At the Edge of War

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  1. It all happened within an instant... one moment he was there and the next... there was nothing but blood around me, I couldn't scream, I couldn't cry. All I could do was just stare at his dead body from underneath the bed as his blood slowly formed a bigger pool underneath his head, his dead, hollow eyes just stared at me and I could see that a single tear ran down his cheek before the last breath left his lungs at the sound of a deep sigh. I can never forgive myself for what happened and I can never forget... we are at the edge of war with the Lekagura Mafia and they have to be stopped before they go too far...

    Kayla gasped audibly as she sat up in her bed and looked around with a frantic expression and she felt her heart beating through her chest. The sweat dripped down her forehead and her whole body shook so violently she could've been mistaken for a hypothermia victim. She swallowed once and ran her fingers through her hair to brush it back from her face while she tried to calm herself.
    "Five years and I still have the same fucking nightmare -every- single night..." She sighed lowly as she hauled herself out of bed and walked towards the kitchen. It was still midnight outside and she could hear the police cars in the distance, racing down the streets while trying to chase gang members and hooligans alike to put them to justice.
    She looked around a bit before she put on the kettle to boil herself some tea and she looked down at her cellphone, she had a few missed calls but none that were all too important so she placed it down on the counter and moved away the kettle from the stove once the water was boiling. She poured some of the hot water into a cup before she dropped down a tea bag and two teaspoons of sugar as she remained thoughtful.

    She glanced over her shoulder once she saw an email icon flashing on her laptop and she hurried over to it while typing quickly.
    -Kayla, we have recieved information about the location of a few Lekagura members.
    -An abandoned warehouse just down the corner of your apartment block.
    -Anything special going on between them?
    -Seems to be a drug or a weapon trade, be careful....
    -I'm always careful.
    -Don't do what Mark did.
    -Don't talk about Mark, he died five years ago, it's time to move on.

    Kayla quickly ran into her bedroom and got dressed in a black tanktop, some trousers, a black hoodie and a black leather jacket ontop of it to keep the cold out. She made sure to strap her gun to the back of her belt so it was hidden underneath her tanktop and then placed her police badge inside her jacket on the right side of her chest. She then hurried out of the apartment while she picked up her cellphone and then ran down the street.
    She didn't enter the warehouse, however. She decided to step into a café that was just nearby and then sat down in a booth while looking like a normal civilian and she glanced down at the newspaper on the table before she flipped it open and began to read after having ordered a cup of herbal tea.
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  2. Adrian sighed he knew trusting any of the lower level thugs was a stupid move they had already killed two of the gang members they had caught trying to push on to Lekagura territory, he had made his orders very goddamn specific he wanted to send a message not kill them but now he had one left to use, he stood up and started to descend from his office and to where his boys were "dealing" with the problem as he was approaching the center of the warehouse his men were beating the last gang member as he was tied to a chair but when they heard his shoes they stopped and held their breath as if the devil himself was standing near them he snapped his fingers and they lined up in front of him and he spoke to them. "I gave you all one. simple. fucking. order. and what do you do, you all completely ignore I know some of you are new to this whole organized crime thing but I didn't know you were fucking stupid...please boys point out to me who killed the first two men. *The thugs pushed forward two men who were bloodier than the others.* Ah Lugo and Alex...Alex you are not new to this Lugo is but you. are. not. so tell me why in the name of all creation would you disobey my orders." Alex was looking down and mumbled something. "What was that I can't hear you." Adrian said, Alex looked up and said. "Boss...I...lost my temper and...told the boys to beat them...I killed the first one and Lugo killed the second." Adrian looked at Alex and approached him once he was in front of him Adrian struck out with his shoe striking Alex's kneecap making his leg cave in backwards and Alex to collapse screaming Adrian then pulled out his revolver and shot Alex in the other kneecap making him scream even more, he addressed the rest of the know terrified men if front of him. "I want you all to go get a steal cable and some oil and while you all do that I will deal with our remaining "guest" here." As they ran off to fulfill his order Adrian approached the last tied up man and addressed him. "I don't know who you are or what pathetic excuse of a gang you belong to but I can respect that you all are ballsy enough to try and encroach in on our territory and you all have made some serious gains...but you all don't really have the power to hold it do you even as we speak my men are destroying everyone of your members on Lekagura territory now...*Adrian turned and looked at his men returning* Oh you're all back good I want you to tie up our dear friend Alex up with the cable and then cover him in the oil...good you're all done...Lugo come here *Lugo came near his boss very tentatively* Lugo I want you to light Alex on fire and of you don't...well what's happening to Alex will look very mild in comparison. *Lugo approached with a lighter and as he was shaking and crying he dropped the lighter onto Alex causing him to start to scream again but much louder.* Lugo that could have been you. *Adrian looked at all of them* You all could have been in that situation, listen to his screams and commit them to memory for this is the consequence of disobeying me. *Adrian turned back to the gang member who's eyes were now wide in fear* That man on the ground their is lucky he's gonna die soon you my friend wont get that mercy from me." The man was now scooting away but ran into a wall as Adrian approached him, Adrian was putting on gloves as he finally reached the man and began his "message" he stomped on his kneecap and brought his knee down on the man's chest pushing the air out of his lungs Adrian then pulled out a karambit and slowly pushed the blade into the man's thigh, while being careful not to hit an artery Adrian started to pull the blade up making sure the man felt every nerve and tendon as they were cut, once he got to the man's pelvis he pulled the blade out and did the same thing to the other leg, he got up and got a fire ax off the wall and motioned for his men to hold the guys arms out he proceeded to take the man's hands, he threw the ax away and tied the man arms in a tourniquet so he didn't bleed to death, the man was in shock by this time so Adrian pulled down a large hook meant to hold one ton plus pallets of things and jammed it deeply into the man's lower back he then got his knife and carved the words stay out into his chest. "Someone Elevate the hook please." The man was dragged twenty feet into the air by his own bones and muscle. Adrian then wiped his knife off on one of the dead bodies in the room and put it away he then took off his gloves and walked towards a back exit where his car was waiting. "I hope this was a lesson to all of you." Adrian said as he walked out and into his car motioning for his driver to head back to their base of operations.

