Ataraxia's Secrets

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  1. In late 27th century, a great war was born. This war devastated not only Earth but all eight of the colonies. Both sides continued to push on no matter how much death and terror each caused. A team of scientists created what they thought was a weapon that would wipe out the opposing forces. The scientists had no idea what they were really creating. An organization by the name of Ataraxia provided the scientists everything they needed, but the scientists were not told of the true purpose of their work. After the project at been completed, Ataraxia used the resulting creation on a select group of remarkable individuals. Each person had been affected differently and developed varying unnatural abilities. This group of super humans ended the war and brought peace to Earth and all of its colonies. Ataraxia has become a part of the lives of every human citizen. The organization is seen of the keeper of peace. Anyone who thinks that is wrong. Only time shall reveal Ataraxia's true nature, even to its own members.


    This can be romance, family, friendship, or rivalry. I have ideas for each.
    If romance, I'm open to this being any pairing type.
    My character can be of any gender, and I don't have a preference of gender my partner plays.
    Replies should be kept around two to five paragraphs.
    I'm able to respond daily.
  2. I am very interested in this one XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.