 a.m., a couple of the guys strayed off and wandered home leaving Dubbs and Duke at the bar which was still packed. Duke could barely stand but was still putting alcohol down his throat at an alarming rate. Dubbs took Duke by the shoulder and shook him twice. “Hey man, I got a surprise for you, Bring yo’ ass.” Dubbs walked through the bar to the patio and found a table off in the corner. Duke staggered after him and bumped into more than a dozen people along the way. He plopped down in a chair and slammed his fist on the table. “Fuckin’ eh, Dubbs. I’m wasted.” He grinned and finished off his beer tossing the bottle into the cobblestone street. It shattered and several pedestrians nearby jumped and then glared at the rather drunk and muscular fellow. Dubbs leaned forward and slid a slender brown object from his sleeve.

    “This that good shit, homie. Time to blaze up and relax.” Dubbs handed the blunt to Duke and passed a lighter across the table. Duke took the Swisher and set it in his lips. It took him four tries to strike the flint but he finally got it and after two strong inhales, he exploded like a volcano with smoke going everywhere and Duke doubled over the table coughing. Dubbs grinned and took the blunt taking nice easy puffs. One of the workers from McFadden’s came out following the smell and pointed to Dubbs and Duke. Several bouncers came out and lumbered over to the table.

    “Yinz can’t smoke that here. Time to go.” These men were huge…like could’ve played for the Steelers, huge. Dubbs nodded and rose from the table. “Alright Michael Duncan Clarke, we goin’.” Duke took a long, smooth drag of the blunt and shakily rose to his feet. He exhaled right in the bouncer’s face and then hopped the fence and went running most awkwardly down the alley. He only made it fifteen feet before he crashed headlong into a rack of bicycles. Dubbs pulled the same move over the fence and ran to his friend. He was brought up short by a strangely dressed man who simply held his palm out signaling stop.

    “Move it, freak before I blast your fuckin’ teeth outta your skull.” Dubbs tried to go around the man but the blue-haired stranger did not give up and inch. Duke moaned and got up slowly. He was bleeding from a gash on his left forearm and right knee. “Damnit, Dubbs, I fucked up my new shell toes.” Duke finally righted himself and looked ahead to see a funny little man with blue hair and strange clothes. “Fuck. Me. This is some good shit. You seein’ this, homie?” Duke turned to see another one restraining his friend. It was at this time that the stranger touched Dubbs on his forehead and the young man crumpled into a heap on the stones. Duke’s eyes went wide and a rage exploded inside of him. “Mother fucker!” He lunged at the guy standing over Dubbs and with massive force; Duke drove his right fist into the back of the man’s neck. The impact sent him flying over Dubbs and landing face first in the street. The blue-haired man did not move. “That’s right, bitch.” Duke was about to check on Dubbs when he heard steps coming up quickly behind him. Duke turned with a terribly inaccurate hook that the second stranger easily dodged. He touched Duke with something. Duke thought it felt like a poke. He sank to his knees and stared at an empty syringe in the weirdo’s hand. “The fuck…di y-“ Duke found it hard to speak and growing urge to close his eyes. He fought it vehemently. “Yo-…y…touch…Dub…kil…” Duke’s head began to sway and loll. The drug was digging in and shutting him down. The man bent down at eye level with Duke and said something. Duke strained to hear it but couldn’t. Duke’s lights went out.


    Duke woke up with a start in a very strange cell. His body was completely trashed. He couldn’t remember anything. He looked around trying to see some sign of where he was being held. He’d been in his fair share of jails but this was something totally different. A door opened and a woman with blue hair and green eyes walked in and stopped just inside the door. "Duke Hamilton, 21 year old male; deviant. Future Guardian and Poison Elementalist. You’re coming with me." She turned and went out the same door which made some kind of air noise. Duke got up and fell to his knees. His head beat like a drum line and he felt no strength whatsoever in his body. “Some night…ugh!” He pushed himself up and followed her into a chamber where there were other young men and women. He rubbed his eyes his right palm and scratched at his chest. “Fuck’s goin’ on? This ain’t lock-up.” He saw a sharp-dressed dork and then saw an innocent looking blonde girl. Duke smiled weakly and was about to say something when a creepy guy walked in through one of those funny doors.

    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city."
    A man said who appeared from another door. He walked with an elegance and a prideful grace that could only be described as cocky. "Welcome to Atlantis.” Duke blinked and pressed his hands against his head like a vice. A light bulb went on inside his alcohol-soaked head. “Atlantis? In the Bahamas!? Hell yeah!” Duke started to rub his hands together feeling a second wind coming on. “Let’s go get shit-faced on the beach!”
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  4. Aria sat at her desk in her small Seattle high school, a pencil in her hand and her head in the clouds. The rainy Seattle weather was running down the cold window pane, and all Aria wanted to do right now was go home and curl up in bed with her new favorite book, Paper Towns. But alas, she was stuck at school, where every few minutes there was a note to be passed or an eraser to be thrown. To avoid this, she sat in the back of the room by the window, and it had quickly become her favorite seat, and the only one she sat in at school. From this perspective, she could see the entire school grounds, although the view was almost always mottled by the rain, and could just stare absently out the window or sketch without getting reprimanded by the teacher. Although, she was rarely scolded anyway. As long as she kept her grades up, the teachers didn't care what she did, or rather didn't, do in class, because they knew she would always pull through.

    Soon, the bell rang signaling the end of school, and Aria calmly rose from her seat and collected her things, slipping on her light blue sweater before putting her backpack over her shoulders and walking out of the classroom. She slid the work that was to be completed in class onto the tall pile of assignments before exiting. Aria followed the mass of students running down the stairs towards the exit knowing from experience that if she didn't keep up she would be trampled under the heavy footfalls of the entire junior class, which was not something she cared to re-experience. Although she hated the sensation of hundreds of bodies all crowding in the same area, she knew the faster she walked, the faster she would emerge.

    Just as she was about to begin her short walk home, she remembered something. "Oh no, I've forgotten my textbook! I have to go get it. I'm sure mom won't mind if I'm just a few minutes late." Aria said hastily, turning around and walking briskly back toward the school. She couldn't forget her books again, or else her parents would make her take the car to go back and retrieve them, which is another experience she did not care to repeat. Aria shuddered, remembering the loud noises and the honking behind her as she crawled along the road, 10 miles below the speed limit. That and the constantly wet Seattle roads made driving a terrifying experience that she wished to avoid on every occasion possible. She sped up slightly as she mounted the steps, stopping before locker 484. "12-5-39," she spoke quietly to herself, her speech and the spinning dial of the lock the only sounds in the now empty hallway. Closing the door, textbook in hand, she turned to walk back down the stairs, only to be met by a strange new girl whom Aria had never seen before blocking her path.

    Aria, surprised at the mysterious girl being able to sneak up on her, smiled down at her. She was quite short, with a blue bob and vibrant green eyes, but she had an aura of confidence and authority to her, despite her height disadvantage. "Hello there. Could you move please? I need to get down the stairs." Aria asked politely, looking curiously at the girl. After receiving no response, she attempted to just walk around her, but she was stopped when she felt her grab her wrist, her textbook falling to the ground with a thud. Aria, about to just yank away, grab her book and run, was surprised when the girl actually spoke. Her voice, much like her size, was high and melodic, and overall very pretty. "Please, do not resist. I would hate for you to fall down those stairs there." she said fluidly, not letting go of her wrist. Before Aria could ask what she meant, she felt a small pinprick in her forearm, right above where the girl was holding, then slowly was overcome by darkness.

