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  1. . A t h e n s O n l i n e .
    In the year 2253, the world of gaming was changed.

    - - -

    Following the release of the Nerve Gear, a device that you wear enabling you to enter virtual realities, a new genre of game was discovered. VRMMORPGs, or virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing games, are essentially a strategy-based video game, with the player leveling up and gaining access to new and more powerful weaponry. In a few select role-playing games, one might even be able to take up masonry and begin making their own broadswords or daggers, or practice herbalism and become the master of medicines. Not ever has a role-playing game been so thought out, so detailed.

    Athens Online is a futuristic VMMORPG, set in the world of Athens. Instead of forests and wild life galore, like in most VMMORPGs, this world is mostly the work of humanity, with advanced technology and powerful weapons. However, a cloud of mystery and unsettling suspicion cloaks the land. Something is not right.

    The game's creator activated a system to trap the players inside the game, unable to log out; if players die in-game, or the Nerve Gears they used are removed, a strong electromagnetic pulse will fry their brain, killing them.

    . d e t a i l s .

    Allow me to explain the heart and soul of Athens Online. The story will follow a group of five veteran players as they trek through the land, determining a way out. There are five main classes:

    A R B I T E R

    The arbiter is a champion of balance. He is a warrior who has dedicated his life to maintaining the equilibrium between good and evil in the world, that it may flourish through its diversity. As a master of both spirit and arms, he has strengths similar to a paladin: clerical skill that complements his martial prowess. He has demanding strictures of behavior which he must maintain in order to keep his spirit in harmony with balance. It is not an easy task, but there are many rewards for those willing to undertake the challenge.

    The Arbiter is mostly and mixed class. They provide offensive support as well as guard weaker party members. Their main weapon is the hammer.

    C H A R L A T A N

    Charlatans are usually accepted wherever they travel...for a little while. These are highly charismatic individuals that rely upon their subtle magical abilities and their wits to relieve their audience of their possessions. Charlatans believe in the motto share and share alike as long as it is you who is doing the sharing.

    The Charlatan is a rouge-like class. They rely upon tricks and such to gain the upper hand in battle. Their main weapon is the spear.

    I N Q U I S I T O R

    Inquisitors are the agents of organized religion who specialize in hunting down and destroying opposing spellcasters and heretics. Inquisitors dress in black robes and often appear shifty-eyed, gaunt, and neurotic. They specialize in torture and punishment.

    The Inquisitor can either be the downfall or the uprising of your party. They support their allies by draining the power from other supportive classes, or from opposing offensive classes. Their main weapon is the staff.

    E M P A T H

    Empaths have the natural ability to transfer wounds from others to their own bodies. They then use their recuperative powers drawn from the spiritual realm of magic to heal themselves. They are rewarded by the gods and their patients as well for such selflessness. Their primary spells concentrate on self-healing, but they also have access to other spells more useful in combat. It is difficult, but not impossible for Empaths to gain skill in weapons and armor, though heavier armor types may adversely affect their ability to cast spells.

    The Empath is often described as the "healer" of the game. They do not gain very many offensive spells at all. Their main weapon is the morning star.

    G R E N A D I E R

    A grenadier is highly skilled with cannons. He has spent the majority of his youth training and practicing with his weapon of choice. He is skilled in rapid loading and expert at inflicting the most damage possible with his weapon. Exuding confidence in his abilities, he tends to disdain those who resort to hand-to-hand combat.

    The Gunslinger is the ranged class. They are often used as a trump card for more hand-to-hand offensive classes. Their main weapon is the cannon.

    . j o b s .

    Your character can, obviously, be any of these classes. When choosing a class, it is important to remember that there is a secondary job you may choose. There are three in total: herbalism, masonry, and thievery. It's recommended to choose a job that will compliment your chosen class.

    - - -

    . c h a r a c t e r - s h e e t .





    Real-life appearance:

    In-game appearance:



    Level: (The level cap in Athens is 500, so somewhere between 350-500 would be ideal.)


    Basic Biography:


    - - -

    . c h a r a c t e r - s l o t s .

    There will be 4 character slots, not including myself. That means there are going to be a total of five characters in this role-play. Currently accepted characters are:

    caelum as the Charlatan (Shiori)
    Sora as the Arbiter (Izanami)
    Lady Bernkastel as the Empath (Megumi)



    - - -

    . r u l e s .

    1. Most obviously, follow all IwakuRoleplay rules.
    2. Posts must be at least 2 or more paragraphs, to keep the story entertaining.
    3. One character per person.
    4. We are going to go in a turn order, determined by the order we sign up in.

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  2. Am I allowed to reserve a spot as Charlatan?
  3. Definitely. caelum is reserved.
  4. Thank you! I'll most likely complete it tomorrow morning, but I might do it tonight.
  5. Quick question: for name do you want an in-game name, or their actual name?
  6. For reference, here's my character.

