Athena's wrath



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It's been two hundred years since the land sank into the sea. The colossal mountains, the vast plains, the lush forests, man's indomitable cities, gone forever. Drown by alien invaders, in an attempt to make the earth their home.<o:p></o:p>


But man, man still lives. Humanity survives. Once again great cities rise. Not cities built on foundations of earth, but great floating cities.


and cities that rise from the very bottom of the sea


but no matter how the earth becomes different, man refuses to change. the wars that ravaged the earth, still burn.
A species of aliens have come to earth and turned the home of humanity into one giant ocean. Humanity, being the tough son of a bich it is, survives. But war continues to rage. Three nations continue battle for supremecy. The Empire of Nippon, the Union, and the Coelition. While surface navies are the backbone of these nation's militaries, submarines are the weapon of choice.

The Coelition is on the brink of defeat, a series of losses has crippled their war effort. In a last ditch effort to regain the power it once held, the coelition has begun a daring offensive. At the heart of the attack is the CNV Athena.


The Athena is One of the new poseidon class submarines, the Athena has cutting edge technology that puts her head and shoulders above any other ship. The Athena's crew are the best the Coelition has to offer. The athena is their last hope.

The coelition
The coelition was the first group of cities to band together. The cities in the Coelition are Tokyo, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Rochester, Dublin, Liverpool, Munich, Vienna, and Cairo.

The union
The union is a throwback to the European Union. They have been attempting to conquer cities from the Coelition for decades. Their cities include London, Marsellies Valencia, Berlin, oslo, Rome, and Athens.

The Empire of nippon.
The empire of Nippon is the only surviving government from before the drowning. They are extremly aggressive, and have been known to completly destroy cities they could not capture. Among their many cities are, Kyoto, Tokyo, Sopporo, Nagasaki, Manilla, Beijing, Hong Kong, Islamabad, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, Aukland, Mumbai, Dubai, and Seol.

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( Many of the coelitions forces are expatriots from other nations)
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