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    1. The reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations of absence, usually caused by the chance recombination of genes.
    2. An individual or a part that exhibits atavism.
    3. The return of a trait or recurrence of previous behavior.

    *I must apologize beforehand for any strange mistakes in this OOC...I was very tired when I finished this*
    - Get along with everyone. It's okay to be friendly.
    - This RP will only happen if we work together in harmony. If you have suggestions for me or anyone else, *please* toss them out there. If you think I'm not describing enough, please tell me or ask questions.
    - Posts must be a reasonable length. I won't word count or anything but they should be at least two paragraphs unless there isn't much to be said.
    - I may only be able to post once a week. In between the times that I post, you can post as much as you want. I will try to keep up with you, but mind that your characters do not suddenly go off on their own escapades and leave us far behind. (Unless those escapades take place at the same time as everything else that is going on, I'm only asking you don't skip far forward in time.)
    - Each of my posts will probably be long. The reason is that I will establish the world more and more as I go, and I will try to pay attention to each of your characters equally and create events for them to react to.
    - This RP will likely take a long time to finish. Enter with the mindset that you'll stick around for awhile. :)
    - This RP will be in first person unless enough people disagree. I would not mind changing it to third person.

    Theme Song:
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    It will not be buried forever
    We will return
    We will all return
    When we return we will be stronger
    And we won't let it happen again

    It's been three years since you've last seen them.

    The masked and cloaked beings. The Cloaked Ones, as they called themselves.

    They visit you every so often, in secret, always away from the ears of your parents, your friends, your lovers. They tell you of your special powers. They tell you of the dangers of continuing to live life as a normal human, the threat of the government discovering you. And sometimes, even worse--- the threat of your loved ones discovering you. They tell you that there will always be a place for you with them. That it's never to late to sign your name into your arm and join the ranks of the immortal. Up until now, you've always rejected the offer.

    You've been content living your life as you always have before they showed up. You know how to keep your newfound powers a secret. Why did they keep bothering you? It was as if they were pressuring you, looming over you with their offer.....threatening you. Now you are becoming afraid of what will happen the next time they show up. Maybe they won't be so friendly the next time. Maybe they'll force you to go with them.

    You don't want to think about it. It's best to keep living your life. Maybe they're gone for good.

    Or maybe they had a point. You're really pushing your luck living on like this. Your powers are beginning to get out of control, not working when you want them to and suddenly happening when you don't want them to. You could very well be found out by the government. The Cloaked Ones told you all about how the government ravenously searches for the Gifted Ones with every piece of technology they have, and what horrible things await the ones they capture.

    And what if your loved ones found out about you? Would they still accept you? Would they think you were mad? Would they even believe what they could see in front of their own eyes if you showed them? They probably wouldn't keep it a secret, that's for sure.

    Maybe it's best if you go with the Cloaked Ones the next time they come for you. Maybe they really do know what is best for you.

    You're not sure that you know what's best for you any more.

    The only hope for a way out of this seems to be going to investigate the home base of these Cloaked Ones, the place they frequently invited you to during their visits.

    But you won't be alone. Inexplicably, several others in the same situation have shown up to the town at the same time as you.

    Is it fate? Are your powers drawing you together? Or is it something else entirely?


    This RP is about a group of humans in modern times who are gifted with super powers. Ever since they were small children, they were visited by a group of cloaked and masked beings that no-one else seemed to be able to see. The beings were the ones who first lured them away from their parents to inform them that they were "Gifted Ones," humans with abilities beyond the norm. They told them that if they continued to lead normal lives that they would eventually be captured by the government, the enemy, and that the government does terrible things to those they capture. The Cloaked Ones also claimed that it was their duty to bring all Gifted Ones together in their home, so that they could become immortals and serve a cause greater than themselves.

    Every year, the Cloaked Ones came with the same offer- that they would take them away and turn them into immortals in exchange for a simple blood signature- and every year, these Gifted Ones rejected it.

    Now it has been three years since the Gifted Ones saw any sign of the Cloaked Ones, and they are beginning to grow uneasy. They worry about their fate. They worry about the future.

    So they each have decided to travel to the town the Cloaked Ones spoke of as their home--- Silvane, North Carolina, a small town surrounded by suffocating forest. There they hope to uncover the mystery of their powers, The Cloaked Ones, and what is to come for them.

    Miraculously, the group of Gifted Ones have arrived in the town on the same exact day. As if they were simultaneously called there.

    It is time to get to the bottom of the mystery.

    Character Applications

    Name: Your character's name.

    Gender: Your character's gender.

    Age: Your character's age. Eighteen and older please. I can make an exception if you give an explanation for how they got to the town on their own.

