At the price of Immortality

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  1. Its 2124, and technology has come to the point where a normal human can become a god, goddess, or deity. Through an expensive and special process, a normal human can become immortal. However, you can't just buy it, you have to earn it. Where from, you might ask?

    Wecome to Starborn Academy for the heaven bound. Here, the physically powerful, super smart, and the die hard determined folk battle it out to be the top of the world. They work together with their 'Angels' to fight, and to win.

    Angels are androids who realistically behave and function as humans do plus a set of extra abilities. They all have abilities related to an element and fight with and for their future god/goddess. They represent their respective owner's best feature, and are meant to act as a messenger and friend.

    However, all of this comes at a price. If you fail, you either die or live a life of mediocrity. Is the immortality worth it? Is the fame, the power, the money?

    Name:Karcin DeMallion
    Qualification: Strong-willed
    Element: Ice
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality:While not having the brains or the strength that his siblings have, Karcin is really warm and positive, with a strong will. He's always willing to pick a friend from the downfall of this cutthroat school. His mother had always favored his warm heart over her cold children. Karcin is very misunderstood in this environment because people think he's as cutthroat as the rest. He's great at cooking, but he's bad academically. He's really hot tempered when people give up so easily or pick on other people.
    Angel:Tauri- [​IMG] Tauri is more withdrawn than Karcin, with more rationality. However, what makes them compatible is his admiration for Karcin's never give up attitude and kindness. He is always learning from Karcin and other humans. He loves to read and to sing, but wants no one to hear.
    Name: Hanna DeMallion
    Qualification:Super Intelligent
    Element: Wind
    Personality: Unlike her brother, Hanna sees everyone beneath her feet and is ridiculously confident in her abilities. She holds her father's governor status over everyone's heads, and demands attention. Her arrogant attitude, however, is only so deep. She deeply cares about her brother and friends, but shows it passive aggressively (in other words: she's a tsundere). She is academically brilliant, but a social outcast due to her arrogance. She holds her brother's hot temper, but its far more taciturn.

    Angel: Scarpi-[​IMG]Scarpi is a very perky and bubbly angel with an untapped amount of power and a slight crush on Tauri. She is compatible with Hanna based on their contrasting personalities and Scarpi's sharp eyes.

    Karcin DeMallion looked outside of the limo that his sister had demanded they had driven to the school, wireless earbuds blaring music in his ears. Said Demon was sitting across from him, her dark eyes glaring into his form, arms and legs crossed. Karcin glanced towards her, turning his head slightly. Blue eyes met brown. Scoffing, Hanna turned her head away, sticking her nose in her hair. Karcin rolled his eyes, before turning back to the window.

    "I refuse to believe an absolute moron like yourself will be going to the same school is yours truly! Your only A is in Home Economics-"

    "Which you nearly failed, mind you," Karcin said with a grin. Hanna scoffed indignantly, before grabbing a bottled water that was next to her and tossing it at her brother. However, trying to catch it, the chaperone opened the door, having Karcin fall out. Hitting the ground, he faintly heard the shrieking laughter from his sister, who daintily stepped out beside him.

    Rolling his eyes at his petty sister, Karcin stood up and brushed off his hoodie. Hanna grabbed her 2 bags and rolling suitcase from the trunk, and tossed Karcin's duffel bag to him. Picking up the bag from his feet, Karcin tapped on his earbuds, which shut off and flew into a magnetic pouch. Karcin looked up at the building, his eyes widening.

    Starborn Academy took their motto, "A light on a hill" all too seriously, as the walls and buildings were all blinding white marble. Gold decorated the tops, with the largest chunks being the statues of the former Deities and their Angels, which had graduated from this very school. A large group of Teen students stood just inside the gate, bustling about.

    Karcin didn't get too long to gaze in awe, before Hanna shoved him,"You're slow. Let's go." She pulled a card from her bra, and swiped it through the swipe at the gate. The large silver gate swung open, and closed as soon as Hanna walked in. Karcin grabbed his card from his pocket, following after her. Almost immediately, two tall male androids wearing matching uniforms approached them,"May we take your bags, Ma'am/Mister?"

    Hanna simply handed them her bags, showing her card,"Be gentle, one has glass. If it breaks, I'm having you recalled." The android that took her bags scanned her card, and rushed off. Hanna looked around, her eyes landing on a line that said 'Angel Retrieval'.