    Aria awoke gradually, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Slowly opening her grey orbs, she looked around at where she had awoken. It was almost like a cell, although it was larger and had a simple bed with cream colored sheets and a mahogany headboard. Aria could almost feel comfortable here if it weren't for the locked door and metal walls. "Well, this is odd. This isn't school. So where am I?" she asked herself quietly, walking around the small room. Not too long after she woke, the same girl from school opened the door and beckoned her forward. "Aria Leighton. 17 year old female. Air elementalist and Future Guardian. Please come with me." Before she could respond or ask where she was, the girl began walking away quickly, and Aria had to jog to keep up. Before long, they emerged into a large room, where three others that looked about her age were also standing. She quickly scanned over the people present. There was an average looking girl with a beanie on, a tall man who was wearing a trench coat, and an even taller man, who looked to be hungover by the way he was holding his head in his hands and rubbing his eyes over and over again. She was ushered next to him into a chair by the girl, and was close enough to smell the sickening smell of alcohol on his breath.

    She didn't have to bear it for too long though, because soon, a man appeared from another door on the other side of the room. Aria heard the other girl mutter a faint, "Where am I?" to herself before the man spoke. "You are in an underground tunnel in our city." The man walked over to the group, and his confident steps and wide smile instantly made Aria feel uneasy. What was this man up to? "Welcome to Atlantis!" the man proclaimed, throwing his hands up as if expecting applause. The man beside her sat up, looking confusedly at him. "Atlantis? In the Bahamas? Hell yeah!" he shouted, jumping up. Aria closed her eyes, hoping that the girl from earlier could knock him out with some of that stuff she had used just earlier on her.
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  5. It was the beginning of the last week of school and as usual, the seniors had been separated from the rest of the school and herded into the auditorium for 'fun fun fun'. Or so the teachers said. It was more like 'you're gonna sit in this room for eight hours whether you like it or not.' The only people who got to get out and do something else, were the teacher's pets. The kids that continuously kissed the teacher's asses even if they were in the wrong. At the beginning of freshman year, Bianca, had had the chance to become one of those kids but instead she'd made an offbeat side comment about a certain butt chinned art teacher and landed on his shit list for four years. That's why when that same teacher approached Bianca as she was shuffling into the auditorium, she wasn't the slightest bit surprised when he delivered the bad news.

    "Miss Kaeli today you won't be in the auditorium with the other students, instead you'll be in F.C.T.K." Butt chinned art teacher said with a toothy grin.

    If Bianca had been a bolder student she would have run down the hall and maybe jumped out a window, but she wasn't so instead she just sighed and followed the teacher to the counseling floor.

    F.C.T.K stood for Future Counseling for Troubled Kids, Bianca wasn't exactly troubled, but the fact that she had yet to respond to any of the three colleges that had offered her full ride scholarships, was probably cause for alarm.

    And so here she was, sitting in a rock hard chair that made it absolutely impossible to relax, in front of Mrs. Murphy, a counselor who always tried way to hard to be nice. She kept smiling with one side of her mouth and then remembering that a smile involved the entire visage, and twisting her face into something that looked like the Grinch.

    "Bianca," The counselor began but she said it so slowly it sounded like, 'Bee on caaw'. "do you know why you're here today?"

    The girl shook her head, even though she was about ninety percent sure she was correct about the college thing, she kept her mouth shut, cause who knows? It cold be something else. Like she'd won a prize.

    "You are here because three wondrous institutions," Mrs. Murphy always talked like she was the main character of a musical or Mary Poppins. "have invited you to join them and you have yet to respond to any of them! They have even offered you full ride scholarships!" She wasn't exactly yelling, more like speaking in a normal volume and then exclaiming on the last syllable of each sentence. "Now, Bianca, please tell me what the dilemma is!"

    "I can't decide." Was the only thing she got out of the senior.

    A little area of the counselor's face twitched rapidly. Bianca knew that twitch. It was the twitch that basically meant 'God fucking damn it, why do I have to deal with this kid?' Bianca was quite familiar with it. The twitch had made an appearance many times in her life, on her parents, her brother, retail sales associates, her psychologist, basically everybody in her life.

    "Well, why not?" Mrs. Murphy grit out, losing all of her earlier Musical Mary Poppins charm.

    "I don't know what I want to do. I don't want to just chose a college, and then if it turns out that I don't like that place or the major that I chose, then it would have been a huge waste of time." Bianca recited. She had said this to multiple people but none of them ever seemed to understand. Mrs. Murphy was no different.

    "Sweetie, it really isn't that difficult. Choose a major, choose a college and make all your other interests into a hobby." The counselor said sharply, but she must have realized that her earlier sparkling tone had disappeared, because she smiled sweetly, and took a deep breath. "You know what? How about we take a break? Go get some fresh air and then come back." She stated.

    - -

    Bianca never came back.

    Instead she hid in a bathroom stall, and prayed no administrators would stand by the door and order her to come out. Normally she would have just trudged back to the counselor's floor, but this last week was meant for relaxation and it's not as though she could get into any real trouble. All of the students had had their diploma's mailed to them last week. The worst she would get was a stern talking to that she wouldn't pay that much attention to.

    The clicking of heels on the tile floor, startled Bianca out of her thoughts and she panicked for a moment before climbing onto the toilet seat and crouching down. She wasn't sure if the heel wearer was a teacher or a student, but she was taking any chances.

    Their was silence for a few seconds, and Bianca thought the person had left, but suddenly said person rapped on the stall door. Bianca jumped and lost her footing. Letting out a small scream, she found herself falling, and soon blacked out when her head hit the toiler paper dispenser.

    - -

    Bianca woke up in something that looked like a room with metal walls. Scrambling to her feet, Bianca gasped as she saw the state of her pants. The bottoms were wet. "Eee-w, did I fall in the toilet?" She groaned.

    The sound of an opening door behind her made her turn around to see a girl with blue crayola colored hair and bright green eyes. Bianca cocked an eyebrow in surprise. "Well that's...New. Um where--" Before she could finish her sentence the girl began to speak.

    "Bianca Tara Kaeli, 17 years old, Female, Future Guardian and Stone Elementalist. Come with me." And with that the girl began walking away. Bianca took a step forward and then froze. Should she follow her? What if she was evil or something? But she didn't want to stay here. And she really wanted a change of clothing. Hurrying, Bianca followed the girl into another room with other people in it. There were four people in total not including herself and crayola hair.

    "Uh...Where-" Was all Bianca managed to say before a classy looking man entered the room. He was smiling and Bianca decided that he was the male version of Mrs. Murphy. She automatically didn't like him one bit.

    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city." The man exclaimed as if predicting what her question would be, throwing his hands up. "Welcome to Atlantis!"

    His announcement was met with various responses; The two girls were quiet but still shocked, one of the guys stated quite matter of factually that the man was lying, and the other guy yelled quite loudly.

    Bianca had her own unique response, because clearly the classy guy was some kind of elegant pimp. "Holy shit, this is human trafficking. We are being trafficked. Oh my god." She whispered, pressing herself against the nearest wall.
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  6. Birch, green

    'Another long day in this god awful heat...' Were Birch's thoughts as he slammed his hammer down on a stubborn nail again, kneeling down on a roof to an unfinished house he was helping build. He'd been working on various parts of the skeleton to the house all day, right now it just had the foundation and frame but they were expecting to get the siding and electrical/plumbing done in the next few days. Wiping a few beads of sweat from his brow with his forearm he straightens up sliding his hammer into its slot in his toolbelt hanging around his waist before looking up at the clear sky and glaring sun. 'Man I hope its cooler tomorrow, another day in this heat and I'll start looking Indian, or black' Suddenly he heard a man calling his name from below. Shuffling toward the edge he peered down with his emerald eyes that looked even brighter against his darker skin than normal, seeing one of his co-workers waving at him.

