Atheism is stupid

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  1. I thought I'd put this whole thing to rest.

    The central idea of atheism is that most of the world and all of the previous generations of mankind have naturally tended to be idiots who got things wrong because they didn't have the right gadgets to work with.

    First of all, that's very a negative attitude.

    Second of all, if most people are naturally idiots, then surely atheists have the same tendency.

    So you've shot yourselves in the foot there, heathens.

    Secondly, the Big Bang? Seriously? It's like nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, POOF THE WORLD!. Come on guys. Stop smoking the weed and try a little harder. I think the entire sum of art, mathematics, culture, human relations and emotional turmoil has a bit more behind it than just a lucky explosion. A chimp could come up with a better theory than that.

    It's clear that a sentient being planned all that shit - in fact it's fucking obvious when you look at all the coincidences and convenient developments.

    Now... to all those Origin-of-the-Species Bashers who are gonna wade in here with their all-so-rational arguments about "Religion is wrong because blah blah blah!", or "Religion causes wars boo hoo hoo" or "Waaah! The priest raped my dog!".... GROW THE FUCK UP. You're just pissed off because there's a load of squeaky-clean Christians living in big houses and looking smug.

    You don't hate religion. You just hate religious people who are dicks. And I've got news for you - Atheists are dicks too.

    So get your arguments in order before you start preaching about logic and proof. Because that's your stupid religion right there - believing in cause and effect and empirical proof and what the satellites tell you.

    The earth is round because you've seen it on TV. And there were dinosaurs because some guy at the museum waved a rock at you. And you all assume that there's this thing called 'non-existent oblivion' that happens when you die, despite you having NO PROOF WHATSOEVER.

    You kids and your wacky ideas.

    So, let's put an end to this now. You need to open your eyes and stop believing everything the scientists in white coats tell you. And... most of all... you need to show some fucking respect to the billions of people who have lived before you and exercised their wisdom to explain the world according to monotheist intelligent design. Just because you can't think outside the box because your minds are so hemmed in by the cult of empiricism doesn't mean you have the right to dismiss your entire ideological ancestry.

    Thousands of cultures all over the world believe in deities. Maybe... just maybe... there's a reason.

    And if you think it's "because they is dumb lol", then maybe that says more about you than it does about them.

    If you can really dismiss the idea of an intelligent creator and an everlasting Afterlife, then you've seriously got something wrong with your insides. You've denied your own survival instinct, your own joy-impulse and you've suppressed all the human propensities to identify conception and purpose in the things around you.

    Seriously, what kind of nihilistic self-hating suppressed close-minded moron are you? Everyone else before you was wrong but SUDDENLY you've got it right?

    Atheists... you crack me up.

    Now stop all this nonsense and get back in the church.
  2. >:[ NO! MAKE ME!
  3. This is a teal deer. Damn me for reading counseling forum threads.
  4. You know, a lot of this struck me, but I've decided to single out one small section to deal with.


    No, I do not believe in an afterlife. No, I do not believe in a creator. I believe that in the end, I will cease to exist, and my influence on the world will wane with passing generations to nothingness.

    But that doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm happy with what I've done and how I've influenced others. Even if, in the end, all my accomplishments amount to nothing, so long as I've enjoyed the ride, I've won. I don't need to gain meaning for my life from the teachings of a council of translators in 1611 England or a group of bishops in ancient rome, but I can rather find it on my own through my experiences and my interactions with other people.

  6. I believe in Scientology now. =D
  7. lol asmo interbutts ppl got u mad???
  8. last time i went into a church i pissed off half the congregation. nice argument asmo, but as an agnostic, i for one love athiests. someone needs to polish my shoes and keep my 30 room condo on the lake of fire clean and tidy
  9. Personally, I don't believe there is a single self-aware entity out there that created and commands all existence. However, I don't dismiss the possibility that many of it could have been intelligent design, not necessarily hand picked by a sentient being... but a combination of natural occurrence and the meddling of many hands.

    That's always been my problem with both organized religions and the atheists/pure scientific views. .__. I don't see why they both can't be correct. Science can explain a lot, but it can only go so far back. You can also see how humans are meddling, changing, creating life themselves with the use of sciences. ...Who is to say that the very God and Gods of most religions aren't themselves other races of people that have learned how to use those building blocks of science to create us. And in thousands or millions of years in the future, are we one day going to do this ourselves and continue the cycle?

    What if this entire time there has been existence, we have been creating and destroying ourselves. Either as human or other being. The concept of God doesn't necessarily have to be an All-Knowing entity, it could be that WE as living beings are God and through our actions and beliefs, we shape the universe!
  10. Thnx, Asmo.
    I read dis and I go and I join the Church of All Worlds.
    It maek me luv chruch.
    U saved me!
  11. My first instinct was to troll with quotes from the Necronomicon, but every man is entitles to their opinion. I agree with every word Archy said, but I must say that when Atheists get preachy its the worst kind of preachy.

    I'm an Athiest, my parents are Hindu, my best friend is Buddhist. I grew up with the bible shoved down my throat by my peers, my teachers and my grandparents. I believe that every man should make up their own mind on what they will and won't believe and no man has the right to tell another what to believe. Weather its Christian, Atheist, Muslim, or Yog Sothoth the one thing I will not stand is senseless argument other religion. Or people being persecuted for stating their beliefs.

    Asmo I agree with you, Atheists need to quit the science thumping and quit being hypocrites. But they deserve the same recognition and respect as any follower of any faith.
  12. This whole thing is a troll. *Laughs* Thank God.

    Or, you know, don't.

  14. I follow the church of the god emperor of mankind, all other religions are heresy and need to converted or burnt.
  15. Screw you I'm a Jedi.
  16. No, you're a sith, sith.
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  18. just putting it out there, if there is a god, then he/she/it is a C*** and deserves to be toppled.

    in other news, EVERYONE HAS OPINIONS!

    and super militant ANYTHINGS are fucknuckles. - EDIT

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