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  3. Kayla jumped in surprise and picked up her cellphone as it began calling and she placed the phone against her ear as she took a sip.
    "Kayla here. What's up?" She asked and narrowed her eyes as she concentrated to listen, hearing commotion from outside which she figured was just the usual drunks who were rowdy during the days when they woke up.
    "...What?! WHERE?!" She flinched and quickly stood up before she ran out of the café and then ran down towards the warehouse. She pushed the doors open and her eyes widened at the sight. She felt her whole blood turning to ice and she could literally feel the colour leave her face as she stared at the dead bodies and then at the one that was hanging and her phone fell to the ground. "S-Sh...Shit!" She thought to herself.
    "Kayla? Kayla! Pick up damn it! Kayla! Are you there?!" The voice shouted through the phone and Kayla swallowed once as she shakily picked up her phone again. "I-I...I'm here... I'm here... I... Joseph... I need the forensics sent here immediatly and... I-... I need a few.. ambulances.." She spoke lowly to make sure that no one could hear her. "Cover your ears... I need to stay in my cover after all.." She then mumbled before she screamed horrified as loudly as she could from the top of her lungs and then ran towards the street while she took terrified breathes. "S-Something... something awful has happened, t-there...there's corpses...and... blood... everywhere!" She stuttered and her body trembled heavily.
    A few people ran up to her, curious of what she had seen while the others rushed towards the warehouse to take a look for themselves while Kayla sobbed as she was being comforted by one of the servants in the café. "It's okay... It's okay Miss, everything is going to be okay." He said soothingly while Kayla cried and hid her cellphone in her jacket.
  4. Leon was sitting in the briefing room listening to the task force cheif. "Leon your going to be partnered up with Kayla. She has been on this case for a while." Leon stood up. "Yes sir" he picked up his packet when the cheif got a call. "Leon we need you to head over to Kayla's apartment. There been an incident outside." Leon rushed off to his car. While driving the he pulled out his phone and dialed Kayla's number.
  5. Once Kayla had calmed down, she swallowed once and slipped off towards the apartment building and she brushed some hair from her face while she breathed out calmly. She looked around and then raised an eyebrow as she heard her phone calling and she raised it up to her ear before she picked up.
    "Kayla speaking." She stuttered, her voice still being a little shaky after having cried and truth be told, she had personally been a little affected by the sight of the corpses and she looked down the street as she saw a few police vehicles and ambulances rushing down to the warehouse and she then looked forward again, her arms trembled rather heavily. "What's up?"
  6. Leon heard the phone answer. "Hey Kayla this is your new partner Leon. I'm on my way. What happened. Are you OK." He raced down the road passing a black SUV with blacked out windows. It took him 15 minutes to reach Kayla's apartment.
  7. "My new what?" Kayla asked and blinked a few times as she rested one hand on the back of her head. "... They do realise this is an undercover mission, don't they? Do they even have a background story for what relation we have?" She asked and she leaned back against the doorframe.
    Shit, this could put everything in jeopardy but if the superiors have decided on it then I have to roll with it, maybe he's not so bad... She thought to herself and she breathed out deeply to calm herself and her thoughts.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little... shook up but that's all." She said and she then glanced around. She was thinking of what she had seen on the scene and was trying to rebuild it in her mind to think on if she had seen something important or missed something that could prove useful in teh future. "I'm not-... let's just take it when you're here, much easier that way."
  8. Leon hung up the cell as he stepped out the car. He looked around as he made sure his badge was in his cargo pocket. He looked around and saw Kayla standing at the corner he walked over to her. "Hello ma'am do you have a cigarette." This was the code phrase he was taught.
  9. "I do, up in the apartment in the third drawer to the right." Kayla answered as she studied Leon closely. Ever since Mark's death, she had become extremely tentative on getting another partner and she had always been intent on doing her work alone. She sighed and leaned back against the wall while she looks to the side. "Why are you here?" She asked plainly while she kept her arms folded but she soon shifted her arms to be hugging herself instead and it was quite evident that she was still shook up after what she saw earlier.
  10. "The cheif told me to come check on you." Leon looked around. "So would you like to explain what's going on here." He had his hands in his pockets.
  11. "If I knew I'd tell you. I haven't been able to find anything except for the... corpses... For now I have no-... come on." Said Kayla and motioned towards the door before she pushed off from the wall and began heading inside and up to her apartment.

