INTEREST CHECK Ataratheh: The Order of the Flowing Queen (mermaid RP)

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  1. This shall be my first RP (if it actually gets off the ground) on this site so suggestions are most assuredly welcomed.

    In a parallel universe, there is a city much like the Venice in our world. It is named Benetka and it is a very dark and mysterious town, riddled with crimes stemming out from the underways, alleyways, and vast caverns surrounding the waterways. But the city has a bigger problem. Ever since anyone can remember, the people of Benekta have known to stay out of the polluted water of the canals. Why you ask? Not much was known about the creatures that live in the canals and underwater cave systems beneath the city. They've never even been seen. The only thing that has been known is that they strip the bones, of any living creature dropped into the water, of their flesh in under 10 seconds. But all that changed 5 years ago when Benetka had a particularly nasty summer storm. Three of these deadly creatures were found tangled in a toppled fishing dock after the clouds broke and their identities became known to the world. The creatures were in fact, humanoid fish. Much like what we in our world call 'mermaids'. However, these mermaids don't fit your fantasy of lovely women with fish tails. They are called the Ataratheh (uh-tar-uh-thay). These Ataratheh are animals, eating their mates like Black Widows and anything else that comes their way. The creatures have pale green flesh, glassy white eyes, and mouths that split their face practically in half, filled with rows of razor sharp teeth.

    The captured Ataratheh were taken to the palace to be experimented upon. The results were promising. Ataratheh scales were found to be extremely valuable. Grinding them and ingesting the powder would cure just about any disease known to man, including what closely resembles cancer in our world. The tests also uncovered the fact that the Ataratheh have magical abilities, the extent of which, are not known. Yet, when one of the injured creatures escapes on legs she seemingly grew out of thin air, an open season is declared upon the Ataratheh by the palace: find, hunt, kill any and all Ataratheh for their scales and you will be rewarded a hefty price.

    Now the Ataratheh have been hunted to the brink of extinction. If any of them are left, they are either hiding deep within the canals, or using their powers to pass themselves off as human. Yet hope for the race lives on. Recently, an underground society has been formed to save these fish people. The society named themselves "The Order of the Flowing Queen" after an old legend of a fish woman goddess. The Order built a large safe house, half submerged in the canals behind a shop front, for the Ataratheh. The Order wants to protect and study these creatures, hoping a better understanding of them will help the humans learn to not be afraid of the Ataratheh.
    I'll have two CS's available. One for Ataratheh and one for humans. Humans could choose to be part of The Order, supporters of The Order, or against The Order and hunting the Ataratheh.

  2. Damn that caught my interest! I've never hunted mermaid before :3
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  3. Wow!
    Awesome idea, I'd love to join!
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  4. I'm glad you guys are interested. Any suggestions you'd like to make?
  5. Will the Fish Woman Goddess arch be explored or explained at all through the role play? It just sounds promising. :)
  6. I hadn't thought to explore it but I suppose it could be in there somewhere
  7. Just wondering, cause it is mentioned in the description you gave.
    You created a really interesting role play, sounds very exciting. :)
  8. Thank you. I've always wanted to do a RP with mermaids. And when I imagine mermaids they're definitely not the pansy kind haha
  9. Disney has kinda diluted people into thinking Mermaids are lovely, innocent, playfully frolicking types of creatures and if you know anything about Mythology, you know that to be a huge lie. Haha. ^^
  10. Precisely. Mermaids have always been violent creatures who eat men.
  11. I'm thinking I may just post up the RP and make a Banner for it
  12. Sounds awesome!
  13. I wanted to ask about the Mermaids. If they are as violent as you make them seem, and after all the humans did to their kind, wouldn't there be a lot of conflict between them as to whether or not actually trust the humans of the order? And visa verse with the humans to the mermaids, since the mermaids aren't exactly pansies. Wouldn't they, after they are restored as a race, try and avenge those who died by the hands of people?
  14. Possibly. I knew from the start that the relations between the Ataratheh and the humans would be rocky. But each person is different. As for revenge... for the most part the Ataratheh aren't an evil race. They just are in a higher standing in the food chain. It'd be like asking if the sharks want revenge on us for the Japanese catching them, cutting their fins off, and then throwing them back into the water. I hope that didn't sound rude. It wasn't meant to.
  15. No, no, it wasn't rude. If anything, I'm the one that might have come off as rude. But yeah, I understand. Alright; well, it looks like it's going to be fun!
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