    Powers: The gifts your character has. No more than two please. I'm leaving this open to your ideas, but please do not be overpowered. Also keep in mind that your characters are untrained and clumsy with their powers.

    Personality: Your character's basic attitude in regards to things; they way they see others and the world around them.

    Short History: A brief look into your character's past.

    Special Item: A special memento they took with them to the town. This is important so think carefully.
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  2. intrested
  3. This looks fascinating, I just have a question. What sort of powers do you mean? The figures make me think arcane/witchy, whereas the government makes me think more mutant-type superpowers.
  4. It can be either. I was actually intending for members make up their own unique powers. xD

    It's nothing like magic spells, but the powers can range from mutant-ish (ex. telekinesis) to more 'arcane' (ex. shooting electric currents from fingertips). Whatever suits your fancy. Powers is basically a term I'm using to describe things that normal humans cannot do, whatever that may be. Most powers should lean on the side of mutant-ish though. All I ask when you make up your powers is that it's nothing too powerful (like stopping time). Such powers may become available later in the RP.
  5. I'm very interested in this :D I'll probably start a CS in a minute or two, I also love the theme song as well. I keep replaying it lol XD
  6. Name: Eryn "Octo" Mitchell Flinn

    Gender: Female

    Age: Twenty-one; Born May 8th

    Looks: She stands five foot seven inches and weighs approximately one hundred thirty five pounds, although she is of slim build. Her skin is a light toffee color and she is free of any blemishes or scars. Her hair is a reddish orange color with blonde dip dyed at the bottom. Usually, it is curled and pulled onto one shoulder. Her eyes are a honey color and her ears balance out her button nose and plump lips. You can find her wearing simple rocker type clothes, studded denim jackets, punk shirt, and tight jeans or shorts.
    Hair Example
    Clothes Example - Another - Yet Another

    Powers: Cyberkinesis - Read here for more information.
    X-Ray Vision - Read here!

    Personality: She's a rocker chick, usually not caring about the way people view her or even caring for those around her at all. The rules are always bendable to her and even if they can't be bent, she'll find a way. Challenges excite her and they get her blood pumping, which is why she sometimes looks for trouble or a good challenge. Sarcasm and profanity are her two best friends, they work together like paper and glue. Before, she never used to be this way, she actually grew up to be a loving, caring little girl, but something changed. Now her tough exterior is hard to crack, but once you take the time to know her you'll see someone different.

    She has a knack for painting and creating small gizmos in her free time, although this is a secretive habit and nobody, but herself is aware of it.

    Short History: After Eryn was born her father could sense there was something special about his daughter, but he never could pin point it. Back then her mother was a pediatrician and her father was the head mechanical engineer down at a large company. At the age of three, after receiving a toy phone for her birthday, she accidentally caused it to malfunction and actually call people. She had called her father when it happened and that was when he realized his intuitions were correct. Over the next few years he practiced with the young tot until she was able to somewhat not destroy their electronics. When she turned six her father passed away, due to a mechanical accident, and the only way her mother could cope, was alcohol. From then on she grew up in a very lonely and neglected environment. Her mother lost her job and would return home drunk every night with a guy on each hip without even feeding her little girl. Young Eryn had to grow up fending for herself with only the octopus necklace that had been hand-crafted by her father before he passed and as she grew older naturally she drifted into the mischievous clique's in school. She never touched drugs or alcohol, despite what some say, and she's remotely been great in school. I guess she chose to act like trouble as not to get in trouble. If that makes sense?

    The Cloaked One's visited at the very late age of fifteen when she was at a party. They had told her she was the reason for her father's death and they needed her to come with them as not too harm anyone else. Eryn, being slightly intoxicated and all, thought nothing of it and shooed them away, the next morning she barely remembered the incident until they began to visit each year over the next four years. She denied there accusations of her father's death each year and after she turned eighteen she moved too England for a new start. Her artistic career took off there and she made enough money too sustain herself. After three years of silence Eryn began to suspect something so she decided to head back to the states and visit to the town the Cloaked One's had always talked about.

    Special Item: A mechanical/ techy octopus necklace that was given to her by her father before he passed away, he was the only one who knew of her powers. When she uses her Cyberkinesis she can open it to reveal a picture of her father and her.

    ((EDIT: I forgot too put in when the Cloaked One's visited and such, I'm really excited for this role-play since Eryn is a new chara))
  7. It seems good to me. I believe I'll approve this. :3

    I have a question, though, how did her father get such an item that opens with cyberkinesis and how did he find out about her abilities? I'm cool with it, I'm just curious.
  8. Oh darn sorry that was sort of a rushed part since I had to go eat, let me add that in there

    ed-ed-ed-edit: okay all fixed, hope that explained it better, he sort of made it himself because he was already adapted to being a mechanic. :3
  9. It all checks out with me, Doctor Who?, glad to have you on board.