    Once there, she would walk up to the kitchen and put on water to boil again and she sighed lowly as her hands still trembled every now and then. "And the Chief still knows I don't do well with partners and have told you of that, hasn't he?"
  12. "Yes he told me what happened to your last partner. I also know that there's no replacing him." He sat down at the kitchen table. "So is there anything else I need to know about you."
  13. "Just don't get in my way, let me do my job and don't question my methods." Said Kayla while she took out two cups from the cupboard. "Tea or coffee?" She asked and she looked towards Leon.
    "So if we are undercover partners I assume you were given an identity and relation to me. I need to know what that relation is so I know how to act around you." She then said before she poured up some water in her cup to prepare some tea for herself. She leaned back against the counter and picked up her cup before she took a small sip and breathed out calmly. "And don't touch my computer. I will chop off your hands if you do." She then added.

    "And about the Lekagura. I have not really gotten any further since as you have noticed they work from the dark. I've been trying to gather information, local pick up stops and what not for drugs, weapons, anything you can think of really. But so far I have come through with nothing." Kayla sighed and looked towards the window in the kitchen. "No one knows the identity of the top man and we don't even know who the people are that stand the closest to him when it comes to trust... there's still alot of work to be done. But it's hard to do it in a city governed by fear."
  14. Leon pulled out a packet and tossed it on the table. "According to the packet. I'm supposed to be your childhood friend that's back from the military." He looked at her. Anything you would like to know about me."
  15. Adrian walked into the "house" if you could call it that it was more of a villa, their were men and women moving through the halls rushing to get their jobs done as to not displease their "employers", he went to his office and sat down after taking off his coat and hanging it on a coat hook he then took out his revolver and set it on his table along with his grandfathers M1911 from the second world war. Adrian sat and looked out a window when a women burst into his office panting and trying to catch her breath. "Carla catch your breath first I can't understand you." "Sorry boss *pants* we just received word that *pants* the other three bosses were are now the sole leader of the Lekagura mafia." "Thank you for bringing this to my attention, please call the higher ranked individuals to my office as they report in...and also bring me the files of all the rapists, sexual predators and molesters to my desk don't question why just do it." As she left Adrian relaxed into his chair and thought. "That was easier than I thought it would be but those old fossils never would suspect betrayal in their own ranks especially from me and no one is wiser." Adrian pulled out a heavily encrypted phone and dialed a number and waited for the third ring then hung up and waited, after about four minutes the phone rang and he picked up a gruff voice was on the other line. "Who is this?" The voice said Adrian responded with a number sequence. "85463G9122E78D." The voice stilled and then said "Confirmation awaiting orders." said the voice with a discipline you would expect from a military unit, Adrian responded. "All cells activate, we are ago for operation torchlight." The voice replied. "Confirmed all cells are ago." "Targets will be forwarded to cell epsilon for termination." Adrian said before hanging the phone up. "And so it begins." The files he requested were all on a zip drive that he uploaded to a proxy server from the phone labeled Epsilon, Adrian hoped the police would be ready for the increase of bodies about to appear in the morning.
  16. "Just the basics, really." Kayla said with a small nod. "I need to know them if we are supposedly childhood freinds."
    She then poured up tea for him as well and walked over with the cup while she looked outside. "I'm working at a local bar tomorrow as part of my undercover persona. It's said to have some relation to the Lekagura." Sighed Kayla as she took another sip from her cup of tea and it was clear that she was feeling anxious, especially after what she had seen today. "They have become more violent and they are growing stronger.. we need to cut them off as soon as possible before this city turns to ruin." Kayla then said and narrowed her eyes.
    She glanced down at her phone and narrowed her eyes a little as she saw a few encrypted messages but shook her head, thinking nothing of it as she then looked back at Leon.
  17. "Well my name is Leon gallete. I am 25 years old. I served 8 years as marine corps special forces. My favorite food is pizza." He took a drink of the tea. "Now I need to know the basics on you."
  18. "Kayla, I'm 28, I come from a long line of police officers within my family and I have served alone ever since Mark died. I joined the force when I was 21." She said as she took another sip from her cup of tea and looked down at the floor. "So if we're going to act as childhood friends. I'm setting some basic rules. No hugging, no kissing, that includes the cheek. No touching unless it's a pat on the shoulder. Alright?" She asked as she looked towards Leon.
  19. "Ok, no touchy." He pulled out his cell phone and checked his messages. "So what's the plan Kayla."
  20. "I'm heading out later tonight to visit a club that just recently opened up in order to observe and see if there is any connection with the Lekagura. I hope you brought clothes with you if you're coming with me. Until then? No idea. Are you hungry?" Asked Kayla as she placed down the now empty cup in the sink.
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