Atabyte Haunted Hosting Promotion!

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  1. Atabyte Haunted Hosting Promotion!

    WoooOOooOooOoOooo! @jared555 of Atabyte Hosting has granted us a SUPER AWESOME PROMOTION!

    Any member that signs up with Atabyte this month and uses the Promo code, SPOOKYIWAKU, will get 25% off their first hosting PAYMENT. That means if someone pays a year up front they get 3 months free. (Does not apply to domain names!)

    And the BONUS; For each person that does, Iwaku will be given a 30$ donation! (That means Atabyte pays part of our bill for us! YAY!)

    So if you're looking to create your very own character blog, art portfolio, author page, or even a roleplay forum of your own, help Iwaku while you're doing it! :D
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  2. Oh, I forgot to mention to Diana. If someone signs up for the $20/month plan Iwaku gets $60 and so on. Only applies to shared hosting, not dedicated servers.

    Offer expires at the end of Halloween (Oct 31 for those who do not celebrate Halloween)
  3. one question, if we do, will i get dat sweet donating member bar? or nah? :P i just really wanna deck out my character while still getting a boon out of it, Im armenian, and CHEAP, if you didn't know, thats a potent mix for keeping my wallet under lock and key[​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Actually, yes. :D If anyone has hosting I can give them a donator account as well, since it's all going to the same place. O_O
  5. then i might just get that review page...

    (can i be a mongoose dog??)

    you have made the QUARTERMASTER happy!!
  6. If you want to be greedy you can use the code SPOOKY14 to get 50% off instead of giving $30 to iwaku.
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