    - - -​

    Name: Izanami "Iza" Yuki

    Username: Strength

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Real-life appearance:
    .click. (open)

    In-game appearance:
    .click. (open)

    Class: Arbiter

    Job: Masonry

    Level: 458

    Personality: In the physical world, Iza is mostly a shy person. She refrains from speaking to people as she sees it as a gamble; say the wrong thing and you may lose the chance to make a friend, or even worse, make an enemy. Though she's quiet and reserved, Iza often has stubborn opinions on many things; she will constantly argue with an individual on who is right in the particular situation.

    In the game world, Iza's reservedness carries over; however, she has begun to show a bit more confidence in battles with other players or strong enemies, and as such, she refers to herself as having "bloomed" since joining Athens Online.

    Basic Biography: She doesn't have very many friends, and as such was lured to the world of Athens. In the beginning, she had trouble learning how to use weapons; it was odd using real-life movements in a video game. Picking the Arbiter class, she began training and following more experienced players' advice. Slowly, she built up the confidence to willingly battle against other players, and to her surprise, she had won many matches. Iza then named her in-game avatar Strength, to represent the confidence she had gained.

    Many months later, Strength's level increased, and Iza had sacrificed many real life events to obtain a rare item, or participate in an in-game community event. Her character was often overpowering against others, and she won many matches. But then came the log-off button shutdown. How will she react?

    Other: Iza's weapon is a giant pair of mechanical hands, an event item. They are often said to be so strong, they can crack indestructible metal.
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  7. This looks very interesting. Love your picture by the way, Sora. If possible I'd like to reserve the Empath, I'll get my CS up as soon as possible.
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    Wonderful. I'll add you to the reserve list.
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  9. Name: Yukino Megumi (Meg or Gumi for short)

    Username: Patchouli Moonlight (Patchi for short)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Real-life appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    In-game appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Class: Empath

    Job: Herbalism

    Level: 430

    Personality: In the real world, Megumi is a very intelligent and kind girl. She is at the top of her class in most subjects, and being brought up in a somewhat wealthy family, she was raised to be ladylike in her demeanor. Despite this, she is known to be clumsy and slightly air-headed, often tripping, dropping things, spacing out or failing to understand sarcasm. She gets embarrassed and flustered whenever she does any of these things in public, which unfortunately happens quite a lot.

    In the game world, Megumi saw her chance to discard her reputation as a ditz, and made her character serious, elegant, and mysterious. On rare occasions she slips up and makes a mistake like the ones she usually does in the real world, and she tries to swiftly sweep it under the rug, but her face will have the very discreet shade of vine ripened tomato for some time after the incident.

    Basic Biography: Megumi saw the world of virtual reality as a way to set up an entirely new reputation for herself. Entering a game where no one knew who she was, she was free to become the cool person she had always wanted to be. She chose the name Patchouli Moonlight because patchouli oil has a very earthy, luxurious scent, associated with maturity, and moonlight because of the grace, beauty and mystery of the moon. Thanks to her extensive knowledge she quickly picked up the ropes on the game and how to best utilize her class, and managed to climb the ranks. Being strategic and analytical, she was able partake in many successful in-game event operations that would've ended a failure without her cunning mind. Warriors who rely on raw strength are usually no match for her, despite her lack of strength.

    Other: Megumi uses a book known as the "sorcerer's tome", and event item which contains many powerful healing spells and even holds the secret to certain offensive magic.
  10. :Name:

    Shiori Inoue







    :Real-life appearance:
    Appearance #1 (open)

    :In-game appearance:
    Appearance #2 (open)








    Shiori retains his personality both in the real world and in Athens Online. He is the type of person who will use charm and wits to get what he wants. As a side effect, Shiori keeps a domineering hand on his emotions and keeps himself in a calm, playful mood. He tends to be controlling, as he hates authority and does his best to stay on top of everyone else. Shiori is a highly intelligent individual, and uses all of his available skills to dominate his opponents. He was raised to be a flawless heir and, as a result of this, will except nothing other than consummate results.

    :Basic Biography:

    Shiori was born into a wealthy family and raised to be his father's definition of perfect. He was rarely allowed to play with any child other than possible future wives, usually studying instead. Shiori grew up and was sent to the University of Tokyo to major in business so that Shiori could take over his father's business once he retired. His father informed Shiori that he would be marrying the daughter of a well-off family once he graduated.

    Fed up with his father, Shiori rebelled and purchased Athens Online, a creation of a rival business. He quickly leveled up and became one of the top players. Shiori soon found solace in the game, but now the log off feature has disappeared. Will he embrace the escape from his future, or fight it?

  11. So am I the next one to post or is it Caelum because he reserved before me?
  12. It would be Caelum and then you. Sorry for not clarifying. c:
  13. Thought so, which is why I didn't post ^^
  14. Okay, I am so sorry! I'm not going to able to take part in this roleplay until Monday afternoon. A bunch of personal issues have popped up on top of my busy weekend. I feel like this is super unfair of me to make y'all both wait, so please disregard my character and allow someone else to take my place in this. Once again, I am so sorry about this! We can do a thread together some other time, just message me
  15. Aw, how sad. :c Um, alright. I guess Bernkastel and I can go back and forth until others join or caelum returns, or we can make this a 1x1.
  16. I wouldn't mind making it 1x1, but how would we go about doing it?
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