    "Hey Birch! The boss is lettin us off early today cuz of the heat, he dont want us getting sick then billing him for it. Wanna come with us to grab some cold ones?" Gill called out to him enthusiastically.

    Sighing he runs a hand through his thick damp chocolate brown hair pulling it off his forehead, debating a moment 'A cold one really sounds nice....' shaking his head at Gill he calls back down.
    "Sorry Gill I dont drink, maybe another time!" His voice is deep and husky, almost reverberating, his tone friendly but slightly reserved. Gill nods and waves bye to him as he joins the rest of there crew by the trucks to get there drinks.

    After making sure he had all his tools he unhooks himself from his tie off, the boss never let them on the roof without being tied off. Climbing down the ladder he descends the 2 story house smoothly. Once his boots hit the ground he unbuckles his toolbelt walking over to where he left his black button up short sleeved overshirt sliding it on over his white tank before swinging the toolbelt over his shoulder. He jogs over to his truck tossing the tools along with the ladder in the bed before driving off their site. 'Now to go relax in my air conditioned home and out of this blasted sun...'

    Just as he started his truck he glimpsed a shade of blue in his review mirror, as he focused in on it frowning he suddenly felt a prick against his neck 'What the...?' Seeing a blue haired stranger in the mirror right before he slumped forward onto his steering wheel darkness overtaking him.


    Birch woke up in a haze, he felt a cold floor underneath him that was smooth 'Metal? But I was in my truck...' suddenly the blue hair and prick come rushing back. His eyes snapping open he jolts up breathing hard, looking around it looked like he was in some kind of special container. 'What the? Did aliens finally decide to abduct someone with a brain?' He thought sarcastically. Before he could figure out much more a door opened to show a woman with blue hair much like the strangers.

    "Birch Guardian, 22 years of age, Male. Future Guardian and Earth elemental. Please, Follow me" The bluenette stated robotically 'Ooookkaayyy....not weird at all' Standing up he follows her to a room with a few other people that seemed a little more normal than the robot-girl and around his age. Waving awkwardly at him he rubs the back of his head in a nervous gesture but before he could ask anything a odd man comes in through another door announcing to everyone. "You are in an underground tunnel in our city." Throwing his hands up like he was about to announce the best news ever he exclaims "Welcome to Atlantis!"


    Achera, blue

    Yawning Achera stretches her cramped muscles before putting her bedhead in a ponytail, she would deal with the mess up natural curls a lil later. Hopping out of bed she exits her bedroom heading straight for the kitchen, Vane's ears perk up at her entrance, raising his head from where it had been laying on the couch her dog bounds happily over to her. Smiling she reaches down to pet him, a golden retriever he was the most loyal and fun loving companion shes ever had. "Hey buddy! Ya hungry?" Going to the fridge she opens the freezer pulling out one of the rib bones she bought just for her dog she holds it up as he looks up at the bone expectantly. "Whatchya gotta do boy?" At her words he sits waiting patiently, smiling she tosses the bone into the living room for him to enjoy. He races after it wagging his tail. Ya her dog was spoiled but why have a dog if not to spoil it? Besides bones were good for their teeth.

    Now Vane was entertained she makes herself a bowl of cereal before plopping down on the couch turning the tv on to watch as she eats. Once finished she washes the bowl out and fills Vane's dog bowl up with food. Sighing she walks over to her "mega" computer, booting it up she smiles cracking her knuckles as her desktop image showing a character from one of her favorite animes. 'Ichigo, time to see whose ready to kick some butt' pulling up one of her favorite MMORPG games she logs in her movements fluid like shes done this a thousand times before.

    Ash wasnt really paying attention to her surroundings, other than Vane, her phone, and the doorbell there wasnt much that could grab her attention once she got in gamer mode. She was still dressed in her royal blue spaghetti strap top and black cloth shorts that fit her hourglass figure nicely. She didnt usually get dressed for the day on her days off from work till around noon so this wasnt abnormal.

    Frowning she tilts her head slightly having heard a rustle behind her before shrugging 'Its problay just Vane playing with his toys...' at least thats what she thought until she felt a presence behind her. Before she could turn she felt a prick on her shoulder 'Gah what was that? A bee? Oh it better not' her vision blurs feeling suddenly dizzy before black out.


    Blinking her blue'sh green eyes open Ash frowns seeing only blank metal walls around her 'Huh? Where am I?' She still felt a bit drowsy from whatever had knocked her out 'Drugs?...Oh no....' Panic started to grip her right before a blue haired chick entered the room through a door.
    "Achera Sapphire, 18 years of age, Female. Future Guardian and Electric/Lightning Elemental. Please, follow me" The chick states blankly. 'Ya....Suuureee.....Cuz this is just SO normal' before she could make a sarcastic comment tho the blue hair girl walks out assuming she would follow.

    Folding her arms across her chest with a huff she stands up walking after her 'So bossy....' entering a room she looks around at the various people throughout the room blinking in surprise she blushes lightly suddenly realizing her attire was less than formal, nevermind casual. Keeping her arms folded she avoids eye contact with the others, hoping they didnt notice her clothing for now. A man swaggers- at least that what she thought of the cocky walk, into the room standing before them all, just as she goes to speak he beats her to it.

    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city" Okay that really didnt explain much if anything at all, feeling a bit irked she bits her bottom lip slightly. "Welcome to Atlantis!" Stunned Ash's jaw drops for a moment before she regains her composure shaking her head vigorously. A guy close to her nearly shouts in excitement "Atlantis? In the Bahamas? Hell yeah!" sighing heavily she literally face palms herself. 'Oh the stupidity....'
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  7. It's odd, Severin thinks to himself as he scouts out the cell-like room he's in for a door in silent panic, how when something frightening or even simply out-of-the-ordinary happens, you can recall each detail of the godforsaken occurrences to every little detail. As he continues his careful, strategic search, he allows himself to recall the events of the day gone by, looking into his memories for any clue as to where he is and what’s going on.


    He had been sitting in his bedroom, door locked tightly to his back. It’s not that he had been in a bad mood, or even feeling the least bit antisocial; he just wanted a little bit of peace and quiet for a while as he began to compose his newest novel. Ever since Arabelle’s suicide, he had taken strongly to writing. It had always been mainly realistic compositions, the occasional medieval setting when he feels more adventurous than usual. It has always helped him to separate his indecipherable jumbles of mixed-up emotions, to separate sorrow and pain, happiness and love, despair and joy, anger and wonder. For it is surely the only way to do so, the most effective method there is in this world.

    Although, Trenton and Father had been away, for the former’s hockey game, so he wonders vaguely now why he even bothered to shut and seal his bedroom door in the first place. Perhaps it had merely seemed more… individualized… secluded. Yes, surely that’s what his feeling had been at the time, he decides to himself. It had been the feeling of being separated from the difficulties of the real world as he submerged himself into a unique, fantastical one of his own imagination, design, and structure. A world too perfect to truly exist.

