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  1. Ashes To Flames
    Welcome, to the new world.

    It is the revolution. 2016.​
    Take today, and add holograms.
    That is the setting.
    Do you support the heirarchy?
    Or are you part of the rebellion?
    Your choice must stand clear first.
    You must choose.
    For rebellion members, read the yellow.
    For heirarchy supporters, read the green.
    So you support the rebellion?
    We honor your loyalty.
    We are the rebellion.
    The Hierarchy's rule has destroyed our lives,
    but turned their lives into a living heaven,
    While our's is a living hell.
    This is WWIII
    If you want to join us, this is your start:
    Rebellion Sheet (open)
    "I am (insert name) and I am (insert age) years old. I am joining the rebellion. My history; (insert history here). I am (insert personality here). I look like (describe your appearance or put a picture). My favorite weapon is (put prefered weapon here)."
    So you are a supporter behind the Hierarchy?
    We thank you!
    Welcome to the city of Lias.
    Here, is everything you want at a thought.
    Think of whatever you want (object wise) and it appears!
    We have created the perfect world, all for you!
    Here's your start in a perfect world:
    Hierarchy Sheet (open)
    "Hello! I am (insert name) at age (insert age) and I support the hierarchy! My history is (insert history). I am (personality) and I am a (soldier, medic, civilian, priest, city guard, royal adviser)."
    Thank you.​
    You must be accepted before you can post IC.​
  2. "I am Violet and I am 18 years old. I am joining the rebellion. My history; I grew up alone as my parents where killed by the king. I started the rebellion at age 13 and have been its leader ever since. I wear a mask so the king cannot track me. I am loyal and caring to the rebellion members, as they are my family I hold their lives above my own. I look like; I have short, dyed white hair and natural crystal blue eyes. I usually wear a black sports jacket and a navy t-shirt with black jeans and combat boots. My favorite weapon is my custom extra stock Sniper's Rifle, all black. I am the Leader of the Rebellion."

    "Hello! I am Falco at age 38 and I support the hierarchy! My history is of power and honor. I am the best king that has ever lived. I am greedy and the best. I give no thought to others and my goal is to rule all of Earth, but right bow I'm hindered by pesky rebellors and I am The King."

    Vi's Rifle (open)
    [​IMG] Thank you Clu-Fix for the suggestion =)

    Appearance (open)
    [​IMG] <<This is her outfit
    Here's her physical appearance: [​IMG]

    Falco's Appearance (open)
    Armor: [​IMG] Physical: [​IMG] And his favorite weapon: [​IMG]

    You don't have to do that, I just did that =) Also, Vi's mask is IC if you want to see

    I almost forgot!

    1. Be respectful that not all of us are 18+
    2. Please don't swear every line, even though I do allow swearing
    3. Follow the general iwaku rules

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  3. Sounds very interesting. :)
    I'll have my CS up soon.
  4. I am Liam Alexander and I am 19 years old. I am joining the rebellion. My history; my family was killed by the King and seek revenge, I was a rouge for 8 years training, getting close, but not close enough, he was right in my hands! I lost my crew a while ago, that's why I joined the Rebellion, my past is too much to uncover. Must not say no more. I am very protective, but don't talk much, I train every day, care for others, lead if I must. Thus, I set my eyes to destroy the one thing that destroyed many lives and seek to ease their pain and suffering. My look like, I'm 5' 7" 175lbs (Athletic Build), Dark Hair, Sky Blue Grey eyes, see other appearance below. My weapons appearances are shown below. My favorite weapons is a custom made sniper rifle, a Inception 6.773 Semi and Bolt Action Rifle, severed rocoil, precised scope, also a 3.57 Automatic and single shot rifle, with shaved and shaped perfectly recoil reducing the pop, spring has been removed for perfect shits with no spray, and my P9.75 pistol. All my weapons can not be handle because my DNA can only be scanned for use. I am a Rebellion!

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  5. I edited my profile, if anyone wants to look. I also wanted to say this announcement:

    I am looking for a Co-Leader for the Rebellion and a Right Hand Man for the King. I will choose them based off your character sheet, but do NOT let this guide your character sheet. I want you to be you when you make it, and I will choose from there. Thank you!

    Have a good day!
  6. Oh my physical appearance

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  7. Awesome!! He's so..awesome!! ahhh....
  8. Is this still open for new people?
    I'am thinking I'll join the Heirarchy side if thats ok.
  9. "Hello! I am Aliza Leap I' am 21 years of age and I support the hierarchy! My history, Well not much is known by myself all I can tell on here is I was orphaned when I was but 5 years old and I have had to learn to look after myself until one day I was found by one of the elite soldiers to the king found me and saw I had potential he trained me himself and I gave him all I had I like to fight I enjoy watching the blood spill, Unfortunately two years ago my saviour died while we where in battle, but I did not weep for him I just took revenge or any Rebellion scum who was near.Most keep there distance from me as they have seen me in battle and they know I hold nothing back I was taught by the best so I am the best and I will protect my King with my last breath. I do have odd moments where I am more human and have fun and I do laugh despite what others say. I am a soldier I also have a medical background as my trainer wanted me to know how to look after myself and others who where under me if I ever needed to. My prefered weapons are my two double edged blades I like to be up close and personal when I kill.

    ashes2.jpg Me out of my armor my babes.jpg My babes Armor.jpg my Armor.

    ((Hope this is ok)) oh and thank you Clu for the armor ;p
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  10. Accepted!!

    Falco has accepted you as his right hand man!
    You have recieved this letter:
    "Dear Aliza,
    This is King Falco. I would like to accept you in my position of right hand man, or, woman, in your case.

  11. Oh this is going to be good :)
  12. Yay

    I totally accept being your right hand man/ woman My King Falco.

    Oh it will be *evil laughter is all you will hear* lol
  13. "Hello! I am Alia Harris at age 20 and I support the hierarchy! I was raised and trained by my older brother who is also supporting the hierarchy. Our father had a different opinion and joined the rebellion and was killed a while after he joined. He pretty much bought that on himself. I think that everybody in the rebellion should be eliminated and I would do anything to please the king by just doing that. I'm pretty much a laid-back individual, but my innocent exterior hides my brutal, impulsive, excessively-violent personality and a lethally-short temper. However, despite my aggression and obvious blood lust in battle, I possess a feral cunning and have a knack for quickly exploiting any opening my opponent reveals. A lot of people do also describe me as blunt, sarcastic, quite sadistic, rude and quite disrespectful. But I couldn't care less what other people think of me, I usually say whatever is on my mind. I have been trained in mixed martial arts for multiple years and I am a soldier for the king.


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    My weapons of choice:

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  14. Accepted!
    Yay =) Peoples fun fun
  15. This shall be interesting! More people to fight, wouldn't mind fighting to people. I like practice xD