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  1. Hello and welcome to the OOC thread for the roleplay! :)

    At the Edge of War is a modern Alternative Universe Roleplay that takes place in current time (Give/take 10 years in the future) where the Mafia known as Lekagura have started to take control of not only a neighbourhood but a whole city.

    A little backgroud story:
    Five years ago, Kayla and her partner Mark were working on a case involving the Lekagura Mafia and thus they were sent out to investigate. They found several dismembered bodies on the scene when they arrived, along with several notes that all said the same thing: Give up before it's too late."
    Neither Kayla or Mark heeded this warning and they did not see the need to show the notes to their bosses save from one which they sent to forensics for investigation. Nothing came up from the reports and they were unable to move further on the case. One night as Kayla and Mark were spending an evening in his apartment, talking about the case and possible leads that could have been hidden on the spot, the apartment was raided by a few lesser goons of the Lekagura. Mark had shut the door, buying Kayla some time to hide under his bed while he was holding the door shut. Having had enough and only heard Mark talking, the goons figured that Mark was on his own and fired one single bullet through the door which went through Mark's head and sent him to the floor just next to his bed where Kayla was hiding.
    She had to muffle herself to keep herself from screaming and she had to remain staring at his dead body until the goons left. Once they were gone, Kayla got out from hiding and swore that she would get revenge on the Lekagura and put an end to their reign once and for all.
    So! That is the backstory! I hope you have a great time, enjoy and as always, have fun!
    Some basic rules however:
    NO godmodding! (No one is invincible and no one can dodge everything.)
    NO killing someone else's character without their permission. (Speaks for itself really.)
    NO taking control of another person's character (I.E do not control their actions.)
    ALWAYS write tried/attempted/tries/attempts when doing something that could possibly harm another person's character. (Example: He takes aim at her arm and then fires a shot, trying to hit her shoulder to disarm her." And not: He takes aim at her arm and then fires a shot, hitting her in the shoulder and disarming her.)
    DON'T take In-Character to Out of Character! I can't stress this point enough: What happens In-character is In-character, what happens Out of Character is Out of Character. Say that perhaps character A hates Character B, that does not mean that Person A hates Person B, Roleplaying is a form of acting! It's supposed to be enjoyed and to have you experience different artforms of emotions! :) Just because someone calls your character a bitch or hates your character, it doesn't mean that they think so about you as a person! <3
    There is no rule on how much you have to write but I would prefer it if it is not a one-liner as the more descriptive and thorough you are, the easier it is for the others to come with other ideas and actions!

    WITH all of that said! Have fun and if there's something you want to discuss; For example; the possibility of playing a higher rolled character (Like the chief of police, mafia boss and so on) do feel free to throw me a PM, I don't bite (much!) and I am open to suggestions and plotlines/candy as well! :)
    Major roles that are Open/Taken.
    Lekagura Leader- Taken. (Dakota K.)
    Second highest ranked Lekagura Member- Open.
    Third highest ranked Lekagura Member- Open.
    Chief of Police- Open.
    Senior Officer- Open.
    Mayor- Open.
    Kayla's Undercover partner- Taken. (Wolfs Rain.)
    Police informant over Kayla's computer- Open.
    Bar staff- Open.
    Bar owner- Open.

    Of course there are other parts than these as well to play, these are just some of the examples on a few and that I would like to discuss with those that jump in before they simply take one. :)
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  2. Name Leon gallete
    Age 25
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Bio Leon had served 8 years in the marine force recon until he was kicked out for punching his commanding officer in the face. After that he returned to his hometown to find it ran by the lekagura family. He signed up for the police academy and graduated top of his class. He was assigned to the task force that was supposed to deal with lekagura family.
    Leon's car [​IMG]
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  3. Welcome and that is oooone sexy car! :D
  4. [​IMG] The outside of the nightclub. :)
    [​IMG]The main inside part!
    [​IMG] The bar area facing away from the street. ^^
  5. [​IMG]
    Marilynn Smith
    23 | The Fox | Go-Go Dancer / Bartender
    Marilynn is the more iconic workers at the club and is of course very vulpine. She is easily able to tell a lie without the change in heartbeat and has the ability to quickly lie within a second. She tends to observe her surroundings and is keen with information which she sells. Those in the 'underworld' or 'criminal world' knows her more then strangers, as she plays a big part surprisingly. She sells information, can lure others into a trap when hired, and surprisingly interrogate. She's stronger then she looks, and her looks really can kill.. Or at least lead to your worse fate... Or death.

    O T H E R:
    - Marilynn has a pet doberman named "Barry" that works with her at the club. Gentle name, but he's quite intimidating when needs to be and loudness doesn't bother him.

    - Marilynn is unfortunately 'claimed' by the Lekagura, therefore their property and unable to defect from the mafia. Long story short, their boss simply said,"Mine. Can't get out."(not in a literal sense; as in go up to everyone's faces announcing). So, so far she has not leaked any info about them, even if abducted by another mafia to be tortured the members of the Lekagura save her. With her in their mafia, she's rather useful with info and her abilities of being fox-like. How do they save her on time after her ass kicking? They put her on strict watch at the club. It's also why she's said nothing. Then they follow, give seven minutes while she's abducted, and if she doesn't come out it means she needs their assistance to save her. That's usually how it works.

    Outfit/Uniform (open)

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  7. xD Real image of what exactlyyyyy? *Peers curiously at N/A*
  8. Appearance of Marilynn in 'real life' ouo.
  9. Ooooooh. That pic is juuuust fine! :3
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  11. [​IMG]
    There we have Mark!
    Aaaand that was his outfit. *nods*
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  13. yea.jpg
    Name: Adrian Lekagura
    Age: 28
    Role: Leader of all Lekagura forces
    Bio: Adrian is the third son of Alexander Lekagura who was the founding member of the Lekagura crime family, his two older brothers were his heroes and his mother was his guiding light but they were all killed when he was 7 in a bombing meant for his father when the Lekagura was still a minor group, with both his older brothers and mother gone Adrian was left to raise himself do to his father focusing on the "family" although his father was distant they maintained a decent relationship, at 13 Adrian met a boy named mark in middle school they were both picked on for their differences, Adrian for having hetrochromatic eyes and mark for being an orphan, they both found themselves defending each other building a strong bond that lasted even through their troubles. At age 17 Adrian's father was killed by his fellow Lekagura leaders they were going to kill Adrian but decided he would make a better puppet then a corpse so they brought him into the "family", Adrian believed them at first when they said that a rival "family" had done the deed, this caused Adrian to march to the rival "family's" door with his personal squads of men Epsilon, Theta and Sigma and burned down the whole building and slaughtered every occupant. At the same time his Mark had graduated high school and joined the police force when they both found out were their alliance lines fell they both tried to convince the other to join them but it was all for naught they agreed to steer clear of each other they could never hurt the other their friendship was to strong. As the years went by they both became the best at what they did, Adrian was the best at the mob life, he could make people give up information with just a stare, he knew every dirty dealing in the city and he was the best commander in street operations. Mark was one of the best shots on the police force, he could see evidence that most other officers couldn't and he could resolve almost any violent situation with just words. Two events made Adrian the way he is, the first was that he found documents incriminating the current bosses of the Lekagura family with the murder of his family and the second was when he learned they had put out a hit on Mark, when he learned his best friend was killed by the same people that killed his parents Adrian vowed to do two things, one was to restore his family to the position it was at before these traitors had taken over, back to a time when Lekagura was considered the hero of the people not their oppressors and the second was to take his vengeance on those that had taken everything from him.
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