    Letting out a sigh, Severin had tapped his pencil on his notebook, biting his lip in the midst of his intense concentration, his delving into a world of falsehoods and obscurity. Surely there is nothing worse than wanting nothing more than to be able to loose oneself into one’s compositions of heart, only to be cruelly rejected by one’s own mind, forced to remain in the shadows of reality despite tireless attempts. Every writer knows it, lives by it -- most improbably so. Shaking his head in reluctant concession to his own mind’s betrayal, Severin replaced his pencil and ran his hand through his gray-tipped white hair.

    Frowning deeply, he arose from the shining wood of his mahogany chair, starting over to his bookshelves. If he couldn’t write, he might as well at least check his email for word from publishers. No matter how many publishers he contacted, none ever seemed to want to invest in his novelizations, instead responding that he’s still young, and to keep trying his hardest – he’d get there someday. But in his own mind, he was already there and gone, had already far beyond what anyone could have expected from him. He had surely surpassed all expectations of those who had known him. It’s only those who haven’t known him personally who would dare to say such a thing.

    As he pulled his laptop from the shelves and placed it on the desk, an odd, dizzying smell swelled within his nostrils. What the Hell…? The smell seemed to fade as quickly as it had arisen. With a shake of his head, Severin decided that it had merely been a figment of his overactive imagination, a result of trying as hard as he had to enter the deepest recesses of his weary mind.
    Severin opened up his laptop, swiftly pressing the power button and allowing the program to boot itself up. Suddenly his eyes began to feel heavy; his head began to droop over his desk. After reprimanding himself briefly for failing to get a good-night’s sleep the previous night, he clicked his email shortcut.

    He would never get the chance to read his messages, for a pressing sleep had overtaken his entire being.


    Now, Severin decides to himself meekly that someone had released a gas into the sealed-off room without being detected before abducting him and bring him to this place… Wherever this place is. He had never seen anything like it; the room seemed to be lined with stone on three sides, a metal door on the other. For during his flashback, he had deduced that it must be a sliding door of some sort, as there is no other deduction he can make as to where the door would be in such a closed-off, almost claustrophobic place of seclusion and captivity.

    Almost as though in confirmation to his inference, the door slides away, revealing a long, metal-lined hallway and an odd girl with blue hair and wicked, unnatural green eyes. Her smile seems to him to be almost robotic, inhumane. For surely no one can smile as unwaveringly as that, without so much as a blink or an audible sound of breathing. As she fixes her gaze on him, Severin clamps his mouth firmly shut, his stomach churning in apprehension as she stood there as though waiting for him to say something.

    “Excuse me,” he mutters, adverting his gaze quickly. “But do you-"

    “Severin Andrew Foster,” (he jumps at the sound of his name) she seems tp observe vaguely. “Twenty-four years of age. Male. Future Guardian and Ice Elemental.” She nods toward him vaguely, beckoning for him to follow. “If you please.”

    His brow furrowing in confusion, curiosity, and even slight anger at her lack of explanation, Severin follows the nameless dame into the metal-lined hallway, now noticing a similar door as that of his “cell” at the end of the seemingly endless corridor. In the eerie silence of their footsteps, Severin cannot suppress the sense of dread and foreboding that has washed over his entire being, his entire soul. This endless walk seemed like the steps down the final corridor, the steps to impending doom and certain death.

    But instead, the other door opens into a crystalline, glass-like chamber filled with other souls standing in a crooked semi-circle. Severin feels his face flush as he stares off into the distance, biting back his unasked questions as a voice rings through his ears, answering one of his countless unvoiced inquiries. Even after the voice passes, he doesn't allow himself to flinch, still lost in thought and consideration concerning the entire predicament in general.

    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city. Welcome to Atlantis.”
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  8. Alexandra Joon Park, Wheat Lexi had just finished up on editing her YouTube video for the day, the audio ringing out from her laptop, "Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe and I hope you all have a lovely day." It made her cringe a little bit as she watched herself wink and form a little heart out of her petite hands while the video ended. Then again, it worked ever since she had started doing so. A heavy sigh escaped from her rosy lips as she began uploading the completed video. 'The more subscribers, the better. This is the best form of income I have right now until I get hired...' Her emerald eyes looked to the open sketchbook on the desk, the current design uncompleted and slightly too sketchy. Part of her wondered if she would ever become a famous and innovative designer, like she had always dreamed of. It was hard to feel like the future was too wishy-washy for its' own good, with everything that was going on in her own life and all the destruction in the world around her. Yet Alexandra wanted to feel good about her own future, like it would be bright and filled with everything and anything she ever needed.

    Bling. Her laptop notified her that the video was done uploading, and now it was on the internet for everyone to watch. Of course, she enjoyed being able to help others with hair and makeup tutorials, as well as fashion grabs. Positive comments and even constructive criticism put a little smile on her face when she had the time to read them, but that wasn't today. Lexi stood up away from the desk, pushing her rolling chair to the side and dusting off her sky-blue summer dress with a small bow on the collar. 'Today,' she thought, 'I'll go grocery shopping and get a little bit more green tea since we're running out.' The young woman made her way into the kitchen, and the room began to spin. It felt dizzying, strange, as if this was not the normal fainting spell she had come across in her life. Stumbling, she made her way to the counter, knocking over a glass of orange juice before completely falling unconscious. The last thing she heard was the crashing of the glass to the same ground her head met.

    Groggily, she moaned and rubbed the side of her head while muttering something in Korean under her voice. The floor felt different though...and the room was extremely cold compared to the kitchen she had been in. A female voice spoke as she opened up her eyes to see that she was no longer in her home. "Alexandra Joon Park, 21 year old female; healer. Future Guardian and Light elementalist. Please come with me." The petite and strange looking girl offered her hand and Lexi took it, still confused as to whether or not that fall had sent her into a coma or if she was kidnapped while unconscious. Then she was led into a large main room that seemed extremely extravagant but still welcoming.

    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city." A man said who appeared from another door. He walked with an elegance and a prideful grace that could only be described as cocky. "Welcome to Atlantis." Lexi tilted her head in confusion, only being able to say, "Thanks?"

    Flynn Joon Park, Crimson Today was just a typical day for Flynn, with him just lounging around in his own room listening to a recording of his band's music, trying to judge it as harshly as possible. Of course he would always love it, but if they wanted to get anywhere in the industry they would have to work even harder than they already were. To Flynn, that would be a cardinal sin, he never worked hard for anything that he didn't want to do. However, this was his passion. Pretty much his only passion. Music started playing outside of his iPod, and he soon realized that it was his bro calling him out probably to pick up on some girls with their guitars so they could feel cooler. Either way, Flynn was going to get shit, so he picked up the phone. "Come on man...I just wanna chill by myself today." On the other end was pure static, no voice and no complaining. "Hmm. Guess he went into a tunnel. Idiot."

    So he threw his phone off to the side and kept listening to music with just one headphone in, just in case someone called again. A few minutes had passed, but his friend never called back, which upset him a little bit. 'Piece of least have the fucking decency to say- hey, sorry bro, I lost signal and shit...' His little hissy fit ended as soon as he heard a large crashing sound coming from the kitchen. Flynn knew that the only people that were in the house at the moment were himself and his sister. Thinking that someone had broken in, he charged out of his room to only meet shards of glass and spilled orange juice everywhere in the kitchen. Yet his sister was nowhere to be found. "Hey sis, you alright?" If Lexi was the one who dropped the glass, she would have immediately cleaned it up before just leaving a mess. The whole situation was sketchy, and Flynn didn't enjoy it. A few steps out of the kitchen, and his the music coming out of the headphone began to warp and sound like static. It irritated his brain, and before he could pull out the headphone, everything went dark.