    Name: Serenity Lyons

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Powers: * Can manipulate colors and words on touch, changing the colors or words of a document or item.
    * Empathy - can get inside the heads of others and influence them or speak to them with a etheral voice.

    Personality: Realitively passive unless provoked, she is both shy and curious. She likes to stay quiet most of the time, yet still manages to know everything that's being said. She's a cold, calculating type that would rather watch you from afar than speak to you. Underneath this sheet of ice, you may be surprised to find a person who holds no hard feelings for anyone and only wants others to be happy.

    Looks: She's remarkably weak and thin, and this can be attributed to an eating disorder. She has no interest in food beyond what she needs to stay alive and can skip eating for days at a time. She has long copper-red hair and a dusting of freckles on her nose, cheeks, and shoulders. Her eyes are grey. A lot of people like to say she has a baby face, and this is true. She likes to wear sensible, feminine clothes like dresses, skirts, shorts with tights...her clothing colors of choice are typically pastels.

    Short History: Serenity was born into an upper-middle class family. Her father worked as the head of a local mining co-op in Colorado, and her mother worked as a photographer. It was her mother who got her interested in looking at the beauty of the world around her, which led to her following in her mother's footsteps and taking up an interest in photography herself. When she was first approached by the Cloaked Ones at age six, she was terrified. She had no idea of her powers, but they told her that she was only so close with her mother and sisters because she'd been in their heads speaking sweet words and giving them comfort since she was an infant. She also learned of the ability to alter colors and words on items, which she, rather shamefully, manipulated to help her score well on tests in school or change the color of her clothing at will.

    Her older sister Clara died of overdose when Serenity was thirteen. She was devestated, and felt that she was responsible for her suicide by possibly speaking into her mind when she shouldn't have said anything. She felt even worse when her mother decided to give Serenity Clara's college fund so that she could pursue a photography major later in life. It all made her feel responsible and like she needed to be punished. So she began to starve herself. Eventually she stopped starving herself, but the habit could not be broken entirely. She still continues to skip many meals.

    Currently, she is enrolled in Photography courses at the local college, which she believes is what her sister would have wanted. After not hearing from the Cloaked Ones in three years, she grew paranoid and decided to take a break from her courses to go investiagte the town they spoke of.

    Special Item: A black stuffed rabbit. The color has been manipulated so many times since she was a child that it has become permanently black.
  10. Name: Shane Raymos
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Powers: The ability to breath underwater for long periods of time. He gains his energy from the water and can minupulate water. Since humans body is mostly of water he can use that to his advantage.

    Personality: Shane is a blunt and unpredictable. He dosent care what people think of him and he usually does what he finds thrilling. He's great at reading people's personality based on their actions, body movements, and how they respond to certain situations. At times he can be reserved but thats only when he's unsure of a situation or he's getting used to something or someone. Being that he also had a goofy and funny nature it's not hard for him to make friends.

    Looks[​IMG]:Shane is mostly seen in casual things like varsity jackets, cargo pants, sneakers, and beenies or any hat that catches his eyes. He stands 6'1 and has a nice body due to playing football and swimming when he was in highschool. He has a tattoo's on his chest, right arm and left shoulder.

  11. I appreciate your characters ^^, but I can't allow a mimicry or absorption power. There is a reason for this. I'm very sorry, but could you please revise the female's powers? I'm sorry, I should have made that more clear.
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Aisling Kintel

    Gender: Female

    Looks: 2qdiQ-GkuWU_large.jpg tumblr_mdugqjKHDs1r26g5vo1_500_large.jpg

    Her hands have tiny scars from accidental fires.

    Powers: Fire. Aisling can summon and manipulate flames. The fire that appears ranges from a normal orange to icy blue, with different types of fire having different effects. i.e. Blue witchfire burns cold.

    Personality: She lives in the world of books and stories, often daydreaming or lost in thought.

    Short History: She had trouble at school with bullies her whole life, to the point that she ended up in the hospital more than once. When she was 13, her powers flared and badly burnt some of the antagonizing students. She was sent to Juvenile Detention for the offence. She just was released on her birthday. She hasn't gone to see her parents yet, afraid of what they will think of her.

    Special Item: Her notebook. She carries it with her everywhere and fills it with the world.
  13. Whoop Whoop more peeps! I'm excited fro this role-play!~
  14. Um...can I join or are there too many people?
  15. Of course you can still join! ^^
  16. Alright...thank you very much.