    "Karcin, this way.," She said as she made her way to the retrieval. Chunks of the lines seemed to be going into an elongated building, only to leave a minute or two later. Hanna's brow quirked as she entered the building, Karcin in tow. Hanna straightened her back, anticipating what could happen. What she wasn't prepared for, is when large cylinders surrounded her and those around her. Jumping a bit, she was temporarily blinded by the scanner that flashed in her eyes.

    'Hanna DeMallion. 15 years old. Academically strong, Socially weak. Element: Wind. Assigned Model:SC-117158,' a calm, robotic voice said as the scanners stopped, and a small voice chimed in the back of her head.

    'Put your hand to the wall in front of you. I want to feel my Goddess's spirit,' a girl's voice said with a giggle. With a trembling hand, Hanna put her hand forward and pressed it on the cool metal. The cylinder went up, and Hanna's hand pressed against another girl's, her Angel's.

    Her angel had crystal blue eyes and practically glew in the dark room. Her smile immediately brightened as Hanna's eyes widened, "Hiya, my name is Scarpi. Its nice to meet you, Hanna!"

    Karcin stared at his own model, which had eyes the same shade as his with darker hair, and towered over him, the model TA-20178. His hand was far larger than Karcin's, which wasn't much considering he had his mother's hands.

    "Finally, I have been chosen. My name is Tauri, Karcin," Tauri said in a reserved tone, before they were lead out by a helper android. Karcin turned to Hanna, who had let her rather small Angel clamor onto her back. Karcin raised a brow, but Hanna shook her head.

    "Do we need to grab our schedule?," Karcin asked, looking to Tauri. The Angel shook his head,"No sir. It is ingrained in our center chip. However, it's best you memorize it for later use, when we leave for Angel Training every other day." Karcin grinned, "Thanks, Tauri. Let's go scout everything o-" Before Karcin could finish, someone had ran into him, making him fall back.
  2. Name: Lucy Yamatori
    Gender: Female
    Qualification: Determined spirit
    Element: Earth
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Lucy is a girl with a friendly attitude. She likes people who are kind and respectful, not loud, secretive, or depressing. Once she gets to know someone, she will talk more and be more confident. Knowing herself she tends to hold back how she really feels since she is sensitive. Lucy strives to overcome this about herself and make friends who will count on her.
    Angel: Daichi [​IMG] Daichi is the opposite of Lucy. He is loyal, kind, protective, and calm. He is always looking out for Lucy and helping her when she needs it. He acts like her big brother since she is sensitive about herself. Daichi is willing to do anything to make her realize she has a strong spirit.
  3. Name: Hiroshi Takashi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Qualification: Fierce Heart

    Element: Fire
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Quiet, shy, and doesn't like his flame ability. He sees fire as destruction so he refuses to wear red or orange. After you get to know him he opens up and is actually quite nice and fun loving. He likes a good adventure, but instead of building up the courage to go on one, he likes to read about them. He is very loyal and a great listener. He stays true to his word, and when he loves something, he loves to no end. He always strives to do the right thing.

    Miko- Stong personality and yells at Hiroshi for his meekness. She sees the beauty and life that can come from fire. Although they may be polar opposites, Miko and Hiroshi both have strong hearts. Miko is very loyal and never lets anyone hurt her Hiroshi. She is always pushing Hiroshi to do something.
  4. ( Its all right, someone made an Out of Character thread for us)

    @Twisted Desire

    Passing various structures and buildings on the long drive to a school her parents sent her to. Lucy peers out the window, looking at the school that will teach her to be head-strong. Arriving at the entrance, the driver pulled up to the curb. The black-haired girl gathered her bags from the back and paid the driver. She took a few steps and gazed at the campus; it was bigger than she originally thought.

    Two android guards came to her and asked her, "May we take your bags, ma'am?" Lucy smiled as she replied, "Yes, you may." She handed her duffel bag and roller suitcase to them. Walking off, she gazed around the campus looking for a particular building. Her parents told her she needed to look for a building called 'Angel Retrieval'. Lucy wondered what that means. Perhaps its a new way to meet teachers and not being nervous when class starts. She didn't think anymore about it as she walked to it.

    Seeing many students walking about, holding various conversations, reading, doing homework; some even practicing instruments. Lucy would like it here, she smiled as she danced to the music. The purple haired girl spotted the line leading to a building where it said, "Angel Retrieval". "There it is!" Lucy skipped her way to the building as she waited for her turn to go in. Hearing the music, she smiled happily as she danced to it while waiting in line. Not seeing the boy in front of her, she collided with him, knocking him and herself over.
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