    "Fuck." Nothing happened for a moment, and then everything became bright and he was in a strangely shaped room with a young and cute female that looked like she had just walked out of the Harajuku district in Japan. Before he could say anything else, she began to speak."Flynn Joon Park, 18 year old male; hot-headed. Future Guardian and Fire elementalist. Please follow me." He stood up from the ground and followed her through the strange hallway and into the main room. For sure, he thought he had been kidnapped and about to be either raped or part of an underground cult. He hoped it was the cult.

    "You are in an underground tunnel in our city." A man said who appeared from another door. He walked with an elegance and a prideful grace that could only be described as cocky. "Welcome to Atlantis." Flynn bust up laughing, almost rolling. "Shit man, that's awesome. Where are the cameras?"
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  9. The man's face twisted in an overwhelming array of emotions ranging from upset to frustrated to confused. He regained his poise and cleared his throat. "Oh god no Ms. Kaeli! We are not human trafficking! But to clear up any confusion NO we are not a cult either so you may ease your worries, And sorry to disappoint you Mr. Park but there are no camera's." He said to the boy. "Please sit down everyone. If you remember your elemental power please match it too your color chair. I'll explain everything" He said. Phineas was a well dressed man, he looked as if he was in his early 30's and wore a nice black suit with a very colorful tie. His hair looked as if it was made of actual gold and his orange eyes seemed to scan the crowd of confused kids eagerly.

    "My name is Phineas Hefler and I am the Director of what is known here in Atlantis as the "GPP, or the Guardian Protection Program. Now before we start let me explain a few things yes? Now you are currently located in the underground tunnel sector G. We are currently 400 feet below sea level, meaning we are under water in the Atlantic Ocean. The current temperature of the water is 45 degrees. Now then I'm sure you're all curious as to why you are here and what the GPP is. Well the GPP, or Guardian Protection Program is a program recently funded to well.. To save the world. You see, thousands of years ago our great city was once a great and powerful empire. Unfortunately we had some issues with our leader and the gods sunk our city. Though one god decided to save 9 of our people and give them an amazing gift. The gift, a power over 1 of the elements of the earth. Though our guardians fought hard to protect the world the gods became jealous and cursed them, and now they must remain here, forever. We as Atlantians have been able to ward off any evil forces.. up until now... We were hoping we wouldn't have to do this, but we have no choice." The man paused and looked down, before returning his gaze to all of the kids before him. "You are our last hope, You 9 sitting here.. are the new guardians. Blessed by a certain grace or god with the power to control one of the 9 elements. We will train you to use your power and fight, but ultimately it will be up to you to stop the growing evil forces that threaten to destroy your world and ours." He hesitated a moment, catching his breath before starting again. "I.. know this is a lot to throw on to you all at once, Believe me when I tell you that this was our last hope.. you are our last hope. We didn't want to have to awaken you, but Destiny is calling you. It's up to you to accept it." He said as a large screen lowered behind him. "Now of course we won't be throwing you into battle with just your powers alone, you will also have the grace of taming a dragon. Yes, a mythical creature, Dragon. It's power will match yours and together you must form your bond and learn to trust each other. For when it really counts, Dragons will be the difference between your life.. and your death. Many of you may have noticed the disappearances happening all over the globe, this is due to a new and very dangerous threat. They call themselves the black eyed beings, Though most people have never seen there true form they are described as black holes with glowing red eyes and a forked tongue. They take on the form of their victim, human beings. They have dark black eyes and are very similar to the "vampire" so to say. Though they do not suck blood, they rip open there victims and suck there souls out. Their mission is to take over earth and enslave the human race, Now I know all of you.. have a heart. Think back to your life on earth.. isn't there one person, at least one person, you are willing to fight for, be their savior.. Be their guardian?" He asked, pictures of the terrible creatures flashed behind him. "It's time to accept your destiny." He said as the slide show ended and the screen began to rise back into the ceiling.

    With a pause the man started again "Now how about some introductions to each other yes? We shall start with you Ariana." The man said as he pointed to Ariana. "Ariana Loius, 18 years old and your Water Elemental. Next Severin Foster, 24 years old and your Ice Elemental. Desmond Giles, 20 years of age and your Metal Elemental. Next are the siblings, Alexandra Joon Park, 21 years old and your Light Elemental, she can also heal some slight wounds. Her brother Flynn Joon Park, 18 years of age and your Fire Elemental. Bianca Kaeli, 17 years of age and your Rock Elemental, not to be confused with your Metal or Earth elementals, very different. Duke Hamilton, 21 years old and your Poison Elemental. Next, Aria Leighton, 17 years old and your Air Elemental. Achera Sapphire, 18 years old and your Electric Elemental. And last but not least Birch Guardian, 22 years old and your Earth Elemental. Now then, whose's ready for powers practice?" He asked clapping his hands together.
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  10. After what Aria assumed was everybody emerged from similar passageways to hers, along with the same girl...or was it just a clone? that was following them and ushering them into the large congregation hall. The strange man began to speak, but, as usual, Aria quickly drifted, and went to thinking about the other members of the recently formed group. From what she gathered so far from her half-listening is that they were all specially chosen to receive an element of power, and something about...dragons? No, that couldn't be. They don't exist. But, Aria mused, stranger things have happened to her already today. Maybe the dragons would just be the icing on the already too large cake. She chuckled at the thought, and the man next to her looked over curiously.

    Aria perked up again when she heard the man begin to list names. She noticed that as he listed them, one of the 9 in the room would make some sign of recognition when theirs was called, so she tried to place the names as he called them out. "Ariana Loius...", that was the blonde girl with the beanie. "Severin Foster...", he was the quiet looking boy with grey and white hair. "Desmond Giles...", the man with the trenchcoat. "Alexandra Joon Park...", the older looking asian girl. Wait, hadn't she seen her somewhere before? A T.V. show maybe...? Aria shook her head. It would come back to her later. "Flynn Joon Park...", a boy similar in looks to the Alexandria girl, and obviously siblings from the same last names. "Bianca Kaeli...", the girl with the mohawk. "Duke Hamilton...", the tall drunk man next to her. "Aria Leighton...", that was her. "Achera Sapphire...", the average looking girl with brown hair and blue eyes. "And, last but not least, Birch Guardian...", the man with the long hair and stubble. Now that she had the names in order...oh, shoot! She didn't remember their corresponding elements. Ah, well. She was sure there would be an opportunity later.

    Aria was not phased by the amount of random people that were kidnapped and brought here, but by the diversity and age difference involved. She seemed to be the youngest there, and she didn't recognize anyone from her town or school. So how did they kidnap so many people from different places so quickly? So many questions. "Now then..." she tuned back in as the man started talking again. "...who's ready for power's practice?" he said with a clap of his hands. Aria and the rest of the people looked at him confusedly. "Um, what exactly does 'power's practice' entail?" Aria asked politely, looking around at the others to see if they had similar wonderings.
  11. Birch~Earth, green

    Birch stood silently towards the back of the group his arms folded across his chest, wearing the same clothes he was abducted in that consisted of a white tank, black button up short sleeve overshirt, blue jeans, and carpenter boots. His shaggy hair fell into his emerald eyes slightly as they went from person to person when the "leader" in front of them called them out. 'Hmmm...Water, Ice, Metal, Light, Fire, Rock, Poison, Air, Electric, and...Earth? Dam seemed like they had all their bases covered with the elements. Funny they should pick earth for me....' He listens to the man with a serious expression as he continues. Frowning at the foreign concept the man seemed to think was a everyday thing.