    I'll have my character sheet up soon.
  17. [​IMG]
    Name: Edgar Phillips King

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Powers: At random, black tentacle-like appendages will begin to seep out of his body (sometimes his mouth as well). He can barely control their movement and they go away at random.

    [​IMG] (Kind of like this, but the tentacles are smaller and thinner)

    Personality: He's a nervous and anxious man, often freaking out at the smallest thing. He is also very paranoid, not trusting people very easily. However, he can somehow think quickly under stress (even if it is erratically) and is quick to point out things others may miss.

    Short History: Born in Maine, ever since he was a young boy he wanted to become a writer. At a young age he has read books most other children his age couldn't understand. He would spend most of his hours pouring over books. His life has been troubled by his unusual power, which has molded his personality into the nervous wreck he is today. Now he lives a secluded life, writing books under the pen name "Dean Virginia Aickman", he has written many successful books, mostly horror fiction. No one knows Edgar is the real writer. (Some notable examples include his arguably his most famous book, Dark Tendrils, based on his own life. Other books he has written are Nullam Pacem, He Who Wishes, and Occulti.)

    Special Item: A small silver piece of a dark tendril someone had made. The words tenebris is inscribed on it. He often keeps in on a chain in a bracelet on his wrist. The piece was from a woman Edgar was betrothed to. He made the piece for her and she kept it as a bracelet. When she accidentally saw Edgar's powers being unleashed from him, she committed suicide.
  18. I hope it's okay...I don't know how to put pictures in and make it look nice...
  19. Like this, Link to picture here[/ img] And if you look at your reply box, there's an image that looks like a picture frame kind of, click that and it'll post the same code I just typed. :)

    And here's mah Oliver. <___<

    [QUOTE]Name: Oliver “Ollie” Brass

    Gender: Male

    Age: Twenty-six


    Intangibility – The ability to walk through most walls/objects.

    Astral Projection - The ability to leave one’s body or have an outer body experience leaving a person in a ghost like state and in some cases, access to a spiritual world. (Note: This is something that I would really like Ollie to have a lot of difficulty with, something he hasn’t experienced yet and can only reach in deep sleep.)

    Personality: Ollie would be considered a charming sweetheart if you ask around his neighborhood. He enjoys making ladies smile and being in the middle of laughter. Laughter is one of the things that keep him going every day. More than once, he’s found himself in the middle of a fight standing up for someone yet really, he fights to feel like he’s a part of something or maybe just to really feel something. He has a huge fear of guns and only the brave or foolish ones would dare say the dark.

    Short History: When Oliver was seven years old, his mother ran into his room and had him hide in his closet. There was a fear in her eyes that he didn’t understand, her last words to him where, “Don’t move, stay quiet. I love you, Ollie…” and with a tearful kiss on his forehead, she ran back out the room, a loud bang followed. Frightened as he was, he did what he was told and didn’t move an inch. Footsteps could be heard a smile crossed his face because mommy would return only…it wasn’t mommy.

    A tall man with a black mask entered the room and looked around scanning the area. There were toys on the floor, hastily moved and with a look of curiosity the man stepped into the room. In his hand was what looked like a gun from those cartoons he liked so much, he allowed it to touch the bed softly as he walked around the bed. Jumping to his knees, he called out, “Boo!” and was disappointed to see that there was no one there. Standing straight, the man scratched his head and turned towards the closet door. With a chuckle, he walked towards the door with his free hand outstretched and touched the doorknob. Oliver held his breath, frozen in fear and then, “Come on! We’ve gotta go, the cops are near!” and with what sounded like, “Shit!” the guy turned and fled the room. Oliver stood for what felt like moments, pee down his leg and felt brave enough to step outside his room where he found his mother in a pool of blood.

    It was then that he went to the orphanage called, “Protector of Angels,” where he lived most of his life. Quickly he became aware of his ability to phase through walls, yet it wasn’t something he could control. The kids began to fear him and poor Ollie was alone yet he found a small bit of hope in laughter. He grew up, left the orphanage and began doing freelance jobs from cooking to bartending to editing articles, never feeling like he truly belonged anywhere.

    They visited him since he came to the orphanage, and followed him after until three years ago. Without warning, it just stopped and an unease began to creep into his thoughts. The last piece of his childhood was gone and he needed to know why. Without debating much further, Oliver packed a bag and told his roommate he was leaving and when asked where he was going, when he’ll be back, his reply was, “I don’t know.”

    Special Item: His mother’s wedding ring. It’s silver and usually seen around his neck on a piece of string.
  20. Okay...thank you.