    B's piercing gaze shifts to the young girl towards the front that had spoken up before the others, he nods slightly to her before looking back to Phineas. "I would like more of an explanation as well. Though I imagine it has something to do with all of our new founded "elements" correct?" He asks not showing any emotion just his usual deep reverberating voice. "And it would be nice to know what exactly our elements entail, rock and earth sound awful similar. Thats just my opinion though." He quickly restates, not wanting to speak for anyone else
  12. Desmond Giles

    With everyone present, the man launched into a narrative that Desmond listened to with some disbelief. It was unbelievable. A supposed extinct race saved by a superficial god and granted dragons and magic. He want to pick holes in the story, but the man seemed so sincere, Desmond thought his words might had some truth to it. Now he had to put a name to the random assortment of faces.

    "Ariana Loius...", that was the blonde girl with the beanie with Water. "Severin Foster...", he was the quiet looking boy with grey and white hair paired with Ice. "Desmond Giles" He knew that he was paired with metal. "Alexandra Joon Park...", the older looking asian girl that was linked with light. "Flynn Joon Park...", a boy similar in looks to the Alexandria girl, and obviously siblings from the same last names that was paired with fire. "Bianca Kaeli...", the girl with the mohawk with the affinity to Rock. "Duke Hamilton...", the tall drunk man with Posion. "Aria Leighton..." the blondish platinum haired woman paired with Air. "Achera Sapphire...", the average looking girl with brown hair and blue eyes armed with eletric. "And, last but not least, Birch Guardian...", the man with the long hair and stubble that was armed with Earth.

    "Now then, whose's ready for powers practice?" the man asked.

    "Yeah about that. How about clearing up a few questions before we do anything. First of all, how do you expect us to use this 'magic'? If you are these so called Atlantis people, why call us in if we are 'weaker'. By your own words, you are better informed with these 'evils'. The one 'god' decided to grant your people these abilities instead of any of our race. Another thing is that if there was a 'threat' to this world, don't you think we would have known about it first since there are many of us humans. So in essence, you are holding all of the cards. Who's to say you are just toying with us before killing us?" Desmond muttered looking at the man with a pointed look.
  13. Duke quickly lost his excitement for partying as the man related where they were which was at the bottom of the fucking ocean. He shuffled his Adidas kicks on the smooth floor and folded his arms over his chest. He didn’t know if he was in the right chair and didn’t really care. He soon began to succumb to dehydration from last night’s endeavors and drifted into a light slumber. He snored softly and his head lolled from left to center at random times. He blinked his eyes open and sat up with a bit of a start but made no noise. He looked around and was a bit bummed to still be in this strange place. He caught the tail end of a speech having something to do with ‘heart’ and ‘someone to fight for’. Duke’s mind replayed the scene from last night of Dubbs falling to the street with one of the blue-haired people standing over him. Duke looked to his hand and saw split knuckles across his right fist and remember punching the guy in the back of the head. Anger began to well and fester within the young man. He shifted uneasily in his chair and his skin darkened from the heat he was beginning to radiate. He narrowed his dark eyes at the speaker.

    "It's time to accept your destiny."

    He allowed his eyes to bounce around the room as roll call was being performed. Ariana was the little blonde girl in the beanie and her power was water; useful for baths and washing the whip. Severin was a strange little man with grey and white hair and his power was ice. Duke made a note to have that guy hook him up with some slushee drinks. The well-dressed man was Desmond and his power was metal. Duke’s knife needed sharpening; maybe this fellow could handle that. The Asian twins were fire and light. Duke thought the brother was far too thin to be the Human Torch but his sister was sexy in that little Asian lady kind of way. The rock power went to Bianca and her mohawk which Duke thought was pretty cool. Duke looked up at hearing his own name called and scrunched his face at his power being poison. What the fuck does that even mean? Aria was the girl next to him. Her power was air and Duke hid a grin as a perverse thought crossed his mind. He looked at a girl trying to cover herself up that was identified as Achera whose power was lightning. She had a nice figure and Duke thought her name sounded like that of a porn star. Lastly was a guy named Birch. He was a pretty boy but the only other person in the room Duke thought would be capable of doing any damage; still a bit skinny, though.

    “Now then, who's ready for powers practice?"

    "Um, what exactly does 'power's practice' entail?" The small girl next to him chimed. Pretty boy added his own two cents. "And it would be nice to know what exactly our elements entail; rock and earth sound awful similar. That’s just my opinion though." After that, the guy in the nice coat stepped forward. He was obviously well-educated because he a lot to say and Duke thought it made sense but the pounding in his head kept him from focusing. He just kept thinking about Dubbs and grew angrier every second.

    Duke had not forgotten his rage and hopped to his feet and pointed an angry finger at the speaker. “Fuck off, dickhead. I ain’t helping yinz do shit. Your fucking goons killed my homeboy!” Duke turned and walked towards the door the speaker came through and studied it for a minute but found no sign of any device or lever to open it. Logically, he moved to the next best thing and began to beat on it with his fists. His hands quickly began to bleed but it only seemed to enrage him further. Veins popped out of his neck and face grew redder. His arm and chest muscles bulged from the exertion causing the rest of his veins to become apparent. Duke’s hands normally would go numb if he got mad enough but now they were starting to burn. He stepped back from the door feeling the sting of his friend’s death reach his core. He let out a roar that shook his frame and with all the power he could muster in his weakened state, Duke swung his right fist as hard as he possibly could at the center of the door one last time. He staggered back and stared at the imprint his hand left. His eyes were wide with disbelief. The door was still intact but with a hole rapidly growing where his punch had landed. Something was eating the metal. He looked down at his hands and saw a purplish film covering his fists. “What the fuck?!” He shook his hands trying to shake off whatever it was but to no avail. He turned and ran at the speaker with a dangerous look in his eyes. “You’re fucking dead!”
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  14. Phineas nodded, he had expected many questions and he was prepared to answer all of them. "Good question Aria Powers Practice is entailed to help you discover your elemental powers and learn how to properly use them so you don't go busting out a wall and sinking the city.. again." He said with a grim look, though it quickly changed as the next set of questions was thrown at him. "I can assure you Mr. Giles we are not toying with you and have no intentions on letting our new found guardians get killed so easily. Now about you "weaker" beings and how you do not know about the threats first? Well, our main purpose here in Atlantis is to track these evils and keep them at bay. We were much more advanced around the time that you're people were still developing. Now using your powers, thats another story. You, were born with the ability to be able to handle these powers. You were injected with the blood of the guardian that came before you. Unfortunately they gave their blood and life so that you all would gain your elemental powers. We will go over your powers in a second. I'm quite sure that I have answered all your questions. Next up, Birch, yes you want to know more about each element? Well Let me see if I can give you a quick overview yes? Fire, Water, Electric seem pretty self explanatory yes? Now Earth, thats you, is all about using the plants that earth can grow. Rock is all about the dirt and the rocks that the element produces. Metal and Poison are pretty basic, as well as Air and Ice. We'll talk more about them in a minute." Suddenly Duke, enraged and on a rampage, was trying to kill him. The blue haired girl stepped in and pinned him against the wall. "Thank you Coral. Now Mr. Hamilton, you have just discovered your poison elemental power. You all have 1 special skill that your element has given you. Duke's is his poison hands. Very Dangerous, I suggest being very cautious around him. Now Duke I can assure you that your friend is fine, he is not dead and simply thinks it was a bad dream. Please, try to focus on your hands, relax and the powers will fade. To get your powers you must channel your emotions and really focus. The key to your power is to think on it. Think on your element and let your emotions take over. You have to want it.. and then let yourself have it."
    Ariana was stunned by what the man had just told them. Her? A Water Elemental? How was any of this even possible.. This was a bad dream.. This was all just a bad dream and she was going to wake up any second. She had a lot of questions as well but kept quiet as she listened to the others ask some of the more obvious questions and receive answers. "None of this feels real.." She muttered softly and watched in fear as Duke's hands suddenly had a purple hazy glow to them. Her eyes widened in shock as he was pinned against the wall by the girl. "Damn.. What the fuck kinda thing is this.." She said looking down at her hands. "I have to focus my energy and emotions and think about it.. I have to want it.. then let myself have it.." She whispered quietly to herself as she tried to get her power to work, whatever it was. Focusing on her emotions, and energy she got frustrated as nothing seemed to happen. Fed up she pushed herself up and stomped her foot angrily onto the floor. "This is so frustrating! What does any of this even mean?!" She asked frustrated, her anger boiling up in her and then suddenly, she felt a calm relaxing aura surround her. She looked down at her hands as a bright blue ball of water began to form in the palms of her hands. "W-what.." She started to ask before the balls began to grown bigger and bigger until she got scared and forced her hands away from her and shot the blasts of water at the window. "Wo-woah.." She said suddenly feeling light headed and sat back down. She looked up at the others, what did they think of all this.
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  15. Alexandra, Wheat After everything that had occurred in the room, she took a double-take when her brother did and they pointed at each other when they realized it. “You?!” “You?!” Of course, those two were used to blaming each other when they got into strange or sticky situations. Of course, now Lexi had realized that they really had been kidnapped by crazy people that babbled about powers. For now, the young woman would just go along with what was going on.

    Gazing about the room at the other people here, she took note of who was who rather quickly. Ariana was young, yet kind of adorable looking, then there was Severin, the grey haired man who didn’t seem to say much, Desmond she could recall from a TV show that a ton of people watched but she never really had the time to, of course she already knew what her brother looked like. Briana seemed frightened, Duke seemed like a man with a horrible attitude, Achera was cute, as she assumed that before being brought here she was lounging around the house. Aria seemed like a quiet and polite girl, someone she would probably get along with. Lastly, there was Birch, who seemed like he had a mature personality.

    'Mom...' She thought of the only person she could and wanted to protect. If the world really was in danger like this, she'd do whatever she could to help save it.

    It was strange that she had the light element, since she didn’t consider herself very bright or outgoing. Politely and quietly raising her hand slightly, with a soft voice she had begun to speak."Excuse didn’t mention what I do.” As she spoke, her hand and arm began to twinkle and shine, light particles fell from her hand and the glow were encompassing her body. Of course, she didn't seem to realize much was happening until she saw her legs glow. "Huh? What's this....?"

    Flynn, Crimson After everything that had occurred in the room, she took a double-take when her brother did and they pointed at each other when they realized it. “You?!” “You?!” Of course, those two were used to blaming each other when they got into strange or sticky situations. It was one thing to be kidnapped, it was another to still be stuck with his sister like always. They had stuck together like glue, and not necessarily because Flynn wanted to. Most of the time it was because Lexi needed someone to protect her from stupid situations.'Fuuuucccck. You've gotta be kidding me. I get dragged to la-la Atlantis fucking land, and I'm still stuck with her.' At the moment, he had been paying attention to the speaker rather than the entire mass of people that were also stuck in this situation.

    'I don't know who I'm going to protect, but I guess it's the entire world and my sister. 'So he just quietly listened to the freaks that kidnapped them explaining that this group was even stranger than the people in Atlantis. A lot of this was quick to adjust to. He had just watched a dude with a seemingly alcoholic tendency try to poison someone's face. Then there was Ariana, who looked pretty damn cute to him, start to shoot balls of water from pretty much nowhere. Dodging one just barely, he looked at her with a raised eyebrow and then looked back to his sister with even wider eyes as she started to fucking glow. Then he looked to Phineas with a ton of disdain. "Ok. No. I'm sorry. But this is really fucking weird. If we're yours and Earth's saviors, you could at least have had the decency to be like OH, please come with us to Atlantis, before knocking us all fucking out and dragging our unconscious bodies to this place like we're pieces of cattle ready for the slaughter." His temper started to raise, and Flynn hoped that he wasn't going to burst into flames.
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  16. Even after all of the shouting and questions. Even after the weirdo drunk guy's fists turned into acid and he had to be subdued...All Bianca could say was, "Sweet!" And with a whoop of laughter she thrust her fist into the air. The force of her sudden action brought a tingling sensation along with it and suddenly, something was growing on her arm. No not something, dirt? No. What was it that the elegant pimp--err Phineas had said? She was the rock elemental guardian. So the stuff that was growing around her arm was rock!

    Bianca stopped her happy laughter and sudden motions abruptly and stared at the rocky surface growing over her forearm. Finally, the rock stopped growing and her right forearm was covered in some sort of stone gauntlet.

    "Holy shi--" She breathed, unable to finish her sentence as he marveled at the stone. She ghosted her fingers across the surface and found that she couldn't feel anything. Well she could. She could feel the warm inside of the gauntlet, but when she touched the gauntlet itself she couldn't feel that on her arm. It was like...Armor or something.

    Most people would have been terrified or maybe even upset, but for once Bianca was excited about this new turn out and she wanted to pursue it. racing across the room she skidded to a stop in front of Phineas. "Can I do anything else?" She asked eagerly, thrusting her arm under the guy's nose. "Can I turn into The Thing or something?" With a little squeal she whipped around and searched the room, her eyes finally landing on the fire elemental guardian. "Dude!" She yelled, pointing at the boy, his pissed off attitude totally going over her head. "That totally makes you the Human Torch!"
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  17. There was a ripple in the air, an unseen shimmer that broke her concentration on the shadows in her hand and knocked the breath from her lungs. Something ancient and so pure it made her sick had awoken deep in the earth. The guardians.

    Lilit hissed, eyes narrowed and teeth bared in a grimace as the dark sanctity of their mountain halls was destroyed and she could feel a shiver run through her host. The pure feeling was foreign to them, as they drew on the energy of this energy infested world that was soon to be their home.
    "My brethren!" The host had frozen, as their commander spoke and the strength in her voice drove them to absolute silence. "The Guardians have awoken, as they were bound to do!"

    She watched with cool eyes as dissent began brewing and held up a clawed hand in a gesture for silence. "They will come! But we shall meet them head on! The Earth will be ours, as we suck her core dry and her armies will be consumed by our wrath!"

    A great cheer arose in the host and she dismissed them, as they readied weapons and packed into the training halls, where the clash of sword echoed through the mountainous halls as war boiled in the blood and the great doors cut off all sound as she was left alone in her great hall. She ran black claws over the throne that lay carved from the iron-stone of terra firma. For 1 cycle they had been here, delving into the mountains and learning all they could, gaining knowledge from the ancient power in the earth that held all secrets this planet could contain.

    Garbed only in her training armor, the night's air was cool but welcome as she stepped into the open space that was lit by moonlight and caressed by the lightest of wind. The air was so sweet here, so clear and fresh that it was still so strange to her, after living her young life on a planet consumed by asphyxiating gas and the ever present dangers of poison in the air. The year she was born was the last year that grass grew and birds flew in the sky, the last year that they lived above the ground before they had retreated into the broken and scarred underground of their earth.

    The lights of Atlantis were visible from here, the ruins awash in their green lights and she could feel the Guardian's presence, weak but there. Their dragons had not awoken from their sleep but as a coiling wing entered her view, she felt her partner join her on the mountain crag. A coolness washed over her mind and she basked in the comfort of Tiamat, released stress she had release she had stored.
    ::Lilit, why do you strain your mind like this? Láthspell, ill news has befallen us but even so, such worries should not burden you. Why?:: The voice of Tiamat echoed in her mind like the roaring of a gale and the whispering of trees and she merely leaned on the shadowy mass that was her partner.

    "I do not know, my friend."

    Even as they took to the air and the cool wind drove against her eyes, sending her hair spiraling in a red wave and they banked over the Lost City, she couldn't find an answer.

    "I do not know."
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  18. Aria watched those around her try out their powers, and joined the awe-struck looks of everyone in the room as their special abilities were revealed in front of the group. Even Phineas looked impressed, although Aria was still skeptical about him. Actually, Aria was enjoying herself quite a bit. She even chuckled a little bit when was Bianca, right? went up to Flynn with her newly formed rock arm and yelled something about him being the human torch. Sure, it would be nice if she didn't have to be kidnapped to get here, or if there wasn't a raging drunkard with poison powers running around...seriously, what were these "elemental gods" thinking? But overall, she was having fun. In fact, she was even a little bit excited and nervous, a combination of feelings she had never really felt in her drab town. She was even eager to try out her own powers, although how would she even go about doing that? Phineas had said to, "think on the element" and to, "let yourself have it." Aria supposed she could try that.

    She remembered her element, which was air, and though about it. How was she going to try out her powers? And did she have them all along? Or, if not, how did they get into her? Was there a special set of... her thoughts were interrupted when she felt her hair fluttering around her. Looking down from her daydreaming at her feet, she noticed they were floating off the ground. She opened her mouth slightly in surprise, and, to test, held her arms out. Suddenly, currents of air began swirling around her, blowing all around the room in a huge wind tunnel and raising her higher in the air, almost like a tornado. Aria gasped at her newly discovered ability, and her power suddenly stopped at the action, causing her to fall from her position in the air to the ground landing on one knee with an audible thump on the metal floor. She stood quickly, brushing off her pants and sitting back down quickly, still in shock as she sat back down and looked around at the others, seeing how many had been affected by her sudden windstorm. She stared at her hands with curious eyes, trying to figure out how that had been done. "Wow." she breathed, still in shock from the ordeal.
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  19. Electric, blue

    Ash stayed quiet through the chaos around her, everyone seemed to be learning there new powers fairly quickly. Some were scared, some were having fun, and some....Her sea green eyes rest on Duke, are just plain raging. Sighing she shakes her head slightly before doing as Phineas said 'Think on her element....let herself have it?' that was a bit easier said than done. Closing her eyes she focuses on electricity, funny enough her thoughts instantly went to Kakashi from one of her favorite anime's Naruto, his Chidori was what she was focusing on. After a few moments she opens her eyes to see nothing had changed on or around her. 'What the? Not cool...' Looking back up at the others around her she starts getting peeved at being basically the only one not using an element yet. Scowling she takes a step toward Phineas to ask him why but right as she does a giant ball of water hurtles toward her, eyes wide she quickly ducks in time to dodge the waterball. Looking to where it came from she sighs seeing the scared looking blonde girl that had obviously been the source of the basketball sized water balloon-without the balloon that flew toward the windows.

    Hoping to make her feel better she gives the girl a friendly smile and wave straightening up out of her crouch. "Its ok im good, but lets try not getting me soaked till I find a swimsuit k?" She says to the blonde-Ariana she thought was her name, her tone friendly and lightly teasing. Looking back to Duke she frowns at the purple stuff covering his hands, it looked dangerous and deadly, but given his rather unstable state she feared what he would do to the girl holding him. A flashback passes through her mind, gritting her teeth her smile fades as she clenches her hands into fists, a swirl of emotions running through her, fear, pain, grief, fury, hate. Without even realizing faint electric currents surround her feet and calves, after a few moments their completely encased in electricity making a crackling sound. Suddenly the lights flicker in the room before completely going out. 'Oops....Did she do that?' Looking around she tries to peer through the darkness "Uhh....Sorry everyone" She calls out softly obviously embarrassed. The electricity around her legs/feet could still be seen flickering in the dark
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  20. After Mr. Hefler completes his initial speech with a number of introductions and continues on the answer Ariana’s question, Severin waits a few moments to chance a glance at the other “guardians,” not wanting to draw too much attention to himself even by a wrong glance. He knows he doesn’t remember the names, but he might as well cement their faces in his mind, if what this odd man said is true. Beside him is an extremely animate blonde-haired girl who had just created a ball of water in her hands. To the other side stood a brown-haired young man addressing Mr. Hefler. Past him there was the sibling duo, clearly of Asian heritage, a dark-skinned girl with an interesting hairstyle who was marveling at something on her arm, a furious black-haired man who had just started after the speaker (Severin averts his gaze quickly, not wanting to get involved), a girl whose blonde hair and milky skin made her appear extremely young, a brunette with bright eyes, and a man with long brown hair.

    Severin gives an inward start at each phenomenon as it takes hold of the present. First, the wispy-looking wind elemental causes herself to rise off the ground before she topples to the ground. A small frown crosses his lips. Didn’t anyone see her fall? He would go over to her and ask her if she’s all right, but… She’s at the other side of the room, and attention is not his fancy by any stretch of even the wildest of imaginations. Only moments after, the lights flash out, although… He looks toward the bright-eyed brunette with a start, noting the sparks surrounding her feet. Holy…

    With a deep sigh, Severin recalls Mr. Hefler’s words to mind, realizing that he’s one of the last to figure this all out, either intentionally or on accident. “To get your powers you must channel your emotions and really focus. The key to your power is to think on it. Think on your element and let your emotions take over. You have to want it.. and then let yourself have it." Frowning slightly, Severin watches the others carefully. But what emotions, exactly? Hasn’t he tried to block out most emotions since Arabelle’s suicide? Isn’t everything just… easier that way?

    Shaking his head and pressing the thoughts away, Severin allows his mind to do the sorting for him as he takes in the sights and impressions coming in from all sides. Well, a few of them seemed to discover their power in a fit of anger, while another amount seemed oddly calm and collected. So, logically, the elemental powers more than likely become unstable under circumstances of fury, and likely fear as well, although he still needs the evidence to support such a theory. However, the calmer of the group seemed to have more control over what was happening with them, if only for a little while, until their initial shock consumed them.

    But… Isn’t he always that calm and collected? Isn’t that what he has always tried to strive for, to help him get through life? Staring at the palms his hands blankly, Severin wonders vaguely how his own powers will be translated – everyone’s seems different. But if his element is ice, then –

    “GAH!” Severin stumbles backward in surprise as ice coats his face. He feels little of the chill, but surely that is only because of his hometown, he tries to convince himself as he wipes off his face with his shirt, heart pounding in his chest. That’s what you get for looking